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[ september rp love meme ]

need a few nice words to pick you up? want to share some love for your games and canons of choice? feel like showering your fellow players with praise? the bi-monthly rp love meme is what you're looking for! this meme is a place to give and receive positivity and appreciation to and from the rp community.

[ hosted @ rplove ]
02 September 2017 @ 04:29 am
the random icon meme

1. comment with your character with character name and canon in the subject line. click random icon-- that icon will be your writing/scenario prompt!
2. taggers reply by also hitting random icon, and coming up with a response for that icon. try not to change the icons!
3. remember, your icons are the tag prompts!
4. rinse and repeat, be one with the madness :)
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Your nightmares follow you like a shadow...

You're trapped in your worst nightmare and worse yet,
you've dragged someone right along in with you.
You feel like you can't escape and any fear you've ever had
is coming true or you're being forced to watch helplessly as
someone you care about is in mortal danger or pain but you can't save them.

Whatever you fear the most can and will come true.
- Post your characters, name and series in the subject.
- Others respond after going to RNG and entering 1-7.
- TRIGGER WARNING: Some prompts may be triggering (Torture, general violence, ect.) so be mindful.

1. motions. you're trapped in your worst nightmare, forced to through the horror to completion with whoever you've drawn into your dream.
2. chased. you're both being chased by something horrible, but it feels more like you're running in place.
3. tortured. held down and tortured in every way imaginable. Can whoever else is in your dream save you?
4. helpless. you're helpless, only able to watch as the person dragged into your dream is hurt, tortured, or otherwise in danger, but you can't help.
5. tormentor. the person in your dream is not there to help, but to hurt. They are not a friend... at least not right now. Maybe they're fighting against whatever is urging them to hurt you or are taking great delight in it.
6. uncontrolled. you're hurting someone you care about and taking delight in it... or at least outwardly. Inside, you might be fighting it with everything you've got.
7. other. mix and match or make your own up.

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02 September 2017 @ 11:43 am

The Seven Minutes in Heaven Meme

How did it end up like this? You don't know, or maybe you do. The point is, you're stuck inside a closet with a friend, enemy, idol, stranger or someone you only know by sight. The door is locked inside the tight little room, and as if by magic, you both know the only way to open it is by kissing for seven minutes straight. Yes. One kiss won't cut it. No pecks on the cheek, either. You gotta make it count. 

  • Post with your character's name and canon on the subject line, indicate preferences as needed
  • Tag other people
  • Have fun!!
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02 September 2017 @ 03:55 pm

sweet dreams.


  Someone, whether it be a friend or a total stranger, has fallen asleep on you wherever you happen to be; you are a rather comfortable pillow to them.  

What do you do?

02 September 2017 @ 06:25 pm


The art of letter writing is so easily lost to us, but here's a chance to recapture it! Your character can write a letter to another here. Whether it turns into a scene from there or you just write letters back and forth ad infinitum doesn't matter: what matters is it starts with something written. Heartfelt or passive-aggressive is your call.

• Top level your character. Include any details you might think are relevant.
• Reply to other people's top levels! Write them a letter, send them a note, post something on their door, whatever.
• Feel free to make it pretty for #aesthetic purposes, but make sure it's all legible or else no one will be able to read it.
• Have fun!

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a sci-fi au meme

The Setting )

The Premise )

The Problem )

tl;dr sparknotes this because we want to get to the meme: Sentinels and guides had a baby with YA dystopian lit. After a near extinction level cataclysm, people began to develop abilities that fall into two categories: Powered (sentinel/warrior) and Source (guide/healer). Their true powers are only revealed when they find their one genetically compatible match. A shadow government kidnaps these individuals, puts them into lifebonds, trains them for combat, then sends them out in teams to do all the dirty work. Codependency, mind-bonding, unhealthy love, and bloody murder probably ensue.

  • In the subject line, place your character name, canon, preferences, and whether your character will be a Powered, Source, or either.
  • Reply to others!
  • What will your character be doing? Being a late bloomer and only now meeting their partner? Training? On a mission? Enjoying some rare down time? Comforting their partner? Aftercare after the battle? Getting blackmailed? Climbing to the top of the ladder and infiltrating the government? Realizing their partner's getting a little too bloodthirsty? Falling in love with someone else's Powered or Source - absolute anathema. Facing certain death? It's up to you.
  • Thread.

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♉ You know the drill. Post your characters, any preferences on gender, age, and anything else relevant. A kink list is highly recommend.

♍ Look for others to anonymously dare to perform a kink and tell them who to perform it with! This can be as general or specific as you please!

♓ Play those puppies out, and make sure to do your own dares!

♒ Keep in mind that no one is obligated to carry out any kink requests or play out any threads! If someone says no or doesn't reply, please respect their wishes!
02 September 2017 @ 08:51 pm

Strange Chocolates

Everyone deserves a special treat now and then! Whether it’s for a romantic anniversary, as a holiday gift, or just something you pick up for yourself after work, chocolates are a tasty way to celebrate, relax, or just help you get through the day. There are so many different kinds, too! There’s milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, and many, many more. It’s a treat that almost everyone can enjoy!

That’s why today is a lucky day! There’s plenty of chocolate to go around. Your character might get some as a gift, buy some for themselves at a sale, or just find it lying around...that happens, right? And all of the chocolate is unique, too. Why not take a bite? What’s the worse that could happen?

1. Post your character and list any preferences you have
2. Use a random number generator to see what kind of snack you're having!
3. ...Wait for someone to reply or just plot it out. Go nuts!
4. Play nice and have fun. Respect people’s preferences and all that.

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[adapted from original meme by [personal profile] enfin]
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Per Wikipedia:
In a support group, members provide each other with various types of help, usually nonprofessional and nonmaterial, for a particular shared,
usually burdensome, characteristic. The help may take the form of providing and evaluating relevant information, relating personal
experiences, listening to and accepting others' experiences, providing sympathetic understanding and establishing social networks. A support
group may also work to inform the public or engage in advocacy.

And now you know. And knowing's half the battle.

 Post with a character.

○ Unlike most memes, you'd probably be better off by providing a general theme for people to respond to. You know, have your subject or post read "People who got turned into animals in their respective games" or "Time travelers and keeping the space/time continuum intact."

○ Respond to other people and support them through their trials and tribulations.

NOTE: While you're welcome to post whatever the hell you want, if you delve into triggery whatnot (i.e. abuse, suicide, things which tend to actually evoke real life support groups and therapy) please label your posts with a nice and blatant warning so someone who was looking for Time Travelers Anonymous doesn't accidentally stumble into your suicide thread instead.
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02 September 2017 @ 10:43 pm
the  smut picture prompt meme



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the VOICE TEST meme

Always wanted to try your hand at that complex character, but were always uncertain? Have a pup who's still wet behind the ears? A muse just shaking off the dust from sitting in a corner for too long? Well, here is the opportunity for you!

Just leave a comment with your character's name and canon, as well as any information you deem relevant.

Whether you want to start the thread, or let subsequent taggers choose is up to you. Use the Plot Scenario Generator if you want a little push.

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Comments, corrections, questions, etc welcome.

Please do not use this post as a time-stamp. The comm operates in EST/UTC-4. See the time HERE

The third week of the month is scheduled for the midnight texting meme.

Feel free to advertise RP related comms and materials below.

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