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In our world, sexual roles are commonly defined by genders -- male or female or other, by sexualities -- gay or straight, bi or asexual or in-between. But what if they were defined by something else entirely?

Alpha/Beta/Omegaverse is a fusion of fanfiction tropes and animalistic behavior. In this world, sexual roles are divided into three categories: the Alphas (the dominant, the protective and the aggressive), the Betas (ordinary humans) and the Omegas (submissive, fertile and able to carry children).
Fanlore on the Alpha/Beta/Omegaverse
Alphas, Betas and Omegas: A primer.
CONTENT WARNING: Below the cut contains descriptions of animalistic sexual behavior as applied to humans, situations of dubious consent, explicit situations, mpreg, and scenarios of societal oppression. Click with caution!
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Some things don't need explanations. Chicken wings. Wonderful weather. Guilty pleasures like Michael Bay movies. This meme is one of those things. It's simple: one character is in another's lap, and eventually the two get hot and heavy. Whether it's a friend sitting on a lap because there's no room, couples cuddling, or a stripper giving a lap dance, one thing will lead to another...after all, the loss of personal space can certainly set actions (and more) in motion.

  1. Innocent Lap Sitting: It's just a friendly gesture. Maybe you're enjoying a movie or a dinner together. Nothing wrong with that!
  2. Romantic Canoodling: You two are spending some time together, and there's no way to be closer than to snuggle up in your lover's lap.
  3. Out of Necessity: No more room on the bench, in the booth, or on the couch? There's a place on their lap.
  4. Amateur Lap Dance: Just something sexy between lovers. Or maybe more silly than sexy.
  5. Professional Lap Dance: Better break out the ones. This lap dance will cost you.
  6. Dare: Nobody ever thought you'd get this close and personal, so they pushed you into doing it.
  7. Pointed: They said you couldn't turn them on so easily. Challenge accepted.
  8. Accidental: Oops, you've fallen! Good thing this lap was there.
  9. Step Back I Feel a Little Poke: Wait. What's this? Maybe you should wiggle your hips a little to find out.
  10. Lovemaking Lapsitting: Riding someone while they're sitting up can make the rider feel powerful, since they're on top, but the one being ridden may notice just how soft and small they are...and embrace them out of instinct.
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Gothic Romance Meme

Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again…
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Little Red Dog
the ON THE RUN meme

Sometimes, these things happen. Sometimes, you're in just the wrong place at just the right time, or you've made the wrong (or right, depending on your intentions) person mad. Sometimes it's better for everyone if you just go. Sometimes there isn't time for good-bye.


You've managed to lose yourself somewhere out there, for whatever reason it was. Maybe you took someone with you (willingly? not?), or you found someone else who needed to disappear as badly as you did. You're in your car, or a cheap hotel, or a house by the side of the road. What else can you do but watch, and wait?


It could have been as simple as being glimpsed at the 7-11. Your phoneline wasn't as secure as you thought. You locked eyes with the wrong person across the room. Now the house of cards is collapsing, and maybe not just your life, but the lives of everyone you love could be in jeopardy now. The walls are closing in, and your arms are giving out.


- post with your character's name and canon. if you have an on-the-run AU, or scenarios you might want to play out, mention them here.
- find others. tag them.
- and then, run.

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The Court of the Night-Blooming Flowers Meme

The Night Court is the casual name for the 13 houses of Mont Nuit in the City of Elua where the Servants of Naamah worship and ply their trade.  Elua's blessed principle is 'Love as thou wilt' but love can take many forms.  These houses see to each and every shade and color of Elua's principle.  Pay a house fee and take your pick, but remember to leave a patron gift if you have been well pleased by Naamah's servants.

How it Works

1.  Comment with your character/s.  Put their name and canon along with preferences in the subject space.
2.  Others will tag with their character and the house they have chosen from the list. 
3.  Your character can either be visiting the house or working as one of Naamah's servants.
4.  Play nice!  Or naughtily, if you happen to be in Valerian or Mandrake house.

The 13 houses are essentially brothels, although religiously affiliated ones, so sexual situations are to expected.  Also some houses lend themselves to more triggering fare so please be respectful of each other and talk it out with your RP partner if there are problems with a scenario.

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you turn my ocean deepest blue
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shipping meme

There's always a right tool for the job, be it as simple as a hammer for a nail or on up to the much, much more complex. In this, the near future, the new tool for the abstract, post-modern job is no longer from the humble tool box - it's robots. Robots have taken over most sectors, such as assembly, law enforcement, and even health care. Things run so much smoother when they're automated. Yet the most impressive factor is that robots have just recently begun to enter a sector previously believed to require human touch: the personal sector. From personal assistants to robo bodyguards to pleasurebots, most anyone who's anyone has a personal robot these days. Of course, humanity being the narcissistic charmers we are, all "companion" sector robots are made in our own beautiful image, or close to it.

But you know this. You have a personal robot, after all...or you are one.

Whether owner or robot, it's important to remember one key rule: robots, no matter how human they appear, cannot feel emotions. Any appearances thereof are programming in the AI.

Robots certainly, absolutely, cannot fall in love. Again, any appearances thereof are programming in the AI. If that's not the case, and "love" still seems present...

...well, a toll that no longer functions correctly may not be right for the job.

  • Comment with your character, preference, and whether you want to play a human or a robot.
  • Reply to others.
  • Use the RNG to choose a prompt or pick one yourself.

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