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High Fantasy, Swords, Sorcery, and Romance!

𝔬𝔫𝔠𝔢, further back in years than anyone alive could remember, there is a land that even time has forgotten, filled to the brim with magic and mystery both good and ill. This is where you make your home. Who you are in this kingdom - or many kingdoms - is as varied as the blades of grass that spread over this lush terrain. You could be a petulant princess, a delving dwarf, a highway man with more than a few secrets, a devoted knight, a mage of ancient spellcraft, or even an ageless elf. No matter your station, though, one thing is for certain: whatever life you lead, it's about to get a great deal more exciting. There is a war brewing, somehow, somewhere, and the peace of your homelands is at stake. You are the only one who can set things right and go on a quest to save everyone.

Still, what is an adventure without an adventure of the heart? You are not alone, and you'll find that trying times can forge ironclad emotions. Of course, you'll find that the path of love is no easier here than anywhere else, be the person you admire an arranged fiancé you're not too fond of at first, a forbidden object of desire, a traveling companion, an enemy, a lifelong friend, an ally...or another species from you entirely. Yet, in any case, this is no time for romance, is it? Only moments can be stolen, and you must set aside your feelings for the greater good.

In this time, in this place, will you get your happy ending, or will this story prove to be a much darker fantasy?

  • Comment with your character, information, preferences, and any AU you might want to do with your character if they're not from an applicable setting.
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Legolas Greenleaf | Tolkien Universe | OTA

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Eowyn || Tolkien Universe || OTA

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Peregrin "Pippin" Took | Tolkien Universe | OTA

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Guinevere | BBC's Merlin | OTA

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Yuri Plisetsky • Yuri!!! On Ice

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( This one'll be some kind of fae creature who shimmers and flies and has a terrible attitude towards humans! Just like he is in canon ... )
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[ They'd told him long before he'd even stepped foot in the Deep Woods not to venture in alone and to go prepared, not to travel lightly. Some of the villagers in the closest town had offered him more advice than just that, something about creatures that roamed the trees and grass, lived deep in the hollows of the earth and only stepped foot in the human realm to bathe in moonlight or take something they long desired. Superstitions, Ivor thinks, and he parts from the inn on a particularly gloomy morning with the sun blotted out by gray clouds and rain in the air. All he has is the pack he's been traveling with for the last few weeks, on foot and the hood of his cloak shielding him from the elements. It's probably too simple, but he'll get to where he's going much faster without too much weighing him down.

He'd been on this journey for several months already, silenced by the oath he'd taken and hindered by his own limitations as a mage without the sound of his voice to cast spells. The magic, he knows, is in intent, but it's difficult to offer help when he's bound by other obligations deeper than anything a written spell or hand gesture could provide. It's not the main purpose of his quest either, to take back what had been given and simultaneously taken from him. Yet, it's easier to follow that promise to the opposite side of the kingdom and the world without involving himself in the politics of the war on the horizon. Too many people would die; if he could help it, he didn't want to be part of that.

So, he walks and keeps walking until the daylight begins to disappear, and even if habit has told him that it's wiser to make camp, he pushes on until he finds a clearing he thinks gives him the advantage to spot anything coming too close on all sides. There's little hope for something warm with the weather as it is, but he's resilient in spells for survival, casting protection wards with a few movements of his hands before settling to rest against the thick roots of a tree. Ivor's been tired for weeks; still, sleep doesn't come easy, it never does, and eventually, he gives up to follow the sound of water to a nearby stream. Washing the grime from his hands and face usually helps some, crouched low with the perfect view of a meadow stretched out in front of him.

Trees surround it on all sides, the grass tall and untouched for this time of year, when the cold is slowly beginning to set in over the ever-shortening days, and with the passing hours, the sky has gradually cleared. The moon is full tonight—or nearly. Its glow is brighter than usual, Ivor looking out across the empty stretch of land and breathing in slowly. He nearly misses it when he glances back down to finish cleaning the dirt from his fingers, the soft shimmer of a moving body through the parting grass. Its slender and shining, reflecting the gentle light of the moon, and it looks... young. Like him in some ways, though wild and beautiful, and Ivor holds his breath as he continues to watch whatever might be happening here. He doesn't want to break the serenity of the moment, though he does anyway when he shifts and the heel of his foot crunches hard on fallen twigs.

It's loud in the silence, and he grimaces, inching away before he decides to run. ]
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The clearing isn't technically his, but the creatures that roam the Deep Woods have long-since learned never to stray too far into the pale grass. Even humans know to avoid the shivering meadows that trap the moonlight; the Fae covet those spots above all else, and have never taken kindly to having their spaces sullied by strangers. Yuri - not his only name, but the name he prefers - settled on this one long ago, when he was brought to it as an infant by the only human he's ever truly cared for.


He'd found him in the river, apparently, between mouthfuls of fresh water. At first he'd thought he was dead; unwanted children are often abandoned in the Deep Woods by their frightened, desperate mothers, some of whom choose to believe that their offspring are whisked away to spend the rest of their lives in a shimmering paradise. (The truth, as is often the case, is far less savory. Children abandoned in the Deep Woods have made some of Yuri's best meals.)

Imagine, then, the old man's surprise, when the snow-white body he lifted from the water flicked open its eyes. They were too green to be human; it was too pale to be human; and that's when Nikolai had known. Years later he would tell Yuri that all of his instincts had been to drown him properly; that all of his mother's stories came skittering up into the forefront of his mind. The Fae were soulless, wicked creatures that stole children and withered crops. They feasted on flesh (not untrue). They made mischief for humans (also true). They all ought to be destroyed.

Instead, he'd wrapped Yuri in his jacket and taken him deeper into the woods. While he was alive Nikolai liked to tease Yuri by commenting on how silent he'd been as a babe; he'd say that he was was making up for it now, by being as noisy and belligerent as could be. He'd left that silent bundle there in the meadow in the hopes that the moonlight would do him some good; in the hopes that, with any luck, he'd be found by one of his kind.

And he was. Viktor. Yuri loves Viktor as ferociously as any child loves their parent, but ever since he met that stupid black-haired human with his wet eyes and wobbling mouth ...

Much to Viktor's surprise, Nikolai insisted on returning to the meadow a few times a year. The human seemed to be under the impression that he had some kind of spiritual duty to the little Fae beast, which made it quite the stroke of fortune that Vikor had been the one to discover him. He's never been a conventional Fae. He doesn't eat flesh, he actively seeks out human friends, and he has a soft spot for all things ridiculous, which means that letting Nikolai form a bond with the little Faeling seemed like a wonderful idea. Maybe he'd grow up to respect humans instead of wanting to eat them!

... No such luck. Yuri was respectful of Nikolai while he was alive - he never once brought up the fact that he'd been snacking on his kind - but the kind old man has been dead for years. Viktor has his pig of a human. Yuri is alone for the first time in his life, and he's completely and utterly frustrated with everything but the moon.

The moon.

He tilts his face up towards the night sky and lets silver light drench him from head to toe. It's soothing and restorative; calming in a way that nothing else in the Fae or human realms could ever be. Yuri glides through the tall grass as he bathes, his eyes heavily lidded by a fan of fair lashes, and soaks up as much of the fragrant night air as his little body will allow. He feels like dancing. He feels like offering a song to the moon, but then a branch breaks behind him and he whips around in an elegant snap of silver.

Now that he's facing the wind he can smell him - it's that weirdly oppressive scent of man. Fucking humans. Truly, they have a knack for showing up where they're not wanted.

Twisting with rage, Yuri's translucent wings lash at the air as he tears after the voyeur in the grass. Unwanted, certainly, but he may as well enjoy the snack while it's there, and he's on him in a heartbeat with his fangs bared and his mouth a cruel snarl. His pale hair floats around his head like they're underwater, as does the formless shimmer of his clothes, and he tightens his clawed fingers around the man's throat as he keeps him pinned to the cold ground.

"What is it with you people?" He growls, dipping in close. The moon is behind him, sharpening soft edges. "Why are you always sneaking around in my fucking meadow like you have some right to be here? These woods are ours."

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Hunter | Beastly | M/M

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Ardyn ツffxv☽ ota

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[ooc: a very AU romance?]
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[ ooc; totes. ;3 ]
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[ooc: any scenarios you'd like?]
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[ ooc: We can totally do an arranged marriage to unite Insomnia and Niflheim.. luls. Would you like me to set the scene? Unless you have something in mind then run for it! :D ]
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[ooc: sounds ok to me! sure]
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The season was rich and plentiful of rain and warmth that helped flourish and thicken the crops, foliage, and brought in a weighty swarm of animals and insects. The latter kept the farmers even more busy than harvesting the crops! Yet, life was good. Villages had plenty of food to sustain the population, livestock roamed without need, and trade was good. However, for the ruling Lucis region, a damning drought had set in a few seasons back and population began to thin in numbers. A plague of sickness bourn each new winter and the death soon extended across each season that followed afterward.

The reigning king, stationed in Insomnia, had but a few options and he chose to save the future of his kingdom by reconciling old differences between Lucis and Niflheim. Where Niflheim did not suffer the dying plague, it had gained favor with the gods of harvest and fruition - or so people would praise to account for such good luck! Of course, gods and their direct impact on the land and its humans populace has been so long ago that it was considered near legend or myth even. Yet, they still had a strong following.

King Regis Lucis Caelum CXIII has a reputation in Niflheim of having in his possession something far greater than life. A star. Although, a lot of good that supposed star did in the King’s possession for the light of his kingdom was diminishing with each new season.

When Regis reached out to the emperor of Niflheim it was with a plea for terms of peace, to unite both kingdoms and see his people out of this darkened spell. Any true king would feel for another king in such a predicament, thus this is why Niflheim answered to Regis’ call for help. Naturally, it was for a price, assurance that loyalty and unity will continue to be strong throughout this treaty. Prince Noctis Lucis Caelum would act as the promise to keep the kingdoms united. It would be the young prince’s role to start his new life in Niflheim in all the comforts and service he was accustomed to.

Ardyn was currently awaiting the prince, in Insomnia, to see him to his new home. They would make the journey together.
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[Noctis was feeling anxious. That and just a tad terrified that he was married to the Chancellor of Niflheim. It had happened. The union between two kingdoms of Eos. He knew Ardyn would be waiting for him outside in some sort of transport to take them to their new home.

Their new home.

It was all so fast. Noctis swallowed thickly, as he walked outside to meet his husband. He offered the man a nervous smile and noticed the coach.]

You always did like making an entrance.
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[ Ardyn feels a deep grin coming to his face and he lifts his head to peer at his fair young prince of a husband as Noctis traces steps closer towards himself and their new life together! Oh, he is thrilled, in all honesty he certainly had nothing to complain for. ]

Oh, Noct. [ Ardyn finds himself excited for their upcoming journey. It would be some time before they made it home, but it would be well spent as he would have this opportunity to get to know his new partner. The Chancellor gestures to the cab. ] I assure you, it will be a smooth ride.. and enjoyable. There are landmarks on our way I wish to share with you.. stories of legend to discover together. Mm?
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[Noct. It felt odd hearing the Chancellor use his nickname. Yet, the Chancellor was now his husband. He still couldn't believe this was happening, as he offered the other man a weak smile and climbed into the cab.]

Yeah. Sure.

[He was stiff. He couldn't help it. It just felt....bizarre. Yet, they would soon be home and he could drop all the pretence and just crash on the couch, right? He wasn't going out of his way to outright rude to Ardyn, it was just he was nervous right now. Everything felt so odd.]

Let's see how good a tour guide you are.
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Well! Allow us to be bold with one another, to speak freely and openly to each other! [ Ardyn followed Noct into the cab of the carriage. It would not be pulled by horses but driven by an engine, powered by magic, led by coordinates predetermined by the driver--himself. It was a perfectly romantic and roomy splendor that Ardyn could have not been more pleased with! Such a young man would deserve no more less, Ardyn was sure. Especially coming from the wondrous kingdom of Insomnia! ]

Then, allow me to start here.. the jewel of Lucis; Insomnia! It was told to me by a great old man and I but just a boy.. younger than yourself, could you imagine that! [ He chuckles here, oh.. he was delightfully much older than this fresh young prince! ]

Legend has it, Insomnia is the waking dream of a star long fallen from the heavens! T'was the Lucis line that held the obligation, no.. the honor, of keeping this star safe and in return the world around this star would flourish and people would be blessed with the light of this star within their very souls. Hmm? [ By now the carriage was moving away from the Citadel. ] Even witches and dragons who come within the vicinity of the star have been rumored to turn into gentle creatures of this world, Angels to rival their former shadows! However, another rumor has come to pass.. as the failing world of Insomnia struggles to keep its lush green and its warriors strong.. that the star had become heartbroken.. and thus all within its reach became plagued with a somber shadow... as these lands dried and its people grew frail and thin..

Have I got it right?

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i keep seeing him in Kingsglaive when he talks ><

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[Man, could the guy talk. Noct just sat back in the carriage's comfy seat and listened. He leaned his head slightly towards the window, watching his homeland slowly drift away. The guy was paid to talk, right? He was Chancellor. They did lots of talking.]

Yeah, you got it right.

[He wasn't really in the mood for a tour from his new husband. He was tired. All he wanted to do was to sleep or rest. Damn, why did he have to go through with such a thing as this? Married to the Chancellor of Niflheim. The man was attractive, ruggedly so, but Noctis didn't know what to feel right now. In fact, he was going to try something. Something bold, daring and damn right allowed. He was a married man now.]

You've got a good voice on you. Your descriptions are pretty accurate.

[He sighed and moved closer to the other man. It was good they were alone in the carriage otherwise he wouldn't dare do what he was about to do.]

We're married, right? Married couples- uh-

[Noctis couldn't control his movements, as he placed a hand on Ardyn's leg and pressed a kiss to his husband's lips. It stopped him talking and maybe he'd have to get used to kissing the stubbled lips of the other man.]
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ah-hah, he was fun in the movie! He'll take good care of his jewel~ ;3

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[ He was pleased to have confirmation from Noctis. There was very little enjoyment in being wrong! Especially when he was certainly trying to impress such a young mind. Although, the change in conversation and atmosphere was something disconcerting but yet all together very welcomed! The other was so very close and the blue of those eyes were so desirable. The kiss came with a powerful message that washed over Ardyn and set his heart racing through his chest! Ah, he was complimented so wonderfully with Noct's invasion. Conquered already and all it took was a kiss!

Ardyn's hands moved to Noct's arm and he gently tightened his fingers on the boy's bicep while his other hand moved to the smooth cheek of Noct's face. Oh, he is such a wonderful boy.. He found himself thinking his own compliments about his new husband. Just what had he done to deserve such luck!

Mm, hmm!

[ Ardyn pulled from the kiss just a bit to look again to those beautiful deep eyes hidden beneath the cool fringe of Noct's hair. He was so terribly out of touch.. this stylish, fashionable, young man.. oh, what would Noct thing of his silly old hat? ] What I should have said.. and do forgive me for neglecting.. to tell you right away.. is that you.. you are the star of Insomnia and I .. am honored for the light you bring to me from the inside out.
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Re: oh he was! so attractive too

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[Noctis was really surprised with himself that he had actually managed to pull it off; he'd kissed Ardyn. Ardyn. He'd kissed his husband for the first time and it didn't feel so bad at all. In fact, he liked it. The roughness of the other man's lips felt good against his own.]

I just- had to do that. Try it out, you know?

[Damn. He was blushing now. His cheeks warming to a soft shade of pink. Kissing guys didn't come natural to him, but then again, nor did kissing anyone of late. Ardyn seemed pleased by the kiss though.]

Ardyn? You don't have to keep praising me like this. We're- married now, so we can talk normal? If you do talk normal, that is.
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[ Sweet, sweet, prince! Ardyn was even more inclined to praise his jewel of Insomnia! ]

There is plenty of opportunities to try anything out between the two of us. I am pleased to go at your pace, my prince. [ It felt wonderful to be so possessive of the young Noctis! Possessively describing his beloved husband as his with all the affection his old heart could muster! ]

Hn, [ The blush was noticed and Ardyn softly caressed his fingertips down the prince's cheek before he softly pinched at Noctis' chin and leaned forward to place a chaste kiss to his husband's lips. ] I do not know, however, if I would ever accept a day in which I would not find reason to praise you. We are married, that is true, joined together in this arrangement for more than just ourselves for the purpose in mind .. yet, I would not deny that my heart flutters with joy in this arrangement. I will give you reason for happiness, even if it is small in scale to what happiness you may have found with anyone else.. know that I will commit to you fully, nevertheless!
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Yeah. There is.

[Right? They had only just tied the knot and were very much a newly married couple. So much to see and do with one another. Yet, there was a tugging feeling in Noctis' stomach. It felt like a bad case of butterflies.]

Ardyn, I have to tell you something. It's kind of personal.

[The fact that he was a virgin and had never slept with a man before. Gods, why was he blushing even more now? He was describing his sex life with the Chancellor of Nifl- no. His husband. This man was his husband now. Reality check, Noct.]

When we- you know. I've never done it.

[He felt like such a kid.]
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[ Oh, this precious boy. Would you really allow me to be the first? It was almost unreal, despite that they were indeed married to one another, the political movement was a damning overshadow to what might be an extended Hell for his prince! Of course, Ardyn was delighted at this arrangement, but Noctis was young and vibrant.. it would not just be his eyes that would become attracted to Noctis! ]

When we consummate? Ah, well.. there are many other aspects to our joining together that the physical draw upon one another will no doubt become natural .. and desirable given time.
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[When they consummate. Oh Gods. They would, wouldn't they? Noct swallowed hard, as his eyes roamed over Ardyn's body. He'd finally get to see his husband naked.

Yeah. I want to do this I'm just- out of my depth here.

[He slid a hand up Ardyn's thigh and tried to stay calm. This is what married lovers did, right? Besides, the more he got cosy with the other man, the easier it would be, right?]
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Ah, yes. We will.. [ Even still, Noctis seemed eager! That was both a turn on and a bit concerning; only in that he would want Noctis to be sure and ready rather than dive in and overwhelmed! ] Noct.. there is no rush, though.. I am not going to start our marriage by denying you...

[ His hand smoothed over Noct's on his thigh and gently massaged at the boy's hand. ] Hm, my dear one.. [ Ardyn's hand then moved from Noct's hand to the other's knee. ] I can do something for you.. If you would allow it..?
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[personal profile] lux_tenebris 2017-03-21 08:38 am (UTC)(link)
[Now, he was wondering what Ardyn meant. He wasn't intending to rush anything, he just wanted to be prepared for the moment when they would tumble into bed with one another.]

What is it?

[He looked into his husband's amber eyes and swallowed thickly. He was nervous and a little apprehensive but he knew he could take it, right? He was the king of Lucis for goodness sake.]
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John Watson | Sherlock

[personal profile] ihadabadday 2017-03-15 09:17 pm (UTC)(link)
[I live for this...]
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Grace Ford | OC | M/F

[personal profile] barre_none 2017-03-15 09:54 pm (UTC)(link)
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sam murphy (original) f/m

[personal profile] andgracetoo 2017-03-15 10:39 pm (UTC)(link)
(She'll either be the warrior/knight type, or the cliched princess who rejects her title. Maybe she could save the fair prince? Or something else, if you prefer.)
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Claire Bennet || NBC's Heroes || OTA

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[I'M SO HERE FOR THIS, Y'ALL. She can be herself dropped into a fantasy world, or the princessiest princess to ever princess, or a mysterious traveler who ventures from one land to the next in search of riches and excitement. Or if you want to plot something completely different, I'm game! Bring. It. On.]
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Princess Serenity / Sailor Moon / F/M

[personal profile] moonbunnyusako 2017-03-15 10:52 pm (UTC)(link)
Princess who always puts her people first. Willing to do something light hearted or go down a darker path.
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Hiccup | How to Train Your Dragon | OTA

[personal profile] drekisal 2017-03-16 12:27 am (UTC)(link)
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Griffith | Berserk | M/M

[personal profile] forakingdom 2017-03-16 01:23 am (UTC)(link)
[Am totally down for high fantasy / Berserk canon / Hyrkanian or Cimmarian swords & sorcery AUs. Very open to cross-canon, prefer paragraphs and slow-burn.]
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Adam Parrish | The Raven Cycle

[personal profile] tenebrarius 2017-03-16 01:25 am (UTC)(link)
[Can be an experienced and reclusive magician who doesn't want to be involved in all this; a fledgling magician in way over his head; or an ambitious and determined squire who doesn't yet know he has any magical aptitude.]
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Bodhi Rook | Rogue One: A Star Wars Story | OTA

[personal profile] onlyeverdoubted 2017-03-16 02:39 am (UTC)(link)
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Margo Hanson | The Magicians

[personal profile] ibiza 2017-03-16 03:51 am (UTC)(link)
[ Already a High Queen of a magical kingdom, but willing to try any AU you can throw at me. ]
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It was mostly luck that the Fillory contingent had run across a Zora scouting party. Even more luckily that neither side seemed to want to be the first to spill blood with how tense things already were. It was the beginning of a series of meetings and visits between the two kingdoms in an attempt to create some sort of lasting and mutually beneficial peace between them, especially with the other threats still looming over the horizon that would threaten both sides of things.

It was some time before the idea of a political marriage was broached as a way to more officially unite their kingdoms, and with the state of things it was agreed that while there was no time for a proper drawn-out courtship, that Prince Sidon would be willing to travel with the Kings and Queens of Fillory In their efforts to restore order to their lands, both to assist and offer use of ties that the Zora held with some Fillorian populations in their efforts as well as to see if an agreeable arrangement might be reached in the meanwhile.

Once this was deemed acceptable, he arrived at Castle Whitespire with a small group. A pair of councilmembers who would meet with the advisors to work on a proper treaty while the royalty was away on their quests. All three towered over the humans, even if it was only by a few inches in the case of the councilmembers, Sigon standing easily head and shoulders over everyone in the place. But despite the distrust one of his companions, the elderly green man, shorter than the other two, he seemed genuinely excited to be there and to meet his new travel companions. When they were led to the throne room, he smiled brightly (if extremely toothily), and bowed with a sweep of an arm, his companions following suit.

“Your Majesties, it is a delight to finally be able to meet you all.” As excited as he was, he still had a duty after all, to represent his own people with decorum. There would be time for more casual conversation when the members of his travel party had been directed elsewhere. “I look forward to being able to help you put an end to the troubles plaguing both of our kingdoms.”
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The longer Margo was in Fillory, the more she got used to politics. As heavy as her crown sometimes felt, she took to being high queen quite naturally. Margo was even beginning to enjoy her royal duties. The limited power she enjoyed as a woman in Fillory was invigorating, but if there was one thing that left her chilly it was the idea of political marriages. Blame it on being raised on Earth as a commoner, but she was still used to the idea of marrying for love.

By the time Prince Sidon showed up, Margo had calmed her nerves. Even the tall stature of the visiting party couldn’t seem to shake her. She approached them with a smile, curtseying deeply as she had been coached, and found herself looking up at each of them. Such was the curse of being a petite human being.

“And we are happy to see you, as well.” Perhaps it was a little lie. Margo wasn’t thrilled, but she was putting on a good face. She was happy to be finding a solution to her kingdom’s problems, of course, and that was what she tried to focus on. Her smile was a little tight, but it lit up her face all the same. “Should we sit?”

Turning, Margo led both parties to the table they usually sat at when discussing heavy matters within the kingdom. The chairs were comfortable enough. She only hoped they were suitable enough for people as tall as their visitors.

“Does this… Work for you?” Her eyebrows raised slightly and she nodded to the chairs at the table.
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Sidon couldn’t blame her if she was uneasy with the idea of a political marriage. And he could see the tension in her smile when she returned the greeting, but for the moment he didn’t say a word about it. It wasn’t nearly the time, and it wasn’t his place to call her on her emotions. All he hoped was that during their work that they could find some common ground, to become friends.

Of course the romantic in him always hoped that maybe there would be love there too, but he knew how rare that could be in these arrangements. At the very least he knew his father wasn’t going to cut off negotiations if for some reason they couldn’t see themselves coming to some sort of arrangement. There were many options for how they could link their kingdoms if a marriage turned out to be a poor idea after all.

“This will be just fine, thank you.” While he was nervous, the prince still seemed genuine enough in the smile he wore, settling into one of the seats, his companions sitting to one side. It only took a slight shifting on their part before the three found a way to sit that was comfortable, and Sidon continued on.

“Muru and Azura here are members of the Council, and advise our King. Once we’ve worked out what both sides are hoping to see from this arrangement, they’re both ready to work with your own advisors and scribes to draw up the paperwork for the official side of things.”
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Margo couldn’t see the nerves beyond Sidon’s toothy smile. Maybe if she knew he was as nervous as she was she’d feel a little better. Still, she was taking steps to calm herself down. Her breathing was slow and evenly timed, all an effort to slow her heartbeat and calm the butterflies raging on in her stomach.

She gave a nod of a greeting to Muru and Azura. “Pleased to meet you both,” Margo gestured with her arm to a small cluster of men in fine robes standing quietly to the side, Abigail the seemingly wise talking sloth, and her translator. “These are the folks on the Fillorian side of this deal that you’ll be dealing with during this process, but, uh,” She gave a small smile and turned back to Sidon. “You and I will have the final say.”

There were some unintelligible whispers from Margo’s own advisors, undoubtedly disapproving of her insistence that she as high queen have the final say on the Fillorian side of the dealings, but a glare shot in their direction from the high queen herself. If there was one thing Margo hated about the power structure of her kingdom, it was the fact that men were given more power than women. In this deal, though, if it was her being married off she would have to insist on being in control.

Her expression softened and she smiled once more as she looked back to the prince. “I assume that’s alright with you.” If things could just go smoothly during this deal, Margo would be willing to suck it up and marry almost anyone. Lucky for her Prince Sidon seemed amiable enough.
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He was good at it. Hiding worry and nerves behind smiles and good cheer. His realm was large, but the population in general was small, and so he'd gotten used to keeping a good face on things. People looked to him for reassurance especially with how things were happening lately, and if they saw his worry, it would destroy morale.

"I'd find it strange for anyone other than us to have the final word on this." He knew there were differences in how things worked here, something about the difference in power between a king or queen mirroring roles in place for men versus women that while not unheard of in his own lands, were much less touted. They lived too long to stick to things like that, and as small as their population was, they couldn't afford to restrict an entire segment of their people.

Muru was still annoyed at the wording there was so far, that Sidon would be Prince Consort instead of King, but Azura and Sidon both knew that with the structures of power in place here that there would be no risk to Margo's authority in her own right with this choice. And Prince Consort might be considered less powerful than a king, but Sidon was no idiot, he knew that as such in a kingdom with the resources such as Fillory tended to have in peaceful times, that he'd be in a good position to help his own people in kind.

"I'm sure that we'll be able to come to some agreement that suits us both." Even if Muru looked about as sour about the whole thing as Margo's advisors did. Or maybe that was his default expression, it was hard to say.

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Margo took it as a good sign that both sides seemed to be getting on so well. The smile that she showed Prince Sidon, at first only out of forced politeness, was becoming more genuine. For what it was worth, he seemed like a good guy – Infinitely better than some of the other men who had proposed unions between their kingdoms.

Muru’s expression didn’t go unnoticed, but Margo said nothing at first. She was biting back about a million saucy comment that she could have tossed his way. Perhaps she was becoming a better diplomat. Instead, she smiled at all of them almost sweetly. “Then let’s get started. What do you hope to achieve from this union?”

Abigail’s raspy voice said something before Sidon could answer Margo’s question and her translator leaned in to listen. Frustrated, Margo held up a hand to silence everyone on her side of the room. “For God’s sake, it’s our guests’ turn to talk. Can you not see that?” Her voice was sharp, tone hostile, but when she turned back to face the visiting party she relaxed once more and smiled in a friendly way. “I’m sorry about that.”

Margo understood that keeping Sidon and his people happy was probably more important than keeping her own advisors happy right then. Her attitude was that she could always apologize later, but why apologize when she genuinely believed her advisors to be rude? Such was the attitude of someone who believed she was right 99% of the time.
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Whatever the others thought, Azura’s considering expression shifted to something a bit more approving at the response Margo offered to the sloth’s attempt to speak over Sidon. The prince himself just shook his head, smile softening a bit.

“I can understand the excitement, something like this doesn’t happen very often. I couldn’t say if any of the current maps Fillory has even have our realm marked it’s been so long since our kingdoms have worked together in such a way. As far as what we’re hoping for, long term it would be good to revive old ties for things such as sharing knowledge, trading.” As he spoke, Margo might see it under that smile and pleasant nature, the bit of nervousness as he considered the situation back home that had encouraged his father to reach out to the Fillory royalty. “As an immediate issue, the current threat. The shift of magic is affecting all realms whether they like to admit it or not. Our own… Vah Ruta, the source of waters is starting to create without thought to balance. We’ve still the reservoirs that allow us to keep things consistent even if she decides to give less or more rain over the years. But at the rate things are going, they’ll be flooded within the year.”

He reached across the table, with the map of the known realms, tapping a finger against a portion of the sea.

“As she’s the source of all waters, if she continues in this manner, between the flooding of the seas and the rains that would spread further inland, things could become… much more difficult. With someone more magically knowledgeable and skilled, she can be appeased, convinced to calm, but they need to be of the royal family to even be able to reach her. It won’t completely solve things until the flow of magic is restored, but it would buy time.”
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Fumikage Tokoyami | My Hero Academia

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Jeile Astale Ei Daemonia Eucharistia | Meru Puri | m/m

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[In canon he is the crown prince of a magical kingdom and is highly skilled with magic, but I'm fine with deviating from canon as well.]
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