15 March 2017 @ 12:10 am

Simple! Post with your character and the one(s) you're looking to play against, and pimp that stuff out! OR -- post with the kind of series/character type you're interested in, and have other people give you recs!
This is your chance to sell people on your canon, your OTP, or what-have-you -- and maybe get some new ones to look into yourself!
Have fun!
The Weeaboo Sock
15 March 2017 @ 08:10 am

On occasion, the fun in playing a romantic relationship is not actually playing the relationship proper, but the build up. The characters grow closer, frozen hearts can thaw, emotional barriers may fall, and insight is gained, both about self and potential partners...

...plus, it can be entertaining as all heck to play either a. awkward dancing around the subject, if your character is that type, or b. embracing all that warming up. A little of column A, a little of column B may scratch an itch you never knew you had.

Play one little vignette in time. You may find yourself craving some more.

  • Comment with your character, preferences, info, etc.
  • Reply to others & thread it alll out.
  • Have fun, guys!
Every Repost is a Repost Repost
15 March 2017 @ 08:15 am
From Completely Different Worlds

The two of you couldn't have, shouldn't have, crossed paths under any other circumstances. You're from two completely differing spheres: separated by class, by continent, by occupation, by age, by anything. You could both be from different worlds...literally! But distance means nothing now, because you've been tossed quite unceremoniously into each others' lives by some unusual event. Now, you must work together; soon, though, you realize you both have another common interest - each other. Fire-forged attraction is some of the strongest across all worlds, after all, and the sparks are flying.

Is it possible that the pair of you will realize your feelings for each other, or is the task at hand much more important? Will the ways in which you differ keep you apart, especially if one of you is a stranger in a strange land or time? Are you even really compatible? Sudden closeness and having to rely on someone can confuse feelings.

Most importantly, if you act on mutual desire, will you last as an item?

★ Comment with your character, preferences, and all that good stuff.
☆ Reply to others. Mix it up with unique character combinations or mash together canons on far opposite ends of the spectrum, like hard sci-fi and high fantasy. But really, just have fun.
★ Thread a thread.
15 March 2017 @ 08:36 am
unofficially official;

Dating...isn't what you'd consider the two of you doing. You're just close. Close enough to spend time together, do things you both enjoy, eat together, talk about problems, cuddle, and kiss, possibly. And you don't do most of these things with other people.


Okay, so maybe you are dating. But do you need to disclose this fact to everyone else, or at least acknowledge it amongst yourselves -

If you even realize it, that is. It's possible this whole "a couple" status has snuck up on you. Theoretically, at least.

...how did that happen?

  • Easy peasy: comment with those prefs and info, cuties.
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  • THREAD. ♥
happy birthday princess carolyn
15 March 2017 @ 09:17 am

Word Association is a common word game involving an exchange of words that are associated together. The game is based on the noun phrase word association, meaning "stimulation of an associative pattern by a word" or "the connection and production of other words in response to a given word, done spontaneously as a game, creative technique, or in a psychiatric evaluation."
~ our lord and saviour wikipedia

    ① post with your character's name & series.
    ② include a word of your choice and optionally the definition in the body of your comment.
    -- visit the random word generator if you need help!
    ③ other characters will reply with the first word their character associates with the one you chose.
    ④ continue back and forth until one of you just has to know the story behind an answer.
Memes that Aren't Convoluted
15 March 2017 @ 01:54 pm

𝔬𝔫𝔠𝔢, further back in years than anyone alive could remember, there is a land that even time has forgotten, filled to the brim with magic and mystery both good and ill. This is where you make your home. Who you are in this kingdom - or many kingdoms - is as varied as the blades of grass that spread over this lush terrain. You could be a petulant princess, a delving dwarf, a highway man with more than a few secrets, a devoted knight, a mage of ancient spellcraft, or even an ageless elf. No matter your station, though, one thing is for certain: whatever life you lead, it's about to get a great deal more exciting. There is a war brewing, somehow, somewhere, and the peace of your homelands is at stake. You are the only one who can set things right and go on a quest to save everyone.

Still, what is an adventure without an adventure of the heart? You are not alone, and you'll find that trying times can forge ironclad emotions. Of course, you'll find that the path of love is no easier here than anywhere else, be the person you admire an arranged fiancé you're not too fond of at first, a forbidden object of desire, a traveling companion, an enemy, a lifelong friend, an ally...or another species from you entirely. Yet, in any case, this is no time for romance, is it? Only moments can be stolen, and you must set aside your feelings for the greater good.

In this time, in this place, will you get your happy ending, or will this story prove to be a much darker fantasy?

  • Comment with your character, information, preferences, and any AU you might want to do with your character if they're not from an applicable setting.
  • Reply to others.
  • Thread with them.
15 March 2017 @ 06:45 pm


GUESS WHAT, MOTHERFUCKERS? WE ARE THE COPS THIS TIME. No matter what branch of law enforcement, this is where you belong. White collar crime, drug busts, unraveling conspiracies in small towns in the countryside because your boss is a prick, whatever. In any case it's your job to make sure criminals can't get away with it. You and your partner are going to get the job done whether you get along or not. Or maybe you fly solo and your roleplaying partner is playing the criminal. Hell, maybe you're John McClane against the world! It doesn't matter: what does matter is justice. Get out there, get it sorted! Catch that swan!

• Top level your character. Include any details you might think are relevant. Or don't and chat it out with someone that replies instead.
• Reply to other people's top levels!
• Have fun!

15 March 2017 @ 07:08 pm
meme taken from part of a super old post cuz im lazy

  • Comment with your character, preferences, info, etc.
  • Reply to others and thread.

1. It's your job. Your boss says it's for promotional purposes. Or you are filling in a part in a play. Any which way, you are getting paid to do this.

2. Wearing your SO's clothing. Your boyfriend's shirts just look so inviting, or perhaps you were curious why your girlfriend wears hose so much.

3. You lost a bet. Teaches you to make risky bets. Your honor won't let you out of this one, so be a gracious loser and don't trip in those heels.

4. You woke up in this. Whoa, what even happened last night? Everything's kind of fuzzy. Where are you...and what are you wearing?

5. It's a disguise. Maybe you are a spy, or have gone into hiding! Whatever is going on, it is a necessity no one finds out who you really are!

6. Getting kinky. Behind closed doors, all sorts of things can happen. You and your partner wanted to try something new, so why not get creative in the bedroom?

7. Curiosity. Skirts do look awfully comfy... so do those boxer shorts. Or you happen to wonder if you could pass as a different sex, if you tried.

8. You just felt like it! Of course, you could just like to dress this way. So go for it!

9. Wild Card. Anything I missed? Anything else you want to do? Go for it!
Will You Still Love Me?
15 March 2017 @ 07:21 pm

The Royally Common Romance Meme

❝And I tell you truly, Daenerys, there is no man in all the world who will ever be half so true to you as me.❞

Inspired by an anon comment on rpanons ages ago about a PSL they'd like to play.

Heavy the head that wears the crown, they say, and little could be more true. Of course, there is glamor in the life: power, privilege, lavish feasts, fine clothes...if your monarchy is doing well, that is. But there are also struggles that few others would understand, such as life or death decisions that need to be made to protect your kingdom at best and being a mere puppet with no real power at worst. At the very least, you're lonely. Certainly there are people around you at all times to protect and serve you, yet they aren't truly companions. They're no one you can talk to.

Well, not no one. Not completely. There is one person who's allowed close to you. Perhaps they're even allowed to be alone with you. A trusted advisor, a handmaid, a knight, a court jester, whatever they are, their companionship and support may leave you wanting those peaceful moments and lingering glances to mean...more.

And what if you are the other side, someone without royal birth offering your service to your highness? You may have been born into this life, forced into it, or gave yourself to it willingly. It could be much, much worse - at least you and your charge have a good relationship, to the point that you might do anything for them. Have your feelings for them always been more inappropriate than they should, or is this a new feeling? And such feelings - they can't be returned, can they? Or you could see your charge as the human that they are rather than an ideal. Does that mean you can give them the best advice and service you can? And what of their duties to marry and continue their line? Will you step back and let them be bound to another?

Then there are the pressures of the throne. The most innocent could be corrupted by power, and you would be in no position to stop them, no matter how it pained you to see the one you cared for twisted and become a wholly different person.

To allow anything to blossom between the two of you is risky and perhaps even deadly. Not even royalty can put a stay to an execution of someone who's, for all intents and purposes, committed treason by becoming emotionally compromised. All the same, it may be worth it, in the end. Royalty, after all, has a short shelf life, and the head on the spike may be the one wearing the crown.

Comment with your character and preferences, any relevant info, and what role you'd like to play, royal or not. You might also want to include if you're open to smut.

Reply to others.

Let your imagination guide you! Stolen moments, keeping secrets, battle plans, discussions about ruling filled with double meaning, jealousy, learning about arranged marriages, just spending time together, or being able to do nothing as your love turns into an evil queen/king are just a few ideas.

My other possible picture for this meme was Eridan and Feferi before I settled on Dany and Jorah so there must be a theme.
15 March 2017 @ 07:24 pm

The Highly Inappropriate Sexual Tension Meme

Touches. Glances. Sides brushing, so close to each other. The moment is, most likely, quite, subdued, and calm. Or it could be loud and full of life, right in the middle of a vivacious party. Yet, no matter the case, your blood is pumping - no, nearly boiling with the passion bubbling between you and your companion.

Unfortunately, this sexual tension is completely and absolutely out of line. Whether it be the place, the time, your relationship with the person (be that literal relation or power difference, age difference, experience difference, and so on), your own lack of knowledge, or personal convictions, you should not act on any building desires.

But here's the thing about tension: it builds. It builds, and it builds, until...

Well, even subtlety can come to an inappropriate head.

  • This meme isn't for smut, though smut is allowed. What it is for is the delicious, anticipatory build up and the dances people can do to deny attraction. Foreplay, especially creative foreplay, is encouraged.
  • Comment with your character, canon, and preferences in the subject. In the comment body, be sure to mention if there are any squicks you have, scenarios you don't/do want to play out, and if you're okay with AUs or handwaved CR.
  • Reply to others.
A Disney Romance
15 March 2017 @ 07:39 pm


You're in love with them, but they don't know it and you have no real intention of changing this. Whether it's because you don't want to admit anything to yourself, can't handle rejection, don't think you're good enough, or have no real experience with this kind of thing, your lips are sealed...for now. And maybe forever, if you're contented to love them from afar.

That is, if the object of your affection doesn't figure you out first.

  • Comment with your character, preferences, and whether they'd be the admirer or the admired.
  • Reply to others.
  • RNG it or not.

they're under here )
Secret, Sneaky Show of Affection Meme

  • Comment with your character, preferences, and the like.
  • Forbidden interaction, wrong place/wrong time, shyness of one or more parties, insecurities, inexperience, for fun or for a challenge - you've got to keep you PDA not so "P."
  • Secret handholding, coincidental dates, leaning out the window, stolen kisses behind people's backs, the works! Just be cute, be fluffy, and be secret.
  • Reply to others and have fun.
15 March 2017 @ 09:48 pm
Puppy Love Turned More Meme
a childhood sweetheart shipping ( or ) smut meme

When the two of you were young, you were inseparable. You played together, dreamed together, did absolutely everything together. A day without the other was unthinkable. Other people joked that you two were a pair of little lovebirds; what they didn't know is that they were absolutely right. Of course, it was the kind of innocent love that only children could have, but you were in love.

Then, life got in the way. Things changed and the two of you may have grown apart. Now, you've finally come back together and fortune's smiling as if it may be just like old times.

But that can never really be, can it? That familiar innocence is replaced with something much more adult. Will your relationship change with the times and the new urges, or will you both cling to the past? What if only one wants to take that next step while the other wants to keep memories pure?


It's always been one-sided, right from the start. As kids, one of you followed the other around like a puppy over the moon. The other wasn't cruel to the person crushing on them, yet they didn't see them in that way. Maybe their admirer was kind of an ugly duckling or a late bloomer. Maybe they were just the kind of kid who wasn't interested in icky, gross romance.

All that's in the past, because after a long separation, you two have met back up and, man, has the late bloomer finally bloomed! They're exactly the type their once-object of affection would go for.

Surely this is a dream come true and now they can get the returned feelings they've always wanted!

...right? There can't be any way there'd be a sore spot here.

  • Comment with your character, preferences, and which "scenario" you'd prefer to play, if you want.
  • This is not a specifically smut meme, but smut is possible. Please say if you're open or would prefer no smut.
  • Reply to other players.

prompts; )