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kinda stuck meme

Well, at least it's not glue.

o1. Put down your character ( name | series | any preferences).
o2. Those replying can pick / rng / ask Snape on the astral plane to choose one of the prompts below.
o3. You know what they say: birds of a feather get stuck in questionably legal situations together!

Hope you enjoy your enforced quality time, when you're both stuck -

o1 in traffic, after an atrocious argument.
o2. distracting this person, while your partner in comedy/crime organizes their surprise party, or slashes their car tyres.
o3. defending the base for the next vicious 42 min, until your cavalry to get here. Ladies, gentlemen: good luck.
o4. on a raft, idly drifting the way of the nearest deserted island, a surely cute shark in tow.
o5. in an air vent, after fruitlessly stalking this person, whom you thought to be a serial killer. They don't make friendly neighbours like they used to.
o6. trapped in a codependent relationship with your bed / pet / really domestic hobby, from which this person hopes to break you by way of alcohol a social intervention.
o7. in a waiting room, while you're hanging around for the results for a highly embarrassing disease test, and would really rather not run into anyone you kno - ...God damn it.
o8. trying to safely navigate through a department store, after carelessly forgetting you were out on your measly errand during Black Friday / the year's biggest one-day sale.
o9. standing guard in front of a bedroom with this nigh-stranger, so your Romeo-Juliet-like friends can finally get it on in behind closed doors, thematic noises included. Get the small talk going.
10. with your hair in one of their zippers. You pick which. Everyone else just points and laughs.
11. delivering some pretty terrible news to them.
12. with your hand in their mailbox, just as they're coming out of their house, or apartment.
13. doing the dishes, when you both forgot your wallets and can't foot the bill.
14. playing moral support for your friend, who's stuck in a magician's box, while said magician goes off to look for the key. And coffee. And dinner.
15. reading a manual on how to defuse a bomb, or a very sensitive alarm system. Tick-tack. No rush.
16. waiting for the movie reels to get changed over from an accidental porn showing, courtesy of teenagers in charge of the screening room. You're also out of popcorn.
17. under the only stone building around for miles in the middle of an acidic rain. And then you wonder whether pollution's really on the rise.
18. on the roof, after the ladder's snapped in half. Your neighbour's particularly irritable cat might also be out on the prowl.
19. in a bdsm swing. Look, no one's judging.
20. baby-sitting, pet-sitting, or car-sitting. Yes, that new Ferrari needs day and night surveillance.
21. in a lake, because this person caught you skinny-dipping and won't. Go. Away.
22. on the phone for an important interview / business conversation, while this person tries to distract you.
23. waiting to be ransomed, while in the actually quite loving care of especially incompetent criminals.
24. with your and this person's thumbs engaged in a dysfunctional Chinese finger trap.
25. waiting for them to make the Important Announcement they've been hinting at all week, while they taunt and tease you with it.
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Peeta Mellark | The Hunger Games | OTA

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[Not sure how this could happen but it could be fun?]
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[i'd be down :D AUs for daaays.]
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[Do you have a preference for which world it's set in, or perhaps a mashup of both?]
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[I am not completely caught up with the MCU films but I have general knowledge! I can toss Peeta into the more modern world]
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Let me know if this works for you!

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[Peter should honestly think about doing his shopping in a better neighborhood, but it's late (or early, depending on how you looked at it) and he's on his way back from a rather punishing patrol. Unfriendly New Yorkers and even unfriendlier street criminals; it's not normally a problem, but one injury here, another there, and he'll be a walking bruise tomorrow.

So when he enters the little, organic grocery store and adjoined bakery, he ducks his head and just walks into the aisle, ignoring the cashier. He knows he looks shady, bruised and cut-up as he is, but his money's good.Maybe he can bring home eggs that aren't half-smashed.

But, of course, with Parker luck, why would he?

The explosion rocks the place and sends Peter careening into the cereal shelf, boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios and Cinnamon Toast Crunch taken out in the casualties. He's distracted from mourning by the giant piece of concrete that's smashed through the storefront - and effectively blocked the exit. Phenomenal.]