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get that murderboner on


    It's practically everywhere, so you should know the drill by now: take a few characters, put them in a brand new setting, whether it be a city, a prison, a school, you name it, and then suddenly get told that there's only one way to escape, and that's by one thing alone: murder.

    Because you know, that's definitely a good idea, right?

    But it's not that simple, of course. Each time a murder happens, there's going to be an investigation, and then a trial. Naturally, more often than not, you have to find the culprit or else. However, there are some games where the culprit can get off scot free... but that's only for you to figure out.

    prompts under the cut! )
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throw it out the window

The Defenestration Meme seemed like a good idea at the time.

the act of throwing a thing or especially a person out of a window: the defenestration of the commissioners at Prague.

- Post with your character.
- Reply to other characters.
- If you need a prompt, hit up the RNG and...

1. You are about to defenestrate yourself. Is this a suicide attempt? Is it merely because you need a quick exit and fortunately the building is only one or two stories tall so it's not that much in the way of defenestration? Well. Either way, you're about to throw yourself out of a window and somebody caught you in the act.
2. You're defenestrating your/someone else's belongings. Is it because it's a messy break-up? Is it a fit of rage? It doesn't matter, because unless someone actively stops you you'll end up defenestrating the contents of the entire room.
3. You're defenestrating/defenestrated a helpless NPC! Or maybe they're not so helpless. They could be an assassin or something.
4. You're defenestrating the person who replied to you! (In the event that person happens to be your long lost brother, your beloved mother, your one true love, or someone equally close to you, you may assume that mind control was involved.)

( feels kind of weird to only have only four RNG prompts, but there's only so many ways to throw something out of a window. I mean, really.)

- And kick ass and take names.
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(no subject)

the "film noir" meme.

>> POST with your character and preferences.
>> TAG others. create your own scenario or use rng to determine the scenario and/or relationship.

The Long Goodbye )
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(no subject)


Seven Masters, magi of the present day. Seven Servants, heroes of days past.

One Holy Grail, granting whomever claims it a wish. Only one team of Master and Servant may claim it.
Who will it be?
For those unfamiliar with Fate/Stay Night or Fate/Zero, you can find a better explanation of the Holy Grail War here. (Note: The Holy Grail War in Fate/EXTRA functions in a dramatically different way, and one not followed for purposes of this meme.)

1. Comment with your character. In the subject line, put that character's name, canon, and which role (Master, Servant, or either) you would like them to fulfill. Though not mandatory, it would be preferred that you give a brief summary of your character as they will (most likely) be AU'd into the setting. (NOTE: If your character can fill the role of Servant, I suggest you state which class(es) -- Saber, Lancer, Archer, Rider, Caster, Assassin, or Berserker -- they fall into.)
2. Reply to others' comments. Pick your character's role (and the other character's if they list "Either" as their preference), then use the RNG to pick a scenario that fits the two characters' roles.
3. Enjoy! Though there might be triggers, depending on how the prompts are interpreted.


1. Battle. Who says that Servants get to have all the fun? After all, most Masters try to kill each other, too. Whatever the circumstances, the two of you are locked in a fight. Neither of you are willing to use your Command Spells just yet, so no Servants here. Just two magi duking it out.

2. Alliance. There's a bigger threat out there. Either one Servant is exceptionally powerful, or the situation has changed and the participants need to take action against it. One way or another, you're teamed up with one of your rivals for the Holy Grail. How long will this last before you try to stab each other in the back? Or, will something more develop?

3. Protection. Uh-oh! One of you has lost your Servant! Unfortunately, there's no way you'd get to the church safely on your own, so the other one will help you get there! Or maybe you don't trust the priest presiding over the Holy Grail War and are giving shelter to them yourself? Given their track record, no one would blame you.

4. Death. One or both of you lay dying. It might have been by the other's hand, or by someone else's entirely. How will you spend your last moments in the presence of one of your rivals?

5. You, Too? Surprise! You may have been friends before, but you've just discovered that you're both Masters! How will you handle this revelation?

6. Wild Card. Roll again, pick one of the previous options, or make one up!


1. Are You My Master? The summoning is complete. Whether intentional or not, catalyst or not, a magus has summoned a Servant. What kind of meeting was it? Was everything totally under control, or did a hitch occur? Or maybe it happened in the middle of a life-or-death situation!

2. Identity. Either the Servant has flat out told the Master their identity, or they unleashed their Noble Phantasm. Either way, the cat is out of the bag. How will the Master react, now that they know their Servant's name and legend? Will anything change between the two?

3. Battle Aftermath. A battle has just ended. Who participated? Are either of you hurt? Did the Master have to use a Command Spell? Any number of things could have happened here.

4. Discord. Uh-oh. It looks like the Master and the Servant don't get along. Here come the arguments! Don't do something stupid, like waste a Command Spell over a triviality...

5. Love. And then, there's the opposite. Sometimes Masters and Servants fall in love with each other. How will this affect things?

6. Wild Card. Roll again, pick one of the previous options, or make one up!


1. Battle. This is what usually happens when two Servants meet -- they duke it out. This probably says enough as it is.

2. Alliance. There's a bigger threat out there. Either one Servant is exceptionally powerful, or the situation has changed and the participants need to take action aginst it. One way or another, you're teamed up with one of your rivals for the Holy Grail. How long will this last before you try to stab each other in the back? Or, will something more develop?

3. The Grail Dialogues. Maybe you're not interested in fighting just yet. Maybe you just want to sit down and talk with the other Servant. Find out what they want, what makes them tick. Get some wine while you're at it -- nothing like good wine to go with good talk!

4. Death. One or both of you lay dying...again. It might have been by the other's hand, or by someone else's entirely. How will you spend your last moments in this War in the presence of one of your rivals?

5. Identity. Congratulations, you've just learned each other's identities! Will this change the situation, or will you press onward?

6. Wild Card. Roll again, pick one of the previous options, or make one up!
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frickin' robots, y'all.


Do you have a giant mecha? ARE you a giant mecha? Do you have some kind of mechanical, piloted device that could count as a mecha if looked at in the right lighting and you kinda squint? Is it actually a clone of a space-born abomination fused with the soul of a dead relative?

then this is the meme for you.

1. Training! You're learning the ropes or a seasoned pilot keeping your skills sharp: either way, you've chosen to engage in a friendly spar or a shooting competition in a combat simulator... or maybe one that isn't so friendly.

2. CHAR! Your eternal rival has appeared on the battlefield! Or maybe it's just a mecha whose design is so offensively ugly that you have to bring them down... either way, you have eyes for nobody else.

3. Did something go "clunk?" Maybe you should have listened to the mechanic before going out, because now your mecha is dangerously low on energy. Or ammo. Or its arms just fell off. Something is wrong and you'd better think fast.

4. Downtime! Time to take a trip to the bar! Or an arcade! Somewhere that you won't have to wear a skintight pilot suit, anyway.

5. Gundamjack! Suddenly you're on the ground and under attack--but wait, there are some mecha right over there just waiting for a pilot! Let's see how you do in something other than your souped-up custom red prototype.

6. Last stand. You're surrounded, the redshirts are gone, your flagship is starting to fall to bits, and the enemy is just getting started. It's all over--all you get to do now is decide how you'll end it.

7. But I'm not a pilot / combat unit! Too bad, because you're under attack and someone has to do SOMETHING about it. Maybe you've got the latest model weapon or mecha, maybe it's mass-produced garbage, but you'd better learn how to use it quick.

8. It was RIGHT. HERE. Good job losing your mecha / highly expensive new equipment. Better find it before your commander has your head on a platter.

9. COLONY DROP. That space station / meteor / giant flagship is falling into the planet's gravity well, just waiting to crush millions. DO SOMETHING.

10. Turncoat! Suddenly, you can't fight for these people anymore. They're too immoral or not immoral enough or someone has sprung the trap you have so carefully laid... it's time to switch sides.

11. Who needs a mecha? Not you. It's time to defend your home with wit, pluck, and a pair of excellent running shoes.

12. Aftermath. Every battle has casualties. Maybe you're a medic, a nurse, or just someone who got dragged into helping, or perhaps you're the patient. Either way, not everyone comes home, and now that the battle's over, there's a lot of cleaning up to do.

13. Victory screeeeeeeech! The fight is over, and you've defeated the Big Bad (if you yourself aren't the Big Bad). It's time to celebrate!

14. ??? Make up your own!

tweaked & reposted from here
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The end of the world is here. Are you ready or are you going to kick the bucket? Maybe you've been prepared for the apocalypse for ages or you're blissfully unaware. You can play it straight or for comedy (think Shaun of the Dead), but please be aware that there's likely to be triggering content within so consider content warnings!

Pick your scenario within! )

✧٩(•́⌄•́๑)و ✧


Because there must be a kinky version of everything!

♉ You know the drill. Post your characters, any preferences on gender, age, and anything else, and a kink list is highly recommend.

♍ Look for others to anonymously dare to perform a kink and tell them who to perform it with! This can be as general or specific as you please!

♓ Play those puppies out, and make sure to do your own dares!

♒ Keep in mind that no one is obligated to carry out any kink requests or play out any threads! If someone says no or doesn't reply, please respect their wishes!

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Okay. All right. So. Whether you like this person, love them, hate them, tolerate them, don't even know them yet - someone else has disrespected them in a way you can't abide by. Friends, family, lover, enemy, stranger, it doesn't matter. You're rarin' mad and ready to tussle with somebody in their honor. Maybe they can't do it themselves. Maybe they like watching you do it. Maybe they don't care and you're making a scene. What's the deal? Fight in their honor.

• Top level your character. Include any details you might think are relevant. Or don't. As always, we're not the cops.
• Reply to other people's top levels!
• Have fun!
• NOTE: This meme can have some violence triggers, so please be mindful!

Against the Wall

Inspired by the plurk meme: Your character is minding their own business (or maybe not), when another shoves them up against a wall. To kiss them, fuck them, or fight them. What happens next is up to you.

1. Tag with your character's name, fandom, and preferences in the subject
2. Tag out to others, don't be shy
3. Profit

yarrr matey

(Pirate AU Meme)

  • Leave a comment.
  • Others will roll a number at the RNG and reply to your comment.
  • Decide on your roles and play!
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get your murderboner on


    It's practically everywhere, so you should know the drill by now: take a few characters, put them in a brand new setting, whether it be a city, a prison, a school, you name it, and then suddenly get told that there's only one way to escape, and that's by one thing alone: murder.

    Because you know, that's definitely a good idea, right?

    But it's not that simple, of course. Each time a murder happens, there's going to be an investigation, and then a trial. Naturally, more often than not, you have to find the culprit or else. However, there are some games where the culprit can get off scot free... but that's only for you to figure out.

      1. Investigative. This type of murdergame relies on having specific culprits per trial, each one handpicked as a culprit or victim.
      2. Mafia. Specific characters are chosen to be either a group of killers or a single killer from the very beginning. Other roles may also be given to other characters, such as Doctor, Gunsmith, etc.

      1. School. The type of setting that you would see in Dangan Ronpa, your mastermind has kidnapped you and forced you to go to school! You may or may not have some special "titles" to go along with it. Sure, you might be trapped, but at least it's a nice place to stay.
      2. Island. Have you seen Survivor? Basically, you're trapped on an island meant to survive; of course, the essentials may or may not be given to you, depending.
      3. Prison. No wonder you're in a murder game! You've done something really, really bad, haven't you? The rooms in this setting will most likely not be as comfortable, but hey, it's better than having to sleep on the cold hard ground.
      4. City. You're trapped in a rather spacious city where some rather strange happenings are going on. You somehow can't leave, but at least there's a lot of buildings to go and visit and you can actually see the sky! Too bad murder is still a thing.
      5. Wildcard. Hit me with your best shot, I'm sure there's some setting out there that can make for a good murder grounds.

      1. Welcome to Hell, Enjoy Your Stay! You've only just woken up, so you don't exactly know what's the situation. But you don't seem to be alone; there are others who are with you; maybe they might know the answers?
      2. So How About that Murder? You've just been told by your Mysterious Mastermind that "hey, you've got to kill to survive" and that... can't possibly be right, can it? Can it?
      3. MOOOOOOTIVE! It's been quite some time and your mastermind is pretty much sick and tired of all of this fluffy and sweetness to the point that they've put their hands down and decided that they've got to do something about it. But what's it going to be this week?
      4. So Do You Want To Be A Mole? Probably not, but it seems that whoever is overseeing your game thinks that you'd be great to be the game's spy.
      5. Roles, Roles, Roles! Specific to the Mafia set up, sometimes you're given a specific role. Maybe you can pass out weapons or guns to people. Or perhaps you can speak to the dead. Maybe you can block someone from killing for the evening. Whatever it is, you're special. Just make sure not to get killed. (For ideas on roles, feel free to utilize this list here!)
      6. So you're Mafia now, eh? You are one of the elite. The ones chosen to vote for who dies each week. Whether it's by choice or by chance, you've got a dirty job to do and you have to do it... or else. But hey, at least you're not alone! You've got some buddies to help you do the work with you.
      7. What's that? Somehow, somewhere, you've managed to find some sort of machine that takes a special kind of coin and pops out some sort of item? Who knows.
      8. Free Time Events Throughout the week, you're free to do as you please, so what are you going to do, even with the threat of murder hanging over your heads? Might as well get to know your fellow captives, right?
      9. Kill or Be Killed Whether you're mafia or just a solo killer, it's time to start your murder on! There's plenty of ways to do it. So how's it gonna be done this time?
      10. IT'S INVESTIGATION TIME! Ding dong bing bong, a body has been discovered! Whether or not you'll actually find any clues, however, to who did it might be a bit of a toughie.
      11. Let's figure this out The trial starts and everyone's eyes are on everyone else. Whether you're given a list of suspects or not, there's a killer to catch! But will you catch the right one? Or scapegoat someone else entirely innocent?
      12. I remember...! In some murder games, memories are key. Every Sunday, you remember something from your past that you've somehow forgotten. But why was it lost in the first place? And why are you remembering it now, all of a sudden? It is a mystery, truly.
      13. And the mastermind is-? Is it truly someone outside of the group? Or perhaps it was one of your friends after all? It's time to finally finish this, solve all the mysteries, defeat the evil twisted things, maybe get the Golden End and go home.
      14. WILDCARD Anything else that I'm missing? JUST JAM AND PLAY IT OUT!

anyone see daybreakers?


Vampires are appealing creatures. They can be dark, mysterious, sexy, or just downright violent. They can even be hunky and sparkly in the sun! Vampires come in so many different varieties, it's hard to choose just one type. Whatever your brand of vampire, it's just hard to resist the draw of one of the oldest, most unsettling figures in horror to date.

So why not try your hand at playing one yourself? Or offer your character up for bait if you're more inclined to do so.

- Post your characters.Name/Series/Preferences in the subject field as usual along with whether your character is a vampire, outsider, or hunter(Unless you'd like to roll for individual threads!).
- Others respond after going to RNG.Roll 1-3 for what your character is and then1-3 again for what type (if you desire).
- Choose or roll for a scenario. You could make up your own after you roll for what your character's role will be if you want!
- Have fun!

1 - Sire
You're old enough to have created vampires of your own. Maybe one, maybe many, but they're all special to you in their own way.
2 - Sired
You were once normal, human, but then you were changed into something more. Do you thank your creator or hate them for changing you into a monster?
3 - n/a
Your creator is neither here nor there at the moment. You're just a vampire on the hunt or trying to fit in.

1 - Victim
You're a victim, someone to drain and leave behind. Maybe they'll take pity on you and allow you to join, be one of them.
2 - Willing
You've got the hots for vampires or just a morbid fascination. You're willing to let them drink from you and maybe so much more.
3 - Pawn
You're being controlled somehow by a vampire. Mind control, blackmail, whatever.

1 - Born
You come from a long line of vampire hunters.
2 - Moral Objection
Vampires are abominations that deserve to be wiped off the face of the planet.
3 - Vengeance
A vampire took someone dear from you or possibly made you into one of them. All you can think about is getting vengeance.

1 - hunted prey.
You're starving tonight and you're out scoping for just the right nighttime snack.
2 - newly made.
You're a newly made vampire or you've encountered someone who's recently been changed. How do you deal?
3 - mind control.
Some vampires have the ability to control humans' thoughts or actions and tonight is the night you have to do it.
4 - overpopulated.
Vampires have taken over the world and now humans are treated like livestock or pets that you can feed off of when you feel like it. Not all vampires think this is cool though...
5 - injured.
Not a lot can injure a vampire but there are those that will drain them for their blood or those that hunt them and know tricks that actually leave a mark. Do you help them? Or if you're the one injured, do you seek help?
6 - unaccepted.
You were changed or you've met someone who was once dear to you and changed... you're not sure how to accept them.
7 - close call.
It's too close to sunrise and you have got to find refuge with someone.
8 - player's choice.
For anything that's been missed!

1 - trail of bodies.
Humans are nothing but food and you've gone on a spree lately.
2 - hunted.
You're being hunted or you're hunting.
3 - outnumbered.
A bar or a club full of vampires doesn't bode well for humans...
4 - ravenous.
You've been starved or drained and you're going after the first person you see or you've stumbled across an extremely hungry vampire.
5 - entitled.
You're entitled to this person's blood, whether they want to give it or not.
6 - self-defense.
You have to defend yourself from those that want to hurt you.
7 - vengeance.
Someone is after vengeance...
8 - player's choice.
For anything that's been missed!

1 - real love.
You know this is real, even if the other person is reluctant. Maybe it's not even a worry between you two and you just feel like being together.
2 - confession.
It might not be the smartest idea, but you need to tell this vampire or human exactly how you feel for them.
3 - forever.
It's time to make your lover into some a vampire or maybe it's time to ask your vampire lover to do it for you.
4 - making it work.
There are obviously some problems, but you're going to overcome them.
5 - forbidden.
Either no one can know about what you're doing or you just receive dirty looks for doing it.
6 - not exactly normal.
Your attraction might not be normal or the circumstances surrounding your relationship might not be and it's time to discuss if you have a future or you're just kidding yourselves.
7 - defense.
Someone hurt your lover and now they have to pay.
8 - player's choice.
For anything that's been missed!

1 - blood offering.
There's nothing like a vampire feeding on you that gets you in the mood more. You offer them your blood in exchange for something else.
2 - coerced.
Some vampires have mind control capabilities and some have blood that's like a drug that will make you crave more.
3 - no sex better than vampire sex.
You're both vampires or one of you is dead set on becoming on tonight and you'll do anything to convince your lover it's time.
4 - pet.
Similar to another option except that a 'pet 'entails so much more than being treated like livestock or cattle.
5 - touched the monster's heart.
You're actually in love with each other even though you weren't sure it was possible. You just want to make love and show your vampire how you feel.
6 - so much stronger.
The human or weaker vampire might not want it, but thankfully you're strong enough to take whatever you want from them.
7 - mine.
It's time to claim what is rightfully yours and make sure they know it.
8 - player's choice.
For anything that's been missed!

(no subject)

The Mindfuck Meme

This is not a very nice meme! Many if not all options are potentially triggering. Please use your best judgment before participating.

1. Comment with your character, putting their name, canon, and any prefs in the subject line (e.g. women only, not #4, AU, aged up, etc.). **Please note that this meme is open to both sexual and platonic content. You may wish to list non-sexual rp as one of your prefs.**
2. When other characters tag in, they'll use this handy RNG (1-15) to pick an option from the list below.
3. Have fun, fuck minds, ???, profit.
prompts under the cut )
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random scenario meme 3.0

- Post your character, name, and series in the subject. Include any preferences as well.
- Go to RNG and enter 1-7 for a scene type, and 1-20 for a scene to play out.
- Have fun!

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the body horror meme

Body Horror Meme

WARNING -- POSSIBLE TRIGGERS (violence, pain, parasites, zombies, etc)
Something's gone wrong. Maybe it was a little parasite, wiggling under your skin. Maybe something bit you that one night in the woods. Maybe someone decided they didn't like you and placed a curse on you, or maybe the local psychotic AI decided she liked you and filled you full of nanites. In any case, you're changing, body and soul. There's no way to stop it. No way to reverse it. And above all, it's the most painful thing you've ever experienced...

- Tag the meme, leaving your character name, fandom, and any preferences in the subject line
- Other character tags you
- You tag back, and use the random number generator to select from the following options. Or don't, and do whatever strikes your fancy. If you roll something your character already is, either roll again, go for human, or pick something that otherwise suits your fancy.
- Other character reacts, or is free to also roll on the table
- Play out the results.
- Have fun, but respect the preferences of others.

Read more... )
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the most dangerous game

The Most Dangerous Game

"I wanted the ideal animal to hunt," explained the general. "So I said, 'What are the attributes of an ideal quarry?' And the answer was, of course, 'It must have courage, cunning, and, above all, it must be able to reason.'"
"But no animal can reason," objected Rainsford.
"My dear fellow," said the general, "there is one that can."
"But you can't mean--" gasped Rainsford.
"And why not?"

For some devoted hunters, the usual game begins to pall. They seek something a little more difficult. More dangerous. One that can fight back in ways that no tiger or bear or rhinoceros ever could. And so they seek out the most dangerous game available.


And here we begin. Are you one of the hunters, seeking thrills and excitement in the pursuit of game that can potentially outwit you? Did someone coerce or force you to the island to play the game? Are you one of the hunted, somehow brought here as likely prey? Or did you somehow accidentally stumble onto the island without realizing it? No matter what option, though, you're in the midst of a fight for your life.

WARNING: possible triggers for violence &c )
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a test of trust between friends

You finally did it, whether it was an accident, intentional, or in a fit of rage, you just killed somebody and now you need help. You need the kind of help only a true friend can give.

I took care of that thing for you.

Hide the Body

A meme about murder and the friends who help you hide it.

More Info and Prompts Inside )
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Streetlights and shadows

the film noir meme

-Pick out your character and fandom, as well as preferences.
-Go here and generate a random number between 1-10 for the setting
-Post all that.
-If you want, you or the person tagging you can roll a number between 1-8 for relationship as well!
- You know what to do next, honey.

Possible settings:
Read more... )

Posted with minor modifications, original meme by [personal profile] easycompany
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The Nightmare Fuel Meme

WARNING: This is not a nice meme, and will likely contain triggers for violence, pain, death, sexual situations, and all kinds of other unpleasant things. Click through at your own risk.

Nightmare Fuel: This is the stuff so horrifying that it can give people the creeps for years. This scares the pants off of just about anyone to the author/creator's delight. This makes you shrink in the back of your chair, look over your shoulder, and remind yourself that what's going on is (usually) only fictional....

♦ Leave a comment with your character's name and fandom, and state any preferences. If you'd like to roll for/pick an option here, go for it. If you'd like, you can fill out this handy form to make things easier for others:

♦ Tag another character. Pick one of the options, either by using the RNG or just selecting one that interests you.
♦ Play out the results and respect others' preferences.
♦ Have fun and/or be traumatized!

Click through for options. )

(original meme by [personal profile] enthymeme)
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It's a seductive sort of trade. Trick people for a living. Put on your best charming face and rob them blind. Use your skills to steal art, money, never have to worry about your livelihood. Evade being caught, live the thrill of knowing you're in a precarious place, a hair's breadth from ruin. You can handle it. Are you an unrepentant crook or are you a reformed thief? Essentially: are you a threat or benevolent benefactor? You steal from the rich but do you keep it for yourself or give to the poor? Not all grifters can be emotionless monsters, after all.

• Top level your character. Include any details you might think are relevant. Or don't. As always, we're not the cops. Which is good, 'cause y'all are damn criminals.
• Reply to other people's top levels!
• Have fun!