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Never to touch and never to keep

the non-sexual touch turned romantic or erotic meme

It's said that a picture is worth a thousand words. A touch, one between people who have more than just something together whether they know it or not, can be worth a million. This meme is to celebrate those intimate touches...with a twist. Almost no touch here is sexual, at least overtly, yet with the right chemistry, things can heat up romantically or erotically. This might not even be caused by the sensation caused by the touch itself - or perhaps it is - but rather the sentiment behind the gesture.

Not a smut player? That's fine. There is a tuned-up emotional aspect to all this as well, as has been mentioned. Be sure to include that you'd prefer things to stay a little less steamy the more hands-on things become.

With all that said, let's put that thousand words to rest. Instead, reach out and touch someone.

  • Comment with your character and preferences. Remember to say if you don't want smut.
  • Reply to others.
  • Use RNG. Don't use RNG. It's you're choice.

  1. Chest
  2. Inner arm
  3. Upper arm
  4. Small of the back
  5. Forehead
  6. Face
  7. Ears
  8. Lips
  9. Neck
  10. Nape of the neck
  11. Stomach
  12. Hips
  13. Soft kisses on parts of the body
  14. Upper leg
  15. Lower leg
  16. Ankles
  17. Feet
  18. Touching old scars
  19. Hand kiss
  20. Wiping away tears
  21. Cleaning - whether bathing or with wash rags or towels
  22. Tending to injuries
  23. Massage
  24. Hand holding
  25. Encouragement or cheer up touch
  26. Desire to be close
  27. Embrace
  28. Bodies barely touching
  29. Pressed close in bed or on the couch while cuddling
  30. Flirtatious or trying to be sexual
  31. Keeping them from going away
  32. Before separation
  33. After a long while
  34. Comfort while sick or upset
  35. Teasing or edging close to naughty territory
  36. Accidental touch
  37. Playing them like a harp because you know they want to be touched
  38. Indirect intimacy. No touching the obvious spots!
  39. You can't hold out, you've got to indulge and touch everywhere
  40. Hand kink; you can't get enough of the way their hands feel

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Jason Scott | Power Rangers (2017)

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[ooc: Up for cross-canon?]
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[Zack collapses onto a rock next to Jason, grinning and breathless but clearly feeling accomplished. So he might be really into this whole training despite Rita being in orbit thing. Besides it gives him something to do other than worry about his mom.

Of course, worrying is a habit that dies hard so when he notices how Jason's sitting he can't help reaching out to put a hand tentatively no his knee, fingers spreading around the joint to feel for any heat.]

So it's just... all good now?

[Because maybe Jason's sitting a little sideways, or leaning away from it a little. Maybe it's habit from when it was injured or maybe the rock he's perched on in the pit is just shaped that way.

Still Zack worries. Until he throws himself head first into something dumb.]
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[ Jason wiped the sweat from his forehead, he would never forgive Zordon for these long sessions, his entire body ached.

Zack's hand snaps him out of his thoughts, one glance and Jason could tell that he was getting restless.

Trying to be as reassuring as possible, he nodded and smiled despite his exhaustion.]

Yeah man, it is. Don't worry about it, not now at least.

[ Zack seemed more than a little stressed and Jason couldn't​ help but to go into his protective mood.]

Hey, you okay?

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[There's something a little softer and more sincere in his smile when Jason reassures him that he's fine. Zack's hand shifts up so he can squeeze just above Jason's knee in something that is supposed to be reassuring in response.

The inquiry into his own well-being only gets another, fiercer grin.]

We're fuckin' superheroes, dude. I'm golden. [And, as if to drive the point home, he slaps Jason's thigh before pushing to his feet again, rocking slightly even though his body is starting to drag. Physical exhaustion has been plaguing the whole team but there's something to be said for actually getting restful sleep once in awhile because of it.]

C'mon. [And he reaches down to offer a hand up, clearly intending to go another round or three if Jason's up for it.]
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[ Jason tried not to jump from his seat when Zack slapped his thigh. He bit his lip down and took the hand in front of him for leverage.]

Good, just make sure you keep thinking that when the next monster comes.

[ Jason let out a small laugh. He should have known Zack would have a last minute reserve of stamina for another spar. Jason thought of himself as a decent athlete, but sometimes nothing beats pure, channeled energy.

He followed Zack to their very improvised ring and took a deep sigh, trying to shake the pain caused by the healing factor working through his scars and bruises.]

Ready when you are, man.

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['when the next monster comes' and for a moment Zack's over-enthusiasm falters. A flicker of something close to fear in his eyes that he stomps down with everything he has. It makes his grip on Jason's hand a little tighter than it needs to be and it makes him forcibly ignore all the signs that Jason is Done.]

Always, man [Still grinning, still reckless, still determined to wear himself down to the bone and not really paying close enough attention to realize he might be pushing Jason that hard too.

If he fights a little harder then maybe, just once, his brain will shut the fuck up and stop torturing him. At least until he feels guilty as hell for probably throwing himself a little too full force into sparring. The idea is to practice moves and gain muscle memory, not actually hurt each other. And he doesn't want to, he just... gets carried away sometimes.

Which may end up with him doing his best to pull off that cool leg sweep move he's seen Trini do a dozen times, trying to knock Jason off his feet.]
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Let's do it, try to go easy on me okay?. [ Jason smirks before he charges, he feels thoroughly wrecked, but he starts with his hands, aiming his fists at Zack's chest. They're predictable and easy to avoid, but his mind is basically on auto-pilot by now.

Zack seemed to be a little out of it, though. Which made Jason's concern escalate with each swing he throws in Zack's direction. Shit, was something going on?

He finishes his attack with a roundhouse kick he's been practicing on everyone, he expected Zack to block it, hell, even grab his ankle and sending Jason off to the other end of the cave would be acceptable. They were both running on fumes and he wasn't about to let Zack get hurt. He'd never hear the end of it with Zordon, but he honestly could not give a fuck right about now.]

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[Predictable is a problem, one that Zack might care about strategically tomorrow after he'd slept. For now it meant he was able to counter most of those punches which left him laughing, bright and loud and self satisfied despite his fatigue.

He's expecting the roundhouse, waiting for it even. If the punches are coming in a predictable pattern then he knows damn well Jason's going to try and finish with it again. The second Jason's weight shifts out, moving forward so he can follow through with the kick Zack's swinging his leg forward too, aiming to hook his ankle behind Jason's heel before he has time to balance fully. If it works it'll take his supporting leg out from under him mid kick.

Which is a great theory and Trini, the only one of them with any real martial arts training, would probably be impressed with the logic at least. Except Zack's tired and sloppy and just not fast enough. He's so focused on the counter that his guard is down and the slight shift of his position to try to steal Jason's balance is the only thing that saves him from being knocked out cold.

Even so his head snaps hard to the side with the impact of Jason's foot along his jaw and the next thing Zack knows he's falling, his own balance now compromised by the very defense he was attempting to employ.

It takes a long moment for him to finally spit blood onto the dirt floor of the pit and grumble, half winded from the fall]

Fuck. I deserved that.
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[ The impact is the first sign that something went wrong. Zack had tried something different this time, he was trying to throw Jason's balance off from the start. It was clever, but from the looks of it it was a long way from being effective.

He looks down to find Zack on the floor, that was a bad hit, Jason didn't restrain himself at all. Too confident in the predictability of his moves and how Zack kept dodging his hands with no problem.

He rushed to Zack, he would take a while to heal completely. His mouth was bleeding. Shit, Jason was really hoping he didn't fuck up Zack's teeth or jaw, even with healing factor it was safe to assume it was going to be a painful experience. He kneels down next to Zack and offers him a hand to get up. ]

Fuck, dude. I'm sorry, I thought for sure you were going to get that last kick. I didn't measure my strength. Are you okay?

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[Zack groaned softly and glared up at the other teen for a moment. Yeah he was going to turn colors to match his armor but all of his teeth were still intact so he'd be fine. Eventually. If only he hadn't cut the inside of his cheek open on his own teeth.

There was something reassuring about the way Jason rushed to ensure he was okay, though. Something that reminded him he didn't have to take things up just one more notch all the time. Something that made him smile and reach for the offered hand.]

It'd be so easy to pull you down too y'know. [Not a challenge exactly, more of a reminder to Jason that Zack wasn't a push over or something. He thought about it, about taking their leaders hand and then turning around and dragging him down in the dirt with him. Then again neither one of them might make it out of the pit tonight if he did. Not with how tired and sore he was.

So he just lets Jason pull him up, finding his footing again and squeezing the other's hand when the world tilts dangerously at the shift of gravity.]
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[ At first, Jason thought Zack would be pissed off. It wouldn't be the first time. Now that he could take a good look at Zack's face he could tell that it was going to bruise badly, but he was really betting on it not bruising at all. Jason felt like absolute shit.

But then Zack smiled at him and even though he felt guilty for being careless during sparring partner, it was really hard not to smile back. It was one of Zack's many talents, he could pull that off even if he had just gotten whacked in the jaw. ]
Yeah, I know. Feel free to kick my face next time.

[ Jason fought every muscle in his body that agreed with Zack and pulled him up until they were both standing. Before he could let go he felt the pressure in his hand and Zack started swaying to the other side.]

Wait-- shit. Hold on, Zack. [ He instinctively reaches around Zack to hold him by the waist, making him lean heavily on Jason so he doesn't fall face first into the dirt... again. Shit, he really shouldn't have been this careless. ]
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[He was going to make some smart ass comment about kicking his tooth out, already grinning and starting to laugh at his own wit and how mad Kimberley would be. Really he was. As soon as the world stopped trying to throw him off.

He squeezed his eyes shut as Jason reached around him to steady him and it says something about how out of it he is that he doesn't immediately say something stupid and suggestive. He leans into the blond, his own arm coming up around Jason's side to grip his shoulder. He stays like that for a long moment, wavering a little on his feet, holding onto Jason and letting Jason hold onto him.]

Okay... [He blinked his eyes open finally, realizing abruptly how close they were and that he practically had his face pressed into their leader's neck. A blush starts to creep over his cheeks but he firmly ignores it as he determinedly starts to take some of his own weight back.] I think- Yeah I think I'm good?

[He almost nods and then stops himself, concentrating instead on just standing straight and not wobbling anymore. Right? He thinks he's not wobbling but it's kinda hard to tell.]
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[ Jason was trying his best to ignore the shiver that ran down his spine when he felt Zack breathing on his neck, so far he was not being successful. He shook his head and cleared his throat, what mattered right now was to keep Zack from hurting himself. He wished that was the first time that thought crossed his mind.]

Are you though? [ Jason said with a dubious look on his face, Zack was still moving from side to side, slightly less than a moment ago but maybe he was concussed or something and if so Jason really needed him to stay put.

He still had a firm hold on Zack's waist, trying his best to keep him steady. Trying his best not to think about the warmth spreading across his face, this wasn't the time to feel flustered. ]

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Looks like you've got Zacks for days 👀

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[Zack took it to heart when Jason told him he could come spend the night any time he didn't feel alright at home. He didn't want to take advantage of Jason's hospitality, but being around Jason made him feel... unstoppable. It sounded lame to even think it, so he definitely didn't plan on saying as much, but he knew Jason would understand. They were all stronger together; everything felt a little less overwhelming around his friends.

Zack sat on Jason's bed, lowkey watching him finishing homework at his desk under the guise of scrolling through his newsfeed on his phone. Jason was way too good of a kid; Zack only went to school in the first place because his friends were there and he didn't want DCF putting any more pressure on his mom. Jason worked hard, harder still considering how much time he spent training and helping his father. They all worked hard, he supposed--but Jason had the additional pressure of being a leader on his shoulders. He wondered how much it weighed on him.

He always seemed bone tired at night.

He pushed himself off the bed and crossed the short distance between the bed and the desk, placing his fingers over Jason's writing hand.]

Dude, chill with that. You gotta give your brain some downtime before sleep.
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[ Zack's touch brought Jason back from the hell that was trig, he had spent what felt like hours on the same problem. At least it was the last one of his assignments.

He dropped his pen and rubbed his eye, pulling his chair from the desk so he could stretch his legs all the way under the table.]

Yeah, I don't think I'll finish this shit even if my diploma depended on it.

[ He turns to Zack with a smile, he was glad he had shown up tonight. It made Jason feel like Zack trusted him and felt comfortable enough in his house to spend the night.

Jason also clearly just enjoyed his company, a lot.

He dropped his pen and let Zack rest his palm on top of his. Soon after he starts to feel the usual burn in his cheeks and ears that he's slowly getting used to feel when he's alone with Zack.]

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[One day, maybe, Zack would finally unlock the secret to not feeling like a fucking idiot around Jason 95% of the time. It was stupid, really, because Jason looked just as awkward as he felt whenever they touched outside of a spar--sometimes even during a spar--so Zack had no reason to think Jason found him stupid.

And yet.

No guts, no glory, though. He always had to remind himself. He closed his fingers around Jason's hand and tugged him, gently, out of his chair.]

Come on, dude. I have an idea. But you can't laugh 'cause it's kinda gay.
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[ Oh. Jason thought, feeling himself flush. He felt his stomach turn upside down when he allowed Zack to lift him up.

It's too soon to get so embarrassed you stupid ass, was it though?

His smile grew as he nodded and drifted his gaze to the side for a moment before looking at Zack in the eye. ]

Not laughing. What is it?
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[Zack pulled Jason around the bed and over to the window. He tossed a grin over his shoulder before letting go of Jason's hand and pushing the window open.]

Alright, hold on a sec.

[He hefted his head and shoulders out of the window and reached up to the ledge of the roof, pulling himself up onto it. He lay on his stomach and leaned down over Jason's window, offering him a hand.]

Okay, come up, dude.

[After all, it was kind of a pretty night and Jason lived close enough to the ocean that the night time air smelled like sea salt. There wasn't any better way to relax your brain than sitting out in the fresh air. And... like he said, it was kind of gay, but stars always looked prettiest closer to water.

And when seen with friends.]
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[ Jason didn't have a specific expectation of "something gay", but this certainly was too far off what he had in mind.

He takes Zack's hand right away, no questions asked. He pulled himself up to the roof and the warm breeze of the coast greeted him instantly, it was a humid night but no clouds showed up above them. Jason could see the waves rolling and crashing on the sand, he could hear them too.

It felt like it had been too long since he focused on that sound alone. There was always something else demanding his attention.

Jason was never up here unless his father asked him to clean the rain gutters in the fall, and even then he'd usually have to do it before noon. So this view was also new to him.

He didn't notice how all this time he hadn't let go of Zack's hand, when he did he felt too self conscious to continue and maybe Zack needed it for leverage, so he slowly let go. ]

I can't even remember the last time I did something like this.
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[Zack looked down at Jason's hand leaving his and wondered if it would be lame to ask him if he wanted to keep holding hands instead. Probably, that sounded stupid even just in his own head. Holding hands was kind of a lame thing, he guessed... and if Jason had wanted to keep holding hands, he would have.

Zack pressed his palms against the shingles of the roof instead and leaned back against his arms, looking up at the stars and back out at the ocean. It was beautiful up here, dark and quiet. Even the trees lining the street below them looked pretty in a kind of creepy shadows-in-the-dark way.

He looked at Jason, leaning over and bumping his shoulder with his own. He smiled at him, stomach turning nervously even though he knew he was being stupid, and nodded out at the view.]

Way better than trig, huh? Everything's prettier from up high.
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[ Jason welcomed the weight of Zack's shoulder, not pushing back. His eyes came down from the stars and the moon to find Zack staring right at him. Jason found himself caught in Zack's dark eyes and his really nice smile.

Pretty. ]

Yeah, yeah it is. [ He said, without tearing his eyes from Zack. And after what felt like a long silence he cleared his throat and looked at the coast again, he could see the lines of sailboats lined up in the docks, he decided to focus on that instead. The wind picked up and he could smell the ocean, it was nice to slow down and take it all in. He owed Zack that realization along with many other things he had showed him these past few months.

How or when Zack had time to do any of this, Jason didn't know. But he appreciated it nonetheless.]

I guess it is kinda gay, though. [ He says jokingly, leaning heavily into Zack's shoulder with his but not enough to push him away. ]

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ok im DOOING it

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[Zack was tempted, for a moment, to shoot back at Jason and make fun of him being the gayer one. He'd done the romcom move and looked right into Zack's face while agreeing everything was pretty from up here--that was gay.

But it was also kind of just...sweet. It made Zack's heart beat up in his throat and his ears feel hot. He was sure no one had even indirectly called him pretty before. He didn't know pretty was something he was okay being--but if Jason felt that way, that was all he wanted to be.

He laughed a little, nervous but intent on playing it off, and leaned back into him, tilting his head toward him. He thought about kissing him--now seemed like the right time--but wait;]

Hold up, dude, hold still.

[He reached up, bringing his fingers under Jason's chin and tapping his thumb lightly over his top lip.]

Lemme see your teeth right quick, I think you got something in em.
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WOOOOOOOOOW he freakin done did it

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Oh shit-- [ Jason wasn't sure what was more embarrassing, the fact that he had almost called Zack pretty with crap in his teeth or that Zack wanted to see it. He swipes his tongue over his teeth but doesn't feel anything coming off.

Jason didn't even remember what he had for dinner, did he even have dinner? He remembered having leftovers from yesterday's chinese at some point during the day- he really hoped that wasn't it. He opens his mouth anyway because, what the fuck else was he supposed to do at this point?

So he just sat there with his mouth open, feeling a little stupid as he showed Zack his teeth.]

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*tiger voice* I'm a monster

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[Zack laughed, not out of malice, at the look on Jason's face. This wasn't really a normal thing to do, was it?]

Sorry. My mom always just grabs my face when I got shit in my teeth, I forget that's not a thing.

[He wiped the offending whatever-that-was from between Jason's teeth and wiped his thumb on the shingles. He smiled apologetically and leaned in close to Jason's face. His face felt hot enough he knew he probably looked stupid levels of red, but he owed Jason for embarrassing him.

He kissed him lightly on the mouth.]

Didn't put me off, I swear.

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