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Never to touch and never to keep

the non-sexual touch turned romantic or erotic meme

It's said that a picture is worth a thousand words. A touch, one between people who have more than just something together whether they know it or not, can be worth a million. This meme is to celebrate those intimate touches...with a twist. Almost no touch here is sexual, at least overtly, yet with the right chemistry, things can heat up romantically or erotically. This might not even be caused by the sensation caused by the touch itself - or perhaps it is - but rather the sentiment behind the gesture.

Not a smut player? That's fine. There is a tuned-up emotional aspect to all this as well, as has been mentioned. Be sure to include that you'd prefer things to stay a little less steamy the more hands-on things become.

With all that said, let's put that thousand words to rest. Instead, reach out and touch someone.

  • Comment with your character and preferences. Remember to say if you don't want smut.
  • Reply to others.
  • Use RNG. Don't use RNG. It's you're choice.

  1. Chest
  2. Inner arm
  3. Upper arm
  4. Small of the back
  5. Forehead
  6. Face
  7. Ears
  8. Lips
  9. Neck
  10. Nape of the neck
  11. Stomach
  12. Hips
  13. Soft kisses on parts of the body
  14. Upper leg
  15. Lower leg
  16. Ankles
  17. Feet
  18. Touching old scars
  19. Hand kiss
  20. Wiping away tears
  21. Cleaning - whether bathing or with wash rags or towels
  22. Tending to injuries
  23. Massage
  24. Hand holding
  25. Encouragement or cheer up touch
  26. Desire to be close
  27. Embrace
  28. Bodies barely touching
  29. Pressed close in bed or on the couch while cuddling
  30. Flirtatious or trying to be sexual
  31. Keeping them from going away
  32. Before separation
  33. After a long while
  34. Comfort while sick or upset
  35. Teasing or edging close to naughty territory
  36. Accidental touch
  37. Playing them like a harp because you know they want to be touched
  38. Indirect intimacy. No touching the obvious spots!
  39. You can't hold out, you've got to indulge and touch everywhere
  40. Hand kink; you can't get enough of the way their hands feel

slapsintospace: (detention tension)

[personal profile] slapsintospace 2017-04-22 04:01 am (UTC)(link)
Okay-- that's fine just, try not to loose consciousness. Stay with me, alright? [ Jason didn't think that was a good option, but if Zack wasn't feeling well enough to move there was nothing that he could do for now. And now Zack was using him for leverage, tapping his fingers on Jason's ribs and by now he's sure his face was completely red.

What was he supposed to say, really? He wouldn't mock Zack for needing his help, he was the one who almost broke his face to begin with.

Jason had to back a few steps though, holding Zack's entire weight in his state was not a good idea. He found a flat surface to lean against so he moved toward it he tried not to move Zack too much in case he was feeling lightheaded.. ]

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mastodonut: (srs bzns)

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I ain't goin anywhere. [If he was gonna pass the fuck out it'd have happened by now. But the whole clingy thing was probably pretty disconcerting. Right. Man up, Taylor.

Except Jason was moving him back towards one of the rocks they usually perched on between rounds and Zack couldn't bring himself to care, feeling the tension work through Jason's shoulder, his side, muscles shifting as he steadied Zack and moved them both at the same time. It was a little distracting and whether that was because of his personality or the head injury was up for debate.

Jason could be really fucking distracting sometimes. It was a problem.

Once they were leaning against solid stone and no longer wobbling in the middle of their makeshift arena Zack shifted his weight so he as standing beside Jason, not practically on top of him. He stayed close enough that they were still touching, though. Milking it? Yeah, probably.]

I'm not gonna pass out, dude. Promise. Ain't that bad just need a minute or three. If nothing else the whole super healing shit will fix it pretty quick.