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The Knave of Hearts - Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

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I can't tell if I'm still on the hangover from last night, or if I'm experiencing the one from tomorrow, because it was so powerful that it actually traveled back through time...
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I'm so sorry, I had to

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how much did i /drink/ last night? and what?
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Only last night? At least a bottle and a half. I don't know how many shots you tossed back.

Tonight's worse.
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you make him cry, river XD

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way more than i should have. i'm not even sure where i am rn
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more than anastasia did? oops I mean-

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Do you at least know WHO you are?
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HAHAHAHAHAHA (I am mean for laughing but I can't help it)

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yes unfortunately
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don't worry, I'm just as mean for making the joke. and for considering making a journal for her

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Good then you're not completely beyond hope.

See anything familiar around you?
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you have met me right? of course i'm beyond hope. incorrigible even.

and i see my pants. and one shoe. does that count?
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oh dear i sense enabling

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You are a gloomy one, you know that? No wonder people get giving you drinks. Probably wanted you to shut up.

...It's a start. Are they on you?
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I never enable, not me, nope >_>

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and here i thought it was me pretty face

they are now
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I'm not going to touch that one. I'm trying to be nice.

Bless. Are you inside or outside?
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inside. i woke up in a recliner. i should get up and look around but pain.
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in your head or your stomach? You took a punch or two last night
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I'm guess yes to both then. If your ribs aren't broken, And they can't be broken, I didn't hit you THAT hard suck it up and look around.
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when i see you you are going to have to explain just what i did last night
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You might need another drink before you'll believe me, but sure. I'll give it a whirl.
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you might be surprised at what i'll believe
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Ooh, is that a challenge?
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You're on, then. Shall we place bets?
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of course! what do you want to bet?
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Depends what you've got.
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I am so so sorry

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well me heart's right out

*snerk* I'm not

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Re: *snerk* I'm not

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