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Cuddling is one of the best things in the world. Whether it be platonic cuddling between friends, or cuddling with your sweetheart, it's pretty damn fun.

But what about cuddling with a bunch of people? Watch a movie with friends and flop across them. Set up a tent in the back yard and curl up with your friends.

Whatever the situation, it's not just you and one other. It's you and several others and cuddling and it's awesome.

Here's how it works:

1: Comment with your character and a scenario. Blank comments won't be deleted, but creativity is encouraged and appreciated.

2: THREADJACK! Join in on other cuddle threads. Go crazy. Be all over the place.

3: Have fun with it.
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Tifa Lockheart/FFVII

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[no smut. puppy piles welcome!]

[Outside, the wind blows hard, prying at the tightly locked shutters, blowing snow high up against the walls and knocking out the electricity. The inn's well insulated, enough to keep in most of the heat until morning but for the moment the guests are on their own. Tifa's already raided the closet and come back with a large pile of blankets, she's set up something between a nest and a fort in the room with. If you manage to get some of the last of the hot cocoa from the room below your admittance is guaranteed... but she'll accept icy feet if necessary.]
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i saw a bunny and somehow i just knew you would be here

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[ Well, it could be worse. They could all be stuck outside in a tent, weathering the blizzard.

Not that the cheap little inn they have ended up in is all that much better; the walls have holes and the floors have gaps and he's pretty sure there's air flowing in through the eaves every time the wind blows (which is always, now, with the storm at its height). But being stuck indoors and camping is still slightly better than being out there and freezing.

And, besides, it gives him something to focus on while they're trapped here and waiting for the bad weather to break. Going up and down the hall collecting anything they can use to shore up Tifa's blanket fort has yielded a minor windfall of temporary insulation - a couple of armfuls of big, white chocobo feather pillows that he ducks awkwardly back under the flower-print tent flap carrying. ]

There were a couple of empty rooms. [ So he just grabbed everything, natch. ]
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oh, you think you know me so well - 'cause you do

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[Her eyes light up when she sees the extra pillows and she reaches out her hands to help him with them as he works his way back into the fort. It's not the most stable blanket fort she's ever made so they have to be careful with the entering and exiting, and it's a little small without a lot of room for maneuvering, because for every overlapped blanket there's the chance of drafts, but once inside, it's pretty comfortable if she does say so herself and she's pretty proud of it. It's been years since she made one last... though not as many years as she'll claim if asked.]


[She's sporting a single blanket over herself, feet carefully tucked under the roll that borders the fort to keep the cold from coming in at floor level and she scoots over to make just enough room for Cloud, already holding open one of his blanket discoveries for him.]

I think it's already starting to warm up a bit in here. [she offers it optimistically. Something about blanket forts makes it easy for her to feel optimistic.]
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that or you jedi mind tricked me re: subliminal bunnies. IT'S THE LONG GAME i'm on to you

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[ Probably it's the busywork. Or the small, controllable space that huddling up inside creates. Either way, he's not questioning the reassuring nature of the blanket fort.

It'd be hard to do that without actually admitting it exists, in the first place, anyhow.

He nods, solemnly, as he trades her the pillows for the blanket, throwing the latter halfheartedly around his shoulders. While he settles back in, Cloud inspects the inner perimeter of the cozy fort, looking for any forgotten gaps (or new ones he's made by adding his clumsy bulk to the mass inside). ]

Feels better than it does out there, already.
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I won't lie. I always send out subliminal bunny signals. It's not my fault if you're susceptible

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[It's just a fort... but she will admit, at least to herself, Cloud's approval, what she's going to take for approval so there, gives her a bit of a happy glow. She used to be quite the master of building them as a kid and it's nice to know she hasn't lost her touch. There was a stern order about leaving pokey bits outside so she doesn't have to work around his shoulder plate as she reaches out to resettle the blanket around him, happy to take care of the close space without shame. Something about building the fort makes her feel like a kid again, lets her feel a happiness she usually doesn't let herself indulge and she pulls a blanket over both of them next, adding another layer to their blanket cocoon. It's not as if they've got anywhere else to go tonight at least. It's also her excuse when she nudges against his arm pointedly, leaning into his side. Being in charge of the fort has apparently made her bossy.]
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it may not be but i'm choosing to blame you regardless

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[ The only forts he ever built as a kid were of snow, in the winter (after storms much like this one), and though they were impressive - a few even had tunnels running beneath - he doesn't particularly treasure what fragments of memories he has left of those times. He was always alone, back then.

Knowing better than to protest when Tifa puts another blanket over him, whether or not he needs it, Cloud resigns himself to settling in as comfortably as he can, in his current position, instead. Which seems to be the right idea, because it's definitely what Tifa's up to; when she nudges his arm, he raises his eyebrows at her, either genuinely innocent of her intention or feigning a very viable facsimile. ]

...I'm over as far as I can go.
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fair enough

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[She's still getting used to the fact that Cloud has a playful side he actually admits to now. Granted, it's a dry, subtle, possibly convoluted and definitely dorky side - but it's there all the same and she treasures the little glints of it as if spotting diamonds at the bottom of a steam bed.

Which isn't to say she always sure when she thinks she recognizes them.

Like now. So he gets a bit of a sideways slide from her eyes to look at him, one edge of her lips twitching tight to keep from lifting but the answer's the same either way as there's another, more insistent nudge.]

Your arm's in the way.
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[ He looks down, as if contemplating the placement of his limbs through two loosely gathered layers of blanket - then back up to her, straight-faced as ever. ]

...How do you know it's not yours?
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[Just as serious, she takes his comment into consideration, brows down, slightly frown on her lips as she looks down at her own arm on his side.]

Mmm. [She wiggles the fingers on that hand, down to just the black arm covers, as if checking and then, as much as somebody can sharing a blanket and that close, she lifts her arm up and away from her side, blanket draped like an open, waiting wing. Still serious, she looks back at Cloud, without lowering her arm.]

Nope. It's not in the way.
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[ Because he's just going to scoot over into that waiting arm like this is the obvious solution to their limb distribution problems. There is a little more space freed up by the very slight change of place, and sitting up pressed closely side-to-side is much warmer than it is uncomfortable.

So he can be super serious about chilling in this position all night, Tifa.

Just try him. ]

Now mine's not, either.
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[SnugglingChilling IS super serious business.

And it darn well better be all night.

Despite her best attempts, the tips of her mouth go up and her eyes curve as her arm goes around him, holding him close before relaxing, welcoming him in to what warmth she'd already managed to collect under the blanket. Her fingers curl in the fabric of his shirt and her head tips to rest on his shoulder. This is where she belongs, that one place in all the world where she feels as if everything is exactly right. Her voice, softer, is still serious.]

Glad we got that figured out.
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[ Well, he may at some point do a few more circuits of the Inn, and dig around in places that don't belong to him at the whim of some nebulous and inexplicably kleptomanic compulsion.

But other than that, she can probably rest assured that she has him for the full extent of the night. They'll have to sleep at some point, anyway, and with the evening's steady accumulation of pillows to thank as well as the warmth, sleeping in here ought to be more comfortable than going back to the cold, stripped mattress.

He nods, still vastly outpacing her at his own game - not that there isn't an unfair advantage on his part. ]

...Might've had a real problem on our hands.
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[Well, there are always allowances for kleptomania. You never know where a potion or extra party member will be lurking. All the rest of the night sounds pretty good though and the only thing better than snuggling on a cold day, cuddled together upright, is getting to cuddle together laying down just before falling asleep. They've got plenty of pillows and her toes won't even be cold. It's a rare miracle that should be taken advantage of.]

Mm. [She's never going to beat him at his game but she can at least try to keep him company.] Good thing I was here to save you.

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Hi Timama!

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[ Denzel was keeping quiet as he peered around the corner. Even though it was passed his bedtime, he had snuck down stairs to watch Tifa working on what appeared to be a blanket fort. His eyes lit up when he saw it finally finish. It wouldn't be too bad to come on over right?

Unfortunately he couldn't come over in a normal fashion. Nope. Instead he quietly crept up to the blanket fort she created and moved toward the shadow that he assumed was her. He counted to three in his head before he jumped and landed with a loud thud near her.


[ it would be worth the scolding if he could get her to jump a little. ]
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Hey Sonzel!

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[It's a surprise. For tomorrow. The way it's snowing outside, there's not going to be any snow an,d if it's anything like Nibelheim, no one's going outside either. So she thought a blanket fort would be nice for the kids - and frankly, maybe Cloud too since he had a hard time resisting them and maybe she'd even get some cooking done, the way it had once been in Nibelheim with baked apples and cinnamon twists, things that would remind her of a home she could, sometimes, remember now without pain.

She's so lost in the process of debating if the cider they have is good enough to heat up and spice, so completely unguarded and safe feeling in her own home now, that she missed Denzel's sneak entirely.

Which isn't necessarily a good thing. You never really entirely take the fight out of the brawler.

He gets her to jump all right. She jumps right into a sweeping position and her leg hooks out with breathless speed to sweep him off his feet. Luckily, those same fast reflexes also realize what she's just done and, eyes wide, she moves to catch him with her own body, arms twining as she falls toward the pillow pile.]
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How are you? :'>

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[ His plan was going perfectly until she reacted on instinct and came for an attack. he let out a startled yelp as he went flying. He closed his eyes tightly waiting for the impact of his fall. When it wasn't coming he slowly opened his eyes to see Tifa holding onto him tightly. ]

..... That was... SO AWESOME! Tifa you are so cool!
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Good! Finally starting to get some energy back. How about you?

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['Awesome' is one word for it, she supposes, though for her it had been more heart stopping. At least Denzel doesn't seem traumatized about it. He can be a rough and tumble kid, she reminds herself, now that he's better. Still, it's going to be a while before her heart lets go. What comes out of her though, lying in a pile of pillows, enthusiastic kid on top of her, is a laugh, a sound that, even now, is still rare coming out of her for all it's growing less so. One arm lets go of him to reach back and grab a pillow.]

You startled me, you ragamuffin!

[aaaaand the pillow comes down on his head, though without half the force she could have used.]
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Yay energy! \o/ I'm doing good too I just got home from work a bit ago

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That was the-- oomph!

[ His face scrunched up from the pillow impact. She was certainly a sneaky woman. And to be honest he wasn't used to her being so playful with them. He was more used to her mothering him. Then again he was a little more naughty than Marlene was. He was a growing boy though he couldn't help it.

A bigger grin appeared on his face, and he reaches for his own pillow to get revenge.
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LOL - just got to work ;)

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[She could be playful too... it's just there hadn't been much chance to for a while there and even usually she would have been a bit shyer about it. The blanket fort reminded her of her own childhood though and perhaps a bit of the open, outgoing girl she'd once been had leaked back in to her while she'd been building it. Besides, kids were meant to play and parental figures shouldn't be serious all the time.

So she rolls when he goes for his own pillow, making sure it's in the direction of the largest pile for when he dislodges. She's not about to have a pillow fight starting pinned down. Her own pillow comes around again and she's not really interested in dignity at the moment.]

Take that!
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lmao! Im sorry ffff

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[ Marlene sure was missing out. He'll have to tell her all the fun she missed in the morning. Right now he was more interested in playing with Tifa. He grinned happily and and took the pillow hit. He dove into a big pile and threw a few of them at her. This meant war! ]

You're going down, Tifa!
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lol - thanks

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[War it was and Tifa wasn't above fighting dirty. She managed to scramble into a sitting position at least before the pillows started flying and held her own in front of her to deflect most of them from her face at least.]

Come at me!

[And she threw pillows right back since he'd made a nice pile around her, aiming for his elbows and chest. Oh, they'd see who was going down!]
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Good luck! ;A;

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[ He stood up when she hit him in the chest again. He dramatically grabs his chest and falls over into the pile of pillows around him. ]

Oh nooooo you got me!
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[Like she believed that. Kids these days. With a leap - or kind of a leap considering she was sitting down, she went in for the kill, with two pillows thrown in first to soften up the target.]

Take that!
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[ He tries to defend himself but she was going at him more. he laughed and tried to roll away from her. ]

U-uncle Uncle!
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[There was probably something shameful about beating up kids... but Tifa didn't see it. Especially not her kids who could handle themselves. She was very proud of them. But she also knew how sacred 'uncle' was in a kid fight and so she relented, leaning over him with a rarely seen grin and tapped the tip of his nose.]

Cloud's not the only fighter in the family.

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