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the horror tropes meme

the horror tropes meme

The night descends, and you find yourself alone. Everything about the situation is horror movie code for "you're dead". There might be one way out... one person you can rely on to work your way out of the situation.

Of course, they might just be the person who wants to kill you.

r u l e s ;
1. Pick a scenario for your character, and set the scene! (blank comments are strongly discouraged, but will not be deleted)
2. Post your character with their Name - Canon - Any preferences in the subject line.
3. Go around and tag other people. Try to tag at least one person for each character you post!
4. Friend or foe? Will you be helping the person you've tagged, or trying to kill them?

s c e n a r i o s ;
1. abandoned area: Wherever you are, the place is rotting and dying in front of your eyes. Old steel rusts and cobwebs dangle from every surface. It smells like mould and dust, and it's so easy to believe there are ghosts and skeletons around every corner.

2. all hallows eve: A halloween party can be a fantastic evening of fun frights and too many drinks. Or it can be a disaster, where the horrors are far more authentic and the blood on your friends' costumes isn't from the costume shop.

3. always night: Why are you out in the dead of night? Don't you know that's when the boogeyman comes out? ... What do you mean it's midday... the sky couldn't be blacker.

4. the calls are coming from inside the house: If you're home, you can't be harmed, right? The alarm would have sounded if someone broke a window... So why are there footsteps and creepy breathing coming from the kitchen?

5. camp unsafe isn't safe anymore: So you decided to spend an innocent summer at camp... You should have chosen one with a less ominous name.

6. don't go in the woods: ... Seriously? Why would you go there?

7. hell hotel: Oh, no, I'm sure that run down hotel on a hill where there are rumours of disappearances is completely safe.

8.indian burial ground: Or any burial ground. Graveyards and their dead trees are the safest places to spend a cold, gloomy night.

9. new house new problems: So you've just moved into a lovely new house! Fantastic! But did they tell you about the murderer who just escaped from prison?

10. anything else: If there's something you really want to do -- kidnapping, torture, mad scientists in their laboratory -- use this option!

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theusualsuspect: (Huh?)

Dean Winchester | Supernatural (5:22 or earlier)

[personal profile] theusualsuspect 2012-10-03 03:08 am (UTC)(link)
longdistance: (GQ MOTHERSNIPER)

Sebastian Moran | BBC Sherlock | 1?

[personal profile] longdistance 2012-10-03 04:10 am (UTC)(link)
[He doesn't know much about the Winchester brothers. He doesn't need to. Details only tend to get in the way of the job, and Sebastian picks up what he needs to on the clock, following his targets for days, sometimes weeks before a kill. Anyway, working for Jim, sometimes you really don't want to know the details.

Sebastian is, however, starting to wish he'd asked for profiles before catching the flight to America. These little bastards are some of the slipperiest goddamn targets he's ever come across. Always bloody traveling. And even watching from afar, the weirdest damn things seem to happen to them...

It doesn't matter. Sebastian's finally managed to draw one out, alone. The burned-out building is large, labyrinthine, and on the verge of physical collapse. Not the sniper rifle for this job; the walls are all too close, and might crumble under a high-powered shot from such a close distance.

No, Sebastian has a simple rifle, a scope attached to the top. Part of the second floor has fallen through to the first; he's curled himself into a shadowed corner, sighting down through the missing half of the floor. Just a few steps closer, Mr. Winchester. You won't feel a thing.]

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kagetora: (pic#4895984)

Takaya Ohgi | Mirage of Blaze | OTA

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remembermeandrun: (Default)

Oswin Oswald | Doctor Who

[personal profile] remembermeandrun 2012-10-03 03:12 am (UTC)(link)

Yosuke Hanamura | Persona 4

[personal profile] hisowntempo 2012-10-03 03:13 am (UTC)(link)
chairguillotine: (☠ 07)

[personal profile] chairguillotine 2012-10-03 04:16 am (UTC)(link)
Dude, why d'you keep makin' that face? It's just the woods.

[Nope, the dwindling daylight and lengthening shadows don't seem to be bothering Kanji much at all. They're just taking a shortcut, right? To... uh. Where did the others say they were meeting again? The details were kind of fuzzy, now that he thought back on it. At least he's not alone!

...Except Yosuke's... not looking too swell, here. Maybe small talk will take his mind off things!]

'Sides, it's just trees and... uh. More trees, I guess...

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takaba_akihito: merigo @ LJ (pic#4276899)

Takaba Akihito | Viewfinder

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Rei Hino | Sailor Moon | 5 but could work for others?

[personal profile] guidedbyflame 2012-10-03 04:12 am (UTC)(link)
[There had been rumors about the campground. There were always rumors about the campground, but this time Rei could verify that there was something to those rumors. And so she'd gone to investigate further, to find out what was going on and try to deal with the situation.

Of course, that put her right in the middle of that situation, but she could handle it. No problems, and it would leave the others free to deal with other things back home.]
longdistance: (Where Is The Motherfucking Coffee)

Sebastian Moran | BBC Sherlock | 2ish? 6? 9? OTA!

[personal profile] longdistance 2012-10-03 04:24 am (UTC)(link)
[Jim doesn't always celebrate Halloween. Year by year, he veers between sneering at it as a useless, failed exercise in self-expression, or gleefully skipping around making plans and consulting his tailor on costuming options. Sebastian suspects that it has more to do with whatever plots Jim has on the boil when the holiday season rolls around, than simple whimsy. But what the hell does he know.

This year Jim has fucking insisted they attend an actual party. Some posh tosser's summer cabin, out in the country; the costumes are expensive, glinting with real diamonds and possibly tailor-made. Jim is prancing around somewhere, goddamn devastating in a tuxedo and cape, hair slicked back, mask over half of his face. Sebastian he's dressed as a tiger. Not even as a sexy tiger. Sebastian is a fucking rubbish tiger, with a baggy, full-body suit, a little hood with floppy ears that makes it difficult to hear, big oven-mitt gloves, and absolutely nowhere to hide a weapon.

The bastard.

Sebastian attracts not a few giggles every time he gets tired of chain-smoking and ventures inside. Just long enough to catch sight of Jim; then he retreats to the porch again, yanking off the gloves to flick his lighter. He can be found there, or possibly attempting to drown himself in liquor in the kitchen.]
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seesbeauty: (dark works)

Belle | Once Upon a Time

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Anna Milton | Supernatural

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rory williams | doctor who

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Arya Stark | A Song of Ice and Fire / Game of Thrones

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lavinia frankenstein ➻ pride and prometheus au

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Kain Highwind | Final Fantasy IV/Dissidia 012

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Rose Weasley | Harry Potter

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Ib | Ib

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Lea | Kingdom Hearts

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Itachi Uchiha / Naruto / ota

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intothewoods: it's okay to sleep troy i promise (Default)

Jay | Marble Hornets

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ruby | spn

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acclimatized: (as everyone assumes you are.)

john watson | sherlock | 7

[personal profile] acclimatized 2012-10-04 10:14 pm (UTC)(link)
[ john didn't usually hate hotels – what he did hate was the cheap, psychedelic seventies wallpaper design and matching carpet, a theme that most shared. in his opinion, there was nothing more disconcerting than walking along corridors that absorbed every footfall and feeling like you were walking into a kaleidoscope.

the whole atmosphere gave him unpleasant reminders of the shining. in a spell of childish rebellion, he and harry had waited until their parents went to bed and then crept downstairs to watch the video themselves. neither of them slept that night and the holiday in torquay was tense.

years later, thinking about it still caused a cold prickle at the back of his neck. he didn't know why he even agreed to come out here tonight – the whole place seemed to have been abandoned ages ago and he'd lost the person who dragged him along. armed with the master key of the place, he unlocked various doors and flashed his torch into the room. ]
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Hellboy | Dark Horse Comics

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scaretaker: (Spoiler Alert: He almost does.)

Jack Torrance | The Shining

[personal profile] scaretaker 2012-10-06 08:26 pm (UTC)(link)
[For all your #7 needs, but can roll with 1 and 8.]
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lobster_tranny: (demonic)


[personal profile] lobster_tranny 2012-10-07 03:58 am (UTC)(link)
[Something has moved into the hotel, an uninvited guest. Taking the room 418, it busies itself with god knows what, only the vague droning noises pouring out the doorway give hint to the terrible things in there. Even for a place as terrible as the Overlook, there's something so purely beyond this world, completely evil about the new guest. A crimson light pours from the edges of the doorway, a light so ridiculous in its hue yet something lacking in the constraints of the human world.

The door expands and contracts from the activity behind, as if it breathed. Perhaps something made it live, inject it with a terrible new life. But most awful of all, its droning song, its noise of evil calls out to all in the hotel, inviting them. It's been waiting for some new mortal souls to drag to its playground, how lonely it boring it gets with the same victims over and over again. So please, come visit. Come to play.]

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stephen colbert would object

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stephen noooooo

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that is the best gif

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too much sexiness tbh

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get off my netflix

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snarl snarl grunt table flip

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