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We're enemies, you and I

Natural Enemies Shipping Meme

Most of us are fortunate enough to not be plagued by "natural enemies" - or even worst, a group that serves as an opposing force. But that doesn't mean that there isn't swaths of society that just do not play well together. Hunters and demons. Predators and prey. Outlaws and lawmen. Vampires and slayers. Montagues and Capulets. The undead and the living. The list goes on. You know, the usual and the unusual alike. It seems like wars will always rage between them. Maybe it's better for these types to just avoid each other, lest there be bloodshed.

What if, though, you - yes, you - were a member of one group and you developed feelings for someone that should be a mortal enemy. Of course, the feelings weren't the expected ones of wanting to gouge eyeballs out; instead, it was love, and a returned one at that. That would be quite the predicament, wouldn't it? But what would it be like? What drew you to them? Would your love be a pure, romantic one, or more of a love/hate? And would you allow that to sway you or repress all those emotions until you burst?

Most importantly, would a happy ending be possible?

  • Comment with your character and preferences, plus any information because this meme needs at least a little! People are going to want to know who their character should "hate."
  • Tag others.
  • RNG or choose what kind of relationship you're playing from ROUTE and the tone of the eventual ending, which will theoretically color the thread.
  • Play! Play out anything that strikes your fancy. Draw inspiration from the meme or come up with your own ideas.

  • ROMANTIC LOVE: Despite who they are, you care for them. Whether this means you'll ignore outside influence, fight your own demons to be with them, run away with them, or change the system depends on you.
  • LOVE/HATE: You despise them and all the stand for, but you can't keep away.

  • HAPPY: No matter how bad life is, it will take a turn for the better.
  • TRAGEDY: It may be good now, but eventually, everything is going to fall apart right in front of you.
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Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu; Danganronpa; OTA

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(Please give me a classic gangster/cop romance.)
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Pamela Landy l The Bourne Series l OTA

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Morrigan | Dragon Age

[personal profile] courtintrigue 2017-09-24 10:45 pm (UTC)(link)
(Cool with canon and cross. In more modern settings something sort of catwoman/batman is possible. No Heroes of Ferelden, please.)
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Rey || Star Wars: The Force Awakens || F/M

[personal profile] talentedscavenger 2017-09-25 12:49 am (UTC)(link)
[ooc: AUs/Cross-canon welcomed.]
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France (Francis Bonnefoy) | Hetalia | ota

[personal profile] salace 2017-09-25 03:10 pm (UTC)(link)
(( m/m or m/f both happily welcome ))
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Eren Jaeger | Shingeki no Kyojin | M/M

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Edward Elric | Fullmetal Alchemist | m/m

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elsa | frozen

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Russia | Nyotalia | ota

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Charlie Hesketh | Kingsman | ota

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[Good with spoilers, but I like to play him from the first film.]
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[ yoooooo šŸ‘‹ any other prefs, or shall i just go for it? ]
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[No prefs! Iā€™m down for anything.]
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going rogue tbh

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[ love/hate obvs; post tss au-ish?? ]

[ It's nothing so sappy or special as I would recognize him anywhere 'cause he doesn't think he would. Sure, Charlie carries himself in a distinct way, particularly at gatherings like these, where he belongs in a way Eggsy never will (despite his ability to feign a crisp accent and jest like he an Oxbridge boy, after all).

The point is: there are plenty of blokes with blue blood, swoopy hair, smug smiles, and gaudy Hermes belts. Perhaps not all at once. Or all that twisted together and in attendance at a charity gala in central London ā€” the particular charity gala that Eggsy's meant to be conducting reconnaissance throughout, mind you. Eggsy aborts his conversation mid-sentence like an absolute idiot, offering an apologetic quirk of his lips to some finance type or other (new money, surely, with his skinny tie). My apologies. I've just seen an old classmate. It takes more effort than it should to control his pace, slowing his brisk exit to an assured stroll as soon as he notices his mistake. Shouldn't have tripped up in the first place, even if he didn't know Charlie would be here. No one bloody did, otherwise he wouldn't have had the tinny voice of his very new and very Welsh handler ask him if he was hoping to catch any flies, with his mouth hanging open like that, only moments earlier.

Light-fingered as ever, he sneaks two glasses of Champagne off a nearby waiter's tray. No time for five-star service, when Charlie Hesketh has unexpectedly appeared in his sightline. He pointedly skips over his first thought of Charlie looking well ā€” well-fit, actually ā€” in his tuxedo. He ought to be asking what the fuck he's doing here, not wondering how he's bloody doing or eying him from behind. With his mouth curved in a sly smile, he appears rather suddenly, slipping in alongside his target. ]

Sorry for taking so long. [ He holds the Champagne flute to Charlie, fingers correctly placed and light on the glass. There's an expectant look on his face, complemented by the upward tilt of his chin, as if daring Charlie to deny him. It's a brazen move, when they haven't planned to see each other tonight. Still, Eggsy hopes Charlie hasn't been chatting with anyone nearby for long, remaining intent on pretending he had been with Charlie earlier and only left to retrieve drinks. By way of explanation, he continues breezily ā€” ] Met the most enchanting chap. Absolutely life-changing work in finance. Going to revolutionise the banking sector, he is.

[ which is all true, naturally. His banker wasn't nearly so interesting, but it suits as an excuse, in the event anyone's eavesdropping. He sips his own glass of bubbly, smiling into his drink. Hard to say how Charlie will react (ever, even when they were classmates and especially after that, now that they're on opposite sides of the aisle, so to speak, physically reaching across it more than once). They haven't established any protocol (which, okay, sounds clinical and decidedly unsexy) for public encounters, but Eggsy doubts they would permit him to sprint across a ballroom and act like they'd been getting on throughout the night. Bit too keen, really.

Although he wouldn't be Eggsy Unwin if he wasn't cheeky, eh? ]
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[Charlie was predictably bored, more so than he'd assumed he would be when the arrangements had been made for him to attend the charity gala.

He was making amends, as his father reiterated for the hundredth time since he'd failed out of Kingsman, and that came in the form of kissing the ass of every high-society and connected person in attendance tonight. He was ridiculously, annoyingly bored with it all. The excitement he'd had while in training and through each test couldn't be matched in every day life and not for the first time, assuredly not the last, he wonders what would have happened had he kept his mouth shut.

Not that he'd ever admit that to anyone. Ever. So he'd only arrived ten minutes ago. It really wasn't his fault if the night was already in shambles and he blames that on the music, the guests - one of which has to be over ninety and has had a hand clutching his wrist since the moment he'd attempted to walk past her. Mrs. Norworth, bachelorette with a huge fortune and someone on his father's list of who to speak with. Boredom washes over him in waves and he's tempted to make an early exit. That is, until none other than Eggsy fucking Unwin saunters right up into his space as if it's his to be in.

He opens his mouth to retort, snapping it shut and taking the glass far less smoothly than he meant to. Charlie really, really wants to roll his eyes, but it's obvious something is going on and he's not an idiot. He dips down and presses a firm kiss to Eggsy's mouth, nipping his bottom lip only to pull away smirking. Fair turnabout, Unwin.]

Elaine, this is Ellis Ellis. Bit unfortunate, his name, but don't let that color your judgment of his rather fine character and winning personality.

[He gives Eggsy a shove towards the older woman to let him introduce himself and then, seeing an out, places his hand at the small of Eggsy's back and drags it slowly around to grip his hip. He tugs him to his side.]

Well, we won't be keeping you.

[Besides, the night just got more interesting and if he doesn't have to listen to her a second longer, he calls it a win. For now. Eggsy might sour that opinion shortly.

When they've successfully navigated to a corner of the room where they are alone, except for the handler in Eggsy's ear he assumes, Charlie lowers his hands and drops all pretense. No, he doesn't care that the other looks fit in his suit and that the glasses do something for him. Well, he cares somewhat but how attracted he might be to Eggsy is neither here nor there.]

You'd better have a good reason for this, Unwin.
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[ Despite running a few scenarios through his head during his brisk approach, he didn't expect a kiss of any sort, particularly one that ends with Charlie nipping at him like a fucking cat or a startled noise escaping Eggsy's throat ā€” which he promptly covers with a cough, bringing a hand to his mouth for manners' sake. It leaves plenty of time for his companion to fuck with his alias for the evening. Oh, for fuck's sake. If not for the presence of dear Elaine, he'd wipe the smug look off Charlie's face. Presently, he needs to feign received pronunciation and not make a twat of himself. His face splits into an effusive smile. ]

[ quickly, with a laugh. ] Nickname. After Ellis Ellis-Griffith, the famous barrister. [ Eggsy has a Ph.D. in Bullshit, after all, complemented by an agent with access to Google whispering advice in his ear. ] But you can call me David, love. David Vickers.

[ He makes a point to kiss her hand instead of shaking it. Elaine might have snatched up his wrist in return, too, if he hadn't been tugged to Charlie's side. He leans into the touch, slotting against Charlie easily. No reason not to, seeing as they've already kissed for all to see, throwing his earlier half-truth (seeing an old classmate) into the Thames. And if there's a pleasantly warm weight on his hip, well, that's collateral.

Charlie picks their stop well, not that Eggsy will admit it. A corner far from the food and drink, with little cover for eavesdroppers beyond a pillar that slightly obscures them. It's alone as they'll get without buggering off, at least. ]

[ in his natural voice. ] I know you ain't stupid, Charlie. [ said more huffily than anything else. He taps the side of his glasses to indicate business is the reason for attending the event and turn off his mic in the process, given that this mess of a conversation need not be recorded. As for why he addressed Charlie publicly, he doesn't have any rational, good reason to offer. His mouth twists downward in irritation. ]

So you'd better have good reason for acting like we're bloody going steady. [ Cocking up his cover through public displays of affection (the kiss, the possessive hand on his waist as they crossed the room). He steps forward, crowding into Charlie's space, and lifts his hand ā€” to adjust Charlie's tie. With Charlie upping the ante in front of Elaine, Eggsy won't stand down. Once satisfied with the tie, he smooths the collar of Charlie's dress shirt. The gestures are soft, at odds with his sharply exasperated tone. Perhaps it's all for show: the charade of a stolen moment with a lover. ] And don't say you wanted to slow dance with me, you fucking wanker.

[ Nevermind that he approached Charlie without forewarning despite being on the job ā€” or that his fingers have drifted to twist the hair at the nape of Charlie's neck. Stupid. David Vickers attended this event on a single invitation and arrived without a date. No significant others to speak of in his backstory in order to allow room for, ah, improvisation on the job, if need be. He shouldn't be anywhere near Charlie. There's nothing urgent on the schedule tonight, sure, but that doesn't mean he should fill his time with distractions, particularly one which compromises his ability to operate freely under his alias. ]
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[No, he wasn't stupid. Charlie understood perfectly well that Eggsy had to be here on business. The point, something that the other man clearly hadn't realized yet, was that Charlie knew from the moment David sauntered over that Eggsy had gone off script. He wasn't a part of Kingsman. Wasn't now and wouldn't be in the future. Not even his father had that kind of pull. Eggsy had crossed a line and broken protocol by approaching him and Charlie was going to damn well demand an explanation - and have a bit of fun in the process.]

Awww, have I upset you Eggy?

[Charlie takes a step in, body angled just so. From his new position he can run a hand down Eggsy's arm, stopping the movement at the underside of his elbow. He wasn't concerned over what Elaine or the other guests might think. It wouldn't be the first or last time that a Hesketh was caught out with a lover, even if said lover was of the same gender. His father would sweep it under the rug; blame it on his youth. The young and how they experiment, it'd all be out of his system soon enough.]

You and your handler should have been better prepared. I've been on the guest list since day one. [Which meant they either had faulty intel or hadn't done a thorough job during the initial stages of the mission Eggsy was on.] You brought me into this. It's hardly my fault if I make it fun for myself.

[Hence, all the public displays of affection and teasing in front of Elaine.]

What will you do now? I imagine news is circulating that I had my tongue down some handsome gents throat, nearly giving an older guest heart palpitations in the process, and here we are, standing oh so close and touching one another.

[Charlie smirks, brow raised as he leans in and runs the tip of a finger down the side of Eggsy's throat. It was easier to flirt, attempt seduction, when he was able to be himself. There were no rose colored glasses perched atop Eggsy's perfectly pointed nose. He knew who and what kind of man Charlie was and that was thrilling in its own right.]

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[ Charlie's first jibe just makes him roll his eyes. The system must have missed him, his handler offers mildly, but at least you caught him before he caught you. The system is supposed to flag up any potentially familiar face, from Eggsy's primary school teachers to socialites present at previous events, but either it or their guest list (their intel) has made a big fucking mistake, leaving Eggsy exposed to an unpredictable variable. Of course, Eggsy has intercepted the problem now, hasn't he? Has his bloody arms full of the problem, in fact. At least that's how his handler reads the situation, which ā€” okay, yes, Eggsy knows exactly what kind of man Charlie is (which makes him question his taste or lack thereof, on occasion) and spotted him first this evening, delighting in the surprised look on his smug face. Eggsy also knows what Charlie's doing now, by dragging a finger down Eggsy's throat and leaning in just so. Physical seduction technique, to put it in textbook terms.

So it doesn't feel like he caught Charlie, when Eggsy's the one instinctively tipping his chin up to arch into the contact and shifting so they're flush against each other to get more taction. Oh so close and touching as Charlie put it, with their absence from the partygoers growing more notable the longer they stay secluded. He'd wanted Charlie to entertain him on this boring gig, sure, but he hadn't wished to be utterly derailed. Eggsy narrows his eyes, equally interested and irritated by the challenge inherent in Charlie's question. ]

[ sharply ā€” ] I'm in the middle of defusing a bomb before it goes off, ain't I?

[ You, he means. Charlie, who could have interrupted him at any moment in the night, if Eggsy hadn't beaten him to the punch. It's not why he approached in the first place, but it should have been, really. Perhaps Charlie will find that assessment of him (as something dangerous) flattering. Eggsy leans up to nose up Charlie's neck and press kisses along his jaw, pausing only to murmur in his ear ā€” ]

What will you do, when people ask after your handsome gent?

[ mimicking Charlie's earlier phrasing because he did say Eggsy was handsome, couched in the middle of his teasing (lest he forget), although the inquiry is intended to probe how much Charlie is going to screw with his work and cover and fucking evening as a whole. ]
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[Charlie makes a soft sound, pleased and incredibly aroused by the simple fact that Eggsy is responding to what he's doing. Leaning in to his touch, shifting and pressing himself closer. His fingertips glide over Eggsy's pulse and count the beats, unsubtle about gauging if Charlie is getting a legitimate response from the agent.]

Why would I do anything to hinder your mission? What could I possibly hope to get out of that?

[Entertainment, honestly, but that's not enough. Charlie is flattered by the insinuation that he could be a threat, though that's hardly the reason he's here tonight. If he were out to cause trouble for Kingsman, it wouldn't be this way.

He tips his head to give Eggsy room, fingers curling in the collar of his perfectly tailored suit. As much as he doesn't care what the people in this room do or don't see, his parents will, and he's mindful of that. Word getting back that he'd been caught out with someone won't be much of a shock or surprise, but he'd rather nobody had visuals that could be spread around. His grip is meant to still Eggsy, keep him from doing anymore of that distracting kissing.]

That depends on you, now doesn't it. [Licking his lower lip, he brushes the ghost of a kiss across the corner of Eggsy's mouth.] I'll continue with your charade if you make it worth my while after.

I'm sure you can come up with something.

[Come on, Eggsy. You know what he's implying.]

Besides, we both know you'll have the time. If this mission had a schedule, you wouldn't still be standing here kissing me.
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gawain ā€¢ fate/extra ā€¢ ota

[personal profile] gallantine 2017-09-27 11:55 pm (UTC)(link)
( He's a knight, obviously, and the Holy Grail War can lend itself to this kind of set-up, but I'm also interested in playing out all sorts of alternate setting AUs. Definitely open to cross-canon. )
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Tifa Lockhart | Final Fantasy VII | M/F

[personal profile] mylockedheart 2017-09-28 08:42 pm (UTC)(link)
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Eddie Brock/Venom | Spider-Man

[personal profile] phenethylamine 2017-09-30 05:12 pm (UTC)(link)
Edited 2017-09-30 17:12 (UTC)
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Mystique X-Men Movies | OTA

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Mycroft Holmes | SHERLOCK

[personal profile] kittykatz 2017-10-07 02:55 pm (UTC)(link)
Interspecies or opposite sides. Suggestion welcomed. ^^