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Four arms to hold you, or maybe an awesome beard

Interspecies Love Meme

Vampires and humans. Angels and demons. Ghosts and the living. The idea of "opposites attracting" is hardly a new one, but with the rise in popularity of supernatural creatures, aliens, and other sentient beings beyond our human understanding, the forbidden romance trope has been injected a shot of fresh blood- sometimes quite literally.

This meme does just that, taking the whole "not meant for each other" thing to it's most logical extreme. Of course, it's not always angst and depression. These days, mermaids and bird-people can have their relationships in peace to some degree.

  • Comment with your character, putting any preferences you have (ie, "humanoid characters only," F/M, etc). Also, be sure to note your character's "species" for others to reference (Name | Character | OTA | Human, ghost, mutant, alien, vampire, god, zombie-catgirl hybrid, etc).
  • Reply to others. If your characters aren't different species, feel free to AU or anything else like that.
  • Use the rng to determine your prompt.
  • Also I didn't think I needed to say this, but be excellent to each other. Dick comments and anon bullying are not on.
  1. Meeting: Did you know there were, I don't know, werewolves before this? Or maybe you thought all aliens were evil. Will this...thing change your perception?
  2. Falling in Love: You know you're not the same, but your feelings don't care.
  3. Self-Hate: Perhaps you're mad at the being you're in love with, yet you're more angry at yourself.
  4. Can't Be Together: Whether for self-inflicted reasons or societal rules, you can't be in love with who your heart has chosen and it's putting a strain on you.
  5. Pushing You Away: Things are getting too intense, and for both of your sake, you want to make friend/crush/lover hate you.
  6. Beauty & the Beast: One of you is beautiful, the other hideous. Maybe, though, the beautiful one is ugly in the eyes of society, depending on where you live. Whatever the case is, you don't look the same.
  7. Confession: Screw the rules, you're going to tell that sweet girl/guy/other how you feel! What can go wrong? Or this is something you've put a lot of thought into and you're scared, but you're going to do it.
  8. First Time...or Not: Finally, the two of you are taking the next step and getting physical. It may go off without a hitch, depending on know, or- OH GOD, HOW IS THAT GOING TO GO IN HERE. Wait, you have a...?
  9. The Kinky Option: Hey, maybe being different will pay off. Think about it. A long tongue? Ghost powers? Sounds like it could be fun in the bedroom.
  10. Prejudice: "What are you doing with that dirty monster?" "You know we can't be involved with humans!" "We don't take kindly to your type around here." Why can't people just leave you two be?
  11. Facing Your Instinct: It's hard to be with someone when you want to suck their blood. Or eat their brains. Or possess them.
  12. Because of Me: Your lover has been dragged into your fight or hurt by others of your kind. Now they're in the crossfire.
  13. Standing Up For You: Hey, knock it off! I don't care what you think, he's perfect in my eyes.
  14. You Don't Know You're Beautiful: The fluffy option where you're trying to make your loved one see just how much you care and how they're beautiful to you, no matter what.
  15. Gifts: Show your affection with a gift from your culture.
  16. Starting a Family: Can you even reproduce? Is it something you want to consider? Perhaps it's new ground to tread, so you'll have to be the first to think about it.
innerbeauty: ([12])

mantis | gotg vol 2 | f/m

[personal profile] innerbeauty 2017-09-20 12:31 pm (UTC)(link)
[ Babelien. ]
toolatetochangethename: (up to no good)

[personal profile] toolatetochangethename 2017-09-21 04:53 pm (UTC)(link)
((toss me a number and I'll do a starter?))

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Sharkface | RVB CHORUS | OTA

[personal profile] sharksrule 2017-09-20 12:38 pm (UTC)(link)
hu wants anthro shark dic
agtwashington: (cautious)


[personal profile] agtwashington 2017-09-20 04:08 pm (UTC)(link)
"Humans buy each other chocolate on Valentine's day." Wash explained, giving Sharkface a wrapped box of chocolate. "Here you go. It's bitter and has liquor."
Edited 2017-09-20 16:09 (UTC)

Re: 15

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justdun: (Default)

Rafael Zarco | Hotblood!: Zarco | OTA

[personal profile] justdun 2017-09-20 01:42 pm (UTC)(link)
((ooc: So Rafael is a centaur, with all the potential intimacy issues that implies. Really looking forward to something along the lines of 8 or 9 and exploring how to get it on with a different species lover (no, it probably doesn't fit; time to get creative!). Very much not into 3, 5, 10, or possibly 16 with Rafael))
synthesises: (moments pass)

[personal profile] synthesises 2017-09-21 05:14 am (UTC)(link)
[Okay so everything you're putting down I'm here to pick tf UP but I just wanna check if you're okay with a trans OC before I go writing a starter!]

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[personal profile] justdun - 2017-09-21 05:35 (UTC) - Expand

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[personal profile] synthesises - 2017-09-21 05:49 (UTC) - Expand

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[personal profile] justdun - 2017-09-21 17:06 (UTC) - Expand

npnp! i know how it gets!

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demonicbeauty: (Default)

Ariadne | OC | M/F

[personal profile] demonicbeauty 2017-09-20 03:18 pm (UTC)(link)
[Sweet little demon. Info in journal.]
de_light: (pic#11709575)

Re: Ariadne | OC | M/F

[personal profile] de_light 2017-09-21 08:28 am (UTC)(link)
[ooc: Juggler is an alien who either looks human or has a humanoid monster form. Very dramatic, might summon monsters, has generally talked himself into thinking he's a lot more evil than he actually is. I'm thinking of a canon point where he saved someone without thinking about it, and then immediately ran away because that was incongruous with his dark self-image. I can imagine him hopping to an entire other dimension to avoid dealing with that, and think it'd be interesting to then get him stuck interacting with someone as sunshiney as Ariadne seems to be. I'm cool with just meeting or assumed CR, though either way he'll be prickly and the extent to which they actually get along will depend entirely on her ability to be patient with a few thousand years of built up trauma.]

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onewithwater: PB is Maria Traydor of Star Ocean 3 (Default)

"Marie" | OC | OTA (F/F pref)

[personal profile] onewithwater 2017-09-20 03:20 pm (UTC)(link)
(OoC: Water elemental)
acorn_princess: (Default)

Sally Acorn | Archie Sonic (reboot) | OTA

[personal profile] acorn_princess 2017-09-20 03:21 pm (UTC)(link)
(OoC: Humanoid squirrel-type...thing)
dogamidstmen: (hrmph)

Gabriel Starling | OC | OTA

[personal profile] dogamidstmen 2017-09-20 03:27 pm (UTC)(link)
[ Touch/affection starved werewolf with self esteem issues to boot. That being said, he's a very loving - if not quite shy - person. Pass on the smut, but am open to first meetings or assumed CR! ]
thefirstandthelast: (Default)

[personal profile] thefirstandthelast 2017-09-22 07:31 am (UTC)(link)
[Care for a quiet, depressed zombie for first meetings?]

-shrieks discreetly-

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re_yourbrains: (My hips don't lie)

Rottytops // Shantae // F/F

[personal profile] re_yourbrains 2017-09-20 04:06 pm (UTC)(link)
Edited 2017-09-20 16:06 (UTC)
invigorates: (Default)

lioriley | original | ota

[personal profile] invigorates 2017-09-20 04:51 pm (UTC)(link)
( Lunari. Assumed cr preferred. Open to pretty much anything. Info on journal. )
smoltowngal: (Run away)

Alfie | Incase's Alfie

[personal profile] smoltowngal 2017-09-20 05:18 pm (UTC)(link)
[A halvin/halfling/tiny-smol.]
magicproof: (5)

[personal profile] magicproof 2017-09-20 09:30 pm (UTC)(link)
[Aww, Alfie's such a cute smol. I... won't even dance around it, Maeryll gravitates right to the kinky option, romance tends to evade her and vice versa, but she can be sweet about it.]

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[personal profile] smoltowngal - 2017-09-21 06:47 (UTC) - Expand

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fireandhoney: (Default)

The Dragonborn | Skyrim | M/M

[personal profile] fireandhoney 2017-09-20 08:37 pm (UTC)(link)
[Dark elf who has the soul of a dragon.]
lycanhybrid: (Default)

Michael Corvin | Underworld | M/M

[personal profile] lycanhybrid 2017-09-20 08:38 pm (UTC)(link)
[Vampire/werewolf hybrid]
doctor_terror: (Default)

Scarecrow | Batman Arkham Knight

[personal profile] doctor_terror 2017-09-20 08:39 pm (UTC)(link)
not_as_stylishly: (Default)

Garrus Vakarian * Mass Effect * M/F

[personal profile] not_as_stylishly 2017-09-20 09:06 pm (UTC)(link)
[OOC: Witty nice guy of an alien with a thing for human(oid) females. Kinks on profile.]
batrachology: (☢ 2)

[personal profile] batrachology 2017-09-21 05:29 am (UTC)(link)
[ ooc: eeey how do you feel about a 63 version and maybe some spanking? ]

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potato_powerhouse: (welcome)

Shoshosu Shosu| Final Fantasy 14 Adventurer| OTA

[personal profile] potato_powerhouse 2017-09-20 10:22 pm (UTC)(link)
[OOC: She's a Lalafell, which means she smol.]
excuseless: (No excuse.)

[personal profile] excuseless 2017-09-20 11:32 pm (UTC)(link)
[ So basically my favourite thing is him hanging out with cheery people that he acts like they don't melt his heart and also hilarious size differences.

Your thoughts?

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Looks great!

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Re: Looks great!

[personal profile] potato_powerhouse - 2017-09-21 23:56 (UTC) - Expand

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sexysuccubus: (Default)

Kurumu Kurono | Rosario+Vampire | F/F

[personal profile] sexysuccubus 2017-09-20 11:20 pm (UTC)(link)
(OOC: A succubus. Castmates welcome! Kink list in journal.)
venuscrest: (eight)

Lulu | Final Fantasy X | M/F

[personal profile] venuscrest 2017-09-21 01:14 am (UTC)(link)
[ Kink list in journal, assumed (and affectionate) CR preferred. If you don't know what to do to make setting work, let's just go with both in a jamjar game. ]
servantofthemountain: (Default)

[personal profile] servantofthemountain 2017-09-21 05:53 am (UTC)(link)
At first glance, Kimahri and Lulu might have seemed as different as night and day. She was a powerful, beautiful, and gifted human woman. He was a scrawny, outcast, broken-horned Ronso, who only looked big and intimidating next to human pups like Tidus. But beneath the surface, they were more like-minded than not.

Besides the fact that they were people of few words, they had always been united in their love for, and devotion to Lady Yuna. They had both cared for her, fight for her, bled for her...and somewhere along the way, the blue lancer had come to care for the black mage in ways he could not fully express. First of all, his duty to Yuna would not allow him to be sidetracked by personal interests. Secondly, no matter how removed he was from Gagazet, he still held a secret hope that one day his people might accept him, broken horn and all. And, last but not least, he had always believed that Lulu's heart belonged to someone else.

But watching Tidus and Yuna defy the conventions of the pilgrimage, and pledge to find each other across space and time reminded the Ronso that life was meant to be lived, and that nothing could be gained without risk. And so he found himself in Lulu's company one evening, trying to put feelings into words.

"Kimahri likes Lulu," hardly seemed eloquent, but it was a start.

(no subject)

[personal profile] venuscrest - 2017-09-21 06:31 (UTC) - Expand

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[personal profile] servantofthemountain - 2017-09-21 07:22 (UTC) - Expand

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[personal profile] venuscrest - 2017-09-21 07:48 (UTC) - Expand

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[personal profile] servantofthemountain - 2017-09-21 14:29 (UTC) - Expand
synthesises: (in my head)

Tiphane Fortanceste | original | ota

[personal profile] synthesises 2017-09-21 04:12 am (UTC)(link)
[Dirty cave elf, or he can be AUed into something a touch more monstrous if that's your fancy. If we're going with vanilla cave elf, there's likely going to be a bit of 10 on his part because hey, cave elves never have it easy.

For smut, he's trans and his kinklist is here.
tomagogo: (Default)

gogo tomago | big hero 6 | ota

[personal profile] tomagogo 2017-09-21 06:48 am (UTC)(link)
[ human ]
censored_heels: (Default)

[Alex Benedetto l Gangsta l F/M

[personal profile] censored_heels 2017-09-21 08:22 am (UTC)(link)
[Human, but open to changing to a different species!]
de_light: (pic#11717682)

Jugglus Juggler | Ultraman Orb

[personal profile] de_light 2017-09-21 08:36 am (UTC)(link)
[Few thousand years old alien who has convinced himself he's a lot more evil than he is and might either have a human form or the one in the icon. He's unlikely to let himself get close to someone easily, but is also inclined to get attached to anyone who manages to make him feel genuinely appreciated. Can canonly hop between dimensions, so can probably be anywhere your character is.]
attackpatternbattista: (Casual - Arm Raised)

Delia Battista | Star Trek OC | OTA

[personal profile] attackpatternbattista 2017-09-21 12:04 pm (UTC)(link)
(She's a green skinned space babe, so she fits the profile for this. Humanoids generally preferred, but open to anything with at least asking first, also open to humans)
pathfromdarknesstogrey: (Hands on Hips)

Dia Starfall | Star Wars OC | F/M

[personal profile] pathfromdarknesstogrey 2017-09-21 12:05 pm (UTC)(link)
(Human, open to most)
you_look_weak: (Move yourself)

Deadlock | Transformers IDW | ota

[personal profile] you_look_weak 2017-09-21 04:51 pm (UTC)(link)
[Because roboxeno is the bestest xeno]
archaic_rival: (Default)

Gabriel | Gabriel | ota

[personal profile] archaic_rival 2017-09-22 12:09 am (UTC)(link)
[Archangel. Crossovers & AU friendly.]

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