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The Bite Meme


✚ Leave a comment with your character's name, fandom and any preference.
✚ Go to ye olde RNG and roll to your heart's content. You could even skip the rolling. We won't tell.
✚ Remember, six for the location and six for the type.
✚ Tag whoever you want. Let no one go unbitten.
✚ Show us your teeth.

the LIP bite. Sometimes kissing isn't enough, or sometimes you're too nervous to even talk. Bite a lip. It doesn't even have to be yours.

the THROAT bite. You don't want to suck their blood, but you want them to know how thin this flesh is here.

the ARM bite. It's silly, but want to let them know how they're of you. Bites on the arm are usually childish and done in anger or playfulness.

the LEG bite. Know what long legs need? A nice set of teeth sunk into them. Just look at those thighs. Or you could always bring new meaning to the term "ankle biter".

the COLLAR bite. This one's for all you people who don't like turtlenecks. Bites leave marks, and well, some people don't want to show theirs off like trophies.

the HIP bite. Know what's hot? Teeth on your hip. Marks there are definitely enough to make anyone weak in the knees. If that's not what you're into, just remember there are more reasons than just sex to bite someone, especially here.

the GENTLE bite. No one said biting had to be hard. This one's meant more for lovers. Little nibbles on the earlobe or pulse are always nice.

the BRUISING bite. Don't break the skin on this one. You want to leave a nice impression of your pearly whites on the other person, enough so afterwards you can enjoy that darkened mark.

the BLOODY bite. Biting has ill repercussions. Whether it's on purpose or an accident, there's blood, and possibly lots of it.

the HARD bite. This one doesn't bruise, but it does leave a nice impression of your teeth. All that orthodontic work really paid off.

the TEASING bite. No, no, no. Don't just sink your teeth in all at once! Ease your partner into it. Bite softly again and again before letting yourself clamp. You want to let them know you might not do it.

the PINCHING bite. All front teeth. Don't let anything further than your canines feel your partner's flesh. This one's just to let them know they irritated you, or it could just be that your mouth slipped. Sorry!
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Kagome Higurashi | InuYasha | f/m

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(( ooc: As awful an idea as it is, are you down for something with this guy? ))
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[ooc: Definitely!]
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(( ooc: Awesome! I'm totally down to write the starter, just wanted to ask if you'd rather this be a pre-established sort of relationship or something spontaneous. If you've got no preference I'll wing it! ))
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[ooc: I'm leaning towards spontaneous, unless you have a strong preference for the other :) ]
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(( ooc: got this starter done before class, let me know if it doesn't work and I'll fix it later! ))

[ Truth be told, it was a day unlike any other only in how peaceful it had been. A day without the threat of demons or treachery was rare, and while Miroku was one to be wary when things seemed to be going too well he was also one to count his blessings as they came. Everyone was in high spirits - Inuyasha hadn't even offered any complaint when he set off to gather some firewood so they could make camp for the night, and Sango (wielding a tool better for cutting wood than any axe) had joined him. Shippo tagged along, as he was wont to do, leaving Miroku and Kagome to get everything else set up in the meantime.

It was rare, he realized, to actually have some time alone with the girl from the future. Oftentimes when they found themselves split up she was with Inuyasha and he with Sango, but this continued to prove itself to be a day unlike any other. It wasn't a bad thing - Kagome was as kind and brave as they came, and he held a profound respect for her resilience in the face of adversity, in spite of her relative inexperience. She was sharp, too - her wit didn't go unnoticed.

Admittedly, it wasn't just her personality that held his attention. Miroku was Miroku after all, and he had a hard time keeping her eyes off of her as she worked. The miniskirt, he was sure, would be the downfall of mankind when it was invented in this time period, because what warm-blooded man could even think to be productive with legs like those on constant display? Certainly not he.

Normally, these desires weren't hard to quell - Inuyasha's glare was the best contraceptive - but there was no one here to distract him now. No one to judge. No one to tell him not to wait for her to flip her hair over her shoulder so he could come up from behind to press his lips and teeth to the back of her neck, grazing against the skin.

... Which, coincidentally, is exactly what happened.

Oops. ]
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[ It was a beautiful, peaceful day, and Kagome was feeling almost relaxed. The sweet early summer air and sunshine seemed to be doing wonders for everyone's spirits, and as it neared dusk, they found the perfect place to set up camp.

For once her and Miroku were left alone to work together, which suited her just fine. After all he was her friend, and made for pleasant company. At first they chatted a bit about this and that, nothing of real importance. A comfortable silence fell between them, and her thoughts drifted elsewhere as she fiddled with the zipper on her sleeping bag. It had gotten twisted and stuck in the fabric; she flipped her hair over her shoulder and peered closer --

Something touched the back of her neck. Kagome jumped, dropped her sleeping bag, and whirled around to find Miroku there. One hand went to her heart. ]

What are you doing?!
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[ Miroku, being Miroku, didn't look particularly scandalized at her reaction, though his eyebrows did arch just a bit at her energy. When he replied his tone was matter-of-fact, as conversational as their earlier chitchat. ]

Offering my... appreciation?
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[ There was a blush on her cheeks, and though she still appeared shocked...Kagome didn't walk away. And maybe, just perhaps, there was a little bit of curiosity in the way she looked at him. ]

Why would you do that? What if someone had seen?
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[ ... Well! He didn't get a right hook to the jaw like he may have from Sango, and he was pretty sure Kagome could pack a whallop if she felt properly infuriated. Her reaction was actually tame, now that the initial shock had worn off, and she seemed more mad that they could have been caught than that he actually did it.

How curious! ]

Then they would have known how incredibly beautiful I think you are. Is that a problem?
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[ Kagome fought the urge to touch the place on her neck where he had kissed. It had sent a shiver through her body. She wondered what it would feel like, to give in to such desires. To be loved by a man. Thinking about that didn't help the blush on her cheeks. Remember, he doesn't really mean it.

She crossed her arms, and gave him a scowl. ]

Yes, it is! You shouldn't go around teasing ladies like that. And besides, Sango would be devastated. Why don't you think about her?
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I do think about her.

[ he does a great many women... ]

But surely, you must realize you're the more breathtaking of the two of you?

[ He ventures forward a step, hands clasped in front of himself, smiling warmly. His intents may not be... pure, exactly, but to say he doesn't mean his words would also be erroneous. Just because he has ulterior motives doesn't negate the truth of his flattery! ]

I'm sure you must have heard things like that a thousand times before.
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No, I haven't.

[ Kagome was clearly surprised by that compliment. She thought of Sango as much more beautiful than herself. Part of her was flattered, but she was also thinking, Sango is my friend, and this isn't right.

Miroku stepped forward, and Kagome backed up a step. Not much further behind her was a large tree, with long branches that shaded them from the sun. Maybe it would be better to speak more directly to him. ]

...What is it that you want?
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And here I thought I was being anything but subtle.

[ He doesn't take another step forward - he's interested, absolutely, but he's not going to literally force himself on her.

... that bite didn't count.

He dips his head down a little as if to gesture to her. ]

The answer, plain and simple, is you.