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Come to my window

Come To My Window
shipping meme

You know the drill from every nineties movie/tv show known to man, because apparently there were no doors in the nineties: you, oh poor you, are stuck up in your room, and then, a rock is thrown at your window! Why, who would do such a thing? No, it's not some kind of burglar coming in to steal all your...private room things, it's your childhood friend from next door (who totally has a crush on you/you're nursing a crush on), your free-spirited boyfriend or girlfriend, or another rebellious love interest who has a long, long ladder and no need for conventional entrances. Why are they here? To finally confess their secret feelings for you? Give you your first kiss? Sneak you away because your parents don't approve? Maybe they have a crappy home life and just need somewhere to stay.

Whatever the case may be, open those window panes and get ready for sneaking in, sneaking out, and possibly making out.

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Grace Ford | OC | M/F

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Brandon Walsh | Beverly Hills 90210

[personal profile] minnesotaboy 2017-03-17 07:33 pm (UTC)(link)
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Princess Cassandra | Greek Mythology

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[M/F for anything shippy...]
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Selene | Starfighter: Eclipse | M/M

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[The one in the window.]
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Laurent of Vere | Captive Prince

[personal profile] prince_of_vere 2017-03-17 08:16 pm (UTC)(link)
[Either role, though if he's climbing to your window his motives will probably be more for political scheming than romance. M/M for shipping.]
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Raven [ Teen Titans ] F/M

[personal profile] mantras 2017-03-17 08:37 pm (UTC)(link)
( If you're going with canon, she literally lives in a tower. There's nowhere to go but up.

For normal(ish) teen AUs, she's still probably stuck up in her room because her dad is an evil, murdering occultist. Sorry about that.

Available in canon superhero flavor, or AUs where she's some kind of urban fantasy-esque white witchy pagan, high fantasy mage, or a plain high school/college kid with freaky abilities. I'm particularly interested in a scenario where she's a darker Sabrina the Teenage Witch, dealing with some cult shit and trying to keep eldritch horrors at bay while dealing with stupid kid feelings. )
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quinn fabray | glee

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[ probably the one up in the room. ]
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Tohru | Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid | F/F

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Michael Corvin | Underworld | M/M

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[Either role]
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sooraya qadir | marvel 616 | m/f

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( The one in the window, for sure. I'm just here for the stupid awkwardness and failure. )
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Derek Lockwood | Original | OTA

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oruha ; clover ; m/f

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Claire Bennet || NBC's Heroes || OTA

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tuxedosmask: tuxedosmask. | dnt (pic#11098710)

mamoru chiba | sailor moon

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( The one climbing into the room. m/f please. )
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stiles stilinski . teen wolf . m/m

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[ he was made for this, lbr here. ]
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Steve Rogers | MCU

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[ ooc: he's definitely down to be either one, but let's be real steve rogers would knock on your door and ask for your parents permission first ... maybe ]
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Until a few months ago, Carol Danvers had been a bold, smart rising star in the Air Force who could throw a punch as well as she could fly a plane. Now thanks to weird accidents with the Kree, she was all of that plus a few new powers. She loved the fact that she could punch a hole in the wall and fly without a plane. The Air Force claimed to love it as well, but she couldn’t help but feeling like The Other around the base.

She voiced this concern to her longtime friend James Rhodes – surely he’d get it after flying around in a metal suit – and the next thing she knew arrangements had been made to meet Steve Rogers. Carol liked him right away. Even if he wasn’t caught up on pop culture he was genuinely kind, helpful, and eventually revealed to have an excellent sense of humor.

With them both being based in D.C. it was nice to have someone to talk to or to spar or go on a run with. Secretly, she thought that Steve enjoyed actually having to try to lap her. Also secretly, she also thought he was pretty damn handsome.

It was hard to read him for any clues that there was any interest past a mentor-mentee situation. They both were focused on their missions and, quite frankly, Carol was atrocious at knowing when someone was flirting with her.

Still, whatever their relationship, she decided to take it upon herself to catch him up on the important movies he had missed. Which is why tonight he gets the text of:

Hey, you home? Or still on that mission in Chicago?
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When Rhodes had called him, Steve had been glad to help, especially after James told him why. She might not be a science experiment like him, but he knows all too well what it means to feel like an Other. Steve's never enjoyed attention in the way that Tony seems to, but in a way, for people like Steve and Carol, it wasn't a choice. They can't take off the suit, like Tony could.

The first thing he did was invite her to join him on his morning runs around the Lincoln Memorial and Tidal Basin. After the serum, he's never actually ran with someone who could keep up, and this ... well, ever since that first morning, helping Carol stopped having anything to do with doing Rhodey a favor. She was great company, and Steve knew almost right away that they'd be able to help each other feel less alone.

As for pop culture however, it seems like Steve's list just kept on growing, and secretly, he's thankful that Carol had an interest in re-watching the movies he's missed over the years. Which is why that night, when he sees the text pop up on his phone while deboarding a quinjet, Steve takes off his gloves and smiles.

Just landed. I've got a mission debriefing but I should be back at my place within the hour.
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Excellent. I'm thinking John Hughes movies tonight. I know they aren't on your list but they are essential viewing.

There was a brief concern on her end that before they met that they might not have anything in common. That they'd meet, exchange pleasantries...and that'd be it. Thankfully that had never been the case and she really looked forward to the time they spent together.

Text me when you're back at your place and I'll head over?
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You got it.

And it doesn't take long either. The rumble of Steve's motorcycle returns to a quiet Brooklyn side street within thirty minutes, and he lets Carol know that he's there. It usually takes her fifteen to twenty minutes to get there, so Steve takes that chance to put away his things, take a quick shower and change into fresh clothes.

His hair is still a little wet when he hears the buzzer ring over the building intercom, and Steve goes to buzz her up before unlocking his door and pulling it open.
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Just coming off a training session herself, Carol also grabbed a quick shower and used her powers to quickly dry off. Then it was just a brush through her hair, some fresh clothes, and she was off towards his place.

It was a perfect night for a flight over and it felt good to cut through the air. So when she landed, Carol's adrenaline was still going so she bounded up the stairs to his place. And let herself in via the open the door.

"Hey Steve," she announced, unsure if he'd be at the door to meet her or not. In her hand is a good, large stack of DVDs, all John Hughes as promised.
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sam murphy (original) f/m

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(fair warning that she's entirely likely to start swinging at anyone coming in uninvited...)
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Adam Parrish | The Raven Cycle

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[Either role.]
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Tylendel Frelennye - The Last Herald-Mage - M/M

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betty cooper • riverdale

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Dr. Angela 'Mercy' Ziegler ⛨ Overwatch ⛨ F/M 19+ OTA castmates

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mettaton | undertale | m/m

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[ probably the one in the room. ask if you wanna go with him as a human! ]
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cheryl blossom | riverdale

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Ororo Munroe/Storm | X-men (films) | ota

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Barry Allen | DCTV | OTA

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Joy Meachum || Iron Fist/MCU

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Matt Murdock || Marvel

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((MCU or 616.))
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Veronica Lodge | Riverdale

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nuada | hellboy

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probably kicking in windows
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Morgana | Merlin / Arthurian | OTA

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