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Florence Nightingale Effect

Florence Nightingale Effect Meme

1. Previously aloof tough character gets injured, lets the love interest treat their injuries, and reveals a newfound trust and intimacy. This might or might not involve the tough person making that hissing sound when the love interest touches their injured face, but not quite pulling away...

2. The love interest gets injured, and the tough character treats them and suddenly reveals a tender side.

It's an old trope, admittedly, but an understandable one. You're hurt - physically or emotionally - and perhaps even on the brink of death. And then, out of the blue, someone saves you and brings you back. They heal you, they feed you, cloth you, wash you. In the human mind, the intimacies can bring up warm feelings, even in the hardest of hearts. Will you fight them or let them grow? And what about when it's time to leave? You may not feel like leaving your angel...

1. Comment with your character and preferences. Mention if you'd prefer to play the healer or the healed - or both, for greatest versatility!
2. Reply to others.

- The finding and saving
- The hurt/comfort care process, I.E. cleaning wounds, bathing, wrapping bandages, etc.
- Feeding, finding clothes, etc.
- Mother hen behavior ("you're still hurt, don't do that!")
- Comforting from trauma
- Unwilling patient
- Pulling away, trying to be all aloof
- Realization of growing emotions
- Denial
- Attempts to instigate something more
- Jealousy at seeing your savior with someone else
- Confessions
- Mutual attraction
- First (accidental or no) kiss
- Obligatory sex scene option
- Make your own scene
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terra. teen titans. f/m

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( Either role is fine. Canon, normal human/depowered AU, whatever. Come at me.

To avoid tl;dr, for the canonblind: tiny blonde girl with a free spirit, drifter tendencies, and baggage out the everything because of uncontrollable geomancer powers that are hinted to have a body count. )
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Richter Lawrence Alcross | OC | M/F

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Grace Ford | OC | M/F

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[More likely the healer]
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crowe altius, ff: kingsglaive.

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Wolfgang Mozart | Amadeus

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[Either role is fine]
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sam murphy (original) f/m

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(It's most likely she'd be the injured party, but she could play nurse as well.)