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Frustation Fruition.

Frustation Fruition

Your sexual frustration levels are too damn high, no matter if you're a testy teenager with high hormones or a stoic saint with no usual taste for sin or anywhere in between. The source of your need can be just about anything: you've never met anyone of your age/gender preference before, you've wanted this particular person forever because of a colossal crush, you two have been together and you want to take things to the next level, there's been physical distance between, it's been a while since you've gotten any human contact of the sweeter kind...or you've never gotten any. Anyway, you're in a situation that's just too tempting -

Oh, forget resisting. You're not in the mood for that. And apparently, the mood they're in is open to you. Go ahead, what could hurt if you instigate (or let them instigate) and let off some steam?

—ᴄᴏᴍᴍᴇɴᴛ. ɪɴғᴏ, ᴘʀᴇғs, ᴇᴛᴄ.
—ʀᴇᴘʟʏ ᴛᴏ ᴏᴛʜᴇʀs.
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Ben Wheeler | ABC Family's Baby Daddy

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sam murphy (original) f/m

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Hunter | Beastly | M/M

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Margo Hanson | The Magicians

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Adam Parrish / The Raven Cycle

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Bast "Nemy" Nakane / Original / OTA

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jughead jones | riverdale

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tj hammond ( political animals ) m/m

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jack harkness ( doctor who / torchwood )

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andrew minyard, ALL FOR THE GAME.

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( m/m. )
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charles xavier, X-MEN.

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( m/m preferred. )
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[ Maybe this is a horrible idea. I just thought it would be funny? Would you be up for it? ]
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( it might turn out to be a fantastic idea, who knows. i'm up for it! )
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Let me know if this is not okay! C:

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After the Fraternity was done in Chicago, Wesley drifted. For a long while he did nothing else but sat in the window seats of smoky pubs and slept in his car. Then one night he met someone. A big guy with funny hair and a big cigar in the corner of his mouth. He called Wesley Chuck and thought he knew him. Two full bottles of vodka after Wesley knew more about Weschester and Charles Xavier. Along the impressive black eye, Logan had given Wesley a destination.

The next morning he set to driving. He arrived in Weschester a couple of days later. He was 26-years-old and very little managed to surprise him anymore. Meeting his doppelganger had been one of those things, though. Charlex Xavier and his mutation had been another.

Wesley had stayed, let Charles have a go at his own powers. It was a curious situation and Wesley couldn't help but think what it would be like if they'd...

Of course he knew Charles could hear him. But that didn't seem to bother him. Quite the contrary it only made it worse, because there was no hiding it, why bother even trying?

There were nights like this one, when the moon was red and Wesley had taken a few sips from the fancy ass bottle of rum he found from one of the sitting rooms. He was restless, the floor burning under his bare feet as he wandered to a room he knew Charles haunted often when he couldn't sleep, that bottle hanging from the tips of his fingers like a warning flag.

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keeping the timeline vague, you pick?

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[ It's one of those nights: impossibly humid, sticky hot, buzz of moths tethered to the last lights remaining. Erik has snuck in through Charles's window, careful not to disturb the house's other inhabitants, having had no plans to stay past the hour, though it's well past. They talk for what seems like both endlessly and no time at all, Erik reclined on Charles's bed in a comfortable state of partial undress.

Erik finds it difficult to place trust in people, and more difficult to allow himself to do so, but things are different with Charles. The first thing Charles did was save Erik's life, look into his mind, and refuse to shy away. Up until then Erik was the monster, he was the bogeyman, and he didn't know what to do with himself when he was reminded that he was, after all that, just a man. It's hard not to admire him, then, even when he gets under Erik's skin. He tells himself that's why he keeps coming back, sneaking in through the window, baring his soul, and other dramatic, romantic notions.

He finds that doesn't quite explain everything. Things he finds annoying about others, he finds endearing in Charles. He thinks his conscience might speak to him in a distinctive received pronunciation. And sometimes when that's the last voice he hears in his head at night or the first thing he thinks about in the morning, he wonders why his mind decides to repeat some scene from earlier in the day he finds otherwise wholly unremarkable. Something about how Charles looks in this light, something about the heat hanging heavy within their negative space, strikes like a match in him: forcefully and all at once. He'd make a bet he was projecting again; he's never felt emotions in halves and never been particularly good at reining them in. He doesn't even have the decency to feign embarrassment, reaching out instead to place a hand over his friend's.

Loudly, he thinks, come here.
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john constantine ( constantine )

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Dave Hodgman | The First Time | OTA

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adam | only lovers left alive

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[ooc- heyy, any interest in some crosscanon hijinks?]

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( yes, certainly! )
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I hope this works it's been a bit since I saw the movie :> PM me and I can edit tho

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[There's always been something about him.

It wasn't something she could explain, just a feeling. People were sick, there were too many dead, and the world around them seemed like it was crumbling. It might have been poetic in other circumstances, but all it meant to her was a long line of friends either dead or lost. Feeling like maybe she'd lost herself along the way. He has that scent of old things, like a book of yellowed parchment paper and lampblack ink. It's not a feeling she's used to, so of course she's drawn to it.

He's a musician, and she used to be a dancer. She even dances for him sometimes, and it's those night where whatever that attraction is always seems to pull even tighter, like it wants to choke her. It's been a long time since someone drew her eyes, but with Adam, it's more than just passing interest. He gets under her skin, makes her pulse race like it hasn't in decades. Natasha's older than she looks, but he hasn't asked and she doesn't tell, even if most of her secrets have long lost their meaning.

It was going to happen one of these dark nights, with mournful music and how she lets the notes direct her body. Tonight she's half-breathless when her steps finally stop, that faint creak of silk-satin dance shoes on wood floors. She looks over at him, a spark in her blue eyes, and that ever-fraying line of self-control is drawn too tight. She's been bottling it down and ignoring that siren's song that he curls around his long fingers, but it hits her hard.

Where were the lines here, exactly? She didn't think she knew. He was dark and eccentric, and the last thing she wanted was to lose these strange moments. But she couldn't help herself as she moved close, fingertips touching against his jawline cupping his face in her hands with an inhale of breath like a sigh.]
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alec lightwood ( shadowhunters ) m/m

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jace wayland | shadowhunters

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Scott Summers | Marvel Comics | m/f

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(There are in fact limits to his self control.)
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francis abernathy ( the secret history ) m/m

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[Omg yay. I don't know if I've ever seen a Francis before.]

Adam had been deliciously torturing himself for weeks with his attraction to Francis. He thought it was mutual. Knew it was mutual, unless he'd been reading things all wrong. All those careful not-touches, the precisely measured space between them, no closer and no farther--exactly--than where he stood with anyone else. When it came to Francis, Adam could no longer remember how normal people behaved, how to stand or talk or even breathe like he normally would. He was careful never to be alone with Francis. When they were in groups and Adam forgot how to breathe, he would match his breath to one of their other friends.

He avoided looking to Francis or speaking to Francis. Didn't say his name, when he spoke of him, because he feared that if he spoke his name, everyone would know. The syllables in his mouth would be shaped with his wanting, his nervousness, his distraction.

So he said nothing, careful never to sit next to Francis, never to let their hands touch when he handed him a pencil. And yet he found that he always was sitting next to Francis. Whenever he was last to arrive at their study group, there'd only be one open spot, always next to Francis. Whenever he glanced up, for one brief, stolen moment--all the better to torture himself with until the next--he always seemed to catch Francis stealing a look in return.

He conversed with their other friends without hearing anything, studied their Latin and Greek without absorbing any of it. He shuttered himself off from Francis, carefully nurturing his infatuation, and within the shutters of his heart and mind there was only the pounding refrain--Francis, Francis, Francis.
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rena ryuguu. higurashi. f/m

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( No Keiichis, please.

If you're canon unfamiliar: she's a schoolgirl from a town with dark secrets and a murderous history behind its idyllic locale. Similarly, she's a lot more than she seems - on the surface, she's a quirky young thing with an all-encompassing love for cute and broken things, doting on her friends, and playing games. Easily flustered and fun loving, "cute" could probably be used to describe her, as well.

None of this takes into account her deep-rooted paranoia, brilliant analytical mind, nor her violent streak should she be pressed far enough. )
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Winter Schnee|RWBY|ota

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Jyn Erso | Rogue One | OTA

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Princess Serenity / Sailor Moon / F/M

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Open to any/all ideas.
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Rey | SW: TFA | OTA

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