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Alone no longer


You know you're a freak and that, sooner or later, everyone you've known will leave you. And why wouldn't they? You're an outsider. Maybe because of your situation, your attitude, your looks or...your abilities, but it's all the same, even if you're oppressed for your differences or if you slide under the radar. You're in a hell of your own design - loneliness.

Until you meet another freak, someone else incredibly different...someone who also wants to stay with you.

The circumstances, good or bad, under which you met don't matter, because you're not alone anymore. In fact, this person makes you want to look past any self-loathing or low self-esteem you may have and be better. At least they do on some level. Why they care, you don't entirely know. One thing is for certain, however: you'll do anything to keep them safe and by your side.

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Morgan Lynch | Original Character

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Charlie Nagendra | OC

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[Character is a naga, loosely based in the X-verse but I can mold him into most worlds that have some form of magic/magical beings. I'm cool with gen or shipping, but prefer a build-up and shipping will obviously have some complications, what with being a snake from the waist down. Internet meetings and conversations are also a great start!]
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Sherlock Holmes || Sherlock BBC || m/m

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Jason Dean | Heathers [Broadway]

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huh what a coincidence running into u here

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[She's avoided him for days.

It's easy to pinpoint the Moment when it becomes impossible for her to sustain the distance between them. Math class, third period. Ram's seat was right in front of hers, and Veronica had grown used to craning her neck to see around his broad shoulders to the blackboard.

The Moment happens when she looks up, and there are no broad shoulders. No letter jacket. Just the words 'suck a dick' scratched into the surface of the desk with red ink and precision.

It's their fault.

Veronica climbs in through his window that night. She doesn't knock. She doesn't say anything. His bed sinks as she climbs onto it, and lays down on her side, facing away from him.]
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[it's easy to know when you're being avoided. specifically, when your girlfriend avoids the areas she knows you wait around in, brushes past you in the hallways, and won't answer the phone.

okay, so maybe their last little fight was his fault. maybe a little. but j.d. knows that he and Veronica are meant to be together--just the two of them, against a cruel and uncaring society.


he knows he has to give her time. it's so hard, though, when every moment without her is something like agony.

each night, he leaves his window open.

one night, finally, she takes the bait. he feels her getting in bed beside him, form small compared to his own, and marvels at it. she's so fierce, and wonderful, and vulnerable. still, he doesn't move to embrace her. not yet.]

Well, gee, kid. I'd begun to think that you'd offed yourself, too.
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[Veronica thinks of Heather Chandler's beautiful, curlicue handwriting. L's that arc in a large, sweeping loop. She feels sick.]

Don't joke about that.

[Even as she murmurs it, she wonders why he hasn't held her already. That's all she wants. That's why she's here. So he can hold her, and say he's sorry, and he was wrong, and they'll be happy.

She buries her face in his pillow.]
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Sorry, sorry. Uh, old habits die hard.

[he turns over, eyes already having adjusted to the dark. Veronica is beautiful. astounding, a goddess in moonlight, even when she's fragile and tense and unbelievably angry. angry at him? no, not really. it's misplaced anger, it's got to be--the world is to blame. the social order.

he wishes he could burn it all down, and build her a castle in the ashes.]

Hey. C'mere.

[he reaches for her, pulling her against his bare chest. he wonders what it would be like if he stopped breathing, right this minute, right as he holds her--a happy death, all things considered. but then he would be leaving her, all alone, with everything that they had done. together.]

Guess I'm more of a romantic than I thought.

[he speaks out loud, more musing than anything else, before pressing a kiss to her forehead.]

Penny for your thoughts? Hell, I'd even give you a nickle.

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[There. Finally. It feels like she's been waiting for this longer than just the five minutes she's been in his bed. Any time she spent thinking she could cut ties with him, just leave- she was kidding herself. What the fuck was she thinking? They can make this work. She can make him understand. Why else would her heart pound in such a hopeful beat the second they're back together?

Veronica melts in his arms, and presses her hands up against his chest. Her nose is still cold from the walk here, and she buries it in his neck.

His words confuse her, but she thinks they're the kind of words where it doesn't matter. They're safe words. Sweet. Nothing poison under the surface that she needs to dig out.]

Same thing I've been thinking about every night. Can't sleep.

[It's a like a dam bursting.]

What we did was wrong.

[Her fingers clutch at his collarbones. She needs to hold on tight, and keep them tied together in this reality. The reality where JD is good, and loves her, and also won't kill anymore of her classmates.]
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[he shivers, when she buries her nose in his neck. cold, like a puppy's nose, but significantly drier. he smooths down her hair, runs his hand down her back, makes soft and comforting noises. she has to know that he cares. he wants to protect her, and take care of her, and save her from this shitty, fucked up world.]

Maybe to some people.

[he pauses, trying to figure out how to phrase this. trying to figure out what the perfect combination of words will be to make her understand, to make her realize how much better the world is without people like them. his quiet is intensified by her obvious desperation; the way she touches him, clings to him. it hurts his heart, a little, but it also bolsters his resolve.]

Things are better now. Trust me, Veronica. Scum like Kurt and Ram don't deserve to walk on the same Earth as you.
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[Everything is at odds. His actions are so gentle. Reassuring. They make her want to nestle closer, and let him protect her from any locked doors and bitter words in the world.

His words sting like paper cuts underneath her nails, and she pulls back.]

I'm not- J.D, that is not true.

[Her heart is still pounding. It just feels a lot less like love, and a lot more like panic. Veronica clings to the few golden threads of hope she has.]

I need you to promise me that this ends here.
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[she's upset. he knows that. sorry? she's sorry, guilty over two of the biggest neanderthals ever to grace westerberg's corridors. even though they made her cry, made up rumors about her.

that's why she's so impossibly good.

he leans forward when she pulls back, gently pressing his forehead against hers. she has to see. she needs to look into his eyes, and see how much he cares.]

All right, all right. No need to get so upset, Veronica. I can keep a promise.

[except, he hasn't promised. not that he'd point that out to her. Veronica's smart. she'll notice, and if she really has a problem, she'd point it out. he brings one hand up to cup her cheek.]

I want to protect you. You mean the world to me.
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[A distant part of her knows the first part of his words are condescending. She's allowed to be upset about this. This is a big deal. More immediately, her breath stutters. His eyes are so close and feeling and lovely. What was she...

Right. Promise. He'll keep it. It's a promise, and he can keep it. He understands how important this is to her. He hasn't said it in as many words, exactly, but this is J.D. He doesn't say things without meaning or reason. It means something.

It's a promise. You mean the world to me.

She melts, her cocoon of delusion stitched and hot glued back together. Veronica doesn't have words for him. Warmth spreads through her, liquid heat making it's way from her heart to her toes. She holds the hand against her face with her own, and the way her mouth meets the corner of J.D.s seems almost shy despite the fact that she is anything but when it comes to him.

He doesn't want to hurt anyone. He just wants to protect her.

All the more reason it's her fault, really.]
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[she gives. Veronica is so close, kisses the corner of his mouth and touches his hand, and the effect is nothing short of intoxicating. sure, he likes brewskis every now and then, but he'd much rather get drunk on Veronica, high on her presence, heady with the privilege of knowing her in this way. so, so intimately. intimacy, j.d. has decided, is not about what you do in the bedroom, quite so much as it is about shared secrecy and understanding. it's far more about the trust that you can place in another, knowing that she won't tell--knowing that what they did together is not only dangerous but beautiful, powerful, and eternally binding.

murder is really good at bringing couples closer together, he decides.

he brings his other hand to her back, skimming to its small and pulling her against him. she's so gorgeous like this. he's so lucky.

(and, of course, the fact that he's managed to even win over a girl like this boosts his ego just a bit.)

smiling, he tucks the blankets around them a bit tighter. safe.]

A sweetheart is a bottle of wine. And I am drunk on Veronica Sawyer.
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[She finds it all a little bit ridiculous. (Baudelaire? Oh, she wants to kiss him again.)

Not the words, and not the gestures. Those appeal to every romantic fantasy she ever had; every wish too dramatic to vocalize. It's just that... it's her. Veronica Sawyer. She's no fine wine; that's for sure. She's like a bag of $4 cask wine.

The metaphor has run on so long in her mind and she's still bubbling (hah!) over with butterflies and it all erupts in one of her signature half-snort giggles.]

You're not drunk. You're just lame.

[She likes this. He's tall, and his bare chest is warm, and he's building them a bastion in his bed sheets. Yet for all this, all he does is pull her closer. She feels powerful. (she felt this way with a gun in her hands) Maybe drunk is apt after all.

This time, the kiss lasts longer. Her hand slides up his neck.]

Thank you.

[For listening. For understanding.]
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[oh, god, that laugh of hers is so cute. just the right amount of dorky on her is sexy; but then again, anything would be sexy on her. she calls him lame, and he grins, nuzzling against her.]

Maybe I'm lame. But you, my dear, absolutely love it.

[he leans into the kiss, and makes a soft sound. just a little, just a bit. Veronica makes him feel okay being vulnerable, handing her the reins for little things like this--deciding when to kiss and touch, for knowing how to look at him in ways that melt him down and build him up, far more powerfully than he ever had been before.

and she listens to him. god, she listens, she wants to know about him; to help. she cares about his mother, what happened to her. she cares about him.]

No. Thank you.
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[Her voice ticks up at the end. It's clearly a playful false denial and nothing more- because she does. She loves him to bursting, and it's an incredible relief to let herself feel it again unburdened.

Hearing J.D., even quiet as he is, makes her fingertips tingle and her face flush. It's not so much the sound itself as the knowing. She created that noise. Brought it into being. She can make others, too. He's hers and he'll protect her and she thinks he'd let her destroy him if that was what she needed.

She wouldn't. She could never.

Well. In some ways, maybe.

Veronica toes off her shoes and kicks them out from underneath the blankets. (Maybe she should have done that already, but one tends not to think of these things when one is focused on ensuring their boyfriend doesn't make murder a continuing habit.) She weaves her feet around his; twists their legs together. The decorated collar of her jacket presses uncomfortably between them.]

I guess I can admit to a certain level of fondness.
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The dorkier I get, the more entranced with me you become. It's scientific fact, darling.

[he smiles into the kiss, leaning to nip at her lip just a little bit. playfully. Veronica is so powerful and lovely, beautiful and all-consuming, and he would be lying if he said he wasn't completely under her spell. he rubs his hand up her back, softly tangling it in her hair--so soft, so pretty, especially in the moonlight.

he hears her shoes hit the floor and chuckles. classy, ronnie.

it doesn't matter that her clothing presses against his bare chest uncomfortably; what matters is that he can feel her heart beating, feel her form so vibrant and alive against his. it's another moment where he thinks he could die, happily, just so long as she were here beside him.

but they wouldn't change the world, that way.]

Well, gee, kid. That's a weight off my back. Here I was, worried that my slushies hadn't won you over.
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[She contemplates that. Maybe he's right. There's something impossibly charming about a J.D. spouting cheesy lines and shivering under her hands.

Speaking of which, she takes the slide of teeth against her lip as encouragement, and dips her head again to mouth at his neck. Veronica's teeth nip at his skin in return, and she soothes it over with gentle kisses. Her eyes slip shut, and her senses zero in on the feeling of fingers tugging their way through her curls with care. She sighs against his neck and pauses a moment to respond, all content goofiness.]

You can rest easy. Between your freckles and the frozen sludge, consider me won.

[This time, her lips curve up in a grin where they're pressed against him. It's exceedingly calming and simultaneously heart racing, being able to bring his blood to the surface in patterns with nothing but her mouth.]

Maybe I'm just a sucker for a guy with a perpetually cold mouth.

[Yes, that's a jab.]
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[j.d. makes another small sound at the bites against his neck, face flushing red. he's--not really vocal, but there's something about Veronica that makes him different. makes him want to give himself, all of himself, to another person. he hums something under his breath, some love song he's made up just for them, and runs his hand down her back once more.]

My freckles are arguably my fourth most attractive feature.

[he grins, before pulling his face into a childish pout when Veronica wounds him like that.]

Slushies are my vice, Veronica. You don't need to be so rude.

[he pauses.]

Do you think if you got the blue raspberry kind, and I got the cherry kind, our tongues would turn purple...?

[late night talks with j.d. are always interesting.]
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[She can only laugh at that. It's incredibly amusing imagining J.D. standing in front of a mirror methodically picking out his best features. Actually that kind of sounds like a good time.]

We are not doing that.

[God. She screws her nose up at the thought of what a mess it would be. Slushie everywhere, probably. All over their faces. And what they'd have to do with their tongues to even try to make the colors mesh- Um. Ah. She flushes.]

Well. Probably.
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[he was facetious in pulling the number, but her giggle is definitely worth it. goodness, she's adorable.]

Why not? Come on, Veronica. It would be artistic, or something. The antithesis of popular. I'm sure you'd love it.

[he kisses her cheek, nosing at her softly, before reaching around to hug her closer. his eyes close.]

Mm. We should stay in bed, tomorrow. Who needs a brainwashed education when you have 'Ronica?
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[He's so good at convincing her. It's a lot easier to feel okay about that when it's to do with slushies and kisses and not guns and fake suicides.

She pets at his hair, smiling at the soft affection. They just got off course, didn't they? Everything will be fine now. Normal.

Pretty fucking far off course.

Mostly normal.]

We could watch bad movies. Order in. I'll wear your shirt, and we'll be the only two people in the world.

[What? Normal kids skip school, sometimes.]
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Oh, Ronnie. You do look ravishing in my shirt.

[ he pulls her closer, keeping his hand on her hip. almost protectively; almost possessively. it's quite hard to tell which one is closer to the mark. ]

Which bad movies would you suggest? I have a feeling you're better versed in them than I am.

[ Veronica is a dork. a beautiful, intelligent Goddess, but a dork nonetheless. he smiles, and inhales. her hair smells good. he can't place the scent. ]

We are the only two people in the world. The only two that matter.
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Randel Oland | Pumpkin Scissors | OTA

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[ do YOU want a seven a half foot marshmallow of a war vet? you know you do ]