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We all know the typical kind of confession. I love you, I'm pregnant, I slept with your sister, whatever. This is the place for that, sure. But what about other confessions? Ones that are life-changing in different ways? Are you secretly a criminal? A monster? A "monster"? Are you confessing to murder? To taking the last cookie? Is it a false confession? Are you confessing because it's the right thing to do? Because you felt guilty? Because you got caught red-handed? Because someone is forcing you to? Are you confessing to a lover? A friend? An enemy? The cops? Batman? Are we ever going to stop asking questions?

• Top level your character. Include any details you might think are relevant. Or don't. As always, we're not the cops.
• Reply to other people's top levels!
• Have fun!

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Raphael Santiago | Shadowhunters

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Bucky Barnes | MCU | OTA

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Grace Ford | OC | OTA

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Anna Milton | Supernatural | OTA

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Colette Wise - Original

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libertus ostium ↠ kingsglaive

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[You know that little voice in the back of your head that occasionally says 'maybe this is a bad idea'? Nyx doesn't have that voice. Nyx's inner voice sees an opportunity and goes 'oh look! A hole conveniently big enough to fit through!' It's a strategy that works well enough for him, given the speed at which he can warp through a battlefield, and the other Glaives have adjusted well for it.

He takes down a magitek shock trooper with his knees and his blade, riding it down to the ground in a shower of warp sparks just as someone barks in his ear for backup. He flings an arc of lightning into the next nearby group of soldiers and whips his kukri back into the sky to head for the east flank.

And so it goes for the entire battle. There's a bigger force than they're used to, this time. Magitek aren't very strong, but they've got numbers where the Glaives are only ever a small team of about thirty. The advantage is theirs, most of the time. Today, however, was pushing all of their limits as the Empire's army refused to stop marching forward.

Three artfully lobbed fireballs, and another choice flash of lightning later, Nyx warps over a wall being used as shelter and pushes up his mask to flash Libertus a tired grin.]

Got our work cut out for us today.

[He glances back out, assessing the squads steadily approaching. No tanks today (the empire must have learned a bit after the last time the unguarded machines were brought onto the field) but from this vantage point he could see the latest ship, door still open after dropping off its soldiers.

His grin turns a little wicked as an idea starts to form.]
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Yeah, thanks for the update, hero.

[Groused as he leaned his weight against the wall, taking this time to catch his breath against the makeshift shelter while he could. It really wasn't anything unusual for them, and they were more than enough to take the brunt of these attacks, really. But it was all tedious and exhausting, one wrong move and you're done.

Why they wouldn't quit he didn't know, but it was making his temper flair a little more than usual. Which is what he needed, the fire in the pit of his stomach for a few more rounds at the very least. Libertus was a brawler, his stature better suited for hard hits and blocking heavy blows. But that shit grew tiresome after awhile, you know?

He was about to say as much, when he caught that look.

He knew that look.

Astrals, he knew that look.

There's a growl in Libertus' throat, half tempted to reach out and grab Nyx by the arm.]

Whatever you're thinkin' of doing? Don't.

[Nyx may not have that voice in his head, but Libertus sure as hell did. And he had enough of that voice to share.]
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I can end this.

[There's an eager lilt in his voice, a resurgence of energy that had been lagging as he warped across the battlefield. He can map it out perfectly in his head (including a dozen variations because, really, who actually expects these bastards to act the way you want them to?)

He rolls his head to pop out some of the tension in his neck and surveys the field to find his path.]

Libertus, I need cover.
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And get your stupid ass killed in the meantime? No. We can wear 'em down and they'll leave like they always do.

[The safe way. Or... the safest way he could think of without Nyx doing something crazy. Because he always had to do something crazy.

Every muscle and bone in his body was tired... and he honestly didn't know how much longer he could go, personally. To stubbornly fight and thin out the numbers, forcing a retreat. But who knew how much longer that would take. And as far as Libertus knew they didn't have any casualties (yet.)

And he knew that look of determination.

Astrals, if Nyx Ulric wasn't the epitome of stubborn.


And stupid.

Jaw clenched, teeth grinding together for a moment as he let's out a breath, settling Nyx with a look.]

Yeah. And there's no one better to give it to you.

Go on then, hero.
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[He grins broadly, clapping his hand on Libertus's shoulder in thanks.]

Knew I could count on you. Listen, if I can sneak up into that ship I can drive it into their ranks. Should be just what we need to convince them to get up out of here.

[Pulling his mask back down, he stays low as he slips out from around the wall, moving from cover to cover to find himself a better vantage point to warp up into the ship without being immediately set upon.]
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Marie Kreutz l The Bourne Series l OTA

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booker richardson. oc.

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Father Luca Gabrielli | OC

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[ He's happy to listen if you need to unload to someone. ]