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When you smile I melt inside, I'm not worthy of a minute of your time

First Date

It hurts when you pluck unruly hair with tweezers. The cheap aftershave stings. This dress isn't comfortable. But it's going to be worth it, because this is your first date! Your first date ever. do know you're going on a date, right? This isn't something your confused and unsure about or has been sprung on you in disguise?

Never mind, there are more important questions here. Is your date someone you just met and asked out, or they a longtime friend and acquaintance? Where are you going to take them? Dinner and a movie, pizza, the junkyard, an underground fight club, or a feast or ball because you're in the olden days?

Above all else - you're going to get that good night kiss, aren't you?

How to Play
  • Comment with your character, preferences, and information about what your character would do for a first ever date. So, basically, how formal vs. how casual and where they'd take their date!
  • Reply to others.
  • Thread. This meme can be shippy, serious, or silly. Whatever you'd like.
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Rapunzel [ Tangled ] F/M

[personal profile] daydreaming 2017-03-12 11:13 pm (UTC)(link)
( Here for the cute, completely and shamelessly. Canon 'Punzie is this account, modern AU is [personal profile] sunbrowned; I'm open to playing either. )
Edited 2017-03-12 23:13 (UTC)
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Rey || Star Wars: The Force Awakens || F/M

[personal profile] talentedscavenger 2017-03-12 11:47 pm (UTC)(link)
[ooc: Up for cross-canon and AUs. She won't think its a date unless someone spells it out for her.]
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Adelbert Steiner | FF9 | This is just for fun please don't try to bang steiner

[personal profile] sir_rusty 2017-03-13 01:18 am (UTC)(link)
["When the night sky wears the moon as its pendant, I shall await you at the dock."

You're not sure who left you the note, and the handwriting sure isn't familiar, but should your character decide to follow the directions enclosed, they will find a figure pacing by the water's edge.

Disrupting the stillness of the night, the man's full plate armor clangs loudly with each step. Under the helm, the man's face is beaded with sweat. Pretty unapealing. And in his right hand he clutches a piece of paper not dissimilar from your own.

I hope you weren't expecting a handsome prince or a beautiful princess because you got Steiner.
ryotaro_dojima: (Are you serious?)

I am so sorry

[personal profile] ryotaro_dojima 2017-03-13 02:22 am (UTC)(link)
[Dojima had almost ignored the letter considering his circumstances, but...

Well, he was a detective after all. Curiousity played a part in that.

The noise gave the guy away... a mile away. Dojima watched him for a minute or so, pacing back and forth, cringing slightly from the clang clang clang--

He took the time to light a cigarette, taking a hard pull, before letting it out in a puff of smoke.]

...So, someone set you up for this, or...?
sir_rusty: (Waaaah)

:'D Don't be!

[personal profile] sir_rusty 2017-03-13 02:32 am (UTC)(link)

[At the sound of a voice, Steiner jumps a mile and just barely manages not to end up in the waterway.]

Set up? [Steiner crumples the note in his fist, doing his best to hide it behind him, like a child who got caught with a hand in the cookie jar.]

I don't know what you're talking about! I'm just out on patrol!

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[personal profile] sunnysidewalkstreet 2017-03-13 01:58 am (UTC)(link)
[ Let's be real it's just something. Casual for the two of them. Even if Prompto has been preparing himself for weeks, making sure he looks fine and his lil neck-snakes are hidden under a bulky scarf. (He hasn't had the courage to tell her about his curse. Not yet. Maybe when they're closer and he can boop her with multiple kisses)

But he's letting her choose where to go - because he knows she'll pick somewhere beautiful, and then he can see her smile and capture it forever. And besides, they both deserved to have a nice day off! This won't need to be anything serious. Even if she's so beautiful and he loves her so much and he won't fuck this up. He promises himself. ]
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[personal profile] lightning_fists 2017-03-14 04:14 pm (UTC)(link)
[ It wasn't anything fancy or grand in gesture. Because, at the end of the day, Tifa was just a simple girl from the small providence of Nibel. Just a small, country girl making a life for herself in the big city. It wouldn't take much to impress her or make her happy. So when he left it up for her to decide, the young Guard's first thought was how nice it would be to just have a quiet picnic away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Lunch date. That had been his only condition when she'd asked for preferences. And being who she was, Tifa never questioned it, only gave him a time and a place to meet with one of the Prince's borrowed cars before running off to finalize her plans.

And that's how he'll find her when she pulls up to the gates, out of her normal Crownsguard uniform and in a silly simple dress, picnic basket held behind her back and politely chatting it up with one of the Gate Wardens.

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[personal profile] off_the_edge 2017-03-13 02:03 am (UTC)(link)
[Would you like pregame (during Cloud's stay in Midgar before the Reactors), something mid/postgame where it's Cloud's first date as the real him, or some kind of Gold Saucer scenario except Weird?]
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[personal profile] lightning_fists 2017-03-14 07:44 am (UTC)(link)
(( I'm honestly good with most anything. I even have a younger!Tifa journal if we decide to take that route~ ))

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[personal profile] neverfirstclass 2017-03-13 09:32 pm (UTC)(link)
(Similar questions to the Cloud above me :P Awkward kids in Nibelheim AUish, Grumpy and uncomfortable in main game, or awkward and uncomfortable in postgame/movie?)
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[personal profile] off_the_edge 2017-03-14 12:33 am (UTC)(link)
(Oh my goodness, she's getting swamped in Clouds. HOW WILL SHE PICK)

(Can we... I mean, should the two of us just date? You know, Cloud to Cloud?)
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[personal profile] lightning_fists 2017-03-14 07:47 am (UTC)(link)
(( Surprise me~? ))

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Emma Swan| OUAT | OTA

[personal profile] savedbylove 2017-03-13 02:48 am (UTC)(link)
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Captain Hook | Once Upon a Time | m/f

[personal profile] seekingcrocodile 2017-03-13 02:55 am (UTC)(link)
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Janice Rand | Star Trek (Alternate Original Series)

[personal profile] astris 2017-03-13 03:04 am (UTC)(link)
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ARTEMIS FOWL II | Artemis Fowl

[personal profile] goldcomplex 2017-03-13 05:00 am (UTC)(link)
[Date setting will be embarrassingly formal if Artemis is allowed to decide where to go, or hilarious if he is not allowed to decide. OTA!]
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Dr. Angela 'Mercy' Ziegler ⛨ Overwatch ⛨ F/M 19+ OTA castmates

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Claire Bennet || NBC's Heroes || OTA

[personal profile] infinite1ups 2017-03-13 11:19 pm (UTC)(link)
[We can discuss existing CR or it can just be a blind date. Either is cool.]
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Hiro Hamada | Disney's Big Hero 6

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/dive bombs

[personal profile] fortunette 2017-03-15 05:25 am (UTC)(link)
[ So today was the big day. Today was it. Yep! The big day circled on her calendar a few times in red ink. Today was the day for her first date with Hiro. Actually it was her first date every with the added bonus of being with Hiro. To say the least, she was completely nervous.

Alya came by to help her dress up nicely and do her make up. And of course tease her best friend. aaaah it was almost too much.


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Margo Hanson | The Magicians

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deceitful: hollow-art (just don't)

rolls in here late

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[ Brakebills may be out of reach for him, but the rest of New York? Perfectly doable.

So it's at one of the local landmarks that he arranges to meet Margo at, Peter already there and leaning against the wall in wait. It's on the late end of the evening, closer to midnight. The sidewalk spills over with late night revelers, women in short skirts and men in pristine shoes, both striving for a certain look.

Peter's not much different, the v-neck of his white shirt bordering on obscene, leather jacket thrown over it. Nothing fancy to finish it off, just jeans and boots to go with. It's interesting, going through the motions of everything that surrounds a date again— but in the end, he supposes it'll be a harmless evening of fun, if nothing else.

Phone in hand, he scrolls through it idly as he stands by. He's early by about five minutes. ]

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Rey | SW: TFA | OTA

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