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The (Possibly Post-Apocalyptic) Homesteading Meme

The (Possibly Post-Apocalyptic) Homesteading Meme

The apocalypse is over, you’ve reached the new world, the colony ship has landed, the bunker has opened, your inheritance has been bequeathed. Wherever you came from, whatever horrors you’ve survived, you’re here now. You’ve made it, and this is going to be your new home. Finally, you’ve found a little patch of land that wasn’t destroyed, or you saved up enough pennies to buy a farm, or you found the perfect fortress to keep back the monstrous hordes outside.

1. We’ve Earned This - Maybe you fought for it, maybe you’re the only surviving humans, maybe you just saved your pennies from your soul-crushing desk job. Either way, you earned this new life, and your own piece of land. Now it’s time to make it a home.
2. Robinson Crusoe - No part of this was planned. But here you are, washed up on this foreign island or distant planet, and you have no choice but to survive. There’s no way to send a message, and no one’s coming to save you. You’re just going to have to use whatever you can salvage from the wreck to make this barren place into a livable home.
3. Hermits Do It Alone - Ever dreamed about just running away from it all? Now’s your chance. You’ve purchased a piece of land somewhere so far remote that you don’t have neighbors anywhere within miles. This is what you want. And yet… you’re not entirely alone. Maybe someone has shown up on your doorstep needing shelter, maybe you just got a new neighbor, or maybe you brought them along (willing or not).
4. Manifest Destiny - Welcome to the new world. Your colony ship has arrived, and whether you’re coming from another planet or just across the sea, this land is yours now. It’s your destiny. You might have to fight the natives for it, or maybe you’ve found somewhere so unappealing or undiscovered that you’ll only be fighting against the elements—and whatever strange new foreign infections reside here.
5. Manifest Zombies - Maybe your manifest destiny (and the zombies or monsters chasing you) has led you to an established settlement. They have safety and food, but they’re not willing to let you in. You’re going to have to prove your worth to them, or you’re going to have to take it.
6. Louisiana Purchase - Expand! Settle! Homestead! Your home country or planet has just made some valuable new territory acquisitions. They’re unoccupied, rich with resources, and going cheap. Pack your trowel and buy plenty of seeds, you’re going homesteading.
7. You, Me, and this Bunker - The apocalypse has come, but you were ready for it! You’ve got your bunker, your water filtration system, your underground crops, and a room full of unwatched DVDs. Get ready to play a whole lot of two-player games of cards, because the two of you are stuck in your new home until the half-life of the nuclear disaster above ticks down to manageable levels. So, probably not within your lifetime.
8. I Think We’re Alone Now - You had your bunker, and you survived. Maybe it’s been only a few months, or maybe you were born inside that bunker, a descendant of the original survivors. It’s safe to emerge at last, into the ruins of what was once our modern society. No one’s alive out there, unless you can find another survivor like yourself. But you can probably find a nice farm somewhere, raid some abandoned grocery stores, and plant some crops.

tl;dr - Farming, housemaking, homesteading. Possibly after the apocalypse or on a new planet. Or just because you want a farm.
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Adam Parrish | The Raven Cycle

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Griffith | Berserk | M/M

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[Gonna manifest all over this destiny.]
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Michelle | 10 Cloverfield Lane

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[7 is literally her canon, and 8 is pretty close to it (and she definitely has PTSD for That Song). Open to all.]
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Ashe of Dalmasca ; FFXII ; OTA

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Re: Ashe of Dalmasca ; FFXII ; OTA

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(OoC: Would you mind two princesses setting up shop somewhere? Abandoned kingdom or whatnot to rebuild in?)

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Selene | Starfighter: Eclipse | M/M

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[Selene will probably actually be pretty good at this homesteading thing, though all of his knowledge is book knowledge rather than practical application. Open to any of the scenarios.]
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joseph joestar | jojo's bizarre adventure | ota!

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2 (i-i hope this is okay!)

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( feel free to pick which au you'd like to play off your list! i can also swap to brackets or prose depending on what you like! )

[ Building things hasn't been something Jotaro has experience with. At least, he wouldn't say he has it. Usually he is the force that comes in and breaks everything down with his fists. It is another Joestar that has the ability to put it back together. Which is presumably why Jotaro is simply standing at the site of the wreck with the bill of his hat casting a shadow over his eyes. It is either annoyance at the realization of the aforementioned facts, or maybe the fact he has been stranded since the crash.

Star Platinum could quickly and accurately nail some shelter together before the rain clouds make their way towards the wreck. That isn't really the problem... ]

[ora-horn intensifies]

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jojokes are the best omg

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the man in black, westworld.

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peggy carter » mcu

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dorothy gale | emerald city

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who needs numbers

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[ Lucas hadn't thought Dorothy would take him seriously when he suggested they stay at the cottage. He knew how determined she was to get home. He was merely dreaming aloud.

But there they were, lying in the kitchen area on the makeshift bed they'd made out of blankets on the window seat, naked in each other's arms - and Dorothy had said okay. Okay, let's stay. Okay, let this be our home. Okay, let us take care of Sylvie together.

Maybe Glinda had answers about his past but it's like he said to Dorothy before - Eamonn knew him the man he was, and maybe so did Glinda. But who he is now - the kind of man he is around Dorothy - is who he wants to be and stay as. And if returning Sylvie to Glinda would put her in danger, then she'll stay with them and they'll help her control her magic, making sure she never harms anyone (again).

Lucas has spent their first day at the cottage not actually inside the building much - he's been out in the woods hunting with Sylvie, teaching her how to set up traps (this he remembers from his past). She finds it interesting but gets pretty upset when they return to their handiwork to find dead rabbits. Lucas insists they need the rabbits for survival and eventually she accepts he's right, but he still has to carry her the whole way back to the cottage, with her hiding her face in his neck because she doesn't want to look at the dead rabbits he's carrying in one hand. ]

I brought dinner. [ Lucas announces to Dorothy as soon as they're home (home... Lucas likes the sound of that), grinning a little because it's good to feel useful. Sylvie mumbles something that sounds a lot like 'I'm not hungry' in a sulky manner and Lucas moves her face back so she's looking into his eyes, soft but authoritative. ] Yes, you are. You need food to be strong. Doesn't she, Dorothy?

not us no sir

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I forgot about the rabbits

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thomas nightingale | rivers of london

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n. solo | tmfu

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sara lance | dctv

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dolores | westworld

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[ homesteader's daughter, at your service... ]
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Hawke | Dragon Age | OTA

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[ something post-Inquisition where he's just a farmer guy in the middle of nowhere hiding from the Chantry would be top ]
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lydia martin, teen wolf.

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( i live ! for these types of threads. crossovers welcome. )
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Jack Frost | Rise of the Guardians | OTA

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[Since he's a winter spirit and doesn't technically need to worry about eating, he's probably just a dude who comes along during the winter to help people not die in the snow.]
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River Tam | Firefly

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Clint Barton | MCU

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Tim Drake/Red Robin | DCnU

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[ota, including cross-canon/medium!!]
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mix of 7 & 8ish?

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They had sort of always been preparing for this situation- the end of the world, something they couldn't beat. One of the very few times they would all band together and fight, because no matter what Jason had done, no matter how many bridges he burned, in the end where else would he be?

They all refused to give up or give in, of course. No one would ever admit that this was too much to handle even for them, even when they all got separated, even when group by group, less of them started to check back in with Batman, and then there was nothing but static.

When he's down to the last of his weapons, he makes a deal with himself that the last bullet will be his own. He's not getting taken or cut up by creatures not even the Justice League could figure out where they came from. He's dying here, on this land and vaguely he wishes he could have said goodbye. He ends up not being able to use that bullet on himself, fighting till the very end, but he ends up going down anyway, a wound to his side that might kill him either way. He knows he has an underground safehouse around here somewhere, if he could just get to it, but he's losing too much blood and he can explosions everywhere, the earth shaking below him.

The last thing he remembers is a flash of red before he passes out.

ok i think i'm here now xD

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( ´ ▽ ` )

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Jane | The Walking Dead Game

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( yes, please!!! i'm a little less inspired about option 7 but everything else is a go. her S3 ending never happened ok :) )
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Annie Cresta | the Hunger Games

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Cassandra | Highlander | OTA

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Melissa McCall ● Teen Wolf ● OTA

[personal profile] yougivethemhope 2017-02-28 12:45 am (UTC)(link)
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clint barton | mcu

[personal profile] fistmele 2017-02-28 02:00 am (UTC)(link)
[ seems canon.

open to cross-canon cr as well as canonmates.
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[personal profile] evreica 2017-02-28 06:46 am (UTC)(link)
[post-disaster unofficial adoption or something?]

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Bruce Banner | MCU | OTA

[personal profile] aggravated 2017-02-28 02:05 am (UTC)(link)
[Could be the apocalypse, could be just him on the run, whatever.]

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