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do you ever wonder what may have been?

( what you can never have )

When two people come together in a relationship, it's a beautiful thing. What can be wrong with love, right? Right? Except when the union is completely and totally wrong, for whatever reason. Then things can get a little messy.

How To Play

1. Comment with your character, listing their name, canon, etc, along with any preferences.
2. Comment around to others, using the RNG to determine the scenario. It doesn't have to be a lovey-dovey relationship, obviously. There can be hate, sorrow, lust, whatever.
3. Thread! Have fun! Do things!


1. Warring Factions: You belong to rival organizations, armies, clubs, etc. Whatever it is, you're not on the same team.

2. Soldiers on the Battlefield: Or maybe you are on the same side, but this is the wrong time and the wrong place. Plus, attachments cause distractions.

3. Bodyguard and the Guarded: Just like the movie with Kevin Costner! One of you has been hired to protect the other for some reason, and feelings are starting to grow. Are you a professional and cut things off, or do you give in?

4. Prince/ss and Knight: Similar to the above, but with a whole 'nother level of of you is royal. Courtly love is okay; still, don't forget your place.

5. Enemies: This vendetta is personal, and you totally hate this person! Don't you? Perhaps you're maybe just rivals, or something as serious as superhero and villain.

6. Family: The ultimate taboo. This person is related to you, so there's no way you should indulge this desire, even if it's the most pure love there ever was.

7. Age Difference: The years between you should keep you both at bay, but it's easier said than done.

8. Teacher/Student: Teachers and students have a unique bond, and to corrupt it is a dangerous thing. Will you dare to act on emotions that could put you both in a destructive place?

9. Already Spoken For: One or both of you are already involved with someone else, but the heart wants what the heart wants. Just know that you can't have your cake and eat it, too.

10. Not Compatible: Your personalities or jobs make it so it's hard for you to be together.

11. Not Another Way: You're both different species, which means you're either afraid to take your relationship to a physical level or you can't because of differences in biologies.

12. Not Ready for Love: You took a vow (or celibacy, of chastity, of dedication), you're married to your work, or you just don't want to be involved with anyone. Too bad!

13. Rich and Poor: One of you has the money while the other is from more modest means. Can the 1% and the 99% ever be bedfellows, literally?

14. Hurt Before: Your heart has been broken, and maybe there's been no time to heal. But here you are.


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Rey | SW:TFA | OTA

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Clarice "Blink" l Xmen l OTA

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Cullen Rutherford | Dragon Age | OTA

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( Voicetesting. )
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[Would 2 work for you?]

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( It works perfectly! )
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hope you like tldr

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[Krem had a Problem.

Normally when he had a Problem he couldn't deal with himself, he'd tell Bull and they'd figure it out, calling in other Chargers as necessary. He'd learned over the years that trying to hide things from Bull was nigh impossible and he was better off just admitting it straight out.

Besides, he was crap at lying. At least, to the people whose opinions he cared about.

It had started with Krem turning in his reports. With Bull at the Inquisitor's side, Krem was the de-facto leader of the Chargers and thus, had to deal with all the paperwork. It was a little annoying, but he took pride in being able to turn in what Josephine called "truly exquisite" mission reports after being barely literate most of his life. Most of those reports went to Josephine's desk, but a few had to be delivered to the Commander.

And therein lay the problem. Or rather, the Problem.

Krem had been developing... feelings for the Commander. He was loathe to call it a crush because that sounded so childlike but what else could it be? Just knowing he'd have to step into the man's office made his stomach flutter. Flutter! Like he was some kind of-- some kind of teenager again!

He didn't even know how the crush had formed. They'd barely seen each other, hardly spoken, both kept busy with their respective jobs. Krem wasn't even sure if Cullen was aware of his presence, other than how it had to do with official Inquisition business. Sure, the man was handsome and he had a commanding presence on the battlefield and he was charming in a sort of stilted, awkward way in private, and he had great hair but... where was he going with this?

Anyway, all this added up to Krem's current predicament. Lingering outside Cullen's office, a report that doesn't even technically need to be seen by the Commander in his hands, too nervous to knock on the door.]

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[ Cullen wasn't a dull man, certainly, but he had a habit of being a little obtuse about certain things. It was perhaps the fact that he was something of a late bloomer - late into manhood and late into becoming a Templar. Feelings hadn't always been his strong suit - he'd developed feelings for a mage back in Kinloch Hold once upon a time and he'd been an utter fool about it. It didn't help that being a Templar required giving up those kinds of attachments.

So to say the least, if someone at Skyhold had been holding a candle for him, he would have probably been the last one to notice, especially if it came from another man. That sort of thing didn't bother him like it did the occasional individual, but the desire had never arisen on his part. It made him a little blind to the longings men might have for one another though occasionally he was made aware of relationships among his men.

Cullen didn't frown upon those relationships - they were all fighting for their lives against a terrible darkness, not for any one nation but for the entire world. And they're not Templars. He won't hold them to such a standard when any day might be their last.

But aside from such heavy thoughts he was just content to see people happy. Lately Cullen's been happy as well - training's been going well with the men and all of their missions have been a success. Plus all of the reports he's received have helped his mood a great deal.

Krem would find himself faced, first with a surprised and then smiling, Cullen after he opened the door to head out to the kitchens.

If it isn't the man who's made my life a great deal easier. How can I help you, Cremisius? [ "Krem" was a nickname he felt he hadn't earned yet, so Cullen had been proper this entire time. ]
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[Krem was just as surprised at the door opening as Cullen was at seeing him behind it. Following the Commander's lead, Krem smiles back.]

Glad I could help you. I, uh. I have another report for you, actually. But it can wait if you're going out somewhere.

It's-- [Shit, what was in the report again? He'd just written it but he was getting all nervous and tongue-tied. Hopefully he was hiding it well. Oh, right, he remembered now.] It's from the Charger's latest expedition into the Arbor Wilds.

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[ Krem's smile somehow only manages to lift Cullen's mood further. Normally, he'd invite the man into his office but he figures they can do with propriety for a moment and continue on his way to the kitchens. He steps out of his office and shuts the door behind him. ]

Let's go grab something to eat and you can tell me about it on the way. [ He gestures down the path like a proper gentleman, no flourish behind it, just simple, honest manners. ]

I trust everyone's come back in one piece? We'd be in dire straits without a single one of you.
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[Alright. Getting a meal with the Commander. No big deal. Krem nods thankfully at the gesture, walking with Cullen.]

Of course. Though Skinner will probably be complaining about picking leaves out of her hair for a few days, yet. [There was definitely pride taken in what Cullen said about the Chargers. To be considered such an essential piece of an organization as massive and powerful as the Inquisition? Now that was a confidence boost.]