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Welcome home, master!

Welcome Home, Master
A Butler and/or Maid Smut Meme

Who wouldn't want to have a maid or a butler, if even for a day? It would be incredible to have someone taking care of your every need, your every whim, and be loyal to you. Well, you've lucked out; you have your own servant! But what if that whole "taking care of your every need" concept went even further?

Instead of just tucking you into bed, you have a maid or butler who'll go to bed with you and not only to give you someone to cuddle with. After all, it is their life's work to serve you.

  • Comment with your character, preferences, role you'd like to play, and any info you care to include, ie clumsy maid, stoic butler, master who'd take advantage, etc.
  • Reply to others.
  • Thread.

AU: You've had or been a servant all your life; perhaps the two of you even grew up with each other, one of you "indebted" to the other. Or you just got hired the normal way, of course!
SUDDEN: Congratulations, you've come into the service of some hired help. Use them as you will, the tab's not on you.
ROLEPLAY: This isn't really a business transaction. You're both playing pretend.

ROMANCE: You'd prefer to focus on the loyalty, forbidden status, fluff, or romance angle, with smut added liberally, of course.
KINK: It's all about the kink - obedience, master/slave, power grabs and reversals, costumes, etc.
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Edwin Jarvis III / AU!MCU

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Barnaby Brooks Jr. | Tiger & Bunny

[personal profile] caerbanny 2016-03-28 12:31 pm (UTC)(link)
[Strict but just master. Probably unlikely to make it directly sexual, but maybe we can get there through things like bathing, or a butler/maid who's determined to make up for something in any way they can.
Also up for a power switch where he's the strict master in daily life, but sometimes the pressure and stress of the Hero life gets to him, and he deliberately gives up control to his trusted servant.]
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Nana Chigusa | Nana to Kaoru | f/m

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( ooc: A hardworking maid. Kink is part of the package! )
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Remilia Scarlet (aged up) | Touhou Project | F/F leaning.

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[ Is the boss, of course. ]
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yuu hyakuya | owari no seraph | m/m

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[ i role either way, strictly, but he's fucking terrible at either side of this. he's a dumb brat (with a heart of gold) if he's the master, he's hopeless (and a mouthy brat) as butler/slave if it's the other way. it's a lose-lose situation. ]
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[ooc; I'm not good at smut, but, oh well. Also, definitely a butler, not a master.]