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; enjoy your stay

There's no ghosts, no demons. It's just an evil fucking room.

Welcome to the Dolphin Hotel! We may not be the Plaza, but we take pride in our elegance and operate at 90% capacity most nights. Unfortunately, we're almost all booked-up at the moment, so we're going to have to put you in room 1408. What do I mean by have to? Oh... well, nothing serious. Enjoy your stay!

This meme is based on the film/short story 1408 by Stephen King. For reasons unknown, 1408 has been the site of multiple suicides and dozens of deaths by "natural causes". It does not kill people directly. What it does is lock them in and put them through so much psychological and physical torture that they kill themselves. Various features of the room change and warp into more gruesome versions of itself. And it takes special pleasure in using any painful memories or regrets in the character's past to break them.

Oh, and it promises it will do its best to kill you within an hour. If it doesn't succeed the first time, well... it can always rewind time and make you live it over again.

Starting Environments
1. Normal. It's just a hotel room. What's all the fuss about?
2. Getting heated. Wow, that's... really uncomfortable. Can we get an engineer to fix the thermostat?
3. Freezing. No, seriously, there's ice on the walls. Guys?
4. Darkness. No lights left. What's lurking around in the dark with you?
5. Living. Everything's taken on a distinctly organic look and feel, and the walls are... breathing?
6. Bigger or smaller. The walls are closing in, herding you into the little space you have left. Or maybe it's gone cavernous, so huge you can't see the other side.
7. Normal? You're out! You made it! You're safe! At least... until you notice the little things. Things that don't add up. People you recognize who shouldn't be there. Are you really out, or is this just a mask the room's put on for its own amusement?
8. Familiar. It's starting to take on aspects of pieces of your life - your childhood bedroom, your office. Maybe it's trying to make friends? Or maybe it's just digging through your brain for new stages to set.
9. Forest. Okay, seriously, what's a forest doing in the middle of a hotel? Guys?
10. Rerun. The ghosts or echoes of the room's former occupants will show you how it's done. Maybe you'll even get a peak into their private hells! Won't that be fun?
11. Home. Now you're out for real. You're saved. You made it. Well... sort of. Can you ever be sure? Can you ever go to a hotel again, or stand to have a door shut? Can you ever even be sane again?

Your partner
1. The two of you were in this together from the start. That's good: the room will have a harder time getting the two of you. Unless... there's something it can exploit...
2. Someone walks in on you (should have put up the Do Not Disturb sign!). Maybe they'll help! Or maybe they'll just be more prey.
3. They're there... but not. They're a specter, a vision conjured up by the room to taunt you. Are they dead? Alive? Do they hate you? Love you? Who cares? They're not real, so they can do whatever they want with you.
4. Somehow, you've managed to contact the outside. Great! You're saved! But good luck explaining everything and getting them to help you without putting them in danger. Especially if the room notices what you're doing and tries to do a little communicating of its own...
5. Oh, thank god, the cavalry's here. Someone's finally arrived to rescue you and pull you out of the room. In however many pieces you still have.

Would you like to make use of our express check-out system?
The room provides the following methods for suicide or mutilation. All of our guests enjoy free will and may choose to take advantage or relive the hour again. No character has to commit suicide, but it is the main goal of the room. Themes of suicide will be present.
1. Hanging. There's rope already knotted and conveniently attached to the ceiling for you. How nice!
2. Defenestration. Since we're conveniently located more than a dozen stories above a busy street, we're pretty sure any dive you take from the windows will be fatal.
3. Exsanguination. There's plenty of sharp objects around for stabbing! Maybe it will just be like going to sleep. Of course, depending on what you stab, it might take a while...
4. Poisoning. Yeah, sure, why not? There's some cleaning chemicals and so on in the bathroom that could probably fuck you up pretty bad.
5. Firearm. Or you could use a gun, conveniently located in the bedside table, next to the blank Gideon's Bible.
6. Drowning. There's a sink and a bathtub. You can probably figure something out.
7. If you can think of it, the room will kindly provide it. See how much it cares about the quality of your stay?
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8, 1, 5?

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This teaming up thing, Frank's still not so sure about it. His and Red's styles don't exactly... match. And this protection detail? Was it his imagination or did the hotel manager stare at him just a little too long when he mentioned the room number? Either way, it was definitely in a way that made Frank's skin crawl. And his skin doesn't crawl easy.

When he gets to 1408 it just gets worse. Okay, door's open just a crack. Already not a good sign. Frank eases it open with his foot, pulls his .357 Magnum ready, and makes his way in, sweeping the perimeter with his eyes like he's walking into an ambush. Which this very well could be.

The room seems empty. Untouched, even, like nobody's been there at all. No signs of a scuffle. Nothing about this adds up right.

"Red?" he says in a low voice. "You here?"
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He'd gotten to the hotel first. The manager was weird, something in the voice that Matt didn't like. Still, despite the strangeness, and the sense of something being off, the manager's heartbeat had held steady. Maybe they were just weird about blind people? It wouldn't be the first time.

Matt's had uneasy truces with Frank before. Of course, this isn't exactly like that - Frank is different, though not unrecognisably so. But it means Matt has to keep his guard up. So that means he's all business - all Daredevil - long before Frank arrives.

But the room is normal. Matt can't smell or hear anything out of the ordinary. That can't be right, can it? The investigation can't be this far off the mark.

He hears the door open, hears Frank pull his gun out. Typical.

"I'm here," he says. "Not much else seems to be."

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Frank's noticed those small changes with Red, too, which is partially why he's already got his hackles up. Just little things, like the way he holds himself, his voice... Red, but not Red. It's taken a lot to get them even to this point as far as trust goes. And now here they are, and things are already going sideways.

"Yeah, about that..." Without warning (at least not that Frank's aware of) he's rounding on the Devil, gun trained on him, other hand moving to pin him against the wall if he can.

"What is this, Red? This was all some kind of set-up, yeah?" And it's clear who Frank is blaming for supposed set-up.
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At least some things don't change.

Matt could probably dodge the grab if he wanted to, but he didn't come here to trade blows with the Punisher. If he was going to do that, why do it in a weird hotel room? So he lets Frank pin him. His back hits the wall harder than he'd like and he frowns - practically grimaces - at Frank.

"If it's a set-up, we're both being played. I'd be out a window by now if I planned on catching you at something. Listen." He waits a second. "No sirens. No steps in the hallway. Whatever we're looking for, we just haven't found it yet. Get your gun out of my face and do something useful, like check the closet."
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He doesn't let go, not yet.

"You said she'd be here," he growls. 'She' being a witness with information on his family, just another link in a long chain of bad Frank needs to keep following until he finally gets his answers. All of them.

One more little thump against the wall and he releases Red in disgust and frustration, stepping back and turning around to look harder at this goddamn infuriating empty hotel room. Like there's something he might have missed. Ha.
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"All I know is what I heard, Frank," Matt says. He's calm, but there's annoyance in his tone. Matt's contact had been reliable; he wouldn't have bothered getting involved with someone as volatile as Frank otherwise. So what was the play here?

Matt ignores Frank for a minute as the other man walks - practically storms - away. The room isn't very big, or at least, Matt hadn't thought it was. As he concentrates, though, feeling out for the edges of it, it seems...different than it had before. How had he missed it?

There was a door further down the wall Frank had pinned him to - one he hadn't noticed, somehow. It was probably just another closet.

He turns and opens it. Instead of opening to another closet, however, there's a small hallway. Matt has a sense of deja vu as he stands in the doorway.

"Frank," he says. "Look."
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He sighs, but he swings back around to look, ready to scoff at what ever candy-ass clue the Devil thinks he's found. And then he takes a second look, eyes narrowing.

"That door wasn't there before," he says slowly. And then he sniffs the air.

Perfume. More specifically-- his dead wife's perfume.

"Someone's messing with us." That anger's back in his voice.
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"That's what I thought," Matt says. At least he hadn't somehow missed it; Frank confirms what he already suspected.

At first, Matt doesn't smell any perfume at all. He wouldn't recognise the smell if he did, of course, but that's beside the point.

But the layout of the room is familiar. He gets to the end of the hallway and it's a room he hasn't been in in a long time - not since right after his dad was killed. He'd know the living room of the apartment he grew up in, even if he hadn't lived in it for years.

"How the hell is this here?" he wonders aloud, steeling himself to avoid sounding as shaken as he feels.

He remembers Frank is there and listens for the other man's heartbeat - something real in a place that can't possibly be anything more than an illusion.
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Fuck, now he's disappearing down the hall. The perfume can wait; he doesn't trust this place and Red's getting weird on him, so Frank follows at a short distance, eyes constantly on the move for that ambush he's sure has to be coming any minute now.

"Doesn't really match the rest of the place, does it?" It's downright ratty, even when compared to the tacky, shabby chic hotel vibe in the other room. Not only that, but it looks lived in. Like currently, someone's living there. Pictures in frames. An empty bottle on the coffee table.

His hackles were never really down since he got here, but they're reaching new heights now. Slowly he starts casing the room, picking up some of the stuff and examining it cursorily as he does his sweep.
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"No. This isn't like the hotel, it's..."

My dad's apartment, he almost says. But he can't. Frank doesn't know who he is outside of the mask, and compromising that seems like poor judgment.

"I recognise the room," he says, instead. "A boxer lived here. He was murdered and I was...tracking the people who did it."

The perfume smell, it seems, has followed them into the space, and Matt catches it now, too. It's not familiar to him, but it's obvious. He listens for another heartbeat, but there isn't one. Just his own now-erratic one, and Frank's.

"Someone went to a lot of trouble here."
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"No shit," Frank shoots back absently, eyes everywhere all at once. "So, why here?" He's finding it really hard to believe that someone went to that amount of trouble just to set up some random case Red was working.

"There's gotta be more to it than that, Red. I ain't buying this."

And then there's that goddamn perfume, stronger than ever now. And then, at the faint edge of his own hearing, a little girl laughs and Frank goes cold.

"Tell me you heard that." He's almost begging. He can't be losing it, not now.