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Will they? Won't they? Are they?

the end of my rope romantic tension meme

We've all seen it in fiction or witnessed it in real life - or been a part of it. A pair that's so attracted to each other ( or maybe clearly in love with each other) that it nearly creates a presence of its own. But, as of yet, they've not acted on this. They're dancing around the issue, one or both of them is ignorant despite EVERYONE ELSE knowing, or they're just the type to ignore all that guff. It's awkward, though, for everyone involved. And eventually...

...something's gotta give. Something's gotta burst.

Your character and whoever responds to you have had this sort of tension building up between you for a while now. Handwaved interaction and assumed CR are key here! It doesn't have to be your typical romcom or tsundere arguing couple. Cute little crushes, secret longings, and serious feelings all welcome. It can even be sexual tension rather than purely romantic. The characters have yet to explore anything - now, though, they have no choice since it's right there, unable to be avoided.

How to Play
  • Both know.
  • One is oblivious.
  • Sudden realization.

Tension Type
  • Both know.
  • One is oblivious.
  • Sudden realization.

Break Reason
  • Argument
  • They're downing themselves.
  • They're downing you.
  • Playful moment turns more.
  • Cruelty gone wrong.
  • Teasing gone too far.
  • They're just too cute!
  • They show you kindness.
  • They mention someone else.
  • You're jealous.
  • You've planned to reveal how you feel.
  • A serious, life-defining moment.
  • This is your last and only chance.

What Happens?
  • Matter-of-fact confession.
  • Over-the-top confession.
  • Interrupted by everything - including the other person.
  • Silly situational comedy where everything goes wrong.
  • Angry admission.
  • Sad admission.
  • Happiness at this being finally out in the open and known.
  • Adorable goofiness.
  • Sudden kiss
  • Chaste kiss.
  • Shutting-you-up kiss.
  • Passionate kiss.
  • Hug/embrace.
  • Make out.
  • Decisions on where the relationship stands.
  • They feel they have to reject you for your own sake.
  • Flat-out unrequited.

clint barton ♐ marvel comics ♐ ota

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harry osborn ( tasm 2 )

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[ peter is pretty sure that reconnecting with harry osborn has been one of the best things that he's ever done. it's kind of ridiculous, he knows - it's like elementary school again, where he's left glancing at the clock and impatiently waiting for class to end so that they can hang out again.

which is exactly what he's doing now, and why he's so pleased when the physics professor dismisses them an almost full ten minutes early. peter swings his bookbag onto his shoulder, phone already out as he heads to the door. ]

weather's awesome today. go for a walk?
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[ when peter comes into harry's life again, it's already a mess. he's still trying to pick up the pieces his father left behind, still trying to see if they even fit together with clumsy, unprepared hands. peter offers something familiar, something stable, and harry finds himself seeking it out, half addicted to it already.

his third and last meeting of the day is wrapping up when his phone buzzes in his pocket, hand slipping into it to find it immediately. even the preview of the message has the corners of his lips twitching, the weight of the day easing off his shoulders.

same place as last time, or do you have somewhere else in mind?
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same place works. see you there :D

[ peter has an idea that things aren't exactly cake and ice cream for harry. not that he knows any of the details intimately - and he's definitely missing one of the huge ones - but he knows that losing your parents is hard. sure, maybe harry's relationship with his father had been strained, but in the long run, how much did that matter?

(more than peter could ever possibly realize, of course, but he's forever an idealist.)

and being the ceo of a company at such a young age had to be stressful beyond belief. peter sometimes still struggled when it came to choosing between flavors of ice cream; he couldn't imagine the kind of stakes harry had to deal with on a day to day basis. which is why peter tried so hard to draw him out, to drag him away from the office and from the too-large house. okay, maybe both of them had a lot of things riding on their shoulders, but it didn't mean they couldn't enjoy life as it was sometimes, right?

of course, it's not until peter is on his way to their meeting site that he realizes just how overcast it is, and how dark the clouds on the horizon are. crap. rain wasn't part of the plan for today, and when he arrives to wait on harry, he pulls his phone out to google the weather forecast. ]
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500 years later

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[ it's telling that harry forgets his umbrella, even after his security detail by oscorp's door reminds him. there's a familiar feeling that settles in the pit of his stomach whenever he gets to see peter, now. it reminds him of being a kid, reminds him of hot summer days on hotter pavement, of eating otter pops in peter's small kitchen, both their mouths and fingers stained vibrant colors. but harry's also old enough to realize that peter's a distraction, one his father would roll over in his grave about.

it doesn't matter, though. not really, not in the long run. norman osborn is dead and peter parker is one of the few grounding things in his life. there's maybe some irony in that.

but harry isn't running late when he shows up, just in time for the drizzle of rain to start when he reaches peter. it's more of a mist and while harry is vain and finicky about his hair and clothes, he isn't going to pitch a fit, tipping his sunglasses down to peek at peter and offer him a grin. at least peter didn't have to wait around in poor weather.

You're glued to that thing, aren't you? [ nodding towards his phone. he doesn't seem to be in much of a hurry to find somewhere to shield them from what is probably going to be on and off rain showers from here on out. ]
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What? No! [ peter is almost defensive when he locks his phone screen and tucks it into his hip pocket, as if embarrassed to have been caught on it. ] I was just, you know- checking the weather. Considering the fact that I just texted you to say that the weather was awesome and it seems that I have, in fact, told you a giant lie.

[ he holds up one hand in greeting, though, and something is definitely buoyant about it. why is it that just seeing harry like this manages to perk him up so much? peter starts to slip his jacket off. ]

Here, hold this over your head.
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Well, it's not Prague bad, so I think you're safe. [ it's a tease more than anything else and harry huffs out a chuckle to punctuate it, eyeing the way peter starts to shrug off his jacket. if boarding school has taught him anything, guys don't just offer each other their jackets. it's not really a "bro" thing and it has harry pausing, gaze flicking to catch peter's to check if he's serious.

but it's peter and he's never messed around when it comes to taking care of people. go figure. it's a trait that contrasts harshly with his own upbringing that it still manages to catch him off guard.

Hey, now. [ and he's lifting a hand, like he can somehow mellow peter parker's mothering-henning, before pointing to a nearby cafe. ] Why don't we just get something to drink? Maybe the weather will mellow out in the meantime.

[ despite the fact the worsening drizzle and overhanging clouds definitely say otherwise. ]
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[ look, it's hard to not want to mother-hen harry. he's his best friend, he's missed him, and knowing (part of) what he's been through lately? it's hard to quash the urge to just kind of take care of him. ]

Yeah, sure. Come on.

[ and peter will just usher him along, then. he's not really a fan of the way the drizzle's starting to stick to his own hair and face -- at least when he's out as spider-man in gross conditions. it should probably be telling, how close he's drifting to his friend, how his stomach keeps doing flips from proximity alone, but he'll blame it on just having missed him for now. ]
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cassel sharpe ( curse workers )

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billy kaplan ( marvel ) m/m

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mph: or are you happy to see me (is that a bow in your pocket)

Tommy Shepherd | Marvel | ota

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elise | fire emblem fates | ota

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mikaela hyakuya | owari no seraph

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garrett hawke ( dragon age ) m/m

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( voice testing. )
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claire temple; daredevil

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bobby drake • x-men movieverse

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jason grace, HEROES OF OLYMPUS.

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illya kuryakin • the man from u.n.c.l.e.

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Hawke | Dragon Age series | M/F or previous CR

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ladybro: (➵ just like johnny flynn said)

kate "hawkeye" bishop | marvel-616

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courtintrigue: (let us see what awaits)

Morrigan | Dragon Age

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Kobra Kid | Danger Days

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[ OTA, all castmates and cross-canon welcome, but no under-aged characters ]
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Edward Elric // Fullmetal Alchemist

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[[ota, m/f // m/m I am fine either way. Canonmates and cross canon equally fine! I was lured by the meme pic.]]
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( ooc: Even Second Class sixteen year old loser SOLDIERs?

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Lacus Clyne || Gundam SEED Destiny

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Son Gohan

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Her meeting with the crew finally finished. She sighed in relief as soon as she got out of the command station. They were told to rest before their arrival to Orb. It would be a serious encounter and they would need all of their strength to get through it alive. Despite the reassuring smiles she gave, Lacus was afraid. She didn't know at all if she would come of the encounter alive.

According to the plan, it was the plan with the least number of casualties, but her safety could not be assured.

On her way to her quarter's she passes by Gohan's room. She paused for a moment and wondered how he was doing. His next part in this war was the most risky, and he couldn't be too happy knowing that. Gohan was kind. Leading the front lines meant that he would be the first to see the damage done.

When Mu had asked him of him, she had been tempted to ask him to re-consider. However, she didn't think it would be right for her to fight Gohan's battles for him. Still, she wanted to support him somehow.

Hesitantly, she knocked on his door. "Gohan? It's ... it's me ... may I come in?"
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Rey | SW:TFA | OTA

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Keiichi Maebara / Higurashi no Naku Koro ni / m/f

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Naminé | Kingdom Hearts | het

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Winry Rockbell | Fullmetal Alchemist | ota

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Kiriko Shijima - Kamen Rider Drive - OTA

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Natsumi Hikari - Kamen Rider Decade - OTA

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