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From which all life (hot) springs

the magical, mind-altering, matchmaking hot springs.

Hot springs are considered rejuvenating in many cultures, from Asia to Europe. All that natural heat and the minerals from the earth flow through water and call throngs of people to come and enjoy the resorts that pop up around these wonders of the world. You, however, would never go to one. You're insecure about baring it all in public; maybe you don't even go out in public because your appearance would make the uncaring crowd lash out at you. Maybe it's just not your scene. You could not know anything about hot springs!

But you're at one now, no matter what, and you're going to be taking a skinny dip - or near it - whether you like it or not. To make matters worse, you're sharing your little pool with someone else. Hey, you don't know them! This place could not even be in your world or your time.

There's little options otherwise, though, so you might as well enjoy the time you're here. Soak and relax, let those tired muscles get a break. Soon, all your troubles, your worries, your ailments, your imperfections all begin to fade do your misconceptions. You know this person, don't you? Yes, you do. Actually you know them very well. You're with them. You came with them, it seems to you, to reconnect, a lover's getaway. After all, what's more steamy than a hot springs?

So go ahead, do what you've intended to do. No one will mind if you get a little frisky in the springs if it helps out your relationship; besides, what do you think some of the extra natural minerals are for? They'll certainly help you get hot under the collar, not that you'll need that. Your (new) mutual history should be enough.

  • Comment with your character, preferences, and etc. Include canon information and anything relevant to the meme, as well, if you'd like.
  • All characters are welcome. Appropriate, inappropriate, serious, whatever.
  • Reply to others. You can hash out your what your characters will eventually believe their shared history to be, or just put up a starter and play it by ear.
  • Have fun!

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Merlin - Arthurian Legends - OTA

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Merlin - BBC Merlin - OTA

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Galavant - Galavant

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Stefan Salvatore | The Vampire Diaries | M/M

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nightwing | DC | m/m

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kisumi shigino | free! | m/m

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Aoba Seragaki || DRAMAtical Murder || OTA

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Nezumi || No. 6 || OTA

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[He's a hard one to smut with under normal circumstances, so come at me.]
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Nanase Haruka || Free! || OTA

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[He may be having a love affair with the water.]

Matt Murdock » Marvel Comics » OTA

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Natasha Romanoff | MCU | F/M

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[Cross-canon and castmates welcome. No minors (21+)]
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Aomine Daiki | Kuroko no Basuke | m/m (ota castmates)

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[Is a Kuroko alright?]
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(( a kuroko is super alright ))
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[Considering how hard the teams worked, it was no wonder that hot springs during a holiday seemed like a good idea. Despite not being from the same school, it seemed to be where a lot of the students migrated. How Kuroko and Aomina had ended up alone? That was a bit more foggy, almost literally, but for some reason, the logical teen wasn't questioning it. The towel he normally uses has been abandoned, but that isn't so strange by itself, since he's naked around other men often enough; had been naked around Aomine often enough in locker rooms.

He sinks further down, all but his mouth and upward submerged before his eyes drifted over to where his friend, enemy, and then unknown acquaintance sits. It hadn't been so long since they were alone together, as Aomine had been his teacher, patient or otherwise.]

Aomine-kun, does this mean you're participating enough to earn a break? [Was it a joke? Sometimes it was hard to tell with Kuroko, admittedly, even if he said he didn't joke at all.

Still, there was something about the springs that made him in a better mood, a different mood. There was something about it that kept those eyes on Aomine's dark form, even if it was best not to stare too long in such a social situation.]
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[ Under normal circumstances Aomine wouldn't have even bothered with the springs. They were stuffy and his teammates were loud and it just wasn't worth it. But Seirin was there, and he never missed an opportunity to get under some skin if he could. Plus, it seemed some bets had been placed and were now being acted on, which left the majority of each team busy with something else. Besides, if he thought about it, he could probably really use the relaxation.

Kuroko was there already by the time Aomine decided to head into the spring, probably the only person there he didn't actually mind sharing the space with. So he sinks into the water without a word, dropping his towel at the edge as he does, his eyes closing as the heat starts to take over. It works faster than he thought and soon enough he lets himself slide deeper into the water. ]

Like they'd tell me no.

[ He snorts at the very thought of it and soon enough he finds himself having sunk low enough in to have his shoulders covered. It feels... nice. Better than he remembers hot springs trips feeling in the past, and his mood is lightening considerably. ]

Oi, Tetsu. Come rub my shoulders.

[ He's prepared to get splashed in the face for that. ]
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sorry for tagging speed. I've been a little siclk

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[The steam is especially relaxing, something about it going deeper than any springs he had been to before. Kuroko wasn't really a terribly tense person under normal circumstances, but never has he felt like he was sinking into the water. His body is becoming more and more loose as his mind follows.

Nearly-colorless eyes go to him. Aomine has done a lot to help him in recent months, teaching him to shoot, helping him do more than be invisible. It was ironic considering that he had first started to disappear as the other's shadow - though not at his own insistence - but now they both were here. In reality, though Kuroko's goal had been to show them the love of basketball again and thus reconnect, it was hard to believe it was really happening. Aomine had played seriously, Aomine was serious about the game again. How long had it been since Kuroko had seen him lose that?

Welcome back, Aomine-kun he thinks, all the while knowing he wasn't going to give him a shoulder rub. Only, as he thinks, why not? Hadn't he before? No, but the spring doesn't let him remember that. With the already affectionate memories and thoughts to play on, the memories aren't hard to vaguely create.

So, instead he begins to move in Aomine's direction.]

I'm not trained in the right way to give a sports massage. [It's more of a warning than a refusal.]
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don't worry! I hope you're feeling better

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[ Everything about him has been feeling lighter since the Winter Cup. The pressure for perfection has been lifted and, with it, a burden he hadn't realized he was carrying. There have even been periods of laughter for him--or at least faint chuckles, anyway. When was the last time he had laughed at something in a non-derisive manner?

There's a part of Aomine that feels like it should be surprised that Kuroko isn't refusing, and even more surprised he isn't being chastised for it. But something tickles the back of his mind, a memory he wasn't aware of, and he thinks: why should he be? They'd come here together, right? This was supposed to be a day of relaxing and reconnecting for the both of them.

Wait. Was it? ]

I know that. I've just... missed it.

[ The last part is muffled, barely audible; he's embarrassed to say it. How can he miss something he's never-- no. No, he's definitely experienced it before. He shifts a little so that he isn't leaning against the edge of the spring and he turns, putting his back toward Kuroko as he edges closer. ]

Don't be afraid to give it all you've got.
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Somewhat! Thank you :>

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Stay there.

[His voice is even, as always, as his hands go out to guide Aomine while he shifts to face away from him. Would Aomine have a lot of tension or none at all? He seemed angry a lot, but he also seemed to have few worries.

Before - there was no need for precise times - he had always been so excited for basketball. It was always nice enough to make Kuroko smile, the enthusiasm he had for the sport he loved until he got too good at it. It wasn't a probably Kuroko shared, but he was thankful for that. His own hard work meant he was able to enjoy his games, win or lose.

But now Aomine was like that again.

Smaller, paler hands go to his shoulders. Despite Kuroko growing, Aomine had as well; maybe even more so, so he couldn't quite cover those shoulders as he wishes he could. Instead, he hands start to knead at certain portions.]

Don't move, even if it hurts. [That is easier said from his end.] They didn't have to stop. [Kuroko was always a bit upfront, maybe too much so, and he won't hide that this wasn't something that had ended on the best of terms. Whenever it ended. Timelines weren't important.

Another knead, his hands pressing into the muscles with strength. He may not be as athletic as the others, but he's no weakling.]
But it is good to be back.
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[ He's certainly felt more alive lately than he has in a long time. Aomine is actually looking forward to practice again, to seeing his teammates. Even Wakamatsu yelling at him is welcome. His team cares. He cares. Has he properly thanked Kuroko for the wakening? He can't remember.

When hands reach out and touch him he lets out a sigh, his shoulders rolling forward slightly as he sinks toward the water. Kuroko's hands feel... warm. Almost warmer than the water around them, and already he can feel the tension across his shoulders start to ease. A faint grunt leaves him and he lets out a sigh. ]

Ah. It really is.

[ Aomine's eyes close and he lets his head lull forward, dangerously close to dipping down into the water completely. He's quiet, for a moment, simply letting Kuroko do as he will, before he finally manages to speak up again. ]

Thank you, Tetsu. I can't remember if I've said it since then, but-- it definitely hasn't been enough.

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Laura | Street Fighter V | OTA

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Edited 2016-02-13 04:21 (UTC)
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En Yufuin | Cute High Earth Defence Club Love! | OTA!

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[He feels obligated to be here]
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Leonard Snart/Captain Cold | The Flash | OTA

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idk what im doing but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯!!!

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[ hunting vandal savage is exhausting. even heroes need a break sometimes, just like villains probably do. (do they take breaks? or are they always evil all the time? ray thinks they should probably learn to relax sometimes. maybe then they'd realize being evil is definitely not the best way to go.) actually, they probably don't. but kicking ass takes a lot out of a guy, and the suit takes more out of him than he ever admits. shrinking his body to minuscule sizes all the time -- well, that can be pretty exhausting too. ]

[ so when they do have a bit of free time to themselves, in a place fairly famous for their hot springs -- ray's curious, if nothing else. he's heard of the hot springs in oregon, but he's never been to one personally. they're supposedly very good for relaxation and calming the mind. all of which he could use, after the stressful last few weeks. it seems like every mission ends with them nearly getting killed by vandal savage or one of his henchman. sure, he knew it was going to be dangerous when he signed up for the job, but -- boy, this is a lot more intense than anything back in star city. the evildoers there weren't usually immortal. or have a cult following. (okay, maybe a few had a cult following. what is it with bad guys and cults?) ]

[ to say the least, he expects to be alone. no one had actually come with him (that he knew of), so to find leonard snart in the same spring he'd just stepped into -- well, it's surprising. not entirely in a bad way: he's actually a little glad to have some company, even if he could use some silence to reflect on his own performance of late. he doesn't question how len managed to get here before him, when they'd all left around relatively the same time, but ray will admit he'd been taking a little more time to himself on the way, maybe taking a few detours before arriving at this destination. ]

[ nevertheless, he wades closer to len, a little hesitant at first. he's acutely aware of the fact that they're both naked under the water surrounding them, and he's trying his very hardest not to think about it. it shouldn't be as embarrassing as it is -- they're both grown men, not high school boys -- but he shudders a little when his imagination betrays him and wanders a little father south. get yourself together, ray. ]

Hey. [ he says, completely normally. nothing awkward about it. ] Didn't think you were a fan of anything with hot in the name. [ it's a bad joke and he knows it, but he laughs anyway. maybe just to ease the tension. ] Isn't that Mick's thing?
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[Truth be told the thief had slipped out as soon as the ship landed and everyone was allowed some downtime on solid ground to gather themselves before their next move. With everything going down they all needed a chance to rest, clear their heads and unwind. Snart had heard about the hot springs and figured that would be the last place someone might look for him and disturb him. He'd had every hope of being alone on this venture but it seems the shrinky-dink was almost eerily on the same wavelength. To the point when he showed up he almost had to wander if he was followed somehow, even if he was sure no one saw him leave.

Len is resting with his back against the smooth, warm rocks, arms stretched out and draped lazily with his head tilted back against his rolled up towel. He had his eyes closed, just basking in the heat and letting it soak into every aching muscle and melt his stressors away. It was the one time he could get his mind to calm and shut off all the ideas and plans swimming through his head. Cold, naturally preferred the cooler temperatures but that didn't mean he didn't like the heat once and a while. He wouldn't be able to stay for long in the spring but a few minutes alone would do wonders.

It's the sound of skin to stone that alerts him to another and he cracks open an eye to spot Ray approaching. He'll sit up, cool eyes watching him as the dorky hero wades into the chest high water towards him. He expects to feel exasperated at this turn of events and in a way, he knows that feeling is sort of simmering somewhere in the back of his mind. But what surprises him is where it chooses to go instead. The thoughts loudly making their way to the forefront, suggestive, intimate details being pointed out to him he normally hadn't given thought to. He's not sure where all of this is coming from so suddenly and maybe it's just the nature of their situation.

And he's staring. So when he catches himself, instead of averting his gaze he'll sort of harden the stare instead.

Ridiculous. They're grown ass adults he shouldn't be feeling kind of uncomfortable at being caught naked with Ray. How many times had they gotten into and out of trouble or risked their lives by now? And how many more times would that happen? He may not be a good guy, but Ray will have his back and he plans to do the same. He can play as a team where it's necessary, the criminal isn't unreasonable.

Also this line of thinking is helping him ignore the other direction his brain wants to take all of this.

He clears his throat, trying not to seem awkward and tense. If Ray asks, the color tinging his skin is from the temperature and nothing else. The water won't be able to protect him much or cover any other reactions he may have so he's doing his best to get his mind out of the gutter. He'd never imagined--his thoughts hadn't strayed about Ray before and it's blindsiding him a bit. Not that he's not attractive of course--what was he thinking? They didn't exactly get along. Sure the guy was nice enough but he was too nice and kind of thick. He's that stereotypical loser hero type that clashed with him. He should be rubbing him the wrong way but its only ... making him think of rubbing him in different ways...

He'll shift his eyes elsewhere so they're not on Ray, despite wanting to look. He hides this movement with a roll of his eyes and a scoff.

Is that all you've got? [Maybe the heat is clouding his head? He's not able to think of something witty when all he's aware of is how close the other is now. Did he move closer? What is going on with him? Maybe he should get out for a while before things get... steamy.]

You think I take cold showers? [A glance but then he's turning his eyes to the water, finger tips flicking at the surface idly.]
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