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Sick Day Meme.

There's not denying it, you're feeling crap. School, work, a date, tea with nana, mowing the lawns, doing your laundry, that important meeting... you can't make it. You want to stay in bed and maybe you just need a little TLC in the process. What is YOUR reason for that ever-fateful call in sick that every boss just loves to hate?

- Leave a comment with your character's name, fandom, and any preferences you have. 
- When replying, 
RNG for a number between 1 and 16. 
- The number corresponds to the scenario that you will play out in any way you feel the urge. 
- The poster is the sick person, the tagger is the one taking care of them/keeping them company.
- Go from there!

1// COLD
It's just a boring old sinus infection and you probably could go in, but you're not because bed is just too nice.

2// FLU
You feel like you're dying and everything aches, but it's not quite serious enough to arrange your own funeral yet.

Doesn't anyone understand how sick and miserable you are?! You can't function! The world is ending! You need cuddles, and hugs, and you can't do ANYTHING by yourself!

Uh oh, this is going to get messy...

But that meal was sooooooo good. The best you ever had! Why is it betraying you so badly?! Never eating ever again. 

You've been hit in the head and now it feels like it's going to explode. Being horizontal is the best option, and not even in a good way.

7// MONO
Everything hurts, you feel sick, you don't want to move, you don't want to eat, but you're in it for the long haul. Company and maybe some cuddles with chicken soup might be nice.

SPOTS! Spots everywhere! Yes, even there! You look hideous and it itches so damn much. Don't scratch, don't scratch... oh screw it!

Your throat hurts so bad and now you can't talk. How are you going to communicate, maybe you need a little bell? Is it bad form to text message someone sitting right in front of you? Who cares, you want chicken soup.

It's still sick, right?

You don't know what you have done, but you woke up barely able to move. You probably shouldn't have done what you did last night... and you should probably rest it.

You got hurt, you can move much, and you're stuck in bed. Is it a broken bone? Torn groin muscle? Cracked ribs? Whatever it is, the world clearly hates you.

It was a simple procedure and now you're back home. The only catch is, you can't be alone for 48 hours in case of complications, with the added bonus of it hurts like a bitch.


You're stuck in hospital for a few days and have a gaping surgial wound. There aren't even any hot nurses. Now what?

You've just been diagnosed with a longer-term illness (of your choice). You're feeling poorly and don't want to be alone. 

Something not listed here, have a wildcard of your choice! Anything that might lead to a timely sick day.
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Anakin Skywalker | Star Wars

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[ooc: could be either. he's a terrible patient]
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RNG Says #10. I'm Dying...

[personal profile] master_obiwan 2015-08-08 12:39 am (UTC)(link)
[ooc: I leave it to you whether it's one or both, and which is which if it's just one ;)]

There was a reason why Jedi didn't drink. Despite the fact that they could probably use the Force to metabolize it quickly enough, it still left one open to strange occurrences and the like, but the worst part was definitely the hangover the next day.

For everyone involved, drinker and non-drinker alike.
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oh, it's Obi

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"That's a rather spectacular smell, Master," Anakin comments as he stands nearby ready with painkillers he'll shove down Obi-Wan's throat if necessary and a large pitcher of water.

"I must have missed out on quite the night."

Beat. Then oh-so-innocent.

"Night on the town with Master Tachi?"

Anakin's bedside manner leaves much to be desired.
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Of course it is.

[personal profile] master_obiwan 2015-08-08 11:30 pm (UTC)(link)
Obi-Wan wrinkles his nose as he attempts to glare at the younger man, unsure of what Anakin is talking about. All he knows is his head is pounding, his throat is dry, and he's not entirely certain that he knows - or remembers - the answer to Anakin's question. He thinks he's still lying on his bed, but he's not entirely sure of that, either.

His brain finally wraps around the name in said question, and he frowns. "Master Tachi would kill you for such speculation." Force knows she fairly vocal about how much Obi-Wan annoys the hell out of her.

"And what are you smelling, exactly?"
Edited (added some stuff ;)) 2015-08-08 23:31 (UTC)
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[ooc: if i didn't figure obi would never have gotten this drunk while he still had a padawan I would be tagging him w/ [personal profile] recklessjedi just for the smirky padawan!face icons]

It's almost tempting to see if he could find out if Siri was in the same state, but that might be pushing things too far. So instead...

Anakin crouches down beside the bed and lowers his voice at least a little as he pushes a few pills into Obi-Wan's hand, "take these. I've got water."

No, that wasn't a suggestion.

"And it's an aromatic mix of sweat, alcohol, and I don't even want to know what."
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He gives the painkillers a look that would wither an errant youngling. "I don't need those," he protests. He hates taking such things, suggestion or not. They aren't necessary for Jedi.

And the description of the fragrant cloud that seems to be clinging to him brings back fuzzy impressions from the memory part of his brain. "Possibly blood, but more likely some other sort of bodily fluid from a Weequay, or a Duros, or....something. I think something vomited on me, anyway."
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It's hard to feel withered when the one giving the look is in such pathetic shape. And Anakin's used to it, anyway. "You can take them or I can stuff them down your throat, Obi-Wan. It's for your own good."

As if he was going to get into a proper healing meditation in this state, anyway. Please.

The description combined with Obi-Wan's not actually remembering what happened just has Anakin wrinkling his nose, "sounds like a very hot shower is called for next."
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"I'd like to see you try," he mutters, snatching the blasted pills from Anakin's hand. He has half a mind to simply crush them in his hand or toss them across the room, but where would that get him? He rolls onto his back with a sigh and pinches the bridge of his nose in exasperation.

He'll take the damn pills, Anakin. Give him a moment. Or six.

"Hot shower, yes. If Healer Skywalker feels I'm fit to stand for any length of time."
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"I will do what I must," he says echoing both Obi-Wan and Obi-Wan's own Master there all at once.

"And at least it's not Master Vokara Che in here," he adds in an almost reasonable tone of voice. "She'd be very disappointed in you, I think."

The standing part remained to be seen. He wasn't convinced Obi-Wan was in any shape to actually sit up right now either.
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He pushes himself into something resembling a sitting position, with great effort. He was going to find the creator of whatever he'd been drinking and punch him in the face. The pills make it into his mouth and he holds out his hand for the water so he can swallow them without choking on them.

"I'm very disappointed in me," he replies. "Master Che would simply be louder about it." And that would hurt more than the disappointment, he's thinking.
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"If it helps," he says mock-cheerfully as he hands Obi-Wan a rather large glass of water, "I just want to hear the story."

Sometimes it's nice to be reminded Obi-Wan isn't always the perfect Jedi, okay.
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The pills are swallowed, and decent portion of the water is consumed before the glass is thrust back in Anakin's direction. Happy now, Anakin?

Obi-Wan would snort, but he suspects that would simply make the headache worse. "I'm not even sure I remember why I was even there in the first place. There was possibly a mission involved." He presses the heel of his hands to his eyes as he tries to cut through the fog in his brain.

"It started with a mission to the Senate. I was to meet with someone..."
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"A mission, of course," Anakin rolls his eyes skyward before he refills the glass and pushes it back into Obi-Wan's hands. Water helps with a hangover, deal with it.

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Ahahaha oh my god .. Given the thread with Obi-Wan...

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[So... the RNG gave me 10. Several times. It eventually gave me 12, though. Which would you prefer?]
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RNG says 10 so I guess it's Anakin's turn

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[ooc: Though being found by Siri is probably actually worse than being found by Obi-Wan.]
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Or else Anakin was technically right in Obi-Wan's thread. :D

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[OOC: And Siri is hung over as fuck too and Anakin gets to never let them hear the end of it. Either way works for me.]
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[ooc: well, if you want to give him something he'll never let them live down EVER, be my guest.]
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[OOC After the third time the RNG gave me 10 I think the RNG wills it. XD Let me know if I need to add anything.]

Siri groans, flailing just the slightest bit uselessly as she rolls over onto her side. Her head is throbbing, her mouth is dry... and she has no kriffing clue what the hell happened. On top of the pounding throb in her head there’s a haze and grogginess that isn’t helping much.

“This is why Jedi don’t drink...” she mutters hoarsely under her breath, irritable and hurting and wondering distantly if burying her head under the pillow would do any good. She’s going to kill Obi-Wan. As soon as she can move.

She’s not entirely sure WHY she needs to kill him right now... but she does. Somehow... this is his fault.

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After he'd seen to the beginning of Obi-Wan's transformation back into a rational human being, Anakin left his friend to his own devices. Obi-Wan didn't really need him to manually shove him into the shower.


So he'd been ready to head out on plans on his own until he was passing Master Tachi's quarters and couldn't help but notice a rather familiar thread of distress.



He knocks lightly at her door. "Master Tachi? Are you alright?"
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She knows that voice. Oh you Force forsaken son of a gundark. Why me? Of course it would be Anakin knocking lightly at her door. Because her dignity hadn’t taken enough of a hit this morning. Groaning, she fumbled for her pillow and buried her head underneath it. It wasn’t particularly dignified, but at this point it seemed a good move. “Go. Away.”

It’s as much of an answer as he’s going to get. Because there’s no kriffing way she’s admitting she’s NOT, in fact, alright.

She’s going to kill Obi-Wan. As soon as Anakin goes away and she can figure out moving. He’s so dead.
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"If you insist...."

But he's back soon enough and letting himself in to her room, water and painkillers in hand just like he'd taken Obi-Wan.

"You know, it could be worse. You could smell like Obi-Wan does."

It would serve him right if she Force-pushed him all the way back to the hallway but somehow Anakin thinks she's not quite up to that sort of effort at the moment.
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He gets her hopes up... until he comes back and barges into her room. Damn it. She lifts up her pillow just enough to glower up at him from beneath it.

“Serves him right,” she grumbles. “Stupid, annoying pain in my ass...” This is all his fault. The last evening’s activities are still a hazy, almost nonexistent blur in her head, but she knows that this has to be his fault.

She’s not, unfortunately, although she will never admit that Anakin’s right, but she still grabs one of the handful of pillows on her bed that she’s not using and wings it in his general direction.
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Yeah, he barely has to duck that. Come on, Tachi, you can do better than that.

He fills a glass and hands it toward her. "You forgot stubborn," Anakin comments lightly. "That one should always be on the list somewhere."
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She will. Later. Once her head has stopped pounding like a herd of kriffing rancors were rampaging through it. She eyes the glass of water in his hands and has to fight the urge to dump it over his head. He’s only trying to help. Even if he’s being an irritating pain in the ass while he’s doing it. Which makes sense, given who his former Master is. She’s not sure coming out from under the pillow is worth the water he’s offering.

Reluctantly, and glowering all the while, she takes the glass from him and struggles to get herself into something resembling an upright position. Frowning, she takes a sip of water. “I assumed it was a given, since it’s his natural state of being.” Obi-Wan is always stubborn.
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"Good point, you're absolutely right." And also, here, have some painkillers.

Not that he'll threaten to shove them bodily down Siri's throat. They don't have that kind of relationship.

Really, he's only in here out of a sense of obligation to Obi-Wan, of course, who can't be here to do it himself.

Obi-Wan will probably murder him later.

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