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the 'fake married' meme

be it for a job, in order to get your inheritance or to fool your nosy neighbours, you are pretending to be married. now the question is, do you want it to be real or can you hardly wait for it to be over?

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Phil Coulson | MCU

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[Most likely he would be married to someone for the purpose of a mission. Open to m/f or m/m. Canon-mates/Marvel muses preferred.]

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edwin jarvis | agent carter

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filing: (but you'll never bat an eye)

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[She's not happy about it. She's not at all eager to go through with this. But here she is, dressed to the nines (red wig this time, evening gown, pistol strapped to her thigh) and holding a drink with one hand and Jarvis' arm with the other, eyes wide open and . It could be worse, she supposes. She could be stuck with a "husband" like Stark, who flirts and philanders with everything under the sun.]

Point me in the right direction, then.

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amy elliott dunne | gone girl

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doveriye: a buccaneer (how much does a pirate pay for corn)

natasha romanoff | mcu

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appetitiva: (02.)

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[ oh, for fuck's sake.

whether in reference to the world, her present situation or the people responsible for getting her into said situation, selina has reached a level of not giving a a damn previously unknown to humanity. that's not to say she can't recognize the hilarity. in fact, she'll be the first to laugh about it. take a world-renowned ( if she may say herself, and she will ) thief, pair her off with an avenger of all things ( though admittedly natasha is more tolerable than the rest of the team ), toss in a fake marriage and you have yourself a sitcom.

her initial assessment still stands, however: for fuck's sake.

selina, however, wears a pleasant smirk as she unlocks the hotel door. she has an act to put on, after all. doing things halfway isn't in her nature.

( and okay maybe some part of her is permanently amused at the ridiculous circus that is her life. )

Honey, [ she sings as she lets the door fall shut behind her. ] I'm home!

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Natasha Romanoff | MCU | F/M

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(for a mission, clearly.)
menarebrave: ☇ thesnowsfall  ▸ insanejournal (wonderbat ;; look to the left)

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( so sorry it took forever to hit this up! i hope a generic starter is alright. )

[ bruce is about as happy about this as natasha is most likely. the things they do to find out information that people may not have access to. he learned his lesson about leaving his tech lying around after diana prince made off with it. which means that for this undercover bit, he asked natasha for help. given it is a false engagement, breaking it off and playing it down for the sake of press won't be difficult at all. ]

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America ✰ Axis Powers Nyotalia ✰ OTA

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bobbi morse | agents of shield | f/m

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nobodysraven: (disguise)

raven | xmfc/dofp

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mystika: (why when do our darkest deeds)

Ava Spencer ❋ OC ❋ F/M

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[Con-artist/grifter/sometimes-spy so definitely for a job. Previous threaders loved, new CR loved, come at her bro.]
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lily evans | harry potter

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logan echolls | veronica mars

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Alan Shore || Boston Legal || m/f

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[ With this guy, the reason could be just about anything. ]
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milner | utopia

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clint barton | mcu

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mewling_quim: (Out of uniform)

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[ooc: Probably the norm for them on mission.]


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ok let's do dis

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Veronica Mars | Veronica Mars

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Peggy Carter | MCU

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[Married for a mission? Hell yeah.]
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Steve Rogers | MCU

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Julian Keller/ Hellion || Marvel 616 || ota

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There's no way anyone's going to believe this.

[Seriously who came up with this assignment? Go be domestic and blend in with humans without giving away your powers? Really? And of all the people to pair up, it had to be the two of them.

Trying to fit in with a bunch of mutants when she's not technically one was hard enough, but this took things to a new level. There was just no way. No freaking way.]

Whoever comes up with this stuff is messed up.

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Dean Winchester || Supernatural || ota

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[You prefer bracketspam or prose? I've tagged with you before, but I've forgotten.]
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Sebastian Moran / BBC Sherlock/ ota

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(I don't even know how to swing it but I definitely want to try this with them)

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Morrigan | Dragon Age: Inquisition

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(So... pretending to be married to do some Extremely Important spying or mystery-solving on behalf of the Inquisition or the Empress? I don't know.)
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hatori chise ( ancient magus bride )

[personal profile] deosil 2015-01-28 03:17 am (UTC)(link)
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Bellamy Blake | The 100

[personal profile] civitatis 2015-01-28 03:19 am (UTC)(link)
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( the war ends with a gaping hole in the side of mount weather, and 47 of their people streaming into camp jaha to tumultuous applause and tears. they rescue the rest of the grounders too, and with the surviving reapers detoxing and slowly returning to their original (if not slightly haunted) selves, the truce between grounders and sky people hold.

and as spring breaks, they decide to travel. to explode the new world, and map the way for future jahaites. so a small group peels off in the name of adventure, and as the road gets bumpy — as it pretty much always does, nothing can ever go smoothly for the remnants of the 100 it would seem — what had originally been a group of ten splits apart, and then it's just lincoln, octavia, clarke, and bellamy. and when they're separated after running from a pack of large wolves, whose mutated vocal chords make their howls sound like actual human screams, then it's just clarke and bellamy. but they do alright by themselves. they weren't completely blindsided by this development and ultimately decide to continue south and hopefully reunite with the rest of their group at their designated destination.

they're like a modern day lewis and clark(e), and she has journals upon journals tucked in her pack, full of maps, and anecdotes in various different languages; notes about cultural customs and new world rules that were going to significantly improve their way of life and knowledge of the world once they returned to camp jaha. they have tents, they have dried food, they have knives and a few guns. they have maps, short circuited radios after that mad dash through a river, and arguably most importantly, each other.

and they have a terrible habit of running into groups of grounders they don't know. thousands more than she'd ever originally thought could have survived the earth are thriving, and all speak some derivative of trigedasleng, so when the durtkru corner them against a mountain cliff face and gesture between them questioningly, she has the good sense to grab his hand and insist — yes, yes we are.

and at first she means together, they're partners, they're co-leaders. but as they're led back to their camp under armed guard — armed guard that keeps sneaking knowing, smirking sideways glances at them — she gets the slightest sneaking suspicion that when the mud smeared man had asked if they were together, he hadn't just meant... in general. )

Oh... No, Bellamy — ( whoops that was too loud, don't mind if she continues to hold his hand and leans a little closer so she can whisper in confidence. ) — I think there might have been a mistake here.

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Mai | ATLA

[personal profile] maipokerface 2015-01-28 03:20 am (UTC)(link)
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shishio satsuki | hirunaka no ryuusei | ota

[personal profile] teacherly 2015-01-28 03:22 am (UTC)(link)

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