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let the valentine's day shipping memes commence

the adorable and/or awkward
( teenage ? )
first time make out meme!
Maybe you've saved the world or kickstarted the revolution, but you're still an teenager or a young person. Reaching out and touching somebody - and then touching them with your lips and hands going places that are not familial-friendly - is probably still new to you, if this isn't your first time. And it's gonna be awkward, no matter how much you dig the other person. Or maybe you're not a teenager, you've just had a life that doesn't involve much making out. You're busy, you're introverted, you're crazy. It happens. It's probably going to be awkward. Or maybe you're just an awkward person in general. Or you've got plenty of experience, but you're making out with someone who doesn't. Or you're making out with a teenage-

Never mind, too many "maybes." Let's get to the "definitelys."

There's going to be exploring, soft touches, accidental grabs, too much teeth, not enough lips or tongue, passion, desperate moments, attempts to be cool and composed, failures, confessions of emotions, and just adorable.

Definitely adorable. And maybe you'll get more than just second base...

...or not. Better focus on those lips, kiddo.

how do:
- comment with your character.
- comment to other characters.
- you can discuss any assumed cr you'd like to have, or just get to the make outs.
- make out.
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Mukuro Ikusaba | Dangan Ronpa | F/F

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[ I'll start if you ask me to and I'm all spoiled for DR2, for what it's worth. ]
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farlan church / attack on titan / ota

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Kon-El / Superboy | DC Comics (pre-reboot and pre-Titans) | open to game-mates (past games okay!)

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[Schools were out for February break, and the hallway was unusually empty.]

[The majority of the Wards had distant relatives they could go visit. None that would have outright taken them in, but enough to keep in contact with for the occasional getaway. Her roommate had been one of them. Two aunts out in the countryside, she said, or at least that's what Zatanna had thought she said. Truthfully, she'd only been half paying attention.]

[There was no home for her to go to. Not even a friend of the family. Her father had been a fairly reserved man, even long before the accident, and all the traveling he had subjected her to during her early childhood left her severely lacking in contacts. None that the Principal would approve visitation rights for, at least.]

[Which left letters. Old fashioned, to be sure, but there was something about sitting in the common room of the school library, cross-legged on one of the oversized sofas, and scribbling away on her notepad. She was a terrific penpal, with over a dozen names on the list. People she'd kept in touch with, even after Giovanni passed away . Especially after then, because it was the ones who continued to write that meant the most to her. They actually cared about her, not just her once famous father.]

[The top of the calligraphy pen lightly touched the bottom of her lip as she pondered over a particular choice of phrasing. This particular recipient had been the closest she'd ever come to a boyfriend. An unforgettable summer fling, basically. Fun. Exciting. Not meant to last, but then again, for her? The best things never did. There was always One Thing keeping her at arm's length. The greatest secret she never told.]

Now, let's see...

[Talking to herself. An old habit. The pen twirled in her hand like a baton, spinning through her fingers with a practiced grace.]

Vegas or New Orleans?
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[Kon really didn't do well without company. He needed the distraction of other people to take him out of himself. Left to himself, he only brooded, unable to escape the strange feeling that there was something -- someone? -- missing.

It was even worse now, with the normally noisy school so quiet. Kon's attempts at getting himself invited to stay with school friends had fallen foul of the flu-virus circulating and he was stuck in the bizarrely quiet dorms. Kon had tried to read the books assigned for the break but couldn't get into it, thrown a couple of hoops at the basketball hoop behind the dorm until the groundsman had yelled at him to get off the lawn, and now he was trying the library in the hopes that someone had forgotten to block the internet.

He looked up as he heard a very welcome voice.]

Tough call. If it's Mardi Gras, New Orleans. Rest of the time -- I'm going to go with Vegas. Why?

[He doesn't ask before joining Zatanna at her table. Somehow, he doesn't feel like he needs to.]
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[She glanced up, a warm smile appearing when she catches sight of Kon sitting in the opposite chair. The two of them had pretty much clicked the moment they met; there was just something about him...something she couldn't explain, exactly, but just knew that it always made her feel comfortable.]

Dick was asking which one I thought would make a better venue for a magic tightrope act. [She held up the letter, as if that would explain everything. Kon knew only the vaguest tidbits about each of her penpals, but this name she knew he would recognize.] He still keeps joking about me running away to join the circus with him.
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New Orleans.

[Kon's answer is prompt. Though it occurs to him that he shouldn't be encouraging her to leave. People come and go from the school and the dorm all the time, but the thought of Zatanna going is -- startlingly unwelcome.]

And you'd run away and leave me? Cruel, Zee. I thought we had something.
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Sorry. I've been meaning to tell you, but I wanted to let you down gently.

[She's smiling as she speaks, eyes lowered while writing the winning City down on paper. Her tone carries a hint of light-hearted sarcasm to it; he had nothing to worry about on that end.]

You'll have to find somebody else to sneak you extra cookies from the cafeteria. It's gumbo and jambalaya all the way for me now. Pray for my digestive system when I'm gone, will you?
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Chuck Hansen || Pacific Rim

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ooc: m/m preferred.