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In Your Lap


Some things don't need explanations. Chicken wings. Wonderful weather. Guilty pleasures like Michael Bay movies. This meme is one of those things. It's simple: one character is in another's lap, and eventually the two get hot and heavy. Whether it's a friend sitting on a lap because there's no room, couples cuddling, or a stripper giving a lap dance, one thing will lead to another...after all, the loss of personal space can certainly set actions (and more) in motion.

  1. Innocent Lap Sitting: It's just a friendly gesture. Maybe you're enjoying a movie or a dinner together. Nothing wrong with that!
  2. Romantic Canoodling: You two are spending some time together, and there's no way to be closer than to snuggle up in your lover's lap.
  3. Out of Necessity: No more room on the bench, in the booth, or on the couch? There's a place on their lap.
  4. Amateur Lap Dance: Just something sexy between lovers. Or maybe more silly than sexy.
  5. Professional Lap Dance: Better break out the ones. This lap dance will cost you.
  6. Dare: Nobody ever thought you'd get this close and personal, so they pushed you into doing it.
  7. Pointed: They said you couldn't turn them on so easily. Challenge accepted.
  8. Accidental: Oops, you've fallen! Good thing this lap was there.
  9. Step Back I Feel a Little Poke: Wait. What's this? Maybe you should wiggle your hips a little to find out.
  10. Lovemaking Lapsitting: Riding someone while they're sitting up can make the rider feel powerful, since they're on top, but the one being ridden may notice just how soft and small they are...and embrace them out of instinct.
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Michael Corvin | Underworld

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[M/M for anything shippy]
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[ Do you mind interactions with ocs? I can au into underworld if you'd like. c: ]
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[I'm fine with OCs. And we can def. AU underworld]
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[ News travels fast about the workings of Vampire-Lycan affairs if you know where to look and who to ask. Derek's coven was wiped out years ago by a Lycan attack, leaving him with the option of finding a new one or living on his own, he chose the latter. Without someone to lecture him on being secretive of his existence in the presence of humans, he's more reckless than he should be. He's spent too long simply watching them from afar.

He turned an old safe house, that he turned offline, into his home, hidden deep within the forest outside a European city, that proved more than adequate to a hunting ground. The nightlife of the city allows for him to easily blend in amongst the crowd, giving him the cover of shadow to feed when he needs to. Tonight, there was a club party, while he can't stomach the alcohol, it doesn't stop him from having fun every once in awhile.

What he doesn't expect was to see a familiar face under the cover of a hood, sitting at a table in the darkest corner of the club. No one would catch a someone like Michael in a crowded place like this, at least for the evening. Derek easily pretends to be pushed back into his lap, acting concerned that he disturbed the other man. ]

Sorry about that, I didn't spill your drink or anything did I?
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[Even in the short time he'd learned about vampires and lycans, Michael had adjusted to the new information and the life-changing events he'd just gone through. Being bitten by a lycan, then becoming the world's first and only vampire-lycan hybrid. He'd had a little time to get used to his new powers, and could at least change at will now.

At the sudden weight in his lap, Michael looks up, startled.]

No, I uh... I'm fine.
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Oh, good! I was worried I might have hurt you. It's a bit hectic tonight. [ Derek shifts a little in his lap, getting comfortable, he doesn't have plans to get up anytime soon. In the shifting light, Michael looks quite attractive, its a shame such a pretty face like his is in hiding. It's understandable as to why, even so, he plans to make the most out of their first meeting.

He loosely wraps his arms around his neck, careful not to make the hood of his jacket fall. ]

What are you doing sitting back here by yourself?
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[Michael freezes slightly, the contact unexpected. The last thing he expects is for someone to come over and start flirting with him. At least, he thinks it's flirting.]

I've had a bad few days. I kind of just needed to feel normal again, you know.
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We all have those days, though I think yours are worst off than most. [ He tilts his head, flashing a smile, the subtle points of his teeth giving him away. Derek knows he's easily overpowered and wouldn't dare aggravate him into a fight, but he also doesn't want him to get the wrong idea about him. A lone vampire is the same as a lone wolf with no pack, vulnerable. ]

Don't worry, your secret is safe with me, Michael. [ He brings a finger over his own lips to indicate just that. He wonders if he's been hiding out in the city for awhile, right under his nose, or if he's just passing through. ]
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[Michael's eyes widen and he gasps at the sight of those teeth. He should have guessed that vampires wouldn't just be in one area. Not unless he's being followed. Yet he doesn't think that's the case with this man here.

His eyes scan the room for anyone who may be looking at him, but he finds none. This vampire seems to be alone and telling the truth.]

How do you know who I am?
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You have the world in a frenzy, aside from the death of an elder, you're all everyone's been talking about as of late. [ Michael's scan of the room doesn't go unnoticed to him, it doesn't stop him from looking over his shoulder to do the same. Bringing his arm back around his neck to shield him from prying eyes. ]

A city like this is just as dangerous. The nearest coven and lycan pack are miles from here residing deep in the forest so you're safe from them, they like to keep to themselves than deal with humans. But this city is filled with those like me who don't have a place in them. [ He knows if Michael had come across anyone else that wasn't him, they wouldn't have been so kind in warning him. ] They act as informants or keep to themselves, so it would be best to watch your back.
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I guess word gets around fast. [He understands that he's the first and only one of his kind. The Death Dealers might have shared the information with the other clans, and the lycans surely did the same. This was their leader's intention, after all.]

I'll keep that in mind. [He locks eyes with the vampire in his lap.] Thanks for the warning.
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You'd be surprised. [ There's a light laugh that escapes him as he tilts his head a little. ] Everyone needs a friend every now and then, you more than ever.

Do you have a place to stay? [ The less he's in the city the better and this makes it sound like he's being a mother hen to the hybrid. He's only trying to help. Sunrise was fast approaching so his playtime with him wouldn't last much longer here. He wanted to learn more about the other man and if he could offer him a place where no one would come looking, maybe he'd get that chance. ] And have you fed recently?
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Pretty short on those right now, yeah. [He had a few coworkers he was friendly with at the hospital, but he's not about to get any of them dragged into this. Do any of them even wonder where he went?]

I just got into town, so not exactly. And I haven't fed in a while. [He's still not keen on the idea of drinking blood, even though last time he tried to resist the cravings, he almost attacked someone.]
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[ He gives his back a little comforting pat. Derek knows that thought too well, one that used to plague him in the beginning.]

Come with me. [ He drops his arms from their hold around his neck, sliding off his lap. He has blood pouches back home that Michael could feed on if killing innocent lives bothers him. Sitting on his lap again will have to wait until he knows he's safe from the threat of sunlight.

He holds his hand out towards him for him to take, not wanting to lose him in the crowd. ]
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[Only just arrived and already he's made an ally. What are the odds of that happening?

Michael quickly stands up, making sure his hood is still in place and takes the vampire's hand. Hopefully wherever this vampire is taking him is a better option than checking into a seedy motel.]

Where are we going?
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You'll see. [ Derek moved through the crowd until they were outside, heading towards a motorcycle parked out front by the polled curb. It was easier to hide outside the safehouse than a car would be. He hands him the only helmet he has.] Hope you don't mind motorcycles too much.

[ He smiles as he straddles the bike, starting it up with an engine roar as he waited for Michael to get comfortable behind him. He drove through the city till they were out of town, following the main road before he turned onto an unlit one for a few miles, the road slowly turning into a dirt path that led to an abandoned collapsing shell of a castle, deep in the forest. The vampires liked to build safe houses in abandoned areas, ones that they hoped humans wouldn't stumble upon but even so they'd need the code to even get into them. He stops the bike once he drives it into the main room, there were stairs to their left, leading further down into the ruins. ] You can leave the helmet with the bike.

[ Derek is the first to walk down the stairs, pulling a piece of stone loose from the wall a wooden door stood, revealing a keypad, ushering Michael in first once the door clicked open. The safe house was more homey than they typically looked, weapon and supply cabinets moved to the side rooms, warmer light replaced the harsh fluorescents and intricate tapestry art covered the concrete walls. Furniture was placed among the main room, imitating a living room, while another side room appeared to be a bedroom and so forth from there. A makeshift attempt of combining his human home with the feel of his coven's. ] It's not much but it's home.
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[Michael's a little nervous about the motorcycle, having never been on one, but he does as told, putting on the helmet and getting on. He clings to the vampire's waist as they ride, feeling the wind ruffle his jacket. He watches the buildings and trees go by, still wondering where they're going, before they reach their destination.] You guys sure love your castles, huh?

[He leaves the helmet, running a hand through his hair to smooth out the helmet-hair, and follows his host inside.]

It's better than where I was planning to stay. [Michael plops himself down in the nearest easy chair, glad for the chance to rest.]
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Typical vampire cliche, I know. If its not a castle, its a mansion that could easily pass as one.[ He walked passed him, turning into the side room where the refrigerated supply cabinet was. Running his hand along the glass door to pull out a pouch of O negative blood. He recently fed for the week, so he didn't need to now, making a mental note that he was running low on his stock.

He'll have to go hunting for more soon. When he comes back into the room, he holds the pouch out towards him. The faster he drank the better. ]

You're welcome to stay as long as you'd like, it's nice to have the company. [ Derek takes off his jacket and tosses it on the edge of the couch before he takes a spot on it. ]
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[Michael accepted the pouch, looking at it with some hesitance. Intellectually, he knows that he needs it, but it doesn't make it less gross. He wonders if he'll ever get used to this, or if all blood drinkers went through a phase like this.

Michael closes his eyes and just drinks, feeling the nourishment fill him and the craving subside.]

Thank you.

[He puts the pouch on the nearby coffee table.] You really live alone? In this big, empty space?
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[ Derek watches Michael as he drinks, now that he can properly see him in even light. He's envious of the two who bit him as he watches his throat before refocusing his attention. ]

You're welcome. That should hold you for a few days, maybe more.

[ He ducks his head with a light chuckle. ] I do. Its... [ He pauses, fiddling with his fingers as he tries to find the right words as to why. ] Its safer to live alone, less heartbreak that way. Besides, its a long story.

[ He has brought human company here in the past but they never left the same way they came in. He was still considered young in vampire terms so he's never sired anyone and he's not sure he ever will. It was a bond that he couldn't bare to feel again. Not after his coven was wiped out at the hands of a traitor, someone he once called a friend that grew power hungry and that power could only be given by Lycans for a price. ] If you don't mind me asking, how did you end up getting mixed into this in the first place?
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[Michael settles his hands on his lap.] Yeah... I know that feeling too.

[After the loss of his fiance, the idea of opening up again might lead to more heartbreak.]

It's kind of a long story. The lycan leader, Lucian, was trying to make a hybrid, and I guess I fit the bill. Lucian bit me, and turned me into a lycan. [He rubs his shoulder where he got the bite.] Then a Death Dealer saved me, except her people wanted me dead. I would have died, if she hadn't bit me too, and it made me what I am now. We went our separate ways after that, and I don't know where she is now.
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[ He gives him a gentle smile in mutual understanding. ]

It must have been rough for you, being forced into this world, this war, all of a sudden. Only to be left alone to fend in it. [ He couldn't imagine being a lycan only to be bitten again and be something completely new. The change alone must have been painful, he heard stories of the pain lycans had to go through on their first full moon and he wasn't sure of the process of the changes a hybrid had to go through on top of that. ]

You must have questions about whatever your sires didn't explain to you. [ Derek raises a brow, Michael must still be curious about some things. He gives a pat to the spot beside him on the couch, mostly because he wanted to sit on his lap again and the chair he was currently sitting in wouldn't be comfortable in that sense. ]
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I don't think my sires knew what to make of me. I'm an entirely new thing, they said. But I guess I do have some questions.

[Michael takes the invitation and moves to sit on the couch next to the vampire.]

Am I really going to never age from this point on?
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You're one of a kind, there's been nothing like you before. Maybe... At one point centuries ago, there might have been a chance, it would explain why Viktor was so against the idea. [ History books in his coven's library held a modified version of what was Lucian's written past, how he was a slave under Viktor's hand, what was said to have happened centuries ago, family trees of vampiric bloodlines and the like. Now that he thinks about it, it started to make some sense. ] But alas, only your sires might know about that and Viktor himself.

[ Derek lets Michael get comfortable before he moves to straddle his lap, he felt the need to take advantage of the contact. He rests an arm against Michael's shoulder while the other gently brushed a few strands of his hair away from his face. ]

Afraid not. Even with our flawed sense of immortality, you are going to appear the same age you were bitten.
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I saw Lucian's past. He and Viktor's daughter conceived a hybrid, but she was murdered before she could give birth. [After seeing that, he couldn't blame Lucian for being the way he was.

Michael wraps his arm loosely around Derek's waist.]

Immortality, though... how does one keep from getting bored? Or watching the world around them change?

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