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James Madison | Hamilton

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i. You are possibly the most enthusiastic, likeable bad influence I've ever met.

ii. Just keep in mind that she didn't start telling you you had the largest penis she had ever seen until AFTER she found out about your money.

Text him.
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ii; idk it was too perfect

[personal profile] moreequal 2016-06-18 03:22 am (UTC)(link)
The fact that she's after my money doesn't mean she can't be a great lay. It's not like I'm gonna give her any.
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I was not concerned about that. More along the lines of what she can give you, what she can steal, and how soon will she pull a Billie Jean.

Be careful.
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[The face Thomas just gave his phone should have been captured for posterity.]

That was an impressive bone-killer. Like not even upset, just impressed, 10/10 instantly dead.
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I apologize, Thomas, but you can understand the reasoning.

Perhaps the boner can be restored by somebody less money-oriented.
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So I'll have to go for women with money from now on. Can do.

[After a moment:] For the record, though, it's pretty silly that that's the first compliment she goes for.
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Or at least less focused. But that would work.

It was effective.
[ Which is why Madison was worried, of course. ]
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Well, d'uh. Dirty talk. Of course it worked. But not if it's my money what she's after.
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You like her. For tonight. Didn't you.
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