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fluffernutters meme

what to do:
☆ post a comment
★ others use the magic RNG 1-10 to pick their fluffiness
☆ then fluff it out!

fluffy choices:
Tiny kisses For some reason or another, the person in front of you? Needs all of the kisses. All of them.
Love confession You feel the butterflies in your stomach, but there's no way you're going to back out telling that special someone how you feel right now.
Pillow talk You've just had the most fantastic sex (playing out is optional!) and now that you're both.
Sweets You are at the biggest tea party ever, and the table in front of you is just begging you both to clear it. Hope you guys like cake!
Picnic You and your main squeeze decide to spend the day in the park having a nice quiet picnic. Necking optional.
Star gazing It's a clear night out and you two are sharing a blanket to watch the stars.
Movie night Grab yo' sweetie and hunker down on the couch with a bowl of poppin corns to watch your favorite movie.
Cooking Your date night has to start with dinner! The two of you decide to cook a meal together and see how it goes.
Back together For whatever reason, you've broken up. But now, you've realized the error of your ways and want to get back together.
Rollers choice Pick one!
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Francis Farinella - Resident Evil OC

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andddddd she rolls a 7!

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Sherry knocked on the door dressed in jeans and a baggy tee, one hand behind her back holding three monster movies, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and Young Frankenstein. Knocking on the door she waited for Francis to open the door.
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[ Franciss opened the door wearing a funny shirt He smiled at her and stepped aside.] Hello beautiful.
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Hey. [Yes she's giggling at the shirt.] I was hoping you weren't that busy tonight. Bad day at the office and well I was hoping some movies and cuddling would help.
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Hey I happen to be the prefect guy to offer you these things. [ he spoke with a wide grin at her smile looking down at his shirt.] I also have one that says 'Let me show you how we do it in the trailer park' I love Etsy shirts.

He Closed the door and jumped down off the bookshelf that doubled as the doorway making his way to the couch.]
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Knew I could count on you. [She followed, draping the hand with the movies over his shoulder.] Wasn't sure if you had these ones or not. And you might not have that shirt long. Might steal it because wearing that near my uncle would really piss him off.