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Shag, Marry, Cliff

Shag, Marry, Cliff
The Meme

Shag, Marry, Cliff (known alternatively as: Fuck, Marry, Kill, among other names) is a sort of party or road-trip game. One person gives three names, and the next person says which of the three they'd screw (or shag or fuck, whatever), marry, and throw off a cliff (or punch or kill, whatever). It can continue on or the "players" can sit and discuss their terrible life choices.

How to play
1) Comment with your character.
2) Reply (ICly) to others with three names to choose from.
3) Say who you would shag, who you would marry and who you would kill/cliff.
4) Enjoy the resulting interaction!

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Kylo Ren | Star Wars

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idek, it's so cracky

[personal profile] xwingpoetry 2015-12-23 05:32 am (UTC)(link)
Rey, Finn, or me.
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I was just hoping for such crack

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Kill Finn.

[That one's easy. It's the other two he had to think about.]

Hmmmm. Shag Rey and marry you.
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I think you were way too quick to kill my friend. Finn is a great guy. Careful there.

[But his tone is pretty light. He even rolls his eyes good-naturedly at the next bit, chuckling.]

Why Ren, you old romantic. And here I thought you didn't like me that much, but now you want to spend the rest of your life with me?

I'm touched.
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He's also a traitor.

[He folds his arms and huffs. Kylo is not amused. Then again, that's his mood 40% of the time.]

That's a marriage that would end in lightsaber impalement very quickly.
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You say traitor, I say hero.

[He shrugs a shoulder lightly, far more amused than his dark friend.]

Well, Ren, you don't know what shagging me is like. You might find being married to me isn't all that bad.
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True. You're much more breakable than you'd like to think. It would be amusing for a while.

[Trust Kylo Ren to turn an amusing situation into something a bit sinister.]
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Hux, Finn, or ... me I guess. [She ran out of options, okay?!]
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What lovely options.

[The sarcasm is strong with this one today.]

Marry Hux, kill Finn, and you can figure out what that leaves you with.
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[Looking displeased]

You can't tell how happy I am.
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You're the one who asked.

[There's a reason he's not fond of this game.]
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Was hoping you wouldn't answer...
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Never ask a question you don't want to hear the answer to.

[There's a sense he's grinning behind the mask.]

What're you more offended by? The fact I'd kill your boyfriend or sleep with you?
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[personal profile] girlandherstaff 2015-12-24 12:58 am (UTC)(link)
What boyfriend?

All of it. Definitely all of it. The sleeping with me especially.
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[It's obvious even to him that she cares for the traitor.]

If it had to be a choice between a marriage or one night, I think I could handle the one night.

[Plus, she seems like she'd be a wildcat in bed, but he's definitely keeping that to himself.]

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We're friends. There's no dating.

[She really just sees him as a friend. A good friend.]

I think I'd try to avoid both and throw myself off the cliff

[If she knew those thoughts, she would be displeased]
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[He doesn't believe that.]

That's not how the game works.

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And since when does a follower of the Dark Side care how things work?
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I'm not all made up of treachery and lies.

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[One look at Kylo has him changing his mind.

Bad idea. Full stop. Reverse.]
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[Kylo's staring at him like he knows exactly what he's thinking.]


[Also, stand out of Lightsaber impalement distance when you speak, Finn.]

[personal profile] handtrooper 2015-12-24 08:22 pm (UTC)(link)
[He clears his throat and just takes a few steps back.]

A, uh, Hutt, Wookiee...and yourself.

[There was going to be a joke about Kylo fitting in among beasts and revolting creatures, but Finn's having a hard time finding those words.

Hey, it's just a game, after all.]
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[Kylo folds his arms, his best 'I am not amused' tone clear in his voice. There's a reason he doesn't like this game.]

Kill the Hutt. Marry the Wookiee. Sleep with myself.

[personal profile] handtrooper 2015-12-25 06:58 am (UTC)(link)
So you'd rather sleep with the monster, huh? Ha...heh. Get it? Because you...

[Yeah, just stop while you're ahead, Finn. He'd feel a little more confident if Rey was here, someone to save him in case Kylo decided to Force choke him.]
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You don't have a strong sense of self-preservation, do you?

[It must be a carry-over from Finn's time as a stormtrooper. He's seriously debating how much effort it would be worth it to Force choke the traitor.]