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Friendship Meme

( because love takes many forms. )

1. a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.
2. a person who gives assistance.
3. a person who is on good terms with another; a person who is not hostile.
4. a member of the same nation, party, etc.

Old Friends

1. Just chillin’. You just enjoy each other’s company, and you’re spending time somewhere that the only thing that matters is both of you, doing your thing.
2. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Hey man, my car broke down. Also, I might have to come stay with you a while because my significant other kicked me out... One of you is in a pickle! Time to test how far this friendship can go.
3. Bros b4 hos, man. Chicks b4 dicks. I’m really happy for your success in finding someone who might be interested in seeing you naked, but you need to remember that your friends need time too. Jealousy and friendly concern regarding relationships go here.
4. We’re gonna paint the town. Inflicting your friendship upon society. Maybe you’re going out for a party, maybe you’re just driving around. DO something together! Try something new!
5. I get by with a little help from my friends. You or your friend is in need of some emotional support during a difficult time. Whether it’s a shit situation or just whining, a friend is obligated to deal and give advice. Or are they?
6. Get in, loser, we’re going shopping. Whirlwind adventure time! Kidnap your a friend from their mundane schedule and play hookey! Run away together!
7. I love you, man. Showing your appreciation and affection for your friend, be it in gifts, gestures, or just an outright thank you.
8. Gurl, hold my poodle. A fight has broken out, and either one or both of you are involved. Do you/the friend break up the fight or jump right in to defend? Or maybe you’re in a situation neither of you could avoid - perhaps it’s war instead. What sort of team are you?
9. Long-lost. You’ve been driven apart by distance or circumstances, but you finally have the chance to see one another again. What’s the reunion like?
10. Misery loves company. Commiserating together. Maybe you’re stuck at a really boring afair, maybe you’re complaining about men/women/work. You’re allowed to be as nasty as you want in front of your best friends!
11. E tu, Brute? Betrayal. Whether intentional or not, one of you has let the other down. They’re not the person you thought they were.
12. I only tell you this because I care. Advice, possibly unsolicited. Your friend has been doing something you don’t like and you’re going to let them know. Yes, that dress does make you look fat.
13. Thinking of you. So I saw this hat on my way through the mall and thought of you! I found this cool/funny video and thought I’d pass it on! I felt like baking cookies and thought you might appreciate some.
14. Why are we friends, again? Argument! Know someone long enough and you’re bound to get in a few! Is someone just in a terrible mood? Or is there an actual issue? Fight it out, big or small! Small to big?
15. Too good of friends. Make-up prompt. You two got into it, and now it’s someone’s turn to step up and be the bigger person to preserve the friendship. How do you show you’re sorry? Is forgiveness possible?
16. Obligatory wildcard. Pick your own!

New Friends
Icebreakers for new interactions!

Reasons (Optional):

1. Convenience. You work together and carpool. You’re neighbors. You have the same classes. It’s just easier to get along than ignore each other.
2. Through an Acquaintance. They’re a friend of a friend, so naturally, you’ve had to deal with them every so often. But maybe you want to see what they’re like when it’s just the two of you?
3. Hardship. They came to help you out when you needed it, despite being a stranger. Comrades in arms.
4. Intrigue. You seem pretty cool. Want to hang out sometime?


1. Party. So you should be friends with me, because I can drink a yard of beer and I’ve got the moves like Jagger.
2. Venue. Going to the movies, having lunch together, checking out the fair that came through town. It’s like a date, except getting to know them doesn’t come tied with a relationship.
3. Favor. Hey, I’m going out for a weekend. Would you mind feeding my cat? Can I borrow a little bit of money and pay you back later?
4. TMI. Um. No, I didn’t know you had a foot fetish! And I’m really not sure how I feel about it. I really don’t care how many cats you have. I’m not at liberty to discuss how much money I have.
5. Advice. Hey, do you mind giving a second opinion? Also, you never knew this about me, but I’m actually a ninja as a night job and I can give you some help with that self-defense issue you’ve been having?
6. Philosophy. Friendship’s first deep, serious conversation. What do you think of this current issue? What’s your religious standing?
7. Call me, text me. Hey, what’s up? NM here, just bored at work. Want to play Words with Friends? Casual conversations at a distance.
8. Forced association. Well, I’d better get going... nevermind, it looks like it’s flooding outside. Um. Usually the drive is ten minutes, but usually traffic isn’t a fifty-car pile-up... know any showtunes?
9. Upgrading. Roll from the Old Friends category and see if this friend is able to take the leap!
10. Wildcard Yep.

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Winifred 'Fred' Burkle - AtS

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Old Friends. 1, I guess?

[personal profile] demonologist 2012-07-01 05:34 am (UTC)(link)
[He visits her often, but not as often as he'd like. They're all so busy and trying to adjust to having so much responsibility that he's certain she wouldn't mind if she knew. And yet, it's no excuse. He comes at least three times a week. Often at odd hours. Mostly when he's able to snatch a break. The length of visits vary. Partly due to his workload but also because it still breaks his heart to see her lying there. Alive but cut off from the world. He wants to believe that she can hear him. But then again, the thought of her being aware of her situation pains him more than the thought of her being caught perpetually in a coma. Sometimes he has to leave early. But he knows that she'd understand.

Today he's changed the flowers, brought her some new ones. A brightly coloured spring bouquet. Something to make the room less dreary and clinical. And he's brought her favourite magazines, the kind that have all the celebrity gossip. He's flicking through one now, seated in a chair beside the bed.]

Hmmm, let's see. Ah, Britney Spears got married in Vegas to her high school sweetheart, a fellow by the name of Jason Alexander. But then got it annulled a few weeks later. Well, that's a bit unfortunate. Bennifer is off, apparently. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have called off their steamy romance after their movie together fizzled at the box office. Oh, and everyone's still going on about Janet Jackson's 'flash' dance at the Superbowl. Honestly, one would think that a quick glimpse of a lady's bosom these days wouldn't cause so much of a furore, but they're calling it Nipplegate. Which I think is actually rather hilarious...
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[It's been a long week. Again. With Angel acting strangely and Eve running them in circles she'd ended up spending two nights at the lab, both tucked up on the small couch in her office. She inevitably work up out of sorts after. The building's just too old with too many secrets to let anyone actually rest.

But she's let exhaustion keep her away for too long now and after a few quick stops after work Fred makes one final, important one. Her heels echo down the hallway and she's already talking even before she turns the last corner and enters a particular door]

...I know it's been a bit. And I won't get into it unless you want to. But -- look. I stopped to pick you up a new plant since the last one didn't seem to like that hospital air that...

[Fred stops up short]

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[personal profile] demonologist 2012-07-01 09:19 am (UTC)(link)

[Wes swivels sharply in his seat, turning towards the door. It's really her. And apparently she's come to visit Cordelia as well.]

Evening. I--I didn't realise that you were coming to see her. I had wondered who'd brought her that plant. It was you.

[He smiles, pleased to have found an answer to that particular puzzle. He hadn't known that Fred was doing the same thing that he was, but he understands why they might not have talked about it and it gladdens his heart to know one of his other friends is also keeping Cordelia company.]
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[For a moment Fred just stares at Wesley, trying to reconcile the notion of someone else being in the stale hospital room besides Cordy and herself -- or the occasional nurse. In the beginning she'd tried to coax Lorne into coming with her, but he obviously wasn't up to it. And Fred had never been able to bring herself to ask Angel.

Why hadn't she ever stopped to consider Wesley?

She settles the plant carefully on the windowsill, pushing the heavy, stiff curtain back to allow a little more natural light into the room. Her gaze flickers to the brightly colored bouquet]

And you must be the flower culprit. [Still not used to the idea of company, Fred drifts towards Cordy's bed as her hands idly move to smooth her pillow]

Is it bad I didn't understand a bit of what you just said?
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[Wesley stands up, since there's only one chair and it's just ingrained in him to be gentlemanly when a lady is present.]

Guilty as charged.

[Then he looks down at the magazines he's brought with him.]

What? Oh, no. I barely understand much of it myself. It's just celebrity gossip. One of Cordelia's favourite pastimes. She always used to leave these trashy magazines lying around the office. Honestly, I think she spent more time reading these than doing the filing.

[He speaks with fondness, though, and shifts his gaze to the woman in the bed. He misses her terribly. There are so many things he wishes he could talk to her about, confide in her. Sometimes he does, even though she can't talk back to him and give him advice, or a proverbial kick up the rear like she used to. He falls silent for a while, lost in memories of the once vibrant girl who now lies so very still in the hospital bed.]
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[Fred remembers the magazines. She remembers a lot actually. But when it comes to those memories, most of them feel just a little bit out of reach.

Not that Cordy wasn't a wonderful friend. She was. The other woman was the first person to actively start tugging her out of the hotel, out of all the ways she'd found to hide herself all over again. But Cordy was always so bright, it hurt to look at her sometimes. Fred never really questioned that she always fell behind her.

Fell behind the three of them, really. Angel and Wesley and Cordy. They shared something, that'd always been obvious to anybody that watched them. Perhaps it makes every kind of sense that she was drawn to Charles. Even Lorne, in his way. They were all just the tiniest bit on the outside, looking in]

Well. [The word's said with a smile, because there is every kind of truth in what Wesley said] We all have our extra-curricular activities. Cordy's just happen to involve...nipplegate?

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Yes. I never quite understood her desire for celebrity fame, but if anyone of us could have made it, it would have been her. Can you imagine what she would have thought of the entertainment division Lorne is running?

[Then again, Wes wonders what Cordy would have thought of their decision to accept the keys to the proverbial Wolfram and Hart kingdom. He has feeling that she would have been outspoken about it either way.]
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I think...[Fred considers the woman in the bed, taking another moment to fluff her pillow and smooth her blanket. Wesley was being all polite and proper, leaving the chair open for her to sit in. But the truth is she always battles a combination of nervous energy and guilt when she visits Cordy]

I think that Cordy would have a lot of thoughts about a lot of things, starting with that limo ride.
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Oh, absolutely. In fact, I wish...

[He trails off for a moment. What is the point of being wistful about a past which never could have happened? Is it too revealing of his own mindset if he verbalises it? He moves forward and takes Cordy's limp hand, hoping that the contact gets through to her in some fashion.]

...I think we would have benefitted from her counsel. Or very loud opinion, depending on who you talk to. But she was always honest. She once said 'Tact is just not saying true stuff.' And I couldn't agree more. We're diminished without her. But we can't give up hope.
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[She steps back, allowing the moment to pass between Wesley and Cordy. She has to think that from somewhere, the other woman is aware of them. Because that means she is reachable. And like Wesley said, it's where the hope comes from.

He's right. They are all smaller without her]

I still have her charts sent to me in the lab, every week. I keep thinking I'm going to find something in them that will finally let us help her.

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[Wes hadn't known that, he gives her a warm, grateful sort of smile.]

I know what you mean. I keep consulting with the magically inclined medical staff to see if there's something we missed. Some sort of arcane solution we haven't explored yet.
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[Her own expression warms slightly. It appears that Cordy doesn't need to be awake to still manage bringing people together. But why was actually talking about it so hard?]

Maybe we should consider pooling our resources sometime.
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I think that would be an excellent idea.

[He tilts his head slightly, looking over at her.]

I shouldn't be surprised that you have been visiting her. Perhaps sometimes we could go together?
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I should've known you would be visiting her too.

[Honestly the flowers should've been a clue. Out of all the others, it was a gesture that most belonged to Wesley]

And I'd like that. [Her head tilts towards the glossy pile of magazines] That way I wouldn't have to miss out of the entertainment segment.
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[personal profile] demonologist 2012-07-11 02:40 am (UTC)(link)
Does that mean I'm going to have to read the tabloids out loud for you too?

[He chuckles softly]
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[She actually laughs. There's a sensation that follows after, like the room doesn't know quiet what to do with the sound. It's too quiet here. Especially for Cordy]

I can't think of any way it's going to work otherwise. And clearly there's a whole world of knowledge I've been missing out on.
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[personal profile] demonologist 2012-07-11 09:24 pm (UTC)(link)
Clearly. And it's an important world of knowledge that Cordelia would no doubt wish for you to keep up with. For research purposes. I'd be more than happy to be the purveyor of more information on Janet Jackson's Crisis of the Bosom.
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[personal profile] fredless 2012-07-12 01:38 am (UTC)(link)
Well, I definitely don't want to disappoint her.

[Her gaze flickers back on their friend, watching her for no small amount of time before looking for Wesley again]

So clearly I have a lot more to learn about Janet and her bosom and...[Fred waves one hand] Everything you were saying when I came in.
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[Wes squeezes Cordy's hand and finally releases it, not wanting to crowd her too much, especially if Fred also wants to have contact. He doesn't sit down, however, leaving the seat open in case Fred desires the seat. He's silent for a bit, but it doesn't feel too awkward, just...his thoughts are moving in a different direction now.]

I didn't get a chance to ask you: how did your date with Knox go? I trust you enjoyed yourself?
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[The question startles her, but only briefly. It's just that Knox is about the furthest thing from Janet Jackson's 'bosom' that she can imagine. She finds herself looking at Cordy again. Because this is something she would have a thought or two about. Not that she didn't always have opinions, but when it came to dating it was opinions]

It went...[Fred takes a moment to replay the evening] It went really well, actually. I got cleaned up in the nick of time, spic and span just like a new penny. [She glances at Wesley, a brief smile flickering] And I totally kicked his butt when it came time for the actually bowling, just like you asked. He didn't know what hit him.

[He'd tried to analyze it too much, actually. Bowling was one of the few things Fred didn't let herself overthink]

What about you? With your apartment, I mean?
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[Wes listens attentively and keeps his smile firmly in place. Had he wanted the date not to go well? Why would he? But there are definitely mixed feelings. Ones which he keeps carefully hidden. After all, he wants to be supportive. If Knox makes her happy, who is he to question that?]

I'm glad. I can completely picture you decimating him on the lanes. See, taking a chance on occasion is not a bad thing at all.

My apartment? Oh, it's coming along well. No more crazy shelf attacks.

[It's not as if he has any social developments to talk about. He's still a little stuck on one particular girl, even though he knows it's futile.]
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[personal profile] fredless 2012-07-12 05:53 am (UTC)(link)
[Something about the sentiment strikes home]

...you're right. We do get scared away from taking chances, don't we? At least when it comes to ourselves.

[Too much hurt. Too much loss. Too much work. It's just another reason to miss the the person lying silent in her hospital bed. Of course, the truth is as much as she loves Cordy -- as much as she misses her? Wesley had often been the person she trusted with her confidence first.

When had they fallen out of that? Why the drunken promises to be better friends again? And why did it take an explosion to actually do something about it?]

And that's...good. [Fred finally finds her smile] I'm pretty sure there's a once a month wrist-bandaging, muscle-pulling rule somewhere. Though for you I think I'd end up making an exception.
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Yes. We do.

[He's been one of the worst offenders in that regard. But what can he do about it now? He's missed at least two opportunities to take the bull by the horns and let Fred know how he felt. Before she was spoken for. His timing has always been terrible. Worse than terrible. And he doesn't see that ever changing. Especially now that she and Knox are getting closer.

Wes looks down at the hospital bed and absently starts to smooth away the creases in the sheet and coverlet.]

I hope you wouldn't have to. I'd be thrilled with only one injury-inducing incident per month. Although, you're right, things haven't exactly been uneventful of late.
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You should've seen the papercut I got yesterday. It definitely feels like we're on some kind of list.

[She's not trivializing Wesley's injuries. Or what happened to his apartment. Fred hopes he knows that. But she's just been so tired lately, and she suspects Wesley is too. If she sinks too far in it, it'll just be that much harder to get up in the morning.

Her gaze follows Wesley's hands]

Do you ever wonder what she thinks of our hovering?

[Fred almost asks Cordy thinks of all of it, but the question slips away from her]

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