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hug me guys.



- Put up a thread with your character, fandom, and any prefs (if applicable) and wait for someone to tag in with hugs!

- Go to other threads, either pick the number you want or go to RNG.

1. Friendly hug - this person is your good pal, and you just wanna give them a fond squeeze to let them know.


2. Romantic hug - you just want to be closer, so wrap your arms around them, maybe rub their back some...


3. Bear hug - maybe you haven't seen them in a while, so how about a giant hug that lifts them off their feet


4. Hug from behind - surprise them, guess who?! or maybe they're having a bad day, cheer them up.


5. Awkward hug - maybe it's on accident, but whatever the case is, you can't help but feel a little nervous about hugging them.


6. Reluctant hug - whoever this person is, you have to hug them, better make it quick!


7. "I'm sorry!" hug - actions speak louder than words, will this person get the message?


8. Give a little extra hug - give them a kiss with it, cheek, shoulder nuzzle, whatever - but let the hug linger a little!


9. Don't WANT a hug - make them see sense! Cling, and don't let go for anything oohcookiegimme! - if you're the hugged, try to get loose. Or maybe you'll give in!


10. Random or other kind of hug - pick the choice you like best, or make up your own!

Taken from this post, which, in turn, was modified by this one.
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Tifa Lockheart/ Final Fantasy VII

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[Aeris is having a bit of trouble getting her arms into position over her BFF's shoulders here...]

Um, Tifa... just an advance warning, I'm sorry if I touch anything awkward.

[This may not have been her best plan ever, in retrospect.]
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{it's been such a lousy, rotten, absolutely-no-good day. Tifa's been ready for it to end since they had to wade through that muck around the river to get the buggy unstuck and the rain and the tear in the tent and everything that's happened since then has just convinced her they all should have stayed in bed that morning. She's done her best to make sure everyone's taken care of and tucked in - as comfortably as they can considering they're all crammed into one tiny hotel room with questionable mattresses now but - she just had to duck into the hallway to sit down on the single uncomfortable bench and bury her head in her hands for a minute. She'd missed Aeris's approach entirely that way and she jerked just a little when she felt arms settling around her. But -

the little sound she made was probably half humor, half sigh and her shoulders slumped even more as she relaxed. Leave it to Aeris to make her feel better just like that. It makes it worth it to at least make an attempt at humor.}

You mean like my nose?
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[She can't help but laugh, though admittedly it's not like she's trying to stop it. The fact that Tifa can still make jokes right now is pretty reassuring, given how she was looking just a moment ago. Or still, at that.]

Maybe. Or maybe...

[She reaches down to Tifa's ribs with a grin and wiggles her fingertips against the bottoms.]
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{it's just nice to be hugged and it distracts Tifa enough that she doesn't realize what Aeris is doing until it's too late. The first sound is almost a hiccup, surprise, eyes going wide. The next sound is a stuttered one though and sounds dangerously close to a giggle - and Tifa never giggles. The next sound though as the tickling finally registers in her mind is definitely a giggle and even her protest afterward can't hide it.}

Aeris - !
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[She giggles right back, tickling Tifa mercilessly and gleefully. Never giggles, huh? She'll see about that.]

Do you have something you want to say to me, Tifa?
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{Tifa will swear to her dying day those aren't giggles coming out of her as she doubles over in defense against Aeris' fingers. They just sound suspiciously like them. As strong as the barkeep is and as advanced as she is in hand to hand, it honestly never occurs to her to try anything defensive against the other woman. Instead, she wiggles sideways, trying to escape that way, trying not to make those sounds that aren't giggles too loudly.}

Not fair - !
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All's fair in love and cheering you up!

[She pursues, shifting the angle of her tickles so that she's going after Tifa's sides instead, still laughing as merrily as Tifa though for completely different reasons. Of course, it is unfair and for more than one reason. Aeris knew when she started this that she wasn't going to get a punch to the face like some people might if they tried this. She has absolute trust in her friend.]
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{Aeris is fighting dirty but Tifa can't fault her for it. It's the only way to fight when you want to win.

It also means Tifa's hopelessly outmatched since she can't retaliate with Aeris tucked safely behind her. Instead, she press forward, hoping to trap her friend's hands and when that doesn't work she finally, cheeks red from laughter, manages to gasp out:}

I give! Mercy!
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[With one last tickle and a warm chuckle, she relents.]

Oh, alright.

[Releasing Tifa, she slides around to sit at her side and drapes an arm over her shoulders, holding her close.] Feel better?
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{the not-giggles die down quickly but the pink tint to Tifa's cheeks stays longer and so does the smile and the sparkle that's back in her eyes again. She doesn't resist Aeris' side hug, instead leaning into it and closing her eyes as she lightly rests her head against her friend's shoulder. How does Aeris always manage to make things better?}

Yes. Thank you. I think I really needed that.
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I know you did.

[Smug? Maybe a liiiiittle.]

Don't worry about thanking me, though. You know I'd do anything for you, Tifa.

[It comes out offhandedly, like she's not even considering her words, but at the same time like she thinks the statement almost goes without saying.]
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{she's not going to fault Aeris on the smugness. Her friend's right after all. It does earn a quiet little noise though that's probably a stifled laugh. At the next statement though, her eyes open even if she doesn't lift her head. The others might fall for Aeris' casual phrasing but Tifa knows better. She pays attention when the other woman throws things out and so she doesn't take this lightly despite the way it's spoken. It's in her soft answer when she says:}

I know. Sometimes it makes me worry.
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[She cocks her head at Tifa in confusion. Somewhat feigned confusion, after all she can think of a few reasons for concern, but she wants to keep the focus on her friend.]

What do you mean? I'm fine.
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{it's Tifa's turn to lift a hand and she gently brushes it down the long pony tail of soft brown hair, lips a wry smile without lifting her head. She doesn't fall for Aeris' redirect but she goes along with it all the same. How could she phrase her worries anyway, afraid of the risks Aeris takes but fully aware that they all tend to take them for each other. Just - Aeris can be more impulsive about those risks than most of them. All of which she's pretty sure Aeris already knows. So she simply smiles and gives that hair a gentle tug.}

You worry about me. I'm allowed to worry about you too, you know. So I want to make sure you stay fine.
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Well, I can't exactly stop you, but you're the one who looked like you were ready to just fall over when we got to the room.

[That's a transparent attempt to push the focus back onto her friend, and she knows it. They all felt and no doubt looked lousy when they got into the hotel, Tifa was just the one who Aeris's attention had gone to.]

... It really was a long day, wasn't it?
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{it earns a little huff but there's a small smile that goes with it too. Tifa's got her equilibrium back now thanks to her friend. She's not even going to pretend otherwise though.}

Miserable. You know it's gotten bad when even Yuffie runs out of energy to complain.
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I don't even know why it got so bad today. I mean, we've taken that buggie over dozens of rivers by now, why did it pick that one to get stuck in? And that was just the start!

[Ah, and now to the comfortable subject of complaining about the day. This is a lot better.]
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{it has Tifa covering her mouth with her hand to stifle a smile.}

And then we lost our tea in the river and Cid ran out of smokes. I thought he was going to implode.
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I think we still need to stay away from him for the rest of the night. Barret too. We did separate those two, right?
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[personal profile] more_than_words 2012-06-23 07:52 am (UTC)(link)
{Tifa turns her head to glance at the shut door to the shared hotel room but doesn't make any move to get up. If they are busy killing each other in there, at least they're being quiet about it and she's pretty content right where she is.}

Cid's probably already fallen asleep. He seems to do that at the weirdest times. Maybe it's a defense mechanism.
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[personal profile] cetrascion 2012-06-23 08:24 am (UTC)(link)
Defending himself or the rest of us?

[She chuckles a bit and glances at the door for just a brief moment before turning her attentions back to Tifa.]

Well, either way, we should be alright. We'll just stay out of everyone's way until they all get to sleep.
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{that question has the quiet snicker stealing out of Tifa and she leans into her friend a little more, relaxing. Staying out here for a little bit until everyone's sleeping sounds pretty good. Usually she'd want to be there, making sure everyone was comfortable, but, just for now, she thinks it's all right to leave them to their own devices after the day they've all had. No doubt they're as eager to go to sleep and escape today as anything else.}

Maybe both. But staying out here for now sounds good. At least until Cloud comes to make sure we haven't run away.
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[Part of why Aeris is out here is to make sure Tifa doesn't get involved in trying to sort things out. It's usually helpful, but tonight she just knows someone would end up saying something hurtful, and who knows where it might end up escalating. Better to let people air out for a while.

Of course, she also just doesn't want to be in there herself.

Or just to get away from everyone. [She chuckles, sympathetically.] We'll give him a place to relax when... I mean if that happens.

[When is probably more accurate, really.]
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[personal profile] more_than_words 2012-06-24 06:36 am (UTC)(link)
{when is definitely more accurate, Tifa would agree. Cloud can sometimes be an awkward mother hen and the thought makes her smile. It also has her exhaling and closing her eyes again, head tipping to rest on her friend's shoulder. It means they've got some time to just unwind before Cloud shows up and takes refuge too.}

I'm glad you came out.

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