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The "TAKE ME OUT" Meme


• Leave a comment with your character's name and fandom.
RNG for a number between 1-10 to get your prompt. Mix and match!
• Have fun!
01) FANCY | An expensive restaurant, the opera or a VIP guest ticket. An effort has been made!

02) RUSTIC | Out in the meadows or woods, all you need is each other and a delicious picnic.

03) MOVIE | A time-honored classic whether at the cinema or home. Grab the popcorn and snuggle!

04) POOLSIDE | It's a wet date! (Not like that.) You're both going swimming, either at an awesome indoor pool or by the beach!

05) PAINTBALL | Your date is hot but they still better expect to lose. Paintball takes no prisoners.

06) LUNCH | Informal and casual! Grabbing a bite to eat together on the go.

07) CANDLES | The mood is set: the candles are lit, the dinner table is ready, all you're waiting for now is one unsuspecting guest to arrive.

08) FORGOTTEN | Holed up over work, this date isn't going to happen at all because one of you has clean forgotten all about it. Oops? Let's have it ... here?

09) PARTY | The music is loud, the alcohol is flowing, dancing too close or flirting in corridors is the name of the game.

10) WILDCARD | Make up your own date!
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Torchwood AU, please~ And #6, if that works for you!

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[ It's not every day that Tosh has time to kill, and neither is it every day that she has someone to kill it with. But there she is, sitting at a quaint little outdoor cafe at a table set for two and waiting for her lunch date to arrive.

As she sits there, she can't help but fidget a bit. It's been a long time since she's done something quite like this, so she's more than a little bit nervous. Most of the time, she eats in the Hub, so this is very, very different.

She internally crosses her fingers, hoping that she manages to get through this lunch without planting her foot firmly in her mouth, as she's managed to do before. ]
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6 works!

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[Right on time, Maria steps out of the cab, posh heels clicking on the sidewalk as she moves. She's gotten along rather well with Tosh since the beginning. Gwen means well, certainly, but Maria is 22, not 12, and she's always appreciated the way Tosh explains things without babying her or being rude (like Owen).

She gives Tosh a bright, sincere smile, gracefully sitting in the chair across from her]

Tosh, darling! It was wonderful of you to invite me like this. [Between work and... well, work, Maria doesn't tend to get out much, except with Lissa - and there's no way she'd be able to tell her dear Liz about her exciting new (ish) job. It would be nice to be able to talk to someone about it - though certainly not in public]
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[ Tosh's face lights up in a smile when she spots Maria coming towards her and sitting at her table. ]

Oh, hello, Maria, it's good to see you. [ Yes, between work, and work, there's not a lot of time for socializing, especially outside the Hub. And speaking of being outside the Hub, Tosh isn't particularly comfortable out here. They certainly can't discuss work, because there could be any number of people listening in.

But really, Tosh doesn't want to talk about work, not right now. ]

How are you?
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It's good to see you, too. [a smile, and she eyes Tosh critically - not that Tosh (and everyone else at Torchwood) wouldn't have been used to that right now. But Tosh does look a bit tired, and Maria really is concerned for her.]

Oh, you know. I've been running myself positively ragged lately. [Maria chucked a little at that, airily waving a hand. Really, she likes being kept busy.] And yourself?
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It's not every day I get to go out like this. [ She notes that look Maria's giving her, but she just smiles and tries to look as though she's happy, and not nearly as exhausted as she feels. ]

This work we're doing is tiring, isn't it? But I don't think I'd miss a second of it, not for anything. [ Exhausted or not, Tosh dearly loves her job, and a little tiredness is more than worth it. ]
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[Nice try, Tosh. Maria sees right through that smile. She's a socialite, after all - she's used to false emotions, whether they be hers (unlikely; she never could hold her tongue) or someone else's. But she lets it go, for now; there's no sense in ruining such a lovely, peaceful moment.] Nor I. Even my dear Liz is beginning to worry.

[She laughs, then, a little] Indeed! I've never felt more exhausted or invigorated in my life!
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[ Well, it was worth a shot trying to pretend. Most of the time, no one really pays attention to Tosh, except when she's got some useful bit of information, so it's easier to put on an act. But then again, most of the time, she's not really all that tired. Now, however, everyone's workload seems to have increased a bit, so as far as she can tell, all of them are combating exhaustion as best as they can. ]

I know it must be hard, knowing what to say.

[ She means specifically to people outside Torchwood. ]

My tea intake has increased quite a bit these last few weeks. I'm afraid it's been keeping Ianto a bit busy, although I've tried telling him I can make my own tea, but he won't hear of it.
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[Maria is well used to pretending around Lissa and her family, by now, and it's made her able to sniff out other people's facades that much more easily. She's had lots of practice, after all (though after a particularly hard mission, she tends to hole herself up in her flat and not answer her phone or e-mails unless it's from work). But while their workload has increased, it's not as bad as it could be. Maria's heard stories about Canary Wharf - most notably when Ianto's not around - and she is ever thankful that her father managed to survive the horror. It's partially why she joined, after all.]

It is, of course, but Lissa's been an angel about it. [And best friends always did know what not to ask.]

Ianto does run himself ragged looking after us, doesn't he? He's a dear.