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the sga meme

the stargate: atlantis meme

how to play:

- comment with your character, universe, and preferences.
- who are you in the stargate universe? are you part of the air force or the marines who form the core of the stargate program? are you a civilian contractor working in tandem with the military? are you a member of an alien race who has been contacted by the sgc?
- pick a scenario or use RNG to pick for you!
- tag around and be good to each other.
one. OFF WORLD MISSION. are you being sent to foster trade relations with an alien colony on one of the many worlds in the pegasus galaxy? are you on a reconnaissance mission collecting information on the wraith? are you delivering medical supplies to people in need? you choose!
two. SPARRING. perhaps you're just bored. or maybe you're trying to prove something. either way, you're in the gym, pitting yourself against one of your colleagues. is this in the middle of the night? are you shirking other duties that are less appealing? are people placing bets on who will win?
three. SCHEDULED LEAVE. guess what? you get to go home! are you going to spend your leave lounging on your couch watching all eight seasons of supernatural? are you going to use your time off to travel your own planet instead of someone else's? are you bringing someone home to meet the family?
four. MESS HALL. ahh lunch time. the scant hour in the middle of the day when you don't have to worry about work and instead can worry about...whatever that thing is on your plate. maybe you're setting up a date to meet with that hottie from security who's been eying you all week, or maybe you're the type to bring your work to lunch with you. either way, it's time for a break.
five. LEISURE TIME. even soldiers on base get a few hours off each week. do you jog around the city? golf off one of the balconies? draw? sing? meditate? whatever it is you want to do, now's your chance. don't waste your time, you'll be back on duty soon!
six. INFIRMARY. well that wasn't very smart was it. you've gone and landed yourself in the infirmary and it doesn't look like you're going to get out of here any time soon. or maybe you will. how good are you at charming your way past the medical staff?
seven. WRAITH ATTACK. time to grab your guns, because it looks like everyone's worst enemy is on its way. do you even known which end of the gun to hold? better learn fast, because those wraith darts are fast and the last thing anyone wants is to be culled.
eight. WE'RE STILL ALIVE. or the obligatory smut option. yay everyone survived whatever calamity just happened! it's time to celebrate. go grab your special someone and lock yourselves in a transporter or a puddle jumper or, hey, even your own rooms. nobody will blame you for wanting to get down tonight.
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phil coulson . mcu

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[ Option 1: Phil is his usual Agent of SHIELD. He's here touring an offworld installation of Stargate Command, because these branches of the government occasionally try to work together. He is very curious about the shit that goes down here.

Option 2: New civilian commander/second in command. Quiet, mild-mannered, and he's totally a bureaucrat with no idea how to run an alien space station, right? Right.

Option 3: Leader of an SG exploration team, temporarily or permanently on assignment to Atlantis. ]
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option 3 plus sparring?

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Deep down, Dr. River Song knows that it isn't exactly Phil Coulson's fault that he's heading up the team she wanted to lead. It's a number of factors, some bureaucratic. Some, however, are unspoken bias. Who's going to take orders from an archaeologist? Besides, Coulson had a promising record and glowing recommendations. All River had were perfect scores on the target range. She still struggled to be a team player.

She had every intention of being civil, attentive, respectful, especially when she was assigned to work with him. But he was so damned nice that it rubbed her the wrong way. And there were only so many times she could justify target practice. Her excellent marksmanship was starting to look like a waste of materials. So she took to the gym to work out her lingering frustrations. Her hair was pulled back loosely out of her eyes, sweat began to collect on her shirt as she threw punch after punch at the bag hanging on a chain.
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Being promoted to a team leader is one of the coolest things that has ever happened to Phil Coulson. He was just some guy, and now he's making actual contact with aliens, alien cultures, alien worlds all the time. He's not, strictly speaking, one of the military guys, more like a civilian consultant, but his area of expertise lines up more with theirs than the scientists and archaeologists. He's - a bridge. A master of creative problem-solving. He was one of those people who deal with the unusual problems that crop up back home on Earth, and now he's on the front lines.

He can work with most of the people here. The military know that he's got their backs, that he'll risk himself for them and not risk them for stupid goals. The civilians know that he has respect for their expertise. This is something he goes to great pains to express, because he needs them. His job is useless without the people around him.

But it's only mostly worked.

One particular person has him frustrated.

Okay, it's not that he thinks he deserves respect from everyone he meets. Even less, that he thinks he'll get it. But this person in particular is extremely competent, has surpassingly good ideas, and thinks well in a crisis. She's abrasive. But he doesn't give a damn. He wants her to work with him.

He wants to work with her.

He has a fair few more tactics up his sleeve to try and get her to like him, but, somehow, it feels disingenuous. Maybe she'll take better to something that's not quite as manipulative.

Which is why he approaches her in the gym.

"Doesn't look like it's putting up much of a fight," he remarks, of the bag.
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River narrowed her gaze but barely looked at him as she punched the bag again. "It's a punching bag. It's there to be punched, not punch back." But he did have a bit of a point - the bag was old and well-worn in, really the gym was in dire need of a new one.

She rested for a moment, steadying the bag and glancing at him. "Are you about to critique my fighting skills too, or is there something more constructive you could be doing?"
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"Thought I might offer something a little more dynamic." He inclines his head towards the mat. "You used a style I don't know, mission before last - the one in the rain."

The rain. That was the understatement of the century. It took him days to feel dry. Needless to say, they'd run into some extremely hostile people who also happened to be extremely gifted at fighting and vanishing back into the rain. River had been invaluable.

"I was wondering if you'd be willing to show me."
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River arched a brow, as if trying to determine in his micro-expressions that this was some sort of joke. Didn't seem like it; she had been one of the few - if only - people who managed to get the drop on some of the rain folk. If this was a ruse, Coulson was being clever about it.

"That depends. You willing to get your arse handed to you?" She gave him a smug look as she stepped away from the punching bag.
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My turn to be sorry for delay! I was ill

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"Always," he says, calmly. It's pretty much true. Coulson likes to win. Sparring, though, it doesn't count - winning, really, means getting better. And that, he can do, no matter who takes who down.

Besides, he doesn't have a huge ego, anyway.
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that's okay! Hope you're feeling better. also apologies as i b.s. fighting style things

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"No wonder the rain folk had you beat," she said, stretching one arm across the other. "Attitude like that." Of course his attitude made sense - it was just Coulson being Coulson. Infuriating Coulson. Why was he so damned nice?

She rolled her head from side to side before taking up a prepared stance: knees bent, arms up slightly in front of her chest, hands in fists. Her feet were slightly arched, as if any minute she were about to pounce forward and strike. "Ladies first?" She asked, voice almost sugary sweet. She rocked her wrist in a 'come on' gesture to Coulson, giving him the first chance to strike. River Song was a woman, but she was no lady.
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we all bs fighting style things

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Well, he really might be the lady in this situation. He laughs. "You don't want to show me how to get the first hit in?" He's ready, under the laughter; he is a strong fighter, and a somewhat unorthodox one. The match will be exciting, at least.
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"No, I want to see how you tackle the situation on your own first," River replied. "But if you really want-"

Quick and light she pushed off from the floor to dart at him, her right fist aiming for his stomach.