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Maybe you were just cleaning up, maybe you were snooping on purpose when you found the letter tucked away where they obviously thought you would never find it. It has your name written right on it, plain and clear.

Do you read it? It's so hard to resist...

And if you do, do you confront them about it or try your best to ignore it?

- Post your character with name, series, and any preferences.
- Others respond after enlisting the help of RNG on deciding a type or just choosing the one they like best.
- Play nice.
1. hatethe letter details what you've done to bother the person who wrote it. It lists all the problems they have with you and all the wrongs you've done to them.
2. breaksecretly, they've wanted to break up with you for awhile now.
3. lovethey are hopelessly, helplessly in love with you.
4. depressionthey're very depressed or desperate and spill out every reason why.
5. confessionthey've done something wrong and detail it in this letter. Was it to you or somebody else?
6. sexynot quite romantic, they're confessing all the dirty things they would like to do with you.
7. leavingthey were offered a job or something too enticing to pass up and they're planning on leaving you soon.
8. wildcardIf you don't like any of the above options, make up your own letter!