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Bathing Meme!

The Bathing Meme

Scrub-a-dub-dub, this meme is ridiculous. No, really. This is a meme about taking a bath. Silly.

- Post your character with name, series, and preferences as the subject header.
- Reply to other characters, using the RNG (1-7) to choose a bath type from the list below.
- Characters bathe. Or other things involving a bath. Whatever, dudes. Anything goes!
- Sexy times and/or triggery material may pop up in threads. Please be conscientious toward your fellow roleplaying buddies!

1. Bubble Bath: Here, the characters are sharing a humongous bubble bath with all the froth they can handle. The scent is delicious, the water is warm—go on, enjoy yourselves!
2. Shower: Perhaps not as fun as a bubble bath, but hey, at least it's built to accommodate two. Don’t slip!
3. Hot Tub: A whirlpool of warmth and—mm. Don't mind me. I'll just be sinking in.
4. Hot Springs: An outdoors bath is good, too, right? Or maybe this is part of a hotel. Either way, it sure is steamy.
5. Decadent Bath: There could be bubbles here, or maybe just those wonderful smelling oils and salts. Awwww, yeah. This bath probably cost a small fortune, so you should enjoy it while it lasts.
6. Lake: In case the hot springs weren't rugged enough for you, here's an actual lake, complete with waterfall for all your rinsing pleasures.
7. Other: Bathe in a shoebox for all I care!
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When River Song needs to unwind, she goes, as the 21st century slang might've put it, "balls to the wall" - it's a funny phrase, she thinks, as there's nothing really pleasurable about the image it invites. But this, lounging back in the bathtub of an exquisitely first-rate hotel room - this is definitely pleasure.

She slinks down so the bubble-filled water level rises above her breasts, closing her eyes as she rests her head against a waterproof pillow beneath her neck. It's been a very full day on her end, taking out three incomplete Cybermen who'd been targeting hotel guests for assimilation was just hell on her muscles.

"Must be getting old," she murmurs wistfully to herself, stretching her legs along the length of the tub and taking a deep breath of the various aromatherapy oils in the water.

River barely bats an eye when she hears a door click open. "You're too late," she called out, chuckling and adding in a low breath. "Room's already been re-occupied."
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This was certainly most unexpected! The Doctor already was changed into nothing but a towel when he walked into the bathroom. "I didn't find you in here 10 minutes ago when I looked around." Lucky for River, he wasn't going to complain, despite only having met her a handful of times.

The Doctor sat on the edge of the fancy tub, looking at her with great curiosity. "Where in time are you from now?" She had a thing for rattling off potential spots they had met up, but it was very rare he knew what she was talking about.
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There was a curve of smugness to her smile as she recognized the handsome, lithe man who walks in. "Hello, sweetie! You must've just missed me, then. I did hop at the tub opportunity awfully fast." She shrugged and gave a brief glance to the pile of discarded clothes at the opposite wall. She'd obviously shed them in a hurry.

River returned her gaze to him, a soapy hand briefly interrupting her vision as she moved a stray curl behind her ear. Her hair was piled rather high on her head, but a few rogue locks slipped down now and then. "Last time I saw you was the Festival of a Thousand Suns," she said. "Though I suspect they'll have to rename it now, assuming they're not still grumpy about damages. How about you?"

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"Johannesburg Planetarium, 1960." The Doctor replied with a slight frown - they still weren't synced up and wondered if she even remembered that day.

He opened his mouth to ask what she was referring to - the damages - but decided to hold his tongue. It wasn't upon him yet in his time line. "So you thought you'd find me and pop in for a visit, eh?"

He vaguely wondered if she knew he was traveling alone as he dipped a finger into the water and flicking some bubbles her way.
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"Oh, I love the 60s!" River gushed. "Well, the early ones at least. The later years are a tad overrated." She paused thoughtfully. "...Opening day, right? I can't remember - did we stop in the little shop? Did they have a little shop yet?"

She smiled softly and gently popped the bubbles he flicked in her direction. "Now, now, Doctor - you're going to make me sound clingy. Who's to say I wasn't already in the neighborhood and this is simply kismet?"

It wasn't, of course, but she liked prodding his ego as much as she did the bathtub bubbles.
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"They did have a shop." His small smile grew rather fondly, and he was glad to hear she knew him then. So maybe their timelines were starting to match up.

"Aw, the space travel is so exciting, River! Everyone cheers, there's rockets, SPACE." He loved that humans had spread so far out in the universe.

"Mmm, kismet... Right." He nods knowingly, continuing to play with some of the bubbles.
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Their timelines would never match up perfectly, that much she knew. But once in a while they'd cross paths where they didn't have to hide so much from each other. Those days were a luxury.

"Also an invasion of Silence that you and I have to stave off," River thought, though her face betrayed no such tangent. "Mmm, I just prefer some of the later explorations, that's all."

She watched him for a moment, resting her right arm on the side of the tub. "So, are you going to sit there the whole time or are you going to hop in before the water gets cold?"
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He thinks about that for a moment, then finally sheds his towel and slips in opposite of her. "It is warm indeed!" But not uncomfortable in the least.

The water reached just below his chest as he stretched out his arms on the sides of the tub. He closes his eyes momentarily, forcing himself to relax. "I don't know about you, but it's been a long day." The irony of it all, he was more than willing to keep the running and mystery solving going despite all that. He never complained, honestly.
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Brief as it was, River couldn't deny that she enjoyed the little show she got as he slipped into the tub with her. The tub was certainly long enough for them both, so long as they minded each other's legs.

She watched him for a moment, observing the relaxation slowly claim his muscles, then she followed suit, tilting her head back and closing her eyes. "Mmm, very long," she agreed. "Before you came in I was just thinking that I must be getting old...Though I'm sure that sounds utterly silly to someone like you," she teased.
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"I think if given the option, you'd be running alongside me right now, regardless." He knew her, knew that she could hold her own next to him, and for that he both greatly respected and admired her despite not ever voicing that.

"You appear to be in one piece, which is a start." He cracks a smile, the whites of his teeth showing between his thin lips. "You traveling with someone?" Meaning himself. He was searching for more information.
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River opened her eyes and smiled, nudging one of his feet underwater with her own, playfully. "If I said yes, would you be jealous?"

She moved her hand through the water and sent a small cluster of bubbles towards him. "No need for envy today, my love. I'm a big girl, you know, all on my own."
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"Oh?" He raised an eyebrow in her direction, "You look as if you've lost weight to me." It was a horrible attempt at a joke. Leave it to him to be rude and not ginger.

Catching the bubbles, he pushes them back, "I wouldn't be jealous, no, because I know you can handle things on your own." Just as he liked to think the same of him, despite the more he thought about it, the more likely it seemed he pushed away his friends. It was intentional and he'd rather not think that was the reason why he chose to be alone these days.
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"Oh-ho-ho, really?" River raised both her eyebrows at him, and perhaps her next nudge of his leg was more akin to a kick in the shin. She never forgot how difficult he could be when young, but the rudeness did slip her mind.

Lips pursed in a thin line, River slowly relaxed at his next statement. He was right, she was very capable on her own. "Absolutely," she agreed, pushing the bubbles back to him in a bizarre bathtime version of Catch. "But I'm kind enough to let future-you tag along once in a while. But I had everything covered today. What about you? There's no stray Earth girl wandering around this hotel looking for you while you catch up with an old friend?"
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[ooc: typo in my last tag. "It WASN'T intentional" is what I meant.]

"No." He offers a smile that doesn't reach his eyes, "No, I travel alone now. I don't need anyone or need to place them in unnecessary danger." He squashes the group of bubbles flat against the water and watched as the foam disappeared.

Donna had always argued he needed someone to stop him, and for a bit he believed that, now not so much... especially after losing her to a mind erase, losing Rose to an alternative reality (again), Martha walking off to continue her life as well as Jack and Sarah Jane. He was happy for them, really he was, but it made him aware he was better off alone.

Breaking from his reverie, he smiles over to River.
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[OOC: Oh wow talk about fortunate accidents - I must've been in speed-read mode or something because totally read it the way you meant it. o___0]

"...That's different." River's comment was all curt and concern, eyes lingering on the dispersed foam bubbles, or at least their last location.

A seed of unease was now rooted in the pit of her stomach, and she shifted slightly to compensate for it. Unnecessary danger, well...she could, in some respects, understand that. But not needing anyone? He couldn't be more wrong.

River studied him, trying to discern what moment of his long life this was, until he broke free from reflection and shot her a charming smile.

Which apparently gave her the irrestible urge to splash him, and she did so, fingers skimming just below the surface of the water until she scooped her hand upward and tossed water at his face. "I suppose that means there's no one to save you from my wrath then, hm?"
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"What wrath!?" He brings his hands up to his face, wiping away the water. "What did I do?"

But his tone wasn't harsh or truly upset. If anything he was enjoying the company even though she seemed intent, at the moment, to drown him. Maybe that would be how he regenerated next.
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River laughed and sent another light splash in his direction. "Oh, maybe you haven't done it yet," she said airily, lying for the sake of...well, fun, apparently. That was a bit new. "But you will have, so I should get my shots in now while I've got you in my watery torture chamber, clearly."
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"Spoilers, as you say." He waggled his eyebrows in her direction with a smirk followed by a small splash.

"Rubbish torture chamber, might I add. I can escape at any point, really." He manages to poke her upper thighs, where his feet landed.
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"Or maybe that's what I want you to think, sweetie," she laughed, shaking water droplets from her hair.

She poked at his foot with her index finger. "Besides, I'm just getting started. When I really get going you might never want to leave." Whoa, River, dial the innuendo back a bit.

She patted his foot for a moment, then angled her hand to stroke her fingers against the bottom of his foot. "Refresh my memory, dear - is this regeneration ticklish?"
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He cracks a smile, looking both amused and skeptical as he absent-mindedly rubbed at his earlobe, "Nope!" A dart of his tongue wets his lips and he lets out a laugh, thinking of her choice of words.

"Is it always like this with you?" Because the few interactions he has had with her, it was all playful banter such as this. Not that he was complaining, really.
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"More or less," River replied, relenting on her futile attack on his foot. "Though in terms of shared baths, it's very less. Lot more running for our lives. But I'm sure that's second nature for you."
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[ooc: A WILD MOLLY APPEARS! No worries, I know you mean River :) ]

"Most would say 'yes' to that." There's a shrug as his hand drops from his ear.

Bending his knees, he moves slightly forward, leaning in towards her, "Tell me, River, are you ticklish?" His hands are firmly planted on the sides of the tub, holding him forward, although he probably looked a little predatory towards her.
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gdi that's what I get for tagging via phone

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"I'm not most people. Surely you've gleaned that by now."

River raised an eyebrow as he leaned forward. Whether he was simply digging for information or wished to intimidate her a little, she wasn't sure.

"I'm not supposed to tell you too much, sweetie," she teased, leaning much like he did, though she rested her arms on her knees. "Never know what could cause a harmful time event."
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darn that phone!

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"This isn't a fixed point, if that's what you're asking." There were mere inches away from each other sitting like this, and from an outside perspective, must've looked like two children testing each other. "Harmful depends on circumstances. I or you could slip out of this tub if we're not careful."

And he cracks a mischievous smile.

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