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The Ultimate RP Dating Sim Meme ( A Romance & Smut Meme )

Let your virtual dreams guide you to the ultimate sensual challenge.

An open post in the form of a multi-setting fantasy world in every flavor possible.
  • Futuristic/space age
  • Horror
  • Fantastical/middle ages
  • School
  • Western/cowboys
  • Suburbia
  • Host(ess) club
click hre

  start   future   horror   fantasy   school   western   suburbia   host   read first  
  start   future   horror   fantasy   school   western   suburbia   host   read first  

The sky's the limit, people used to say. Not in the year 2112: now you can be on holiday in Hawaii without ever leaving your home's personal holodeck, or take a cruise out to colonies on the moon if you get the urge to travel, or even just visit one of the roving, floating cities that act as orbiting pleasure palaces complete with parks, shopping malls, and amusement centers. But sometimes it's so hard to remember the wealth of opportunities to you with so much freedom. And it certainly can get a little lonely waking up day after day in your sky scraper home all by yourself. Run the treadmill, put in your two hours of work at the sprocket factory, watch the news: that still leaves you with an awful lot of free time. Maybe it's time you tried to find somebody to share it with, or at least shake yourself out of that awful rut you've gotten into...

(Floating city)
(Futuristic home)
(Space ship)
(Alien bar)

Protagonist: A bored, possibly lonely individual looking to shake up the rut they've gotten into as a citizen in a utopian future.

-Android Performer *Androids are non-living beings that are made to look and act like humans.
-Cyborg Neighbor: *Cyborgs are living beings that have robotic or mechanical parts
-House robot / servant
-Hologram / House AI
-Spaceship captain
-Clones (of protag or just general clones of other people)
-Time traveler / Cryogenically frozen & awoken individual
-The Alien next door
  start   future   horror   fantasy   school   western   suburbia   host   read first  

Setting: Cherry Lane in Love City has always been your average suburban neighborhood: identical houses, carefully trimmed lawns, cheerful families with 2.5 kids—that is, except for that one house at the end of the street that's always stood dark and empty. Only, now it's not so empty anymore. Last week moving vans arrived and silently unloaded someone's belongings into the manor, and now a mysterious new family's taken up residence there. Rumor has it they may have something to do with the old, abandoned town just outside city limits, or the strange graveyard just behind their property. What's fact and what's fiction? You won't know until you go to find out, super-sleuth!

(Deserted city)
("Haunted" house)
(Drawing room)

Protagonist: A curious individual in the neighborhood trying to find out more about the new family who's just moved in.

-Shapeshifters of other sorts
-Japanese demon
-Incubus / Succubus
-Damned / immortal person
  start   future   horror   fantasy   school   western   suburbia   host   read first  

There is nothing so discomfiting to a lord or lady as being told that one must find a suitable match or face disinheritance, but that's exactly the dilemma you find yourself in. Luckily for you, lord or lady, you have a sizeable dowry or plot of land along with your title to back up your good name, so you ought to have your pick in the neighboring kingdom. Will you try to strike an alliance by wooing the widowed ruler, or threaten to the stability of a strong marriage with adultery? Or perhaps you will seek someone younger and free such as yourself. Or maybe you will throw caution to the wind by seeking frivolity with someone of a lesser station—those servant girls and knights are all quite fetching. The choice is up to you!

(Throne room)

Protagonist: Suitor is a lord or lady of repute from a neighboring kingdom or something.

Cast: -King/Queen (adulterous or widowed)
-Prince / Princess
-Wizard / Sorceress
-Lady-in-waiting / knight
-Chamber maid / stable boy
-Peasant girl / huntsman
-Valiant rogue outlaw
-King's Fool
  start   future   horror   fantasy   school   western   suburbia   host   read first  

High school: love it or hate it, everyone's got strong memories about it. As a brand new student (or new faculty member) you're probably feeling pretty nervous about all of these brand new faces. But not to worry, more's the same than is different in these places: you'll find the same cliques here as the school you came from. The good news is, now you have room for a fresh start—and new relationships. Who will you ask to show you the ropes—the nerdy art chick? The guy who's always cracking jokes in class? Or maybe you have something for your sexy gym coach. Anyway you go, you can't lose. Go team!

(Football field)
(Faculty office)

You're a new student or faculty member adjusting to your new academic home.

-Art student / nerd
-Goth kid
-Jock / Athlete
-Class Clown
-Rebel (without a cause)
  start   future   horror   fantasy   school   western   suburbia   host   read first  

It's dusty, rough town you find yourself in: everyone's looking to fulfill their dreams and get rich, and there aren't a whole lot of rules to be had. This oasis in the desert brings together an interesting motley of characters: hardened heroes, dance hall girls looking for love and stability, prospectors hoping to strike black gold—you may even find yourself at the mercy of the bandit queen or the leader of a band of outlaws! Make your decisions right and you never know, there may just be enough space in the town for the both of you, pardner.

(Main street)
(Cowboy camp)
(Train station)

You're a person fresh off the train or cowboy looking for work.

-Bandit queen / outlaw / train robber
-Oil tycoon / new-money widow
-Saloon dancer / performer
-Bar keep
-Socialite / gentleman from out east
  start   future   horror   fantasy   school   western   suburbia   host   read first  

What to do? You're too old for summer camp or a sitter, but your parents don't trust you to be alone while they're away on an expensive extended vacation. Looks like you'll also be taking an extended vacation—with a friend of the family or an aunt or uncle. It's not all bad news, though. They've got a pool, at least one of their kids is more or less around your age, and you'll probably get away with all kinds of stuff you wouldn't back home! Sure, you'll probably have to share a room with somebody, but sharing is caring isn't it? Now that you're here, you're one of the family, which means you'll get to go where they go and probably have to share a room with somebody. You can get to know any of the three siblings, mom or dad, even the maid or pool boy. Mi casa es su casa, but remember to be on your best behavior for your host family! Who knows, you might be earning something more than just brownie points...

(Amusement park)
(Living room)

You're either a neighbor's teenage son/daughter or a cousin who needs a place to stay while their parents are away on a vacation overseas..

-Stay at home dad / working dad
-Stay at home mom / working mom
-Eldest sibling (boy/girl)
-Middle sibling (boy/girl)
-Youngest sibling (boy/girl)
-Pool boy
  start   future   horror   fantasy   school   western   suburbia   host   read first  

Everybody needs a little love and attention every now and again. But if you can't get it from real life, where can you turn to? As long as you don't mind something that's fake, in this day and age it's possible to seek attentive conversation from the staff at "host" or "hostess" clubs or the cutsier butler or maid cafes. Beautiful men and women will pour you drinks, attend to your desire for snack food, even go so far as to light your cigarettes for you while you unload all your troubles and sorrows. There's someone here for everyone, and you'll get to take your pick, from the outrageously flirty to the quiet ice king or queen or even that boy that might really be a girl. But do beware; it's an expensive habit, and after all that flirting, it's easy for the lines between customer and something more to become hazy in a regular client's head. –Or is it just you that's starting to get confused here...? It's inappropriate, but you may only find out if you invite them to dinner or karaoke—or more—afterward.

(Love Hotel)

You're a lonely, quite probably over-worked man or woman looking for attention and someone to listen to them.

-"Types" (consult here for more info)
  start   future   horror   fantasy   school   western   suburbia   host   read first  
  1. In your subject line, please indicate your character’s name, fandom, and gender preferences!
  2. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR COMMENT EMPTY. Empty comments will be deleted. What do you need to put in your comment?
  3. i. Which setting you want to play.
    ii. Whether or not you want to play with cheat codes on (see below)
    iii. Some kind of yes/no permissions or kink list.

    Please feel free to use the following code in your post to help with this, or feel free to make your own:
  1. Tag into each other’s posts. The person creating the original post defaults to protagonist unless stated otherwise! Feel free to be creative with the opening scenarios and cast list: these are suggestions to help you, not a set of commandments from on high. Note: By default, you will start at the beginning. If you and your partner are both up for it, you can always choose the LOAD option and pick up mid-game or at the end from your last save point.
  2. The goal of a dating sim is to get to that very sexy, sexy end. However it’s not a guarantee, and as an homage to the genre, we’ve tried to keep in line with that! Every few posts, the person playing the cast member should create a “flag post.” This is a tag which seems normal but at the end gives the protagonist a list of two to four choices to pick from for reactions, making it an exciting, choose-your-own-adventure game that will advance or regress the relationship of the characters depending on the appropriateness of the action! So what happens when the protagonist picks an option?
  3. a. Pick the “good” answer: get a heart on the cast member’s meter! ❤( We recommend putting these in the cast member’s subject line to keep track of.)
    b. Pick the “neutral” answer: nothing happens.
    c. Pick the “bad” answer: Lose a heart, or enter the ☠zone, which is an awful lot like the friend zone, only less pleasant. (Again, we recommend copying this symbol in the cast member’s subject line.)

  4. After a “flag” post, it’s generally a good idea to wrap up the particular “scene” with another short tag or two and do a time skip to another interaction with the character for more realistic relationship development.
  5. If you hit 4 hearts, congratulations! You’ve maxed out the luuuv meter and you trigger the super sexy game content.
  6. But wait! What if I have multiple crossbones? Or I just can’t seem to get there? Or what if I just can’t be bothered to go through all that work for my smut?

Everybody knows there’s always certain glitches or Easter eggs included in games that let you do things that the creators didn’t necessarily have (officially) planned. The Love Hotel’s Dating Sim is no different, and someone has been so kind as to leave you a list of possible codes. The following codes can be entered in at any time (with your partner’s permission) to trigger the following:
  • ♋SMUTTALICIOUS♋: The simplest of the codes , this one just skips you straight to a sex scene.
  • ♋SMUTTALICIOUS SQUARED♋: You thought four hearts was maxed out? Try sixteen. This code acts as a heavy aphro option, just in case you want your partner to be super head-over-heels for you.
  • ♋NEVER SAY NEVER♋: Triggers a smut scene too but with the difference that this scene is one outside the cast member’s usual comfort zone! Ex: A stoic character brings you to a bed strewn with rose petals and candles. IMPORTANT NOTE: This is not an excuse to do something outside your roleplay partner’s comfort zone. Please be open and honest and respectful of one another here!!
  • ♋I HATE YOU BUT I LOVE YOU♋: This cheat code triggers both ‘dislike’ and a smut scene. Hatesex for the win!
  • ♋IT’S COMPLICATED: Wrong answers earn you a skull and right answers earn you a heart, but they all stack together. Warning: May make for some very hot, but very confusing, sex.
  • ♋FISH OUT OF WATER♋: Ever want to find out how a housewife of modern-day suburbia would take to being in a horror setting? The future? The wild west? For the lulz, lift your wooing partner out of their proper setting and into one of your choice.
  • ♋HARDER AND LONGER BABY!♋: For the more experienced gamer, start the game off with your character in the negative zone earning half the hearts for each correct answer.
  • ♋DOUBLE OR NOTHING♋: For those experienced gamers who just can’t be satisfied by one partner, try for two!
  • ♋CODENAME COCKBLOCK♋: Perhaps you’ve maxed out all those hearts, but for some reason you’d like the PG-13 ending instead. We can do that, too!

    • As always, be good to each other. Respect those kink lists and preferences!
    • DO NOT LEAVE YOUR POST BLANK. Blank posts will be deleted. Please see “before you start” for advised content.
    • Major thanks and credit for the original code and idea goes out to Neko at [personal profile] superfluousaccount. Thank you for allowing us to adapt this into an open post at TLH for everyone to use. Without you this would not have happened.
    • Neko’s original code and ideas have been revamped by [personal profile] foundparadise and [personal profile] helperanon.This Open Post was designed for use at [community profile] the_love_hotel.
    • PLEASE DO NOT REPOST THIS OPEN POST WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION. We’ll be happy to share and adjust this post for use at other communities, but we want to have creative control here.

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[personal profile] whitewizardgirl 2013-07-21 02:26 am (UTC)(link)
[Sim: Suburbia]

[It was time for summer vacation. At least, for everyone else it was. Ryou's parents had gone on an extended business trip overseas, and her friends were also off doing their own things out of town, so she was spending the summer alone. How tragic.]

[Instead of being cooped up in a big empty house, Ryou had decided to go outside today. It wasn't too hot or muggy outside, so she wanted to go to the park and read a little bit on her own.]

[However, on her way there, she saw the desperate looking man with a baby girl in his arms. She recognized the man as Atem, her next-door neighbor. Ryou approached him.]

>Are you all right? You look like something is troubling you.
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[personal profile] note_atem 2013-07-21 02:33 am (UTC)(link)
[Things had been going very poorly for him lately. That seemed par for the course, really, but it didn't help any. Despite being well off and having a better position at his firm, it seemed impossible to get help without prepare.

Phone in hand, and baby girl in the other arm, he was pacing outside. He'd almost been determined to go in with his daughter. He certainly wasn't about to leave her home. That was ludicrous! And he couldn't believe his higher ups would ask him to do something like that. She was barely a year old!

But a crying baby while he was interrogating someone? That just couldn't be done... He was out of options.

He looked up when he heard her, distress written all over him. He didn't really know her that well, but she lived next door. Close. She seemed pretty well put together. Her parents were good, from what he knew. A college kid? He wasn't sure. But desperate times...]

I'm in a situation. [Coming right out with it seemed like the better idea.] I need to go in to work on short notice, and I can't get anyone to watch my daughter.
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[personal profile] whitewizardgirl 2013-07-21 02:47 am (UTC)(link)
[She didn't have much experience with babies as she was an only child, nor did she have any of her own, or really many of her friends either. So she was out of luck in that department.]

[Still, she wasn't the kind of person to just leave someone hanging. And leaving a baby home alone was never good either.]

I can watch her for a little while. I don't have any plans this afternoon anyway. Just tell me if there are things that she's allergic to or things she really doesn't like. Does she have a schedule or anything? [At least you're thorough, Ryou.] And probably emergency numbers, just in case. Or your work number, at least.
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[personal profile] note_atem 2013-07-21 03:04 am (UTC)(link)
[Immediately he looked relieved.] Really? That would be great. [It was probably not the best idea to leave your child in the hands of a stranger, but he got the feeling that he could trust her. She had a very soft face.]

She's not allergic to anything, as far as I know. And she has her own playroom right in the front area. [Children's tapes and cds. Colorful toys and books to be read to her. Atem was an attentive father, and very loving. Which would come across in the way that, though he was in a hurry, he was still reluctant to just hand his child over to her.

He looked a little saddened by the prospect, curving his arm up to give the girl a kiss to her forehead before coming closer to hand her over.] Let me get you my number. [He moved away to get a paper and pen to write down his office and cell phone number.]
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[personal profile] whitewizardgirl 2013-07-21 03:12 am (UTC)(link)
[She was about to correct him by just pulling out her cellphone and asking for the numbers so that she can put them in her phone memory, but, since they didn't know each other that well, that might be pushing it a little.]

Oh, before I forget, what's her name? [Can't just be calling her 'the baby' all the time. She even smiles gently at the baby to show that she wasn't someone to be scared of.]

I'm Bakura Ryou, by the way.
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[personal profile] note_atem 2013-07-21 03:33 am (UTC)(link)
Yuiko. [Said with a warm fondness. There could really have been no doubt that he loved her more than life itself.] And I'm Atem. [This had been so rushed. All of it was really very rude of him.] Thank you, Bakura.

[He was just so very lucky that she'd been coming his way. But was this really all he could do? Thank her? Reaching into his pocket, he retrieved his wallet.] I shouldn't be gone too long, but let me pay you for your time in advance.

Edited 2013-07-21 03:33 (UTC)
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[personal profile] whitewizardgirl 2013-07-21 03:41 am (UTC)(link)

It's okay. You don't have to pay me. It's a one time deal, and you might be late for work if you stay around any longer. It's really okay. I don't mind. Yuiko-chan is safe with me.
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[personal profile] note_atem 2013-07-21 03:43 am (UTC)(link)
[It was something small, but it spoke to him. She was rather humble, wasn't she? It was refreshing, almost. She was sweet...

He smiled, wider than before.]

Thanks. I'll be home as soon as I can. [And with another small wave, he's off.]
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[personal profile] whitewizardgirl 2013-07-21 03:58 am (UTC)(link)
[She holds onto Yuiko, bouncing her gently on her hip, smiling and talking in a high voice to see if she can get the baby to smile back at her. She stays with the baby into the evening hours.]


[Ryou is sitting on Atem's front porch swing with the baby in her arms, both asleep. Yuiko might be in a different outfit than what she was wearing when she was left in Ryou's care, but the baby was okay and sleeping peacefully. It looked like she had had fun today.]
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[It was later than he'd intended. A bit absent minded. But when he pulled up and got out of his car, he just sort of stared at her for a while. She looked like... she belonged. With his child. In that house. Like she'd been there the whole time. He almost expected a 'welcome home, dear'.

He grimaced. Was he thinking about his late wife..? It was .... entirely too soon...

The happy thoughts disappeared and he stepped up to the porch.]

Sorry, for being late. It looks like you have a handle on things, though.
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[She was startled awake by the sound of his voice. Oh, he was home already? Of course, another look around let her know what time of day it really was.]

W-we did have a small accident when I was feeding her formula. I hope you don't mind that I changed her clothes. [Ryou might also have a bit of spit-up and baby drool on her clothes though. Babies do have a tendency to do that, after all, and she was not prepared for it.] I... figured you might be mad if I took her home with me so that I could change shirts, so I've pretty much been here all day. I hope you don't mind.

[She gently hands the sleeping baby back over.] Yuiko-chan really is a treasure, though.
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[personal profile] note_atem 2013-07-21 04:24 am (UTC)(link)
Oh.. [He felt more sorry for her. It would have been alright, but really that was past the point of concern. No need to fuss over something that was already done. He accepted her back into his arms gratefully, giving her a little rock.]

She's wonderful. [Tone dropping to that warmth that would become common in use when regarding his daughter. She was his whole world. A few more rocks of his arms were given before he looked up at her.] wouldn't accept my money, but maybe you'd like something to eat? I can't promise the best dinner you've ever had, but.. [It was something.]

>I'm not really hungry.
>I have to get home.
>Let me change and come back.
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[personal profile] whitewizardgirl 2013-07-21 04:43 am (UTC)(link)
>Let me change and come back.

[There always was the possibility of going back home, back to the empty house where she would just feel lonely for the rest of the night, eating TV dinners alone in the dark. Well, not really in the dark, but you get the idea.]

I-I really don't want to impose-![Of course, at the moment, her stomach starts growling. She might have taken good care of Yuiko-chan and her needs, but her own just kind of fell to the wayside in the process.]

[On second thought...]

...Give me five minutes to go home and change. Wait, no, three minutes! I-I can even help you with making dinner. [He did just get off from work, after all.]
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[He looked a little disappointed, but couldn't help a small grin at the growl of her stomach. Some part of him figured she would have just ended up playing with Yuiko all day and ended up not eating. So he was glad when she acquiesced.] I'll leave the door open. Just come in when you get back.

[No word on the help. Most likely because he'd need it and he knew it. He wasn't the best chef ever. Really simple meals were the only thing that came out of his kitchen.]
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[personal profile] whitewizardgirl 2013-07-21 05:02 am (UTC)(link)
[She nods, turning around and sprinting down the steps toward her own house, her parents' house, really. She nearly trips in getting her shoes off once she was in the first landing. Just as quickly, she was upstairs in her room, practically tearing the shirt off and quickly going through her closet.]

[What do you wear to a dinner with your next door neighbor after you had just watched over his kid?]

[She decided to go the casual route and just wear a slightly over-sized t-shirt, like what she had been wearing before, minus the baby spit up and drool. This wasn't a formal dinner, after all. Just something between neighbors, right? No need to be fancy.]

[And then she was sprinting back downstairs, putting her shoes back on and racing out the door and back to Atem's place. She made good on her promise of three minutes. She was panting in his entryway.]

I... I'm back.
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[personal profile] note_atem 2013-07-21 05:17 am (UTC)(link)
[By the time she'd come back he'd pulled out some crisp vegetables and a slab of steak. He was planning on some stir fry. That was simple enough.]

You didn't have to rush. [Called from the kitchen as he pulled some random spices off the rack to season the meat. He'd put Yuiko in a bassinet, resting in the living room where he could see her.]
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[personal profile] whitewizardgirl 2013-07-21 02:19 pm (UTC)(link)
[She was much more careful this time in taking her shoes off at the first landing, keeping both shoes together and neat next to the others.]

Sorry. Just when I get excited, I tend to rush around. [A small pause.]

Do you need any help with anything? Washing or cutting vegetables, maybe?
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[personal profile] note_atem 2013-07-24 04:31 am (UTC)(link)
[Excited? The terminology is logged away for later. Was she really that hungry? Or maybe she'd gotten attached to Yuiko. Who could say.]

If you can cutting vegetables is fine. I'm just making stir-fry. [He's going to start slicing up the beef now.] What's your favorite dinner dish?
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[personal profile] whitewizardgirl 2013-07-25 10:35 pm (UTC)(link)
[It might be a case of both. Or she really was that starving for interaction and friendship that she'll latch onto anything that gives it to her with no parents or friends around her this summer. It's very sad think about.]

[One quick wash of her hands and the vegetables later, and she was chopping and cutting away, almost as quick and proficiently as a professional chef.]

I don't have any particular favorites, but I do have a not-so-secret weak spot for sweet things and baked goods. I just can't help it, no matter how many times my mother says it'll rot my teeth.