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Carnival Meme

The Carnival Meme

Who doesn't love a good carnival? The sights, the sounds, the...well, maybe not so much the smells. Going with your young siblings? Maybe you're taking your date for a good time! Maybe a friend dragged you along. Whoever you're there with, the important part is that you're having a good time!

1. Post with your character, canon and preferences in the subject line
2. Tag others and get your RNG on. Or just choose one.
4. Fun times ensue!

1. The Midway!
Oh god, you want that stuffed unicorn so hard, it's just so incredible. Or perhaps you just want to show off to everyone else how AWESOME you are. Test of Strength? More like...Test of....Getting Owned With a Hammer. Whatever the reason, you're slapping down your cash and winning those games! ...If it's possible to win, that is.

2.Haunted House
PFFT! Who's scared?! These things are never that scary! ...Are they? That...That's not a real mummy, right? What was that sound?! ZOINKS!

3.Ferris Wheel
Did you ever wonder what the carnival looks like from such a high place? Or maybe you just want some alone time with your date. Do you find yourself thinking that this is a lot higher than it looked?

4.Fun House
What's so fun about it?! It's impossible to get through this stupid Hall of Mirrors! Agh, this tube is spinning, how can anyone stand up in this thing?! Wait, isn't that the same way you came from?!

5.Tunnel of Love
Awww, yiss. You're lookin' for a little bit of alone time, even if you are in a tiny, bird-shaped boat surrounded by shallow, dirty water. Or maybe your friends shoved you in before you had time to react. Have fun, love birds!

6.Carnival food!
Cotton Candy, corndogs, popcorn, ice cream, candy apples...! It's all so terrible and bad for you, but it tastes so good! You don't even know what that over there is, but it's deep fried and looks delicious in the most disgusting way. Be careful that you don't make yourself sick!

7.Petting Zoo
CUTE ANIMALS! You want to pet all of them! Or maybe the person you're with wants to. Though, whether the animals really want to be petted or not is another matter.

Standing inside a giant ring that’s spinning at high speeds with no restraints. Yes. This is a good idea. Somehow. Hope you didn’t eat first.

You’re not having fun because you’re WORKING here. Somehow, you got roped into this. Maybe you LOVE working here! Or maybe you’ve had enough of being in the dunking booth or wearing that doofy animal costume. Maybe your friends won’t laugh too hard at you.

You have other ideas? Play out those Carnival shenanigans!
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