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The Random Icon Meme

The Random Icon Meme

1. Comment with your character with character name and canon in the subject line. Click random iconー that icon will be your writing/scenario prompt!
2. Taggers reply by also hitting random icon, and coming up with a response for that icon. Don't cheat and change the icons!
3. Remember, your icons are the tag prompts!
4. ???
5. Profit!
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The Doctor | Doctor Who | OTA

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[ The Doctor has decided it was time to take a break from saving the universe, and he's got a pair of sunglasses on to empathize his point. ] Vacations, vacations, I really can use a vacation. I have all of space and time at my fingertips, and we can go just about anywhere!
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Re: The Doctor | Doctor Who | OTA

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Yeah, you told me as much...Look at where I am now!
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[ There is a look of disbelief on his face. ] Okay, so I thought we were going to the mountains of Exo. [ The Doctor lifts his hand up to his chin, and he ponders how to get Jenny out of the horrible dungeon. ] I still don't know how you got yourself into this mess!
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Rolling her eyes, Jenny gives her father up for a loss, and works her charms to get herself out of jail. A few minutes later, she runs up to the Doctor, breathless and excited. "Time to run now!"
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*sigh. Time Lords.* I've told you, I have important things to do.
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Those things can wait, come on before we miss the alignment of Rigel V with Rigel VII!
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...Need I remind you that I am the only man standing guard over the fearlings' prison?
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[ The Doctor turns his back; he's still ready for that vacation of his. ] Bah! There's nothing to fear, but fear... [ He stops, and he turns his head so he's looking at Pitch. ] ... I'm not going to impress you with my wit and charm am I?
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*he's about to argue that they are fear, but the change of subject is welcome.* I understand that you Time Lords have nothing but time on your hands, but... Not all of us who are long-lived have the luxury of doing what we want, when we want. If no one is here to ensure that these creatures don't escape, then the constellations will be thrust into war all over again.

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