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The Puella Magi Madoka Magica Meme

The Puella Magi Madoka Magica Meme
(A joint creation by Claire and Courtney)

Image: Kyuubey, a white almost catlike creature with large, frightening red eyes, staring at the viewer.
"Make a contract with me, and become a Puella Magi!"

After being approached by the strange creature, you made a contract with him and became a magical girl—a Puella Magi (or Puer for the guys). In exchange for having one wish granted, you must fight witches and collect Grief Seeds in order to keep your Soul Gem bright and clean!
But witch hunting is dangerous work -- do you have what it takes to walk the path of a Puella Magi?

Prompts contain major series spoilers!
It is suggested that you don't look at them or the comments if you aren't familiar with the series, as any spoilers will greatly reduce your enjoyment of the series.

> Post with your character and fandom (and optionally, any preferences) in the subject line.
> Choose or roll a prompt, or make up your own scenario, and reply to others.
> ???
> Profit!

1. Teamwork, go! You've got another Magi at your side and the two of you are working together to fight this witch!

2. Oh, err... you've stumbled into another Puella Magi's territory and they're not happy about it. Get your dukes up and prepare to fight!

3. You're a newbie Puella Magi trying to find your way in the world. Lucky you've got a mentor who can teach you how it goes!

4. One minute everything's good and normal and suddenly the whole world is topsy-turvy—the fact that you're just a regular (and probably very confused) person isn't helping this whole trapped-in-a-witch-barrier situation you've found yourself stuck in at all, and you'd probably be toast if there wasn't this Magi here saving your butt!

5. You didn't think that things could be so serious, so hard in the life of a Magi—not until you both just had to watch a friend's gruesome death at the hands of a witch. What are you going to do now?

6. The awful truth has made itself known. You have discovered, in some way or another, that your Soul Gem actually contains your soul and now your body is little more than a meat puppet. It's okay to cry.

7. This is it; the end. You or your friend have fallen into despair and the awful truth has made itself known—Puella Magi mature into witches. You have become a witch.

8. You may have heard stories of this witch but never thought it could be so powerful. The Walpurgis Night is here and devastating your city, and you are the one who has to stop it.