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Animal Crossing Meme!

The Animal Crossing Meme

Well, whether you're striking out on your own for the first time or you just need a change of pace, you're getting on that train and moving! A quiet little village with a beach, a museum, a store...this is gonna be great! (maybe)

[Let me tell you how it's done, hmm?]
1. Post with your character, canon and preferences in the subject line
2. Tag others and get your RNG on. Or just choose one. Or make up a scenario of your own!
3. Thread Thread Thread!
4. Fun times!

1.On the way!
Isn't it exciting? A change of pace! A whole new town! A fresh start! In just a little while you'll be there! But who's this on the train next to you? Are they moving, too?

2.Just moved in!
A new life, a new home...and a new HUGE debt. That...That house is kind of small for all that money isn't it? B-But it's okay! You can do this! At least the neighbors are nice!

3.What can I do ya for?
Oh, hi, neighbor! Nice to meet ya! Well, if there's anything I can do... need me to...
Okay, I can get that for-
What, no, I can't buy that from you that price is ridiculous.
But I never said...

Oh man. Fishing is so relaxing. Or maybe you're out to catch all the fish! This will be a stringfish for sure! ...Oh, it's a barbel steed. Well, maybe the next one! Just a bitterling. Well this one here! Just a dace?! Well maybe the next one...! Shut up, you'll scare them away...!

Gotta be quiet. Get that butterfly. Gotta be quick! Get that dragonfly! AGH! BEES!

6.Shakin' them trees
You're gonna sell every piece of fruit you can get your hands on! But maybe you'll get lucky and find something besides fruit. Maybe money, maybe furniture, maybe...AAAAGH! BEEEEEES!

7.House keeping!
Maybe your friend can help you? This goes over there, that goes over here...You just want to make your house look beautiful and perfect! Apply that fung shui knowledge! Or maybe you have so much stuff that you just need to figure out what has to go. I mean, do you really NEED three TVs? Yeah, that couch is fugly, it needs to go. Ugh, you really should clean up...AAAAAAAAGH! BEEEEEEEEES ROACHES!

There's nothing even in this place. What is this?
Or perhaps there's lots of stuff. Oh, that? Yeah, you donated that. That too. All of this. Yeah, that's just a T-Rex Skeleton you found No big deal. Whatever.

9.Town Improvement!
Time to beautify your town! Picking weeds, planting trees, planting flowers...Oh, your town is going to be Oh-so-beautifu- Hey. HEY. Don't go running through those flowers! Nononono I just planted that tree! Put down that axe! Why don't YOU try picking some weeds sometime?!
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Cloud Strife ❄ (Crisis Core) FF7 ❄ OTA

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{hands on hips looking at those trees. Tell her again why you're doing this what you're both doing here instead of fishing?}

We're supposed to do what?
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somehow I knew it would be this...

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Also, he's not very good at it and really tired of catching tires and tin cans for one day and...

Shaking trees is much more straightforward (and coincidentally, a great way to work off stress). Trees don't ignore your bobber if you toss it a little too far downstream. Trees don't scatter suddenly if you run too close to shore. Trees aren't the 9000th carp you've pulled out of the river today in total anguish.

Just let him have his trees, Tifa. ]

We have to shake them.

[ And that's pretty self-explanatory, right? If not, he's about to demonstrate, anyway -- walking right up to the edge of the grove, Cloud stops beneath a relatively low-hanging branch, reaches up his arms, and jumps the short distance to grab hold.

With all possible dignity, he then proceeds to bounce his weight up and down on the limb, shaking the whole oddly rubbery tree violently for a space of seconds.

And suddenly, it's raining fruit. Big, huge pears, to be exact. As it just so happens, there's a ridiculous array of fruit hanging from the other trees around: apples, oranges, cherries...

He glances over his shoulder best he can, still hanging from that branch. ]

Come on.

[ Just do it, goddammit, we need the money. ]
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{it's a good thing your childhood friend already has a crush has faith in you, Cloud or she might be tempted to turn around and head right back to the house and a game of Mafia Wars. Instead she's going to watch with equal parts disbelief and slight concern as oversized fruit rains down.

That's... not the way you harvest fruit...

but it seems to work so who's she to tell him otherwise.

besides, they need the money.

Right. Okay. Tree shaking. She's got this. Kinda of. Because she's already hit puberty and hanging from a branch bouncing kind of bounces other things than the tree.}

How about if you shake and I'll pick up what falls?

{so that it's fair and tonight his arms will hurt and her back will.}
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[ So her problem isn't with what he's doing, but the idiotic way he's doing it?

Well okay

that seems like a reasonable compromise.

And Cloud won't question it, because Tifa you're the only one here who's aware of anything potentially compromising coming up in all of this jiggling.

He drops back to the ground with an oof, careful to avoid squishing any of the fallen fruit as he wobbles clumsily when his feet refuse to stick the landing. Brushing off his hands, he nods. ]

Okay. It'll probably go faster that way.

[ Look out, apple tree, it's about to get crazy over here. But hopefully not needlessly symbolic or preachy. If a copy of LOVELESS falls out of this tree, they're going straight the fuck home ]