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Blame it on the Goose Got you feeling loose... Blame it on the alcohol

The Walk Into A Bar Meme!

The bar's a comfortable place, where everyone knows you just have to walk up, give the bartender a smile, and order up a drink. Everyone goes to a bar sometime, whether to pick up a companion for the night, to pick up a friend, or pick up a drink. You never know the story behind the guy sitting next to you, or the bartender. But that's what bars are for, aren't they? To learn about the guy on the stool next to you, drinking his gin and tonic.

So what do you do in a Walk Into A Bar meme?

1. Comment here with your character and their canon in the subject line.
2. Hit RNG for a number between 1-15.
3. Tag someone else using that number as your character's reason for coming to the bar.
4. Profit!
So, what's your poison?

1. Sex on the Beach - You're here at the bar for one reason and one reason only, to find some company for the night. It might help, to buy them a drink first. But then they might throw that back in your face...

2. Tonic and Gin - Life's been one disaster after another lately, and the only thing that makes it easier is the sweet numbing taste of alcohol...

3. Midori Sour - Your friends dragged you out here and they've suddenly abandoned you for some rock star in the VIP lounge. Are you bitter? Maybe. Or maybe you'll just use the opportunity to flirt with the cute bartender...

4. Shirley Temple - You got a call five minutes ago asking you to come to the bar to pick up your too-intoxicated friend/brother/sister. But now that you're here, they don't seem to be anywhere to be found...

5. Poolside Pleasure - There's nothing like being on vacation in a tropical paradise, is there? And what better way to soak in that tropical vibe than to swim up to the Tiki Bar for a relaxing fruity drink with a paper umbrella?

6. Moonshine - Maybe you're underaged. Or maybe the bar isn't exactly what you'd call legal. Whatever the reason, you're not supposed to be here, but you are, and while you're here, might as well get something to wet your whistle, right? Just be careful not to get caught...

7. Hair of the Dog - Last night was... do you even remember last night? Probably not, given the wicked hangover pounding in your head right now. Well, nothing cure a hangover like having a drink in the morning to take the edge off, right?

8. Champagne - Something great has happened! Did you get a promotion? Kill your nemesis? Whatever it is, you feel great and it's time everyone celebrated with you. A round of champagne on the house!

9. Shaken, not Stirred - To everyone else, this is a regular bar, but not to you. You know you're here to meet a clandestine contact, an enemy informer or a secret spy. Better play it cool and keep your eyes open...

10. Sunken Pirate Ship - You've been out on the high seas for months, and finally made it into port with your pockets full of gold. What're you going to do first? Drink that gold away or buy some company for the evening? You can do both at the bar...

11. Punch in the Rain - You're the bouncer of this bar and you think the guy sitting next to you has probably had too much to drink. Maybe it's time to cut them off. Hopefully they'll go easy, huh?

12. Bartender - Everyone who walks through the door has a story to tell, and you're the guy they love to tell those stories to. Are you the type to listen, or the type to slip a little something extra into their drink in hopes that they shut up about their sob story?

13. Absinthe - Whatever it is you just drank didn't seem to agree with you. And at the corner of your eye you keep seeing this bright green faerie... Is everything happening around you reality, or have you slipped into some kind of hallucination?

14. 357 Magnum - Did you just insult my mother? Whether or not they did, you sure think so, and you know what's the best way to settle things in a bar? With a bar brawl, of course!

15. Happy Hour - Anything goes! Got another scenario you want to play out, this is the place for it!
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Frodo Baggins | Lord of the Rings

[personal profile] iorhael 2012-02-26 08:33 am (UTC)(link)
more_than_words: (to gaudy day denies.)

following the spirit of the meme if not the rules?

[personal profile] more_than_words 2012-02-26 09:30 am (UTC)(link)
[Tifa's a bar tender so she's seen a lot. Kids also grow up fast where she's from - but she's not about to start serving them alcohol just because of that. Wiping out one of the mugs she's just finished washing, she has to ask:]

Aren't you a little young to trying to buy a drink?
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[personal profile] iorhael 2012-02-26 09:47 am (UTC)(link)
[the answer she gets back is a little stiff and a little offended. He might look slightly younger than most hobbits his age, but he's no tween either]

Of course not! I've come of age.

I'd like an ale, please.
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[personal profile] more_than_words 2012-02-26 10:18 am (UTC)(link)
{it probably doesn't help his case that he manages to look adorable while he's looking offended. She's not about to tell him that though, being kind to the male ego at any age. Instead, she'll just gently ask:}

How old are you?
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[personal profile] iorhael 2012-02-26 10:31 am (UTC)(link)
[it's no doubt helping his case even less when Frodo straightens his spine as if about to deliver a Speech of Much Importance]

I'm thirty-three, if you must know.
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[personal profile] more_than_words 2012-02-26 10:39 am (UTC)(link)
{no. It doesn't help at all because even straightened he only probably comes up to her waist and she doubts he could grow a single chin hair if he worked at it for another year.

He's also still adorable and she's not going to laugh, not going to laugh, not going to - }

Mm. {she manages to head it off at the pass with a thoughtful frown and a nod but it's a close thing.} Well, drinking age here is thirty four and up. I can get you a ginger ale though if you'd like.
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[personal profile] iorhael 2012-02-26 10:46 am (UTC)(link)
[He looks up at her suspiciously. What could she possibly find funny about this? He was perfectly of age! Either she had just made a noble effort to hold back a laugh or she was about to choke on a breath of air that had gone down in the most disagreeable way possible]

The coming of age for Big Folk is generally agreed upon to be eighteen years, isn't it? In most lands.

[The look on his face is the textbook example of Baggins innocent, that is to say, not very innocent at all]
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[personal profile] more_than_words 2012-02-26 10:55 am (UTC)(link)
{yeah, she didn't think he'd buy it either, he's been far too intelligent in his talk so far, but she's trying to be gentle. She hates treating little kids like they're just little kids and this one has certainly got the adult thing down. It's a good chance he's on his own in the world too and being seen as self-sufficient is important. She can understand that.

She's still not letting a ten? twelve? year old get drunk on her. Setting the mug, down she'll rest an arm on the bar and ask:}

Big Folk?
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[personal profile] iorhael 2012-02-26 11:03 am (UTC)(link)
[Frodo tilts his chin up, pursuing the point instead of letting it drop. He's never been turned down at any inn before. Even a place as far out as Bree would have served any hobbit]

Yes, Big Folk. Or the Race of Men, I suppose, should you prefer that. [he motions towards her and the other humans around as well]

I've heard that you come to age as early as eighteen.
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[personal profile] more_than_words 2012-02-26 11:21 am (UTC)(link)
{Tifa will follow his gesture with her eyes and yes, it's the usual Midgar early evening crowd. Looking back at the kid in front of her, she'll arch her eyebrows. He's really getting elaborate with this, isn't he? Maybe she should check the back room and make sure his friends aren't stealing anything while he's distracting her with his persistence. Still the only way into or out of the back room is right past her and she'd notice anyone sneaking around on this side of the bar...}

I'm pretty sure Race of Men covers everyone.
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unless they had a magic ring, wait-

[personal profile] iorhael 2012-02-26 11:41 am (UTC)(link)
[It takes him a second to realize that she actually has included him in there! Surely she's seen a hobbit! but considering how rarely hobbits go to the far corners of the world, perhaps not.]

I am no Man. I am a hobbit.

[it clearly explains everything.]
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lol. that little invisible 12 year old drunkard!!

[personal profile] more_than_words 2012-02-26 11:54 am (UTC)(link)
{that gets a pull the other one look.

uh huh.

That clearly explains nothing.}

What's a hob-bit?

(ooc: alas, I must away! Bed calls. But I'll be back tonight!)
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the true evil of the ring, realized in the hands of a kid

[personal profile] iorhael 2012-02-26 11:59 am (UTC)(link)
[Frodo waits for some spark of recognition and disconcerting enough, there's none!]

Hobbit. It's what I am. I suppose Men sometimes call us Little Folk, but we do prefer 'Hobbit".

I may be a little taller than most hobbits, but I am one.

[The feet say it all, if not the slightly pointed ears, although those might be lost in the mess of hair on his head]

(ooc: okay, good night!)
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is there anything more given to evil?

[personal profile] more_than_words 2012-02-27 10:09 am (UTC)(link)
{the feet are safely hidden by the bar and yes, the ears are lost in that hair. And she's got to blink over the 'taller than most'. Because... someone should really break it to him - still, she's starting to pick up on the fact that something's going on here far beyond the kid trying to sneak a drink. Which isn't to say she's exactly buying the story.}

I've never heard of a hobbit. Or a little folk - unless someone's been hit by Mini.
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No, nothing.

[personal profile] iorhael 2012-02-27 10:41 am (UTC)(link)
[you wouldn't want to see how far those feet are from touching the ground if he managed to get on the bar stool]

...I beg your pardon?

[Frodo looks completely taken aback. Whatever she is talking about, it doesn't sound very pleasant.]
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except maybe kittens.

[personal profile] more_than_words 2012-02-27 10:57 am (UTC)(link)
{oh, she's definitely not going to tell him that getting eaten often happens after a Mini spell then. Her brows come down in concern though - he really does look shocked. So she tries to keep her voice gentle as she repeats:}

I've never heard of a hobbit. Or seen one - except for you. {because she's going to go along with you being one at this point just because 'why not?'}
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Or baby pomeranians. They obviously are planning something.

[personal profile] iorhael 2012-02-27 07:39 pm (UTC)(link)
[You really shouldn't dangle that in front of him and change the subject. He's almost forgotten what he came here for]

Hobbits aren't much for traveling too far. Not usually, that is.

What is a Mini? Is it some sort of orc?
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oo, yes. good point. Nothing that cute can NOT be evil

[personal profile] more_than_words 2012-03-01 02:27 am (UTC)(link)
{it's hard to tell scary things to eyes like that so she's just going to keep it as simple as possible. Though she is going to tell him because if he's doing any traveling at all, kid or no...}

It's a shrink spell. Some monsters cast it. It makes you about this {hand gesture up from the top of the bar about the side of a large mug} tall. If you're about my height. {his height she's not sure but it's enough to vaguely worry her}
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[personal profile] iorhael 2012-03-01 09:43 am (UTC)(link)
[Frodo's eyes all but bug out once she's done explaining. He looks both horrified but fascinated]

Why, you could be turned into something so small as an ant! Has this happened to anyone you know?

(no subject)

[personal profile] more_than_words - 2012-03-02 18:13 (UTC) - Expand
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4 - Lord of the Rings, Dragon Age... close enough right?

[personal profile] disagreeable 2012-02-27 01:50 pm (UTC)(link)
[There's nothing like getting a summons that simply states "Come pick up your dwarf" to put Vel'ai Mahariel in a bad mood. She's beginning to think Oghren is more trouble than he's worth to keep around. His ale bills alone have been a huge strain on her purse strings.]

[Of course when she actually gets to the bar there's nothing to be seen of the obnoxious dwarf.]


[Disgruntled she settles onto a barstool to order a drink. Considering the amount of money she has to pay the tender as it is, she might as well enjoy a drink or two herself first. With the ale in front of her, she stares down at it for a moment, her lips pressed into a thin line.]

No one told me dwarves were worse than the shem.

[Then with a tired sigh, she picks up the mug and drains half of it down rather quickly before slamming it back onto the counter. Isn't she a pleasant person to sit by?]

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[personal profile] iorhael 2012-02-28 02:25 am (UTC)(link)
[Frodo finally managed to secure an ale, and he's both guarding it and nursing it slowly, because he doesn't think he will be able to get another next time. He nearly loses half of it in surprise, and saves his mug from tipping over, but only barely. He frowns a little]

Dwarves can be a little rough on the edges, but they're not bad folk.
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Owch. Verb tenses everywhere. This is why I shouldn't tag when I'm that tired.

[personal profile] disagreeable 2012-02-28 03:27 am (UTC)(link)
[Eyes narrowing, she glances at him only long enough to ascertain that he's not human before turning back to her ale. She takes a sip this time, no longer eager to drink it down quite so fast.]

He's rude, crude, and the smell! He smells like a brewery and that's on one of his good days.

[Her poor elven nose does not appreciate the stench of booze and dwarf. Worse still when it's booze, dwarf, blood, and other unmentionable items.]
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Re: Owch. Verb tenses everywhere. This is why I shouldn't tag when I'm that tired.

[personal profile] iorhael 2012-02-28 01:34 pm (UTC)(link)
[this is awkward, to say the least. There's been a sort of friction between elves and dwarves, Frodo's seen it before but...]

Maybe baths weren't quite on his mind at the time. Or the time after that.

[too busy for a good soak, that's almost as bad as being too busy for second breakfast.]
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[personal profile] disagreeable 2012-02-29 07:57 am (UTC)(link)
Or the time after that? I get it.

[She picks up her ale again, grumbling as she does.]

Been that way for as long as I've known him. Surprised he's not tainted by now.

[Vel'ai takes a swallow and then puts the glass down with none of the slamming from the first time.]

The damn dog smells better than he does.
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[personal profile] iorhael 2012-03-01 09:36 am (UTC)(link)
[Frodo is watching her and not doing much to hide it out of the corner of his eye, a hobbit fascinated by something so strange that he cannot help but stare. He has never seen an elf take to ale quite like she has. Or speak as rough as she does]

There must be more to him than smell. How long have you known him?