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Major Arcana Meme

Fate and the Future beckon with a flip of the cards.
What will happen when you pull a card from this stack?
Take chance and see!

How to play:

1. Post with your character and fandom (and preferences) in the subject line
3. Roll the RNG. And since it is a meme about fortune, it might be best to actually roll it instead of pick. But it’s not required.
3. Go crazy! But watch your fate in the cards.

Major Arcana Tarot Meme.

0. The Fool: Starting on a journey. Doing something foolish and taking it on faith that it will turn out alright. Whether or not it does is up in the air. This is the beginning of something new. You’re going on a journey and you don’t know what’s out there. But don’t worry, it’ll be fine.

1. The Magician: Tricksters and Shysters, this is their card. It’s also the card that embodies the you can do anything, might as well show the world what you’ve got spirit. What you will and what you desire are all obtainable.

2. The High Priestess: Choice: Two roads diverge and which one do you want to take? One is bad and one good, but it’s hard to tell which is which.

3 The Empress: Abundance and fertility. Be fruitful and multiply. Or at least, go at it.

4. The Emperor: Responsibility. It’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it.

5. The Hierophant: Seeking guidance. Find that mentor figure. Learn something new or figuring out how to do something out that you couldn’t do before.

6. The Lovers: Confusion. Indecision. Id, Ego and Super-Ego. Making a choice between love and the rest of the world.

7. The Chariot: Drive and getting things done. Also opposites attract. Probably they’re driven together. In any case time waits for no one.

8. Strength: Strength to win. Power and control. Overcoming passions. Taming the wild beast. .

9. The Hermit: Introspection. Taking time to think about problems. A wise and inspirational friend who can help you work things out.

10. The Wheel of Fortune: Change in fortune. Action. Luck. Not good luck mind you, but luck.

11. Justice: Cause and effect. Well something’s either coming back to bite you in the ass your give you flowers. Karma’s a bitch sometimes. Unless you’ve been really good to someone then you’ll be quite happen with your return. Otherwise, maybe you should be nicer to people the next time around.

12. The Hanged Man: Acceptance of Reversals. Something about your life isn’t that great, but you have to put on a smile, grit your teeth and deal with it anyway. Make lemonade out of lemons.

13. Death: Rebirth. Not quite reincarnation - though that would be entertaining. Instead you’re restarting. Everything is behind you. That bad relationship? That evil boss? Gone. Start something new. Begin again. The past is the past. Try something different. Or come back as a honey badger.

14. Temperance: Balancing You’ve got two things going on and you need to keep them on the level. Job and love? Two girl/boy/girl and boy friends? If you don’t keep it on an even keel you’re going to get screwed up so badly it’s not even funny. Better hope you can walk that line...

15. The Devil: Emotions. All those nasty thoughts, the feelings you felt when someone said something you didn’t like, they get said because the brain to mouth filter has turned off. . The biting your tongue when someone said something stupid? That filter between your brain and your mouth? Gone. You’re angry. You’re tired. You’re frustrated and you’re going to speak your mind. Damn be the consequences (until you sober up and realize what the fuck you said...)

16. The Tower: Catastrophic Events. Something unexpected has happened and it’s not good. It’s worse than not good. It’s down right hideously awful, and then even worse.

17. The Star: Knowledge given. Go and find yourself a student Obi-Wan. It’s time you taught what you know.

18. The Moon: Watch motives. Yes. They are out to get you. Insanity darkness and yet genius and creativity. Mad Scientists and Trust No One. It’s not Paranoia if there really is a flesh eating demon waiting to eat you.

19. The Sun: Growth, Reward, Truth and progress. It’s all good. Everything is wonderful, sunshine and daisies. Go and share it with others. You know the truth. You know what is going to happen and it’s great. Party. Go on a date. Be happy and spread it.

20. Judgement: Atonement. Repent and forgive. Or ask someone for forgiveness.

21. The World: Attainment. You’ve got it. Everything you’ve always wanted, is there in your hands. The girl. The house. The 3.5 kids. But is it really what you wanted? Are you really happy? You think you are. And it does feel like it. But... maybe... somewhere inside of you, you’re not.

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Connor MacLeod | Highlander | OTA

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5 because if I don't voice test now, I may never get to it.

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"I just...needed to think. Take some time away from the battlefield." Duncan's pint of ale is half-empty. It's far from his first, but he's still clear-headed enough. The London tavern is raucous this time of the evening. They could be talking full-volume about Quickenings and no one would notice, but Duncan's been oddly introspective.

"Have you ever heard of Darius before?" He asks at last, looking across the table at his teacher.
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Let me enable you any way I can...

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Connor's latest battlefield has been the ocean, but it's been an unforgiving one, and it is worth noting the conspicuous absence of a familiar sword on his hip. For centuries, since before Duncan was even born, Connor has treasured and carried the Masamune katana he inherited from Ramirez, even though he was happy to fight with any blade in his hand. On their reunion today, he carries a military sabre like any other captain under Wellington's command, and the single sack of his belongings is the wrong shape to hide a second sword. He hasn't brought it up, of course, but he's keeping pace with Duncan's drinking, and he's hinted already that he's at loose ends, now.

To the question, Connor gives a slow nod, and another swallow of ale, then he makes the effort to speak for Duncan's sake. "I have. Never met him..."
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I'd take icons. :3

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Duncan has noticed the absence of the familiar blade, but he's wrapped up in his own confusion. Foolishly, he's decided to wait until Connor brings it up, thinking he'll talk when he's ready. Except, of course, Connor is almost never ready to talk.

Right now, Duncan mostly needs him to listen.

"I met him," he says moodily, and takes a drink. "He's a good man. If there were more like him in the world, maybe the Game wouldn't be necessary. Or war. But there's only the one, as far as I can tell."
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Working on it...

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If Duncan never brings it up, he may not find out what's happened until it swings around to bite them both in the ass. His teacher, in his wise and mysterious ways, is sometimes not clever enough to help himself.

He's always been good at listening, though. "There are others." He says after a moment of quiet reflection. "Nakano was like that, and that makes two. There have to be more."
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Once he's got his own issues off his chest, he may think to harangue Connor about current events. He usually does. That's what little brothers students are for.

"But do you think he's right?" Duncan asks. This is what he wants to know, because he's drawn two different conclusions and can't reconcile them.
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Sometimes Connor is the elder adviser, but the age difference between them is not so great a gap as immortals reckon things.

Connor rubs his face and frowns at the table. "Duncan..." His accent is always thicker with his name, so that it sounds more like an archaic version. "We can't all live like that. It would be nice if we could, but we can't." He lifts a hand to forestall any interruption, whether there was one coming or not. "And I don't mean just immortals. Some people are able to step out of life and pursue philosophy and grand truths, but they couldn't do it if the rest of us weren't slogging away taking care of the basics."
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Duncan knows this. He knows Connor isn't always right, and he'll usually argue with him all the way. But deep down, Connor is the guide that plucked him off a field of death and helped him make sense of what had happened to him. As much as he hates to depend on the older immortal, he needs him.

He looks up as Connor says his name, brows knit. He opens his mouth to explain further, but closes it again with a sigh when Connor lifts his hand. He clearly doesn't like the answer, but he leans back to consider it quietly, giving a faint, brooding nod.
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There are moments when Connor has some wise words. He's not that old for an immortal, but he's one of those people who was born serious and thoughtful. It's easy for other immortals to mistake him for older than he is.

While Duncan considers his words, Connor waves over someone to refill their cups with ale, and takes another healthy swallow once they've left again.
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"So then," Duncan says a moment later, "is all his work in vain? Because I can't believe that, either."

He looks up when the barmaid comes to fill their cups, flashing a smile that's distracted, but still charming enough. It falls away again as soon as she departs, though, and he resumes drinking with gusto to match Connor's.
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Connor seems to lack Duncan's reflexive charm towards women. While he's far from above having a fling for the sheer pleasure of it, when he's not looking for that it doesn't even occur to him to be charming for its own sake, but then, he's not all that chummy towards anyone.

"I didn't say that. They help. They help people like you, and besides that some of them would be a big danger in the Game if they actually took part."
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It's taken Duncan years to recognize Connor's introversion for what it is, rather than simple unfriendliness. Experience, though, has taught him Connor needs attention and regard...he just won't pursue it on his own. At least not often.

He raises an eyebrow. "Are you saying it's good he's not in the Game so we don't have to fight him, or am I mishearing?" He's not sure if his teacher means to be brutally practical, or just indirectly complimentary of Darius' past prowess.
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In some ways, Connor is still just a shy teenager underneath. He's learned to cover it with bluster and gruffness and commanding silences, finding it easier to cover for the lack of social skill by pushing people away than to learn to outright overcome it. One reason he keeps coming back to his old student is because Duncan sees through it.

Connor gives a shrug. "You're not mishearing, but that's only part of it. I meant it's also good to have men like that to set an example, to teach that. Maybe someday it will make a difference..." He frowns into his ale. "I don't have much faith in a few philosophers putting an end to the Game by getting everybody to lay down their swords. That doesn't mean it's not worth hoping for."

All Duncan's life thus far, Connor has extolled the importance of the Game, trying to drive home the point that Duncan needs to be in it, if only to protect the prize from immortals who might use that power to ruin the world. Perhaps he's a lot drunker than he looks.
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Duncan considers this a moment, then tension begins to drain away. It's not a clear direction or a perfect philosophy, but it's enough clarity reconcile his own feelings of cognitive dissonance. He nods, takes another sip of ale, and thumps Connor on the shoulder. "I've been doing all the talking. What have you been up to?"

He knows Connor doesn't especially want to do the talking. It's just his way of saying he's got what he needs now, and offering support in return.
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Connor gives a grunt and a vague gesture with one hand, as if brushing the question aside. "Just the usual. Sailing. Fighting." Sorry Duncan, if you want details, it's not going to be as easy as that.

He does look relieved that Duncan's done asking the philosophical questions for the moment, though.
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"The usual." He repeats, one eyebrow twitching. Connor seems to feel that if his head is still attached, nothing really important can have occurred. "I notice you're missing something."

He glances at Connor's pack, then back up at his teacher, the query in his eyes.
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Connor follows his glance, then looks back down at the table, and his mug. "I... ran into the Kurgan."

Because that's certainly the usual, 'oh just ran into the monster of immortal nightmares who killed my own teacher'. Not important at all. He takes a long gulp of ale, clearly aware he's just dropped a bombshell in the middle of the table, metaphorically speaking.
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Duncan pauses, swallowing as he processes the information. That's...alarming. Every time he thinks he's gotten used to the idea that a well-placed stroke of a sword can take even immortal friends away from him, something like this comes up. But Connor can't die. It's just not allowed.

"You're intact from the neck up," he says, trying to rein in the emotion. "So either you won or you got interrupted. Right?"
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"We weren't the only two in the battle. The ship sank, and he took my sword with him to Davy Jones, in his gut." Connor scowls at that, a flash of bitterness and quiet rage. It's his sword, but it's also always and ever Ramirez' sword, which means far more to him. Duncan isn't the only one to hold onto a deep link with his first teacher.
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Duncan rubs the back of his neck, hesitant to respond, because that's a better outcome than having the Kurgan behead him. If he says that, though, Connor might get offended for any number of reasons. Prickly bastard.

"Well...he won't leave it there. When he comes around and makes it to the surface, he'll bring the sword with him. You can get it back then." His smile is weak. There are a number of large ifs in this equation.
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Now there's a gesture Duncan should wonder where he picked up. Connor always rubs the back of his neck when he's tense or feels cornered, and when Duncan looks up, he's doing it now, although his hand drops once he feels his younger kinsman's eyes on him, and he heaves a sigh. "I know he will. It belonged to Ramirez. They had a history long before I was ever born..."

"And I will see the bastard again..." He slams back a long gulp of ale.
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"Aye." Duncan sighs heavily. Connor facing the Kurgan again seems inevitable, as little as he likes to think about it. Sometimes immortal vendettas develop a life of their own, like a third party in the rivalry, pulling the other two inexorably together.

"Well. You're all right with what you've got for the moment?" He nods at Connor's saber.
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Perhaps worse still, Connor seems to have inherited the vendetta of Ramirez, even though it was going for a millennium before he was even born. The Kurgan has him outmatched, and he knows it.

"It's no katana, but it'll have to do for now. I'll be looking for something better." As a man who once learned to make swords from a master, Connor's appraisal of blades is very accurate.
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"Let me know if I can help." Duncan doesn't have quite Connor's level of expertise, but he knows how important a good sword is to them. He's learned a few things to look for.

"For now, I think I could use a refill." He flicks the edge of his mug. "And you? I'll get this round."
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"Damn right you will." He cracks a brief grin and pushes his empty mug toward Duncan a little. Having an extra pair of eyes out for a better sword won't hurt either, but a man has to have his priorities straight. Booze now. Sword later.

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