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The Road Trip Meme


1. Post with your character(s) and include preferences (if any)
2. Comment to other threads after going to RNG and randomising a number between 1 and 6 for your Vehicle, and between one and seven for your Situation.
2A. Optionally, use the RNG to determine your Relationship.
3. Tag like the wind!

Choose Your Vehicle:
1. You're in a tiny, tiny car. Awkward, especially for tall/wide characters.
2. A sporty convertible, sure to turn heads and cause avarice!
3. A solid sedan with room for two and a comfy back seat (if necessary).
4. A roomy van with room for pets, extra snacks, what have you.
5. A SPECIAL car! KITT? Chitty Chitty Bang Bang? Bumblebee? The choice is yours!
6. Cars? We don't need no stinkin' cars! This is now a bicycle road trip. Or a motorcycle road trip. Maybe a TRON lightcycle road (grid) trip?

Choose Your Situation:
ONE. The weather's frightful for travel, suddenly. Hail, snow, tornadoes, rain of burning angel feathers...take your pick.
TWO. You've pulled over at Lookout Point, a well-used makeout spot. Have you been here before? Are you planning to use your time wisely?
THREE. You are lost. Completely and utterly lost. Will you stop and ask for directions, or just keep going and pretend nothing is wrong?
FOUR. You've pulled over to stretch your legs when suddenly you are interrupted by a cattle stampede/a zombie horde/a swarm of bees/the car rolling away/etc.
FIVE. You've stopped for a break at what appears to be the seediest truck stop/honkytonk bar/strip joint in the known universe. Let's hope the natives are friendly.
SIX. Your vehicle has broken down. In the middle of nowhere. Now what?
SEVEN. Choose your own adventure!

Optional – Choose your Relationship:
ONE. You're business partners, on your way to that big meeting.
TWO. You're college bffs/roommates on your last hurrah before you join the 'real world.'
THREE. You're a young couple on your honeymoon! I hope this doesn't ruin your relationship.
FOUR. You're siblings. Whether this is a trip to reconnect or to fix things or to just deepen your bond is up to you.
FIVE. You're a parent and child! It's like a family vacation for the two of you. Try not to get on each others' nerves too much?

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((OOC: Connor would be thrown by that... but he doesn't look as young as he's supposed to canonically be! Okay, let's see...))

An hour ago, it just looked gloomy. Now the rain is starting to lash sideways across the windshield and Dirk is leaning forward over the steering wheel, peering out at the dark, wet road. It's obvious he's seriously concentrating, because for once he's actually quiet, mouth set in a grim line. The ridiculous red hat has been shoved off into the back seat, and he keeps pushing his heavy glasses back up his nose.

"That's it." He grumbles at last, pulling the car over to the side of the road and putting on the blinkers. "You drive. Isn't this more your department anyway? You and Thor's..."
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Wednesday is generally happy to drift off into a reverie the passenger's seat, occasionally grunting a response to whatever new topic Gently has managed to swerve the conversation into, but he glances across to the man as they pull into the lay-by.

"Thor's," he answers, a touch briskly. Was Thor's. "Though doubtless there are any number of gods out there claiming responsibility for this particular storm." Still, he's already shrugging on his coat ready to head out into the rain. "Afraid of a little rain?"
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Now that he's stopped driving, Dirk finds he's panting just a little as if the act of driving was some kind of truly physical exertion. Seeing that his companion is willing to take over though, he undoes the seatbelt and flails around a little to fish his hat out of the back. It gets crammed back on his head, but he doesn't get out until Wednesday has gotten around to the driver's side door. Afraid of rain? No, but he still doesn't relish getting any wetter than he really has to. He hurries around the front and scrambles into the passenger side quickly, settling in with a sigh.

Wednesday, on the other hand, will probably have to adjust the seat back a lot because the detective is wide but short, so there's not much legroom right now.

"I'm afraid of the fees the rental company will charge if I overturn this thing into a ditch or something." He answers once he's comfortably in the passenger seat. Ooh, it's roomy over here. "Besides, I assume once you're behind the wheel you'll either steer us safely with your..." He waggles his fingers and waves his hands around in a failed attempt to express something. "...abilities beyond the ken of mortal men, or the storm will let up to allow you clear passage."