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The Love Valley Gated Community Meme

It's been going on for decades in most countries: prepackaged, right out of the box homes popping up in their own little spick and span neighborhoods. This process almost seems like it happens overnight, and in the case of The Love Valley Gated Community, it did happen over night.

Love Valley is a new gated community, created with your needs in mind. Within driving distance of three major cities and service by four local schools, it's the perfect place to settle down. Each lot is 12,632 square feet, very roomy for the wonderfully constructed tract houses, with plenty of room left for a spacious and well-manicured lawn. You won't find more affordable yet comfortable houses like these anywhere else. Every house is two stories, with four bedrooms, three baths, a kitchen, a dining room, a den, and an utility room. For your convenience, the neighborhood also has, within walking distance, a pool, a playground, a shopping center, and a restraunt/bar.. There's no need to worry about your happiness or your safety, as Love Valley screens its new home owners and has its own private security..

Of course, our little suburb wouldn't have that special touch if it weren't a little...naughty. That's why we've collected our new residents straight from the population of many worlds! All have been placed into a living situation we know they're sure to enjoy, which includes a house and a family or a role. They may find themselves anywhere from a wife or husband to a child or even to a mail person, milk man, or security. For the benefit of our citizens, we've enacted two "reaction" styles:

  • AU/This Is What You Truly Believe: You actually think this is where you belong, with your family and in this place. The details may be a bit fuzzy, though. But of course you weren't a space pirate've always been a dad of three!
  • Something Rotten in the State of Denmark: You know you're not supposed to be here, but there's nothing you can do. There's something about this place that keeps people inside the gates.
Given the hotel's nature, Love Valley is similarly equipped for canoodling. After all, you can't have a happy family and fill those nice rooms up with kiddos if mom and dad aren't having fun! Unlike any other neighborhood, this one has, and in addition, they've been mixed with a light sedative that induces tranquility and, sometimes, forgetfulness. Here are a few situations you may find yourself in:
  1. Newlyweds: You've just moved in and are looking to start your family.
  2. Incest: ...or, you're keeping it in the family.
  3. Adultery: Mommy's been getting visits from the milk man. And the paper boy. And the head of security. And-
  4. Spicing Things Up: Suburban life can get boring. Maybe you want to switch up the old routine.
  5. Neighborhood Sex Party: Invite over the Joneses, and they can bring a casserole for the potluck- and their sex swing!
  6. Sexy Babysitter: Someone has to take care of business around here...but maybe the babysitter's been bad, too.
  7. House Hunting: Are you seeking out an apartment? A dream house? Or just any old place, as long as you're with your other? Make sure to weigh your options very carefully...
  8. Household Chores: It's time to clean/cook/garden/take care of something! Do you work together, or does one of you hide until everything is done?
  9. Shopping: Whether it's for furniture, groceries, or something in between, shopping is something that everybody must do at some point in time! What varies is if they like it or not. In Love Valley, though, you'll often find lovers schmoozing it up in the bread aisle at the local shopping center.
  10. Romantic Retreat: It's you and your loved one's anniversary, and you decide it's time to take some time off and take them somewhere nice, where you only have each other. Love Valley has a lot of nice restaurants, and other places.
  11. Comfort: Is somebody sick in bed? Or perhaps they just had a bad day? Sometimes, a good breakfast in bed or a home-cooked meal can really lift the spirits! Or perhaps you want to try medicine, or laughter, or something else?
  12. Holiday: Happy birthday/New Years/Christmas/Valentine's Day/whatever! It's a very special day that only comes once a year, so make it count!
  13. Argument: Oh, no, who left the stove on... Or maybe it's about why they were out late last night? Either way, there is a lot of tension today, and one of you may or may not be sleeping on the couch tonight.
  14. Making Up: It's time to make amends for that fight/divorce/whatever you had before! After all, you love each other... right?
  15. Surprise, Surprise: You are feeling rather loving tonight, so you want to remind the other person how much you cherish and appreciate them... if it's by something cute and adorable or hot and sexy is completely up to you.
  16. Proposal: SHUT UP THIS TOTALLY FITS You've been with your other for what feels like forever, and finally you want to tie the knot with them. Will you go down on one knee before them, or get a little creative?
That's not all, though. Who knows what things there are to get into when you don't even leave your own back yard?

[Just a cute little suburbia themed meme, with a twist. I think everything's pretty well explained up there. The scenarios/prom are a combination of my own and those from the domestic meme.
  1. Comment with your character. Blank comments are fine. You can put preferences in the subject line, and you may also want to include whether or not you want your character to be caught up in the illusion or aware of the "puppet strings," so to speak.
  2. Comment to others, using the RNG to determine your fate (or just come up with something).
Tag each other and have fun!]
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[I can do either "reaction" style; 'AU' is pretty self-explanatory, but maybe 'something rotten' could be undercover or something.

No #'s 2, 5, or 6, but anything else is fair game. Any questions, PM and we can discuss.]
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