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Everything is nothing until you love it.

the shipping picture prompt meme




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legolas, lord of the rings (novels)

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( link pictures please! cross-canon welcome. o/ m/m pref! )
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[ooc: Vampire/urban fantasy thing okay?]

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( ooc: sure is! lmk if that works for you or if anything'd need changing / explaining :) )

With time, everything changed. Everything and everyone took their own paths, shaped their own futures, regardless of how they came to be in the first place. With enough time, even elves changed, and even vampires could change. Or their nature. And in a world dominated and ruled by humans, humans who no longer respected the old ways, previously very unlikely alliances could actually be made and upheld. Though perhaps calling it an alliance was overestimating matters just a touch. A declaration of peace, mutual respect and staying away from one another. In the many past centuries, not a single elf fell to a vampire's hand, and in turn, not a single vampire had been hunted by any elf. Tentative peace that was just beginning to grow true roots in the minds of beings that could live on for all of eternity.

Friendships, though, those were still rare. Romances even more so.

But as with everything, there were exceptions. Secretive, hidden exceptions that absolutely none could know about.

"You may not mind the cold," Legolas said with a sigh, carrying a fluffy towel from the bathroom to where he bade Michael to stay, to not drip water all over the wooden flooring of the apartment. "But surely, being dry is more comfortable than being so drenched."

For all the chiding, he wore a small smile - a very much teasing smile - and did not just hand over the towel, but instead tossed it over Michael's head, ruffling his hair once, before cupping his face in his hands through the fuzzy fabric.

"It is less troublesome, at least."
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Sometimes Michael wished things could be simple. But no, he had to be the lucky one to carry a unique blood strain which allowed him to become a more unique creature. A mix of both vampire and werewolf. After all, everyone knew that vampirism and lycanthropy were incompatible, and mixing the two produced fatal results. Unless you were Michael Corvin, that is.

Legolas was the only person who he'd ever told. Who knew what would happen if word got out about Michael's nature? Probably lock him up for study, and ruin the elf's reputation. Not to mention Michael's medical license being revoked.

Michael was just taking his wet jacket off when the towel went over his head. "No sense in getting a chill, if nothing else," He agreed, voice slightly muffled through the fabric.
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"Indeed," most pointed of tones and looks, but not without gentleness to them. At the end of the day, his oak floors mattered a lot less than Michael's health and well being, much as Legolas would tease. "Strip the rest as well, I may be able to find you something dry, something that will fit."

There should still be some of Michael's clothing from his previous visits. Cleaned and pressed and hanging innocently in Legolas's wardrobe, awaiting the time their true owner to need them again. Such as now. Such as some other instances in the past. Legolas didn't mind, no matter the occasional, momentary confusion when he would find something new and accidentally wear it himself. Wrong size, wrong fit, wrong - and yet familiar in one way -scent.

He took the jacket from Michael, tucked it in a bag he brought to be taken to the bathroom to try with the rest. The shirt and the trousers. The socks too, if needed. At least it was warm inside, with the fireplace lit and windows closed tight.
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"And usually dinner comes before I take my clothes off for you," Michael teased. He did as requested, slipping off his wet shirt and pants, as well as setting his wet shoes aside. He also took off his socks, and handed the wet clothes to Legolas, leaving him in nothing but his boxer shorts. Exposed as he was, at least he no longer had goose-flesh.

He then slipped past the elf to the bedroom, where he browsed through the too-small and too-lean shirts and pants before finding some of his own stuff. Michael just selected a black t-shirt and blue jeans, before getting some dry socks from the drawer.

The hybrid emerged from the bedroom a few minutes later, fully dressed, to stand in front of the fireplace and hold his hands out to it.
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The jacket hung out to dry, and the rest of the clothing in the washing machine, Legolas emerged from the bathroom to a cosy picture. It was a simple outfit, but it fit perfectly and it suited Michael just fine. Not everyone had to dress with the same flair he did. Colourful yet elegant, the finest fabrics and makes, expensive too, but he had the money, collected over centuries upon centuries.

"Usually you do not arrive absolutely drenched for dinner," a delayed retort, now that all had been dealt with. In the next breath, though, Legolas continued, grinning as he circled some couches and armchairs to stand beside Michael, "But I see you have found a way to deny me that enjoyment, and the tradition will remain a tradition, unbroken."

Tsk, tsk, he clicked his tongue with amusement. But all the same, he took his hands in his own sharing that natural elven warmth, higher than most humans. Even on a bad day, Legolas was like a small furnace of his own.
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"Remind me not to forgot my umbrella next time," Just his luck that it would start raining on his way to the train station. He should have at least worn his rain coat, he realized.

Michael smiled as Legolas caught his hands, running his thumbs across the back of his warm palms. The elf had such smooth hands, Michael liked touching them. The hybrid had the hands of a surgeon, albeit a little rough from the constant hand-washing that came with the job.

"I'm sure I'll be itching to take my clothes back off before you know it."
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"You would do well to remember on your own," more pointed chiding, but gentle and amused, with a feigned put upon sigh, "But if you ask to make me fuss some more, so be it. Fuss I will."

When he confirmed Michael's hands were not living icicles, he squeezed them for the last time, before allowing the touch to drop. His affections as ever shown in the many little gestures, touches and looks.

"Dinner, then? Though I fear I will have to make you wait for it." Seeing as he still had to cook it. Take-out was rarely, if ever, an option for Legolas, it did help that he enjoyed the process of cooking well enough. Especially cooking for someone else.
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Michael always felt a little pang when Legolas stopped holding his hands, mostly because he could have held hands with the elf forever. He had only ever dated humans in the past, and comparatively speaking, they had all been more openly affectionate. Not that Michael didn't like the more reserved nature of the elf, since he knew it was just a different way of showing affection. Besides, after becoming what he was now, a more reserved touch was quite welcome.

"That's fine. I'll just make myself comfortable." The hybrid enjoyed Legolas' cooking. If he wanted to order a pizza or Chinese takeout, he would have just stayed home. Michael knew some basic cooking skills, enough to feed himself, but it wasn't as good as the meals the elf made.
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"Or... you can help me," he almost rolled his eyes with a touch of fondness. Though it wasn't something he was going to insist on, he didn't mind one way or another. Michael was as much a guest still, as an almost permanent fixture in his apartment. "If only by keeping me company in the kitchen."

And taste testing, and maybe cutting a thing or two. Legolas could do all of it by himself, but cooking could be as much a social activity as anything else, and doing it together was fun. Occasionally. When things didn't get burned due to too many distractions, at least.

Either way, he left the choice up to Michael and headed for the kitchen with a last, cheeky grin.
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"Or I could help you," Michael agreed, feeling a little dumb for not offering. No need for both of them to be lonely as dinner was prepared. Besides, it was better than just sitting on the couch checking his phone.

Michael stood up and followed Legolas to the kitchen. "So, what can I do? Chop some vegetables, hand you spices?" Even with his limited cooking skills, the hybrid could follow directions, which was easy enough. He just liked spending time with Legolas.