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You enter the elevator with only one other person on it. Twenty seconds into the ride and it stops. The power is stuck. The doors won't open, you're between floors, and no one is answering your calls. You're stuck with this person for an unknown amount of time.

①Post your character.
②Post to other characters.
③Have fun, anything goes.
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Michael Corvin | Underworld

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"Let's hope we don't have to stay in here so long that I've to feed off you," David said dryly as he leaned against the wall. It was just typical that human constructions had to fail and trap him with a mutt. Well, half-mut at least. He knew about Michael and Selene's story after all. He was a very damn special mutt. They were both Convirus-strain hybrid, even if he had more lycan in him than David, whom was a full-blooded vampire.

Didn't help his annoyance marginally though.
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"I'd like to see you try," Michael replied with equal dryness. Just his luck that he'd get stuck in an elevator with a vampire. Sure, Selene had been good to him, but the majority of vampires Michael had met were at best impolite and at worst wanted his head on a pike.
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"Don't tempt me. I'd likely kill us both if it went to that," he responded. Either that or David would become a lycan hybrid aswell, which he wasn't very keen on. They had a lot to rebuild and more complications was the last he needed. At least he was UV-resistant so he wouldn't burts into flames if it took too long.

"How long will this take? " he asked and looked at Michael like he would have the answers.
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"If we're lucky, a few hours. If we're unlucky, a few days," Michael replied. He'd heard of people being stuck in elevators over the weekend, surviving on small snacks if they were lucky enough to think to bring them. But seeing as how they were both vampires (or a hybrid in Michael's case), going without blood might have adverse effects on them both.
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"If this takes more than a few hours we're climbing out of here," David responded with a groan. He hadn't brought any blood along, not expecting to get caught in a fucking elevator.
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"Agreed," No reason to stay trapped longer than they have to. Not to mention he'd rather not be stuck in here with David for days at a time.
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"Just try not to fall down the elevator shaft. Nobody wants to clean that up," he chides back. He then sighed abd said sank down to the floor. He had had enough of tight spaces growing up.
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"Unless you can turn into a bat or grow wings, same to you," Michael leans against the wall, sighing. This is going to be a long day, he just knows it.
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"I'm sadly unable of that. As far as I know, only Marcus could grow wings," he muses as he rumbles through his pockets. Eventually he pulls out an old worn deck of cards. He holds it out and looks at Michael. "You play cards?"
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"Don't remind me," Michael couldn't forget how Marcus liked to use those wings as sharp, pointy instruments. He looks down at the vampire and shrugs. "Been a while, but yeah." He sits down across from David.
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"What you fancy playing?" he asked as he started to shuffle the cards. He liked to keep a deck at hand in case of downtime. He was also honest, so none of the cards were marked. He was glad he had brought them along this time as they both could use the distraction from the shitty situation.
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"You know poker?" Michael hadn't actually sat down to play cards in years, not since he'd played in college and ended up stripped down to his boxers one evening. "Not much we can bet, I'm afraid. Unless you'd rather play old maid."
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"Yes, I do," he responds and shuffles the deck again. "I'm sure you have some cash on you that we can bet with," he commented and gave Michael a look. In any case they could play just to pass time. He wasn't opposed to that.
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Michael reaches into his back pocket and pulls out his wallet. "I got a couple of fives, and a bunch of quarters." He pulls out the fives and sets them to the side.